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Allen & Heath iLive-T112/48 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • from Washington DC August 15, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician, Audio training.

    User for past 3 years

    I have been an Allen and Heath user for many years and a user of the iLive consistently for the past 3 years. I was able to run one daily for years during college for contemporary and classical events at Valley Forge Christian College in PA and recently purchased one for National Community Church where I am now on staff. I love the user friendliness of the console and how easy it is to get up and running. It is extremely intuitive and sounds amazing. Given the functionality and price along with the quality of the product, the iLive is in a league of it's own. The CAT5 snake is great and will save you from having to purchase a main FOH analog snake saving you time (in transporting as well as setting up an analog snake) as well as money in purchasing extra infrastructure. I'd highly recommend this console to anyone looking to purchase a great sounding digital console and who may be worried about making that transition from analog to digital.

  • from Birmingham, AL USA August 9, 2010Music Background:
    Live sound & Recording Engineer, semi Pro Musician

    Demoed it Live in a realistic situation, Perfect From Analog to Digital

    I've been torn between the M7CL, iLive, Vi2 console.. after using the M7CL which was not as user friendly as the iLive and the Vi2, i chose to eliminate it #1 reason is the sound quality sucked 3 separate occasions i used it compared to others in price range... in this price range the T112 is the bang for the buck. If you got like 10 more grand id go with the Vi2 with stage box "but the one i used was already tweaked & ready to go".. we plugged in the iLive and wow, the sonic clarity was astounding especially since we didn't have time to use the on board EQs so we used the preset outboard "RANE" EQs & the sound was immediately clearer and had more definition without touching anything, literally sounded like a new system, coming from a Allen&Heath GL2200 console. Then the ability to label channels with names or initials & colors was a huge plus & with my church thats almost a must considering how many plays, dramas, concerts, we do and we literally 5 different choirs, & we have 12-14 people every sunday on the praise team alone, so recalling shows with names attached will be FANTASTIC for us at Faith Apostolic Church..
    There was no delay when you begin to mix, turn knobs & bam
    IT FREAKED me out for a second B/C you literally have everything at your finger tips "SEL" then your front strip has everything you need.. no flipping through pages for limiters and Compressors, or Gates...
    Ps. the templets are horrible just set it up yourself

  • from Cleveland, Ohio March 6, 2011Music Background:
    Theatrical Sound Designer / Mixer

    Not a great console for musical theater.

    I just spent the past two months mixing a rock musical on the T112 and while I am quite impressed with the feature set to price ratio I would not recommend this console for mixing musical theater solely based on the poor performance of the scene recall function. I, however, strongly believe this board is right at home in the concert and one-off live production industry.

    Pros: Channel labeling, colors and patching is very easy to do one at a time or as a batch. 16 DCA groups are more than enough. Excellent RTA and ballistics monitoring features not seen on other digital consoles. The pre amps are decent for the price and have quite the dynamic range. The console is very easy to use for basic functions and feels most "analog" of the digital boards that I've used.

    Cons: Recall is very slow and very clumsy to edit. Recall is seriously lacking global recall safe parameters that makes changing parameters in previously written cues quite frustrating. I also had issues when recalling different saved shows where the board couldn't recall high pass filters and certain bands of EQ that were saved previously with no trouble... very strange. I found the selected channel area to be very visually unappealing and difficult to use for making detailed changes. You don't see a change on any of the meters until you make at least a three dB change. While the T112 has sends on fader mode, it was very hard to tell whether you were in that mode or not. I wish the console blinked or something to let you know you were not back to the main mix. While I appreciate 112 controllable channels on this surface it was at times hard to wrap my mind around having 12 different layers to go through with two banks of 8 faders and one bank of 12. I also really needed the ability to keep a cue list on the external monitor that I had while keeping selected channel parameters on the touch screen, which the console cannot do. Processing seemed very slow at times. There were often obvious lags when going between selected channels and PFLs. I felt like the T112 had a hard time keeping up with me when I had to make quick changes. Some features are quite deep in menus and not in obvious places such as the signal noise generator and local I/O routing.

    For a local sound company who needs an inexpensive yet decent sounding digital console with tons of useful basic features for concerts and festivals I highly recommend the T112. For musical theater that requires lots of detailed recall scenes and a more flexible firmware I highly suggest saving your pennies for something like an AVID SC48 or even the Digico SD9 which have amazing features for recall.

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