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Focusrite iTrack Dock Reviews

4.5 stars based on 11 customer reviews
Questions about the Focusrite iTrack Dock?

Questions about the Focusrite iTrack Dock?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Anderson SC February 15, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Cloud, YouTube

    Focusrite iTrack Dock

    2-channel Docking iPad Recording Interface with Lightning Connection that charges your I pad! Using a Novation Launchkey it talks both ways to ipad and all the keyboard changes show on the iPad and it uses the USB port on iDock and powers it also. Im using a Dito Looper into a Roland VT 3 with stereo outs pluged into the iDock and the volume is controlled with iDock. I have another ipad pluged in the instrument input with 1/8" to 1/4" TRS and the volume is controlled with ch 1 volume. So with the volume on the LaunchKey Im counting 4 volumes you can control and the Big Knob! This gives you quite a nice rig with iPad running without a computer! I have a picture posted off my rig on the Focusrite iDock on FaceBook! Way to Go Focusrite and Novation and you can use a iPad Pro with a lighting extender cable Woot Woot!
    Oh I forgot it sounds GREAT if you have good PA!!!!

  • from Central New York October 6, 2015Music Background:
    Garage to stage and back again


    I've only had this a couple of weeks but this is a great buy. There are enough connections to satisfy almost any situation. Seems to be made well and it does what Focusrite said it would do! Docking my ipad-4 couldn't be easier and I like the angle it provides. I'm 67 years old and worked in local bands for years and now I like to play my guitar with backing tracks from Garageband. The ITrack makes my setup complete. Having the ipad fully charged by iTrack after hours of use is a great feature.

    I bought a great piece of gear from the best music company in the business!

  • from Oregon July 31, 2015Music Background:
    Avant Guitarist

    Just the Thing to Get into iOS Audio Processing

    Very seldom do I buy a complicated electronic device and am able to use it 5 minutes out of the box. I bought this and paired it with a new iPad Mini 2 with Adrian Belew's FLUX:FX app installed and a Keith McMillen SoftStep 2. I think this combo is now may now be may favorite guitar FX rig ever!!! Wow!!!

  • from Rockwell, NC March 17, 2015Music Background:
    Pro player since the 90's

    You Don't Need a Stinking MAC!!!!!!!

    I just wanted to provide a little humor-----Very Little!!!!! This thing is awesome. I just bought an I-Pad Mini from Devin and needed to get recorded songs from Garage Band into I-Tunes on my HP desktop. Devin suggested I run the mini into the dock, then into the R & L inputs of my AudioBox USB and record the stereo tracks into Studio One. Then you just import it into I-Tunes and there you go. I now have 48 backing tracks in I-Tunes and when I get my Air Turn Digit with the Boss Footswitches, I'll be ready to scroll thru my songs and start/stop with my foot. This thing has a lot more features that I will not go into but one thing is really nice. You don't have to be teathered to your computer. It has a power supply that keeps the I-Pad charged while you record or do whatever else you may want. It was a life saver for me!!! Thanks again Devin, Bob Trice

  • from Wisconsin December 5, 2014Music Background:
    Musician, recording engineer and producer

    iTrack Dock

    This dock works as advertised. Easy to set up and works well with all my DAWS. Sound quality is amazing.

  • from Middle Island, NY USA November 6, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, music teacher

    Focusrite iTrack Dock

    I purchased this piece more for live playing rather than recording. I'm using it with a 128 gigabyte iPad Air running iOS8, just about every Apple music app out there, and an Arturia AnalogLab 49 note controller. I am happy to say that the it works great with the controller... it was not in Focusrite's official list of supported devices, but it works flawlessly transmitting midi and powering the AnalogLab at the same time. So far I have had no glitches.
    So far, I can say it works great with GarageBand, Arturia iSEM, iProphet, IK iLectric Piano, SampleTank, iGrand Piano, Korg Gadget and iPolysix, Moog Animoog, Thor by Propellerhead, PPG WageGenerator, Camel Audio Alchemy, VirSyn Addictive Synth, Bonnet C3B3, Waldorf Nave, Mellotronics M3000, Magellan, Cassini, and Sunrizer. But there are other synths that I haven't tested yet.

    The audio output is very clean and offers a lot of depth due to the impressive output specs of the unit. Also, I play guitar via the instrument channel thru GarageBand, and the sound is fantastic. After a little level tweaking I could get a great live guitar sound.

    If you are considering using the iPad as a performance instrument, this is the way to go!

  • from Florida June 17, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Hobbyist

    Everything you need!

    I wanted something that I could get up and running fast, easy to use with quality inputs. After speaking with Carson at Sweetwater, he turned me on to this unit in addition to an Ipad Air to run my Auria software. Matched this with a pair of JBL LSR308 monitors and I was good to go.

  • from Indiana March 31, 2017Music Background:
    Classic Rock guitar player


    I use this to play through a guitar program on my Ipad,it keeps my Ipad on 100% charged all the time,I may play 3-4 hours at a time.
    I also like using 1/4 jacks on IDock,saves wear and tear on lighting connector,and headphone jack on the IPad.
    I just leave it on the IDock all the time,thanks Focusrite,nice Idea,Chas.

  • from Aurora, IL February 20, 2015Music Background:
    Studio owner; voice talent, musician.

    Good design

    The sound is great with condenser mics, not enough gain for dynamics: noisy pres wide open. Neat design, works great with an iPad mini. Easy to use, perfect for home voice-over recording. AC/Wall-wart makes it less convenient than battery units for on the go recording.

  • from Johnson, VT August 18, 2014

    Best combination of features right now (August 2014)

    I had been using an Apogee One to record acoustic and electric guitars and vocals into Auria on my ipad, but then I discovered Tonestck and Bias! Needing a way to expand my setup, I ordered the iTrack Dock from Sweetwater. at first I was disappointed with the guitar sound, which seemed a bit less warm and realistic, compare to the One, but after experimentation, I discovered a solution.

    I run my guitar thru the Apogee One into Tonestack on my iphone5 where I pick up my Compressor/wah/OD and the into the iTrack Dock where I use Audiobus to start in Bias for my amp tone and then move into another instance of Tonestack for my reverbs and delays, and finally into Auria.

    I have also used the same setup but instead of using Bias, I actually ran out of my iphone into my Triaxis , back into the iTrack, skipping Bias, and then into my Stereo 2:90 and out through a pair of 1x12s in stereo.

    I was able to hook up my Rolls MP128 foot controller to the iTrack and switch presets in Tonestack, which is sweet. Just need to add a Midi Solutions Dual Footswitch Controller so I can add two expression pedals, one for wah and the other for volume.

    The iTrack really cooks my iPad Air so I cut the red backing pad up into 1"x2" squares and used two-sided tape to stick five of them around strategically so the air can flow behind the ipad , which solved the overheating problem.

    I am actually planning on adding a second iTrack and replacing my iphone with another iPad Air, which will give me a double setup.

    Both iTracks fit on my til table music stand and this little stand basically replaces my pedalboard. Bye bye eventide stomps, and all the others!

    As always Sweetwater was lightning fast on the shipping, willing to issue an RMA when I was initially disappointed, and provide personalized communication, with good info and free tootsie rolls!

  • from fouke ar April 26, 2016Music Background:
    Professional violinest, classical guitarest keyboard piano

    Work great

    Item works real good, It came with a free program called "tape" which I really like just wish that it would allow you to record 2 mono tracks so you could do sound on sound instead of the usual plug guitar in one and vocals in the other. I do not sing, so I would like to be able to do a solo instrument on one track and a 2nd accompanying on the second track, but other than that it is good. bottom of ipad does get a bit hot after about 1/2 hr ot hour.

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