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Korg MINI KAOSS PAD 2 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from February 21, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboardist/piano teacher


    The MiniKP2 is an amazing Korg Product. I'm thoroughly impressed with Korg's Kaoss processors. The filters are incredible, and the several phaser effects, are also some of my favorites. The hold button (hld) is really helpful when I like a certain effect on the X-Y pad and I want to "hold" it for all of the other notes that I'm playing. The fx key is extremely simple to use, along with storing an effects bank by pressing the fx key twice.
    For all of the 100 effects, it really seems pretty endless to what I'm able to do!
    The MiniKP2 is totally worth the purchase! I'm very satisfied! And Sweetwater is always the way to go for any music device!

  • from New Mexico January 8, 2013Music Background:
    musician of nine instruments, soundman, amateur recordis and composer

    You Can Use It For Almost Anything!

    We're all musicians and we all like and need effects whether we're performing, practicing, or recording. Vocalists need delay or reverb, guitar players want some chorus or phase shifting, and amateur recordists or beat makers laying down their tracks need effects also. Well this little KP2 pad can do it all. I got me one, and I can connect it to my mixer, to put a dash of reverb on the mix, delay, even compression. I can run it thru the effects loop of my guitar amp, if I forget my delay pedal at practice, it sounds great running my alesis drum machines thru it. But the most fun I've had with it is running my analog synths thru it! It's great for adding effects to synthesizers that don't have built in effects; I own moog voyager, dave smith mopho x4, and my latest addition arturia mini brut. True, these three synths sound great my themselves but when you run their rich and creamy sounds thru this little korg kp, the sounds take on a whole new life! The hookup is easy, just plug a 1/4 inch headphone cable into the synth's headphone out, and then a 1/8 inch plug to the KP pad's mic input and then plug headphones with a 1/8 inch plug to the KP pad's headphone out and then play and listen. You can even go out to a mixer or recorder if you like with the Kp's mini jack. You can get a 1/8 inch adapter plug at radioshack for about three dollars, because most stereo patch cables are 1/4 on both sides. But with those two little 1/8 inch mini jacks on the Korg kp, you can patch to anythng. This is pretty much how stereo out on most products is nowadays, manufacturers are doing away with left and right outputs and just making the headphone jack multipurpose, either for phones or output to a recorder, mixer or amp, that's the way we did it old school in the 80s when we wanted to run our boom box out thru our pa system while we took a set break, They sell cables and adapters for any application nowadays, , so you can connect gear anyway you like. And the effects in the minikp2 are some of the best ever. You don't just get common traditional delays, choruses and reverbs, but also super neat stuff like loopers, slicers, grainshifters, limiters, compressors, distortions and even vocal and humanizer effects. We did not have those in the 80s! Try running your distorted guitar tone thru one of the Mini KP's slicer effects, and you won't have to wear down your finger pressing your guitar's kill switch. My three analog synths have taken on a whole new personality with this thing, because there are so many uses for it! I have one of the old brick style mini kps from five years ago, but the Kp2 is new and improved and is much better than the previous, with its high definition display, the slider control and even an sd card slot to save your tweaks. The touch pad is more sensitive than the previous mini kp model, and feels a little more smoother too, and neatest of all this thing looks like an old style i phone. One thing though, this little bug eats double AA batteries like a pacman eats monsters, so i'd suggest getting the korg ac adapter for it so you can use it without worry. And if you pair the mini kp with the new korg kaossilator mini synth , you will have a fantastic beatmaking system, because the two are identical in appearance except for the different colors but that's another story. So in closing my review, I must say that the Korg Mini Kp2 effects processor, is another great product by Korg, and a joy to own!

  • from September 9, 2012

    Packed with effects

    I really like this little thing! For the money it is a great effects processor. It is fun to experiment with running different sources through the Mini KP2. You can also transfer mp3 and wav files to an SD card and play them directly from the Mini KP2. Plus it has a master record that allows you to record your performances. If you plan to use it for long sessions I recommend buying the AC adapter.

  • from Pensacola August 14, 2012Music Background:

    perfect instrument for the edm dj on the go

    Hooked this bad boy up to the rig and created magic. Amazingly responsive and expressive control...get one.

  • from ABQ NM June 16, 2012Music Background:
    Dancer, DJ, & Recording Enthusiast

    Mini KP2

    Love This Thing!!! It plays what I can't find or don't have on vinyl for those nights when i don't want to mess with my computer. Pros: It Records your set yeah. But it records meaning it can also be used to sample!! FX are great, you can set up your files the way you want them on the micro SD, Serves as a mic if you don't have one already and you can use the FXs on your voice. Cons: Eats batteries so get the plug, and it does lower the volume of the channels a bit when effects are wet over %50 to %100 (on DN-X900 mixer) but when playing mp3 or waves off the micro SD the volume will be bumped up a bit (If you connect it as its own channel as opposed to your effects out and in you will be fine volume wise)

  • from August 25, 2012

    MINIKP2 - A great deal

    It's a great product and works really well in tandem with the Kaossilator 2. HOWEVER! I really, really, really wish this had live looping controls for multiple loop banks. As it is, it has some looping effects, which are fine but don't offer much detail in the way of control. Other than that, it's well worth your money.

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