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Griffin Survivor - Black Rugged Case for iPad 2,3,4 Reviews

3.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • Bruno Bokelo
    from Catumbela, Benguela-Angola October 22, 2012Music Background:
    Musician, guitarist and Audio Studio Owner

    No More Drama

    I'm happy, no more drama, the kits can now play with the Ipad and I have nothing to worry about! What more could you wish for..., the IPad does not get wet and it can have a fall of 2 meters. I definitily recommend you to buy it, especially for a reason like mine.

  • Bruno Bokelo
    from Catumbela, Angola September 14, 2012Music Background:
    Musician and Recording PIC

    Excellent Case

    Just the case I was looking for. Very easy to install, now I feel much protected, I can be at easy when the kids are playing with it now.I do recommend to anyone who wants that much protection!!

  • robyn
    from August 1, 2013

    Thsi case has broken 2 of my ipads --DO NOT BUY!!!

    DO NOT BUY! This case has not broken 2 of my ipads. I had this case on my ipad and it was in another padded sleeve when it fell off a table in a department store onto a carpeted floor. When I took it out the case had broken the volume button on my ipad. There is a piece of plastic over the volume button that got pushed in from the fall and dented the section where the volume controls are and it made the volume function no longer work and the volume icon to remain fixed on the screen.

    I was furious that I paid $80 for this “military grade” case to protect it from this exact thing from happening. It fell literally 2 – 3 feet. It fell onto carpet and was in a padded sleeve. So, I contacted Griffin and spoke to a manager. They did not believe me and tried to say they do not warranty if an item breaks inside their product. I went back and forth with him and demanded something for compensation since I had to go buy a new ipad. They gave me $150.00 store credit and a new Survivor case.

    I knew this was a design flaw in their case but I never imagined it would happen again. Well it DID! Just this week, less than 1 year after the first one was broken, the case broke my new ipad in EXACTLY the same place. This time my 2 year old was walking with it and dropped it. So, it fell 1-2 feet. To my absolute amazement/disbelief I looked at it and saw the volume icon was stuck on the screen. I said “Oh NO…not again”…and I took the case off and sure enough it dented it in exactly the same spot and the volume button does not work now. This time it did not break the case, just the ipad. I am just so furious I cannot even see straight.

    I admit …my bad for putting the same case back on my new ipad but I seriously never thought it would fall and hit in the exact same spot again. Boy was I wrong. However, I will NEVER put a Griffin survivor case on any electronics I buy and I will be posting this review to warn others from the same fate.

    I have emailed Griffin tonight and will be sending a letter to their corporate office because this is a serious design flaw. There is a plastic piece that bends in when pressure is put on it and it dents your ipad in just the right spot to make the volume function break. I did my research, as I always do, before I purchased this case and I wanted the best cause I have 3 kids and I need something indestructible. They boast this case is military tested and can withstand all this force…blah…blah…. It is all LIES! The truth is my ipad would have probably been in better condition if it did not have any case on it during the fall. In my opinion, after what I have personally lived through, this is the WORST case on the market. Seriously, anything or nothing would be better than putting this case on your ipad.

    On top of the design flaw that broke 2 of my ipad’s it gets dirt under the screen somehow. I had tons of junk stuck under the screen protector. It appears to be one piece so I don’t know how dirt is getting in there but it does. They claim on their website it has been tested against sand, etc. Clearly, these are all lies.

    BOTTOM lINE> DO NOT BUY THIS CASE!!!!! Buy anything else !! You have been warned!!

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