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IK Multimedia iRig KEYS with 30-pin cable Reviews

3.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • Jose Nelson Ramirez
    from October 9, 2013Music Background:
    Professional musician

    Great iPad companion

    The iRig Keys is a very useful tool for musicians on the go. Works great with Garage Band and other apps. The size is ideal for traveling and it is very nice to have pitch and modulation wheels.

    It is very light but the construction is not very sturdy. The keys feel weird, not because of the size but because they are poorly built. I guess they should be improved in future models. (The old Hohner melodicas have much better keys and are about the same size)

    Anyway, it is a very good investment for a musician who owns an iPad or iPhone.

  • Craig
    from Desoto, Tx December 7, 2012Music Background:
    Composer, Live/Studio Musician

    You'll Be Surprised How Useful it Is...

    I use this in a multi-key rig to keep from having to lugging around a heavier keyboard for my second 'board––in fact just used this on stage in front of about 6,000 or so. Honestly initially I was NOT impressed with musicality of this piece...but, that was until I stopped using it to play the stock sounds in logic and used it with a nice multisampled sampled Piano Patch, synths, etc. (nothing expensive either just the Reason Pianos refill) and the difference was dramatic IMO. If you're playing synths, brass parts, bass parts, etc. it's more than adequate. The biggest concern for me is transport (right now I'm bouncing back and forth between the original box and a small guitar gig bag. It is absolutely too long to fit in any backpack, but in exchange you get sustain/expression (note it does not work with yamaha expression pedals) and 37 keys which to me seems to be a decent tradeoff between usability and portability.

    But the best part of it for me is how it's revolutionized my composing workflow. This is my go to keyboard when I'm sitting at my writing desk (Sibelius 7)––or when I'm writing somewhere else for a change of scenery (starbucks, etc.).

    In looking at the ratings I'm really tempted to give it 5 stars just because I keep finding so MANY uses for it and you really don't know how handy it is to have something like this until you actually have it. I mean I just used it while my rig was on stage to tweak sounds and review the songs one last time behind stage, and that's just one example. A main keyboard it is not, but it is a lot of other things. A worthwhile purchase no matter how you look at it. I give 4.5 overall only because the build quality and overall look of the keyboard is a little underwhelming. (side note: I have not tried it with iOS but really don't have high expectations for its usefulness there. An iPad patch will only sound so good, but that's just my opinion).

  • Michael Monceaux
    from Austin, TX March 5, 2014Music Background:

    Finicky Slice of Wonderbread

    A variable 3 octave mini keyboard with mod and pitch wheel AND a pedal input jack? Exactly what I was looking for - and I think it may be the only one out there atm. The only problem is that it's a finicky little #$%&. Don't expect to do anything with sensitive velocity. Sometimes I think this little keyboard only has two velocity variables - med-low and high. Anyway, it will do, and I will love it and call it George.

  • Drumjazz
    from Durham, NC November 10, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Finally: mini keys with a sustain pedal!

    Hey, this thing is cool just because you can plug in a sustain pedal. Up 'til now, I had never seen that but had always wanted it. (I have never understood how I was expected to use a sustain button. I mean, I need two hands to play the keys.) Plus, it has 3 octaves - bigger than the usually two, but still pretty compact. I use this in a portable performance rig, so it is a great addition to my setup. Havn't had it long enough to review quality, but I will keep my fingers crossed! :-)

  • Michael Monceaux
    from Austin, TX December 3, 2014

    Now that I've had it a couple of years

    Now that I've had it a while, I do have a complaint. While I love its portability and the fact that you can plug a foot pedal into it, the cable that it comes with is not a normal USB cable. At first I thought it was one of those smaller kind used for other portable digital devices, but in fact it's something completely different, which means that if I lose it or it breaks, it will be more difficult to replace, particularly when I am traveling. That is not good. Also, the cable seats in a really flimsy matter - it doesn't even go in all the way. If I have it on a flat surface, it doesn't complain too much, but if I move it, it constantly disconnects and reconnects. Not good engineering on the cable seating, guys. Seriously. I do see that they have a new model out with a different cable, but it's also much more expensive. Being that this keyboard was already priced above others of its kind, if I ever need to get another portable board, there's a good chance I'll go somewhere else.

  • Mike S
    from November 15, 2012

    Does the Job but Severely Overpriced

    I was expecting much more in terms of quality from a $100, 37-key controller. Don't expect lot of variations in velocity to MIDI from this product but rather a simple and direct way to get MIDI into iOS devices.

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