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DigiTech iPB-10 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 11 customer reviews
  • Donald Waugh
    from Kingston, Jamaica October 16, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Producer, Composer

    The Best Multi Effect Processor I own

    I not long got this device about a week. The hardware is a hunk of metal, well built. The sound are clean and clear and sound really close to the real pedals, at least the once I know. Amp models aren't as great but they have there own thing going on. The problem though is the software. The iPB nexus app has crashed on my several times. Did a little digging and found that the iOS 5 on iPad First gen cause memory usage problems with cause the app to crash. So I downloaded to iOS 4 now everything works without crashing. Recording to Multitrack DAW on the iPad is flawless. I highly recommend this product. Great job Digitech keep updating the iPB nexus app. Thanks for the new features (Tap Tempo, Back up and faster syncing) All I need now is a Phrase Looper feature and I am good.

  • j. compton
    from conway, AR February 21, 2012Music Background:
    Production, Engineering, sound design, guitar, bass, synth, drums and cello

    axe ecllent

    as most guirtarists i have a GIGANTIC foot pedal collection (everything from first generation BIg Muffs, Buffalo Pfuzz, every Proco Rat, and 4 ways, too many delay based effects (chorus,flange,delays etc...) to even count. this has helped my tone in the studio, but live it is like building a rocket every time i need a particular sound.
    The iPB has made it all so much simpler for me, i just record all my effects and then use the stomp box section to emulate the actual pedal. Many of my pedals are boutique style, and i have to say that Digitech has found a suitable emulation for each and every one.
    totally worth the price tag to keep me from having to lug around all my goodies.

  • Jamie Walters
    from Illinois January 15, 2012Music Background:
    Worship leader, studio, live

    IPB-10 domination

    Lets be honest, If your a serious guitar player, part of you has some reservations about a product like the IPB-10. I had the same reservations, but took the plunge any way. The result? I am glad I did. Putting aside all the flashy extras and obvious wicked appearance of this product one is still left with a fantastic arsenal of tonal weapons that is sure to please even the most critical musician.
    The way I see it, if you cant find or make the sound you are looking for using the IPB-10, then you have issues. That said It does take some time to get use to navigating the IPB-10 to start, but if you take the time , you will be happy you did. There are so many way to tweak your sound on the IPB-10 that it borders on overwhelming. Thats said, it is super fun to experiment and once you have the sounds you want it's easy to lock them into a bank and recall them any time. Did I mention that there are endless combinations of tonal bliss on the pedal. In short, I love it.

  • Smith Law
    from November 15, 2011

    WOW! What I've always wished for is here.

    This pedal is the best of both worlds for me. It as easy or easier to use as a computer plugin but with the zero latency of a multi effects pedal. The sound is unbelievable!! I get such great tone and dynamics. Plus it's as easy and simple to use as my stompboxes. Oh, and I can put pedals in its stomp loop and integrate them into my setup. This thing is genius. GET ONE NOW!!!

  • Jonni Lightfoot
    from South Jordan Utah USA November 11, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician for Air Supply, Recording Engineer

    A must have!!!

    I have used the IPB-10 in live settings and in the studio. I love this thing!! I use it for just the pedals (no amp modeling) and have also used the amp modeling (depending on the gig). It has replaced all of my guitar amps, this is the coolest pedalboard unit i have ever used. Works with my iPad 1 perfectly but also works with the iPad 2. XLR outs makes it very easy to use and easy to get great sounds in both the studio and on the live stage. This is not the same modeling as 5 year ago.....it is on a different planet!!!

  • Matt
    from NYC October 20, 2011Music Background:

    Great Device

    This thing is great. I play it both as a pedal board through the front of my Sommatone (yes it enhances a boutique amp) and as a full preamp with fx through my tech 21 power engine. The previous reviewer is mistaken. You can access the tuner with your feet by holding down one of the foot pedals. The iPad also feels very protected under there. If its a concern, you can always put a screen protector on the iPad. Great sounds and very fun to create pedal boards on the go.

  • Clint
    from VA March 21, 2013Music Background:
    play live, record, live and recording engineer

    More Professional than it Looks

    The iPB-10 is probably the best, most over-looked guitar FX processors available. I think music retailers and online retailers are not giving this gem enough attention. I've been through a lot of guitar rigs/setups over the years, this is the best sounding, most flexible, and easy to use piece of gear of them all.

    At first glance, it looks like another consumer-grade multi-fx pedal. In that regard, I think Digitech should do some cosmetic work on the next iteration to make it look more professional. For example, the TC Electronic G-System is a multiFX pedal, but it looks like a pro would use it. And they do. And it took a lot for me to give up my super-cool pedal board that I had built up, but the trade-off in value and the plethora of effects was too good to pass up. And I've never regretted the decision.

    All the amp models and pedal models sound great! So sound-wise, it has more than I'll ever fully use. The real treasure in the iPB10 is the ease-of-use. If you can turn a pedal knob or press a button, you can use it out-of-the-box, no learning curve. That's right, NO learning curve. There are some things that take some exploration, but as far as plugging in and adjusting a pedal... just like the real-world counterparts. The benefit over real world pedals is no cables to interconnect them, you can save your presets, AND the coolest thing is changing a pedals place in the signal chain is as easy as dragging the pedal to where you want. No unplugging. Using the iPad to control the iPB10 is a no-brainer. I'm surprised other companies haven't explored this more. So if you're concerned with giving up your pedals for a multi-fx processors, don't be. Even if you don't already own an iPad and would have to buy one - it's still cheaper than what it would cost to acquire all of these pedals, not to mention the amps. Best guitar FX decision I ever made.

  • roger a hickey
    from richmond in usa February 15, 2013Music Background:

    instruction manual!

    a great piece of gear does everything i want and then some.
    operating instruction is a little lacking,(no manual) video instruction was limited but helpful

  • Michael J. McMeins
    from East Dundee, IL May 4, 2013Music Background:
    Rhythm guitar, contemporary praise band

    iPB-10 Pedalboard

    Nice product, lotsa stuff to play with. There are issues with the ipad interface, minor but worth mentioning. I bought the 4' cable so I didn't have to dock ipad in pedal. I use forScore on the ipad also. The unit freezes up with ipad attached frequently and the ipad has to be restarted. The ipad keyboard also gets lost when connected causing an ipad restart. The tuner is not very good. The guitar tool app for iPhone and ipad is much better and more accurate than the iPB-10. Short of these minor annoyances there are a lot of sounds that can be created. I really like the programmability on the fly. With ipad docked and all working you can adjust pedal parameters with a touch. I am certain DigiTech will esolve the issues and hopefully create some downloadable presets in future updates.

  • Customer
    from May 12, 2013

    Used to likeit

    This was a great multi until the latest Apple updates. Still sounds great, but random disconnects from the ipad, including after using the tuner, have rendered it almost useless. With no updates from DigiTech anywhere on the horizon this was a very promising piece of gear that has been abandoned by DigTech.

  • Bobby B.
    from USA August 20, 2012

    Not worth the hype

    The only thing the ipb10 has going for it is it integration with the iPad. So in that respect it looks fantastic.The amp mods are just ok .The cab mods are horrible,The FX are good.Over all it just wasnt worth the money I have a GSP1101 and it sounds about the same as the ipb10.I expected reworked models,Plus none of the amp mods in the Ipb have a presence control.Yes there is an EQ style stomp but only 1 can be used in the FX chain.I have returned it,I'll stick with my Pod HD 500 for now.

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