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Fulltone Mini-DejaVibe Reviews

5.0 stars based on 15 customer reviews
  • from Oak Creek,WI April 16, 2014Music Background:
    Classic rock musician

    Very good product

    After my Dunlop uni-vibe failed after 14 years I decided to replace it with the Fulltone Deja Vibe. Sound and construction of this unit is a lot better. It's good enough for Robin Trower as well as for me since I do Trower and Hendrix songs. Very satisfied with this purchase.

  • from Virginia October 31, 2013Music Background:
    Musician and Artist

    Great 60s-70s sounds

    A great peddle, especially if you crave that Hendrix-Trower-like tones...I love this peddle!...A great peddle utilizing top-notch components and made in the good 'ole USA...It stays on most of the time when I'm playing classic rock tunes...It's a significant aspect to my overall tone...I would reccomend this to anyone who likes the uni-vibe timbres.

  • from Temperance, MI July 23, 2013Music Background:
    30 years of playing, Studio, Session, Hobbyist and Bands

    Fulltone Mini-Deja Vibe

    OUTSTANDING!! I couldn't be happier. If you are looking for that Trower, Hendrix and Bramhall sound this is it. The sound is fantastic, very warm and vintage. The led speed light pulses at the rate you select which is very helpful in live situations. Ignore any negative review you've ever read about this pedal. The pedal performs exactly as intended and sounds better than I even anticipated. I have experimented by adding an additional Chorus pedal and Delay with the deja vibe to give another dimension to it and it sounds out of this world. Every guitarists that loves the this type of sound should buy one of these, well worth the money!!!!!!!

  • from CT July 13, 2013

    The hunt is over

    Pedal sounds *awesome*. Turns out this was that warbly sound I've had in my head all this time. I've tried most of the rotary pedals, and this thing does it better in my opinion.

    There are no bad settings. It can be an "always on" subtle tone enhancer, or a dense "mess" of sound (think: Star Spangled Banner), or anything in between.

    Good thing it sounds wonderful. The way it's built, it'll certainly outlive me.

    It's not exactly "mini" by today's standards, but it's still earned a permanent spot on my crowded board.

    I have quite a few "high end" pedals, but this is my first Fulltone. Uh oh...

  • from Oakland June 19, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    Love the Opto-Sound

    This is a great pedal. I love how organic it sounds. I like that it can be used both as an over-the-top effect as well as a very subtle sonic enhancer-and anywhere in between. The controls are super-easy to use too.

  • from Upper Peninsula of Michigan, United States August 28, 2012Music Background:
    42 years of playing and recording

    Best Damn Pedal I have

    When i first got this monster i was not impressed. After a couple of shows in which i had forgot that i had it on. i was blown away with the tone that i was getting from this pedal, i would not turn it off. i keep it on all the time with the rate knob at it lowest setting. I will never be without this pedal on my board. i just love what it does to my signal. i have used this pedal with my Mark V and my Tiny Terror, and i prefer it in front of the amp and not through the effects loop, although i sounds good in the loop, i like what it does in front of the amp, notes just bloom into harmonic bliss.

  • from Central Kentucky June 5, 2012Music Background:

    Hendrix, SRV, Trower, Bramhall II, plus others in a box, sort of)

    Nice pedal overall, couldn't be happier!

  • from Fresno, CA October 20, 2008Music Background:
    Gigging on weekends for 33 years around Central California

    Fulltone Mini-Deja Vibe is the one...

    After trying to find the "Robin Trower" sound since the mid 70's, I've finally got it. After using most of the phasers and chorus's on the market, and not quite getting there, I decided just to go for the real deal. With a Fulltone OCD after the Mini-Deja Vibe, it's tone heaven. Quiet and smooth is how I describe the Mini-Deja Vibe. A keeper.

  • from USA May 24, 2008Music Background:


    I play a Fender American Strat with a '65 Super Reverb. This pedal is godly. I can't even describe how amazing this thing is. It nails all the Hendrix vibe tones.

    I also play a Gibson Chet Atkins SST with this, and it really livens up any acoustic progressions.

    If you are looking for a vibe pedal, look no further. This is the best one there is.

  • from Newville, PA February 15, 2008Music Background:
    Hobyist, some time gigging guitarist obsessed with excellent tone.

    THIS is the univibe clone you want!

    I don't really like most modulation effects because they don't add anything to the tone of my playing that speaks to me. But the univibe pedal is the one exception to this and the Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe is the best sound, most authentic recreation of the original Univibe I have ever encountered. Yeah it's a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for in life. If a Univibe is on your "must have" list of guitar effects, this is the one you really want unless you want to settle for less than the best. The Fulltone Deja Vibe, the one with the pedal is even nicer and more authentic if you have the pedal board space to hold it. I own 4 other Fulltone pedals and all of them are rock solid, great sounding quiet operating pedals.

  • from United States April 23, 2014Music Background:
    Psychedelic guitarist

    Swirly wirly

    This is the essential Univibe pedal. People say it sucks but do not listen it is very cool. Works good with fuzz though it makes them a little cleaner like when you roll back your volume control. I gave it 4.5 because I honestly wish it had a little more volume to work with.( I crank to get unity)

  • from East of Eden, AL May 5, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Hobbyist

    Fulltone Mini-DejaVibe

    Love the Vibe, adds a warm thickness to the sound of the guitar. The Fulltone Mini-DejaVibe doesn't get in the way and seldom needs to be bypassed. One the best stomps I have, it's a keeper.

  • from Mexico April 23, 2013Music Background:
    Amateur recording musician

    Awesomely awesome

    This thing has given a lovely new dimension to my sound. I've never liked the feel of the 80's style chorus, this thing is also sort of a chorus, but with it's own, more organic feel, I love it.

  • from Downey December 2, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Pro Musician

    Pretty good

    really cool vibe pedal, but if you're looking for something to play well with a fuzz this might not work. I tried it with a BC108 Analogman fuzz pedal and the sound got weak and scooped (think the old smallstone phaser) the REALLY cool thing about it is that if you place it in clean or with delays, reverbs ect. it sounds AMAZING, i mean that is essentially what you want to use it for anyway. I would use the volume knob to bring it up in volume to unity gain with a fuzz, i wouldn't know if it would work better with an Overdrive or a distortion box. Overall this is a very nice vibe for the price, size and sound quality

  • from Chicago Illinois March 20, 2010Music Background:
    Gigging muscian with a day job!

    Modulation is just a vibe

    Well this pedal is on my board and that real estate is pretty valuable! There are certain pedals that have primordial ooze and this is one of them. I also gave the GT 500 the nod another Fulltone pedal. The truth is that like the Holy Grail the big modulating knob is one of those perfect necessary pieces that allow you to dial up or down to get the mix you have at that moment just right. As an example I also have the Eventide Modfactor that has a great vibe tone (which by the way is the ultimate mod box) but when you want to dial up vibe I have to bend over and tweak it in. Not here. I have tried the Déjà Vibe 2, which is the univibe pedal version. They are identical but the real estate issue is a non-starter for the 2!
    I often have it on in the background with a soft vibrato..it is audio sex!
    There is a stereo version that gives this a 4 for an otherwise a 5 star pedal.

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