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Korg microARRANGER Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews
Questions about the Korg microARRANGER?

Questions about the Korg microARRANGER?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Southern Illinois April 7, 2017Music Background:

    Pro Quality!

    I purchased this for my eighteen year old son's birthday and he loves it! I got him the Gator gigbag as well to protect it. Dust is the enemy! My wife plays keyboard and sings and she likes it too. I did a little research and my wandering eyes were immediately drawn to the Micro Arranger. I wanted to get him a professional instrument so I wouldn't have to get him a better one in a couple of years. The Korg sounds fantastic and I know he will have a blast on it! This seemed to be a good niche, and the price range seemed right to me. It's amazing quality and looks and sounds terrific. We couldn't be happier! Many thanks to Dylan Driscoll and all the guys in shipping! You're the best in the business!

  • from Cedar Knolls, NJ November 7, 2016Music Background:
    I am songwriter, musician on keys, drums, bass + more & record my original songs on 8-- 16-- & 24 track home studio...

    Korg Micro Arranger

    This is an incredible extremely musical piece of technology !! It's the best keyboard/ synthesizer that I have ever had-- especially for only $ !!!-- It surpasses my old Roland JV - 80, AND My old KORG Monopoly !! I LOVE it !!

  • from VA June 29, 2015

    Amazing Bang for the Buck....

    I really wanted to write primarily to dispel some reviews on various sites that complain about how hard this unit is to operate. Yes the manual (on DVD incl) is not exactly clear in some spots but with a very short learning curve to familiarize yourself on menu layout, well... this little keyboard can do it all and will amaze you. The sounds are about as good as anything out there and as trumpet playing non keyboard player the smaller keys, which have a great feel and response, are a big plus. Built in styles are very useful and you can customize almost everything and save it to an SD Card. Using the Song Play mode it links to my PC perfectly and with NO latency issues. The sequencer is as far as I can tell the same as the latest PA50 and PA sound sets are compatible with this keyboard also. Sound sets/instrument definitions and more can be downloaded at Korg for use with your PC studio software or in the Micro Arranger alone. All in all the perfect choice for me. Best Bang for The Buck out here I'd say.

  • from Northern California November 18, 2013Music Background:
    Former piano and organ store owner and pro musician.

    Ordered the micro arranger for my double keyboard

    For the price it has the features I wanted except the Western background (Unless I missed it) which I used to have on my Korg PA 500. I always loved it and sorry I sold it on Ebay. So I wanted a keyboard for the top rack of my new double stand purchased from Sweetwater. I would have loved to get the Korg PA-3X but now it's out of my budget having spent a lot of bucks on the main keyboard this year. I like the special effects and the ease of reaching up for the small keys which really are not all that bad when you get used to them..in fact I really like them now. Also when you make changes on the fly you don't make noise when you push a button. I noticed my You Tube videos were making clicking sounds every time I changed a tab so with this I can set my sounds ahead and avoid the loud clicks of the main keyboard. I move quietly back and forth now from keyboard to keyboard. You just need to get used to them and I have large fingers too.
    What is amazing about it is that it ads other drum and many sound effects that my 5K large main keyboard does not have. The quality of the sound is really unbelievable for the size. When they say "Big things come in small packages" that really applies to this mini keyboard! Yes I am very pleased with it and recommend it highly. I would not hesitate to play a real job with it using my large speaker cabinet jacked into the rear outlet jack. It is ez and light weight for a senior to move around if you wanted to. It will travel very well in the car too not taking up any room. Buy one if you are wanting it! I don't think you would not like it. Sweetwater takes real good care of you too.

  • from Del Rio, Tx. November 6, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Keyboardist/Guitarrist. Hobbyist Recording.

    Excellent Keyboard

    I am really impressed by this microarranger. It has all the features of the full size expensive Korg models. If you don't like the mini keys, hook it up to a midi keyboard and you're all set. The sounds are excellent!! Default styles are great. Haven't even scratched the surface of all this keyboard can do. Would recommend to everyone. Also would recommend sweetwater for all your musical gear purchases. Excellent service!!!!

  • from Anchorage Alaska June 20, 2012Music Background:
    church keyboard player for 25 years


    I really like it

  • from Central CA May 11, 2012Music Background:

    Wow !! This thing is serious fun...

    This little synth is very deceptive...but don't let it's size deceive you. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing. I sat down without reading the manual, and discovered a lot about it by jamming with it's rhythm section...really a lot of fun. Even though I have a lot of pro-level boards, the mini-keys were no problem...and actually respond quite well to velocity. Indeed, this is not a toy !! The sounds are great...the arranger functions are well thought out...the build quality, although plastic, is quite good...and the price is a real NO-BRAINER .
    I was looking to buy the Korg PA3x...but this was a great way to find out if an arranger was for me without investing a lot of money. Because of this, I will be saving for the PA3X...but I'm keeping this little jewel.

  • from Fort Wayne, IN USA February 28, 2012Music Background:

    Inspiring Fun

    My perspective is that of a hobbyist who's never been able to afford the top-of-the-line arranger keyboards, which are ridiculously expensive. So for someone who's experience with arrangers is in the low-end Yamaha or Casio leagues, the MicroARRANGER is truly amazing and inspiring fun. I like the micro concept and this keyboard fits nicely by my computer, always ready to jam or record. Sounds are way better then I'm used to and the styles are superb. Yes, you can get even better at much higher prices, but this fits my budget and is more than I even expected and completely outperforms anything in the same price range. I am truly delighted with the microARRANGER!

  • from United States June 28, 2013Music Background:
    Recording studio owner, songwriter, musician.

    Four and a half stars for this little wonder.

    What a little jewel! Itís a full-scale arranger keyboard that fits in your pocket. Well, not quote, but it is extremely light and compact. Under 3í wide, it boasts 61 mini-keys and a host of Korg sounds that will be a great addition to my arsenal. Iíve worked for years on a Yamaha PSR3000 that I love. But the Korg sounds sometimes take my breath away with their presence and beauty. Iíve heard people reference this as being dated Korg technology, essentially a PA-50 in a smaller package. Well, bring it on. The sounds are ravishing! Thereís a song Iím working on now that hasnít come to life on the 3000. With some of these patches, itís going to turn handsprings.

    I find the 61 mini-keys often easier to play than the full sized keys on my other boards. Somehow it just seems faster; my hands feel more agile. And of course, I can span a 10th or more with ease. I have noticed that, at times and on certain sounds, too light a touch may not result in a sound. Just need to get used to that. And, to be sure, the interface isnít quite as smoothly designed as some more recent keyboards.

    But overall, itís worth it for the sound of the instrument. Live, emotional, lots of choices, some fairly close and others in the stratosphere. Itís a sense of the theatrical I donít always get on the Yamaha, which just seems more tame somehow. Gorgeous pads, rich guitars, saxes that will make you breathe funny. Pianos and organs that can fill just about any desire. Synth sounds to die for, including Korgís lovely analog strings. For a low price to get so much, itís worth throwing something else over to buy this, especially if youíre into arranger keyboards for songwriting, arrangement ideas, quick recording of song concepts, or just inspiration in a variety of genres. It even has several Boleros. You donít find a lot of Boleros on these things. It also has a built-in sequencer, and of course, lots of styles for chord-based accompaniment. It can read your chords either left-handed, below the split, or over the full width of the keyboard. Nice.

    Note that when I plugged in a sustain pedal, it worked in reverse. The usual trick of powering off and on (power-up takes almost 30 seconds) didnít work. But in the Global settings there is a wealth of control options, and the polarity of the damper pedal is one of them. Default is Ė (minus), so just get into it with the Global button, then hit the Page+ button until you see the setting for pedal polarity. Hit the Yes key to change it to + (positive), hit write, confirm, and Bobís your uncle. Well, not me, some other Bob. Once, it did suddenly begin to ignore the pedal, requiring an off/on cycle, which set it right. Hope thatís not a habit.

    Iím very happy with this instrument. Iíd love to see some interface changes to bring it into this century, but will happily kludge through the text-based interface to hear what Iím hearing. Thanks, Korg. Great job, and the usual great attention from Dan Van Amerongen.

  • from MI March 14, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar and Ukulele for 30 years+

    Very Powerful but Takes Time to Learn

    Even if you don't want an arranger, this board has so many incredible sounds that alone makes it worth the price. Korg pianos and EPs and Organs are amazing, and the ones in here are so captivating you can get lost playing all day long. Likewise, the tenor sax program (program appears to be Korg's word for the sound itself - in Roland World I think they call it timbre) and Sweet Harmonic are worth the price itself. Oh, and the syth sounds are just as fat and analog sounding as those in the MicrKorg, which itself is an amazing instrument. And all sounds are editable.

    In terms of its styles, which make up the heart of the arranger, they are fun and some are quite amazing -- "Jazz Brush" is one of my favorites. Once you learn to use the Single Touch Settings you can modify the programs in the styles more easily.

    The Backing Sequencer is pretty inutitive and after a while I learned how to work the real time sequencer and the event editor in Song mode - to at least make some simple songs. But there is so much power in style editing and effects and you really, really need to use the manual to figure those things out. In fact, you need to read the manual for a lot of things. I have seen both the Microstation manual and this one, and I believe, in my opinion, the Microstation is a bit easier to follow, but that may simply be the result of there is so much stuff here!

    Still, once you catch on to some of the concepts it becomes easier and the quality of the styles, the ability to add more programs, performances and styles from the Korg PA series, and just the quality of the sounds themselves make this well worth the money.

    Mini-keys? As a non-keyboard player, I love them! They let me play better than I ever had. The action is more synth than weighted action, but each sound is so good you learn to adapt to that. All in all, I love this keyboard and am having a lot of fun with it and would not hesitate to recommned it.

  • from Berlin, NJ February 22, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro performer and production studio owner

    The ten percent I'd work on

    I am a singer/songwriter and have produced jingles and music beds for commercials, call-waiting devices, etc. I have also produced title songs for a few independent movies and documentary videos. But I am primarily a guitarist and, other than using drum/backing band in the box devices, I have mostly used the one or two-finger triggering of chords and styles method on Yamaha PSR keyboards for my productions. The problem is, after awhile everything begins to sound the same. So, when I read about the Korg Microarranger, I watched the video and -seeing that it had similar functions- I decided to purchase it. The smaller size keys are actually a plus for a non-keyboard player. The quality of the sound and the backing styles is excellent for the price. Basically, I like everything about it except that the instruction book. For a keyboard player it may not be confusing, but for a guitar guy like me? Well, let's just say that it took me two requests to my sales rep Dan Van (who is excellent, but was unable to help me in this instance) and two more requests to Korg (who I will also applaud as being extremely helpful) to get a step by step set up proceedure to allow a non-keyboard player to do what they briefly show a guitar player dong in the video. So, do I like the Korg Microarranger? Yes. Would I recommend it? Absolutely. Am I 100% happy with it? Almost. What would make me 100%? A video owner's manual explaining the basics (or at least a simpler regular manual with basic set up proceedures).

  • from Illinois October 27, 2015Music Background:
    semi-pro musician, church keyboardist

    Powerful, small, inexpensive, complex

    My review will mostly echo Mike from Michigan's review. I've waited for almost a year before writing this review and that's because that's about how long its taken me to fully control all the functionality this little powerhouse packs. I bought mine from Sweetwater and couldn't be happier with their communication and fast shipping.

    The Korg microARRANGER is a very powerful little instrument. The value is its low price point ($450-500) and small size (36" long, 9.5lbs).

    Onboard speakers are nice for living-room practice sessions (a little tinny) but when plugged into an amp, this thing puts out quality sound. It's very capable of gig work if plugged into a good amp/speaker system. The microARRANGER is simply a downsized PA-50/PA-50-SD which traces its heritage back to 2004 (the SD card replaced the floppy drives in 2009). Same functionality, same menu system. So the technology is old - but it's not expensive either. Still good stuff - just not cutting edge.

    The buttons the menus, the manuals are not intuitive at all. If you have never had an arranger keyboard before this thing will overwhelm you. Even if you have experience with other brand arrangers you will simply have to invest time into learning "the Korg way" of doing things. There is a ton of functionality available - but you will have to learn where it is and how to get to it and there's no substitute for spending time with the instrument. Do not buy one just a few weeks before a gig and expect to be proficient!

    I also have experience with Yamahas and I personally find their arranger keyboards/menus to be easier to navigate and use - however, they don't have anything near this powerful (or this compact) for the low price point. If you get a Yamaha arranger it will probably be easier and faster to use - but you will need to spend at least $700 (for a PSR-650670) and you'll have a larger, heavier instrument to lug around.

    For me, this fills a niche (nicely) between a 88-key piano and an upscale Yamaha arranger.

  • from April 6, 2012Music Background:

    Incredible Jam Box

    Background: I mainly use this to jam with a friend of mine. We love to just layout some chord progressions and see what happens. So many styles to play with!

    Sounds: Simply great! I've have a nord electro 3 and I have had the korg triton and the x50 and I was not disappointed. Electric pianos, organs, strings and synths are very good.

    Micro keys: took about a day to get used to the size. Since i have only been playing for a few years no big loss in technique.

    Value: for the price this is a steal.

  • from Ventura County, California February 23, 2012Music Background:
    writer, music enthusiast, player

    Awesome Microarranger!

    This thing is great. The sounds appear to have improved and the small keys are easy to adjust to for your hands. It's great for writing out ideas and a song. It is very light and perfect for traveling or at home. Take it on a trip, to the office, or anywhere you go. Maybe next version will have charging or batteries to be completely mobile. You'll have lots of fun with it!!! Play it in bed too.

  • from Levittown, Pa, USA January 20, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    First impression of the Korg MicroArranger

    When the UPS guy delivered this small box...I thought to myself..this it?.".Is that all there is"..from the Peggy Lee tune (1969)..

    I opened the box and removed the contents...and I looked in the box again..did I forget something....this thing is small..

    I placed it on a stand, and booted it up.....smoke began to pour out of it...just kidding, I wanted to see if you are paying attention..

    Immediately, I could tell the sounds were reasonably good....some are very good...Piano, organ guitar were good...
    choirs and ahhs sucked just like they do on the PA2x and PA800..

    Styles are very good..for the most part ..Korg remains my favorite styles for swing, and jazz...unplugged are also good...

    Although the sounds are decent and sound great thru a pa system (speakers are nothing to right home about...but nice to have, as monitors
    in a quiet room..)...You can tell the detail sound you hear in the larger size samples are missing....32MB rom is a bit light in today's world..

    After the first half hour of playing the small keys...my first thought was ..these keys are just too small...but knowing the keys were attached to some neat
    features and sounds, made me a bit more open minded about the keys..

    Some key facts..The Micro Arranger 61 keys measures 28 1/2"....My Roland G70 measures 33 1/2"..Yamaha will come in at 32 1/2"

    As a matter of curiosity I measured my accordion...41 keys measured 19 5/8"...the same 41 key span on the Micro measured 19".
    This surprised me, they seem smaller than the accordion..because of the length..

    Korg included just about any edit features you need on this board..it is not a stripped down model...
    I believe it is the same sound engine and features found not only on the PA50sd, but the popular PA1x too..

    The Micro is ideal to keep handy in your car or near your door when you leave (never know when you may want to play)..

    I wanted one to see if I could set it up and use it at rehearsals with my new partner...I am please to announce..
    I have successfully..accomplished this...Not just styles I want to use , but SMF's too...I was able to edit and save parts/changes, and volumes...

    The Operating system is just plain terrible, but usable (no where as efficient as the G70..but after you have the data edited and saved to the SD card,
    you will get use to the procedures to gig..From what I can tell they didn't improve the PA3x that much when it comes to the OS.

    I was going to use the A-33 controller with the Micro, but it did not seem practical..I would be much better to use the G70...(no comparison on any detail or sounds)..I already use the Korg styles I like , converted to G70..

    The ideal use of the Micro, other than a ready to play anywhere keyboard...are nursing homes and other 1 hour gigs..The Micro Arranger and the Roland BA330 make a great combination for this type of job..

    It took some time to get use to the key size (if you call conceding , getting use too)..I forced myself to play the Micro and a full size keyboard together..changing hands from large keys to small keys...You can adapt, but I do think if you only played the small keys, you will lose technique that you developed over the years...A well trained player will not be happy playing this board for long periods of time..

    So overall, my first impression,,,is favorable....

    It could be the perfect keyboard for the new fad..DJ/keyboardist/singer combination...

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