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Audient iD14 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 109 customer reviews
Questions about the Audient iD14?

Questions about the Audient iD14?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Evan Mehre

    I've tried a number of interfaces in my studio, and the Audient iD14 is my new go-to interface! With my in-the-box workflow, a couple of solid channels makes a lot of sense, so I looked for an interface that cooperates with my software and offers professional-quality sound, but without an unnecessarily large I/O count. I'm really impressed with the iD14.

  • from Palmdale, CA June 9, 2017

    Smooth and clear

    Absolutely beautiful. Clear, clean and ultimately usable. Simple setup right out of the box. Stepped up from the Apogee One and have no regrets. Personally, I have no real beef with the Apogee but I am happy not having to deal with dongle connections anymore. Everything is rock solid in the build of the Audient and simply makes me feel more confident. Thank you, Evan, for listening to my concerns and needs. Once again Sweetwater came through with flying colors.

  • from Napoleon, OH May 25, 2017Music Background:
    Musician / Home Studio

    If you're missing flavor, look no further!

    Coming from both the Presonus AudioBox and the Focusrite Scarlett I can say this is far better. Granted I do not have the I/O of the other devices, but if you are looking to upgrade your sound, this is an excellent place to start. The pre's I find more enjoyable than my isa 110 (hard to believe) and the converters (burr brown) are noticeably better. Outside of normal mic testing I also ran my Waves GTR3 plugin using the DI on the ID14 vs the scarlett. The results were clearly better with the ID14, the overtones and harmonics were much more present. I could not be happier with this purchase, I've spent a lot of money at Sweetwater, this is one of my best purchases.

  • from Lancaster PA May 23, 2017

    Top dog !

    Traded up to the Audient iD14 from my Echo,which after many years of service finally up the ghost.

    What was I thinking,what took me so long to see the light!

    I had no idea what I have been missing over the last few years as the quality of my recordings are now massively cleaner, full of rich tone and no buzzy noise floor.

    I thought I was saving $'s but in reality I was accepting compromise and for just a few $'s.

    iD14 has a great feature set,so easy to use, just what I need to allow me to concentrate on the music.

    Highly recommended

  • from USA May 16, 2017Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Best in Class

    Clean, Transparent with nice headroom. Flawless with my MBP and El Capitan.

  • from San Deigo May 9, 2017

    Great interface

    Traded up from a 2i2 that seemed to just stop working.
    The Audient seems to me to be a far superior interface in almost all respects,definitely a class act.
    Very clean Mic pre's,48v that powers my mic's properly,warm Di, a nice reassuring sold 'feel' to the box and it's design fit's nicely on my desktop next to my MBP.
    ADAT in future proofs it for me,so I figure I'll be keeping this for a long time as it can grow with me.

    Excellent recommendation,thank you Sweetwater for such great service.

  • from Denver, Colorado March 27, 2017Music Background:
    Songwriter, recording artist.

    Love this

    I bought this to replace my Profire 610 when it became incompatible with Macintosh Sierra. Love this unit! Simple to use. Great quality. No discernible latency. Highly recommend!

  • from Carmel, IN March 22, 2017Music Background:
    Jazz and classical performance - Some recording experience.

    Great Interface

    Great preamps, decent construction, and love the controls.
    the iD control adds a very nice touch that I used and became comfortable with right away. I've moved up from a 2 channel scarlet. I still have the Pro 40 but am looking to sell and replace with preamp that has optical out which will go to the iD14.

  • from Orlando, FL March 16, 2017Music Background:
    Vocal Producer/Sound Editor

    Great Piece Of Gear

    The Audient ID14 is indeed second to none,one of the best preamps I have ever used with a pristine sound, very transparent, I just love it and would recommend it for any one who wants to record professionally in a home studio. The only thing I think should be improved on is that it be made a thunderbolt instead of USB

  • from Austin March 10, 2017

    High quality interface

    I'm relatively new to recording and I wanted to try to get a quality set up that would last me,rather than go cheap and have to upgrade.

    My Sweetwater guy recommended all the things I needed to buy,including the wonderful Audient iD14.
    I checked out what others said here and I can only agree with the reviews.

    This guy delivers really clear and detailed tracks and Scroll control is genius for editing in Logic

    Love my Audient iD14

  • from Sun Valley March 7, 2017

    Cool kit

    Makes me sound pro

    Clean,simple to use and great sound from the Mic pre's

    Thanks for the recommendation

  • from New Jersey March 6, 2017

    Top of the budget interfaces by a long way

    I traded up from my M Audio to the Audient iD14 and I'm amazed by the improvement for not a lot more $'s.

    The iD14 is THE new standard.

    Crisp,clean,very simple to use,so easy to get a great sound and for me that's what it's all about.

    Like many other iD14 reviewers here,I also just want to acknowledge the advice of Sweetwater!

  • from February 28, 2017

    Excellent AI

    The Audient iD14 is perfect for my home studio. It takes up minimum desktop space and the learning curve is minimal. The converters and JFET DI live up to the hype. Overall, it's a neat, well-built little package.

  • from Miami February 24, 2017

    If I could give it a 10 star then I would!

    I bought my first interface based on it's low price with my first paycheque,it got me going with the free DAW that came with it and that's about all I can say,though it did get me hooked on gear!

    I got a pay rise and my Sweetwater guy recommended I gave the Audient iD14 a try.

    I now realise that for a few $'s more you get a MAJOR improvement in all respects and it's like removing a filter,everything is clean and clear,lot's more detail being recorded.Stuff I never even heard with the first one.

    Do yourself a favour,join club Audient - big console sound on your laptop.

  • from Texas February 19, 2017

    Another 5 Star Review For iD14

    Amazing! Just like every other reviewer, I am thrilled to add my 2-cents. I had a friend that was praising the performance of a Blue Encore 100 handheld condensor mic compared to a Shure SM58. He plugged each into a channel on his iD14, had me listen and record a few takes. The Blue mic is a real deal kinda mic, it was interesting to A/B the two microphones, but what really blew me away was the Audient! So, I purchased one to use with a brand new Presonus Studio One portable/laptop rig. The pre's are supreme at this price point. It has been pure joy recording track after track through this, everything sounds good. Dynamics, condensors, even a ribbon mic! Bass, synths, guitars, vocals...it does it all well. It has an immediate Audient tone mojo I have come to count on, really solid for pro recordings. I'm grateful, it's a long way from the cassette PortaStudio Daze. Thanks, Audient.

  • from Kampala uganda February 17, 2017Music Background:
    Audio producer for 10 years


    I have been producing music in our country but music was missing something i didnt know untill i bought this beast id14 thats when i realised that i did not waste my time by reading revews here at sweetwater which made me make this productive decision of my life in music industry,thanks audient for the afordable price for such a workhorse interface and thumbs up to you sweetwater for these revews thanks.

  • from San Fernando Valley February 15, 2017

    Just amazing

    My Sweetwater guy recommended I try the iD14 from Audient when my 2i2's driver problems made me give up with it.

    The iD14 is everything and more,unbelievable improvement in ALL respects.
    From the feel of the controls,the top panel layout to the sound of the console pre's and the conversion.

    Summed up in one word - CLASS

  • from Atlanta February 9, 2017

    Best interface under $ PERIOD

    Been feeling for a while that my recordings just didn't have the detail I was looking for so I checked on a major pro audio forum we all know and found the iD14 was ranked top by the forum members so that immediately led me to the Sweetwater site to try it out.

    Had if for a few days now and I can only add my appreciation to the designers at Audient,these cats really know their stuff as the iD14 instantly showed up my previous recordings as sounding like there was a 'film' over them - cheap is cheap I guess.

    All the features I need,stellar mic pre and burr brown conversion.
    It's clear the $'s have been spent on the capturing the sound not on "fashion features"

    I'm an Audient believer !

  • from Metro LA area February 7, 2017

    Sounds huge !!

    Traded up from a cheap sound card to the iD14 and the sound of this thing is incredible.
    Clean and detailed,hearing stuff in the tracks that I've never heard before when playing back through my KRK's!

    Reassuringly solid,all metal package with the controls on the top making level adjustment so much more natural.

    Great sounding Di and the brilliant Scroll control.

    Confident this will be in my rig for a LONG time !

    Thanks Sweetwater for the great recommendation.

  • from Chicago February 3, 2017

    So this is how a Pro feels

    Driver issues on my 2i2 forced me to consider a new interface.

    Our singer recommended I check out the Audient and I just can't believe the improvement in the quality of my bedroom recordings for just a few $'s more.

    I don't count myself as anything of an expert,but the iD14 was really simple to set up and the recordings I'm now getting with Reaper from the Console Mic pre's and Burr Brown conversion are just so much more detailed and rounded.

    Neat monitoring choice and the Scrollcontrol thing is very cool,the headphone out is plenty loud.

    ADAT expansion in the bag for the future growth.

    The improvements from the iD14 are hard to really describe,it just sounds like how I would imagine a Pro studio would sound like,not a $ interface.


  • from Prescott AZ February 1, 2017


    I'm a pro.I just completed a record with a Grammy award winning producer at 25th Street Recording in Oakland CA. I've been at this recording thing for awhile...worked in some of the best studios in the world.

    I am constantly working on several projects at a time. I was looking for a new interface that was quick and easy for commercial production and home recording. After reading all of the reviews---I thought--ok---let's give the iD14 a try.

    For some reason I had to download the software twice??...but after the second try-- I was off to the races.

    I switched to Reaper after more than a decade of Pro Tools and Logic. (something I highly recommen--Reaper is the bomb!) The first track I recorded was a P Bass thru the DI. Absolutely blown away...I usually use one of my Neve's...but this little baby really sounds dynamite. Very little compression and no eq and it's in the can.

    The scroll control is so freaking cool---I can't put it into words. It allows me to edit and navigate in a way that makes it worth the cost of the unit by itself. Helpful hint: Set up the iD14 scroll controll for your left hand allowing your right hand to work the keystrokes and mouse...using both hands in this way let's you fly through your sessions. Trust me...the scroll control is a revelation...a total game changer.

    The little virtual mixer is fine...not really needed beyond setting sample rates and latency...but whatever...it looks cool and does what it's supposed to...works best with two monitors-- I guess...one for your DAW the other for the mixer...but because Reaper is so easily customized, I really don't need the little iD14 mixer.

    I have some serious mic pre's and some very cool vintage mics---so I wasn't sure I would need the mic pre's--I was more interested in the quality converters at a reasonable price...but wow...they sound pretty cool...for the amount of commercial production I do the iD14 is sure a time saver. Being able to plug a good mic into this baby and lay it down without having to choose between one of my Neve's or API...and compressors is a time saver like no other.

    I'm not sure how they did it at this price???...but to my ears this unit sounds a lot like a neve 1073 with that English pre amp- warm- gritty- clear-fat- but yet transparent thing that I can't really explain...I just know it when I hear it.

    Thank you once again---Sweetwater---Austin always follows up--I don't really need his help, but it's good to know someone is paying attention in case I do need help one day in the future.

    To summarize:

    Pros: The scroll control is worth the price of admission. The DI is perfect for tracking Bass and Keys...the mic pre's sound like premium British class A console mic pre's.

    Cons: The headphone output is a little weak. You may want to use a different set-up for your headphone mix.
    The mixer isn't really necessary---but hey---different strokes.

  • from NYC area January 31, 2017

    Real upgrade

    A REAL trade up in every respect.
    Great feature set and when tracking the sound improvement over my Scarlett is like removing a muddy filter.The iD14 does everything the other Sweetwater reviewers say and is just so easy to use.
    Should have done this a lot earlier.

    Great recommendation Sweetwater!

  • from January 25, 2017

    Audience iD14

    All I have too say about the iD14 is awesome! This unit is simple , easy to use, & sounds great. For the price and performance I'm a happy camper.🙂

  • from LA area January 13, 2017

    Great sounding interface

    Bought this over the holidays to replace my old Gen 1 Scarlet.

    The difference in sound when tracking through the mic pre's is amazing,really clear and detailed which presumably is the result of the console Mic pre's and the Burr Brown converters.

    The build quality feels really solid and looks really at home with my MacBook Pro.
    Similar colors and looks like they were designed to go together!

    Di is nice and the monitoring choices are just great,covering all I need.

    Don't use the ADAT input right now but it's good to know I can grow input count if I need to.

    All round great Sweetwater experience,the extra few $'s for the iD14 deliver a different class of sound.

  • from Orlando January 12, 2017Music Background:
    Fiance of a singer/guitarist/pianist

    Great purchase!

    My fiance wanted an interface for Christmas and I asked his two head engineers what they recommended. Without a doubt, both gentlemen sent me the link to sweetwater for the audient iD14. I can;t personally say how great it is-but my fiance seems to love it!

  • from Pennsylvania December 31, 2016Music Background:
    Home studio producer/audiophile

    Fantastic D/A

    I ordered this to go with my Focal Alpha 50's which I ordered on December 26. I Can't say too much about this without making assumptions, but what I can tell you is when combined with great studio monitors, the accuracy and detail is unbelievable. In fact, this thing produces sound much better than my (very overkill) music player, which I paid significantly more for! I also noticed many useful features with the mic pre-amps, including gain knobs and +48v switches. Build quality is very solid, also crazy to find in this price range. There is no noise or anything like that, but you do need to download a driver for your computer in order for the ID14 to work. Overall very satisfied and exceeded my expectations.

  • from November 11, 2016

    Great Unit

    This is my third digital interface. One that cost more $ was both more difficult to use and didn't perform as well. I returned it. This Audient unit is awesome, easy to use and I couldn't be more delighted. I use it for both studio recording of music and for video production. Great in both applications!

  • from Houston November 8, 2016

    Wow !

    I bought the iD14 based on my Sweetwater guy's recommendation as I have been looking to upgrade from what I now hear as "entry level" and my songs are worth more than that.

    The difference in the sound quality tracked into PT12 with iD14 is unbelievable.

    Opened the box,viewed the online videos and was ready to roll within 10 minutes.
    The pre's are amazing,warm Di and phones plenty loud with my AT's and with the controls on the top of the all metal box making adjustment on the fly so easy.

    As Audient say in their iD14 video,'get creative"

  • from Santa Fe, NM November 6, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Song Writer, Sound Engineer

    Holy Cow!

    I have been looking for an interface that I could bring along with my laptop and get great sound for mobile recording gigs when my full blown studio set up was just too much firepower. Good Lord Almighty was I in for a surprise when I fired up this rig with PT12. The mic pres are super clean, the DI input is killer and the Burr Brown conversion is top notch. I have been using Burr Brown convertors in RADAR for years so I know just how dang good they are. These are dead ringers for the RADAR A/D D/A chips. Mixes sound great thru the speaker outs as they have very high headroom (better than the headphone out). So be sure mix on the speaker outs. Headphone out is good for tracking however. Very well made solid metal box, great software for controlling signals and the ADAT in is icing on the cake if you need 10 ins for larger sessions. Was surprised at how low the latency was using USB - I could hear it (I have dog ears) but it was not enough of a lag to interfere with playing guitars etc while tracking to previous instruments. You will need to use the supplied wall wort for using the phantom power however. USB does not supply enough voltage for the 48v phantom power by itself. You should know this if you were planning to use 48v mics and have no power at the recording gig itself. All in all a super great piece of gear. A+++ for Audient.

  • from Baltimore November 4, 2016

    Does everything the other reviews say

    only MUCH better when it's on my desktop and seamlessly integrated into PT12.

    Rock solid hardware,revealing detail that I hadn't heard before when tracking previously.

    Console sound on my desktop,what's not to like!

  • from Tampa October 16, 2016

    At last,an audio interface that delivers it's promise

    Amazing interface.

    Does everything it says in the reviews which is why I bought it.

  • from Miami October 13, 2016

    How do they do it?

    Just received my iD14 and I'm stunned.
    This thing is a few $'s more than the big brand stuff yet the performance is major league.
    I just can't believe the improvement in the detail of my tracking.
    Set up was simple,just plug it in and within 15 minutes I'm up and ready.
    Build like a tank and with the optical in I can expand as my needs change.
    The Pre's are marketed as being from the ASP8024.I'm not quite sure what that really means,all I know is they put my previous AI to shame.Lot's on monitoring choice,warm Di and Scroll control.... genius.

    ID14 is now an essential part of my desktop.

  • from Hawaii October 12, 2016Music Background:
    Bedroom Axeman


    This was my first AI, and I wanted to makes sure I got something that was built like a tank, sounded great, and was portable. The iD14 was all of those and more. It took only about 15 minutes to get everything hooked up and running and get to know everything, and after that it worked like a dream. I haven’t tried the mic inputs yet (my voice sounds like a dying cat), but the D.I. is fantastic. It sounds amazingly clear and the gain-cranked-up overdrive is a nice touch. Plus the simplicity of both then hardware and software make for an incredible deal. If this one should ever stop working for any reason, I’m definitely gonna order another one! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

  • from Atlanta October 7, 2016

    Real deal

    Finally,an interface that delivers it's promise.

    Gave up on my previous 'market leading' interface that was nothing but trouble with W10.

    Crisp,clean tracks at 96k with just the right feature set.

    Very Happy Camper

  • from Charlotte October 1, 2016

    Great upgrade to my studio

    I've been having some driver issues with my previous big brand interface and I finally gave up and did what I should have done a long time ago,upgraded to the iD14.

    The iD14 is in a different class to anything I've used before,seriously pro.

    Built quality is top grade,the top panel controls just makes things easier but it's really about the sound this thing delivers.It's embarrassingly good and I'm hearing detail that I had no idea was there before,my room needs treatment now!

    Don't hesitate,just find a way to get the iD14 onto your desktop.

  • from Denver October 1, 2016

    Everything is so much clearer

    Upgraded from my starter interface and the improvement seems huge to me for not a lot more $'s.

    My DAW tracks seem much more detailed and revealing,very happy with my purchase.

    Thank you Sweetwater for the recommendation.

  • from San Jose September 15, 2016

    Can you handle it ?

    Wow,just plugged my shiny new iD14 into my rig and experienced a 'night and day' moment.

    This thing is sooooooo revealing when tracking my Taka G50,capturing a level detail that I've never heard before with my UR.

    Just the right feature set for what I need but the console grade sound this thing delivers is why I bought it and it REALLY delivers.

  • from Pasadena September 12, 2016

    A keeper

    The sound I'm getting from this interface is astonishing,so clear and it reveals detail I've never heard before,makes my blue one sound so muddy.

    Simple to set up on my MBP (using Logic),feels really solid and I was tracking within 15 minutes of opening the box.The feature set is right on it,just what I need and no more.

    Thank you Sweetwater for the recommendation,SWEET!

  • from Washington,DC September 7, 2016

    New Benchmark for entry level interfaces

    I bought this interface based on the reviews I've read here,on Gearslutz and of course my Sweetwater sales engineer's recommendation.

    The reviews shout out about the sound of this thing and I have no trouble in totally agreeing.

    Listening back on my AT M50's from the iD14,the vibe of the tracks just feels "right",nice and smooth and no buzzy noise like my previous interface.

    The build quality,the Di and the scroll control feature just support the quality of iD14's clean,crisp console grade mic pre's

    No brainer

  • from Oakland September 2, 2016

    $299 is ridiculous value for this interface.

    You can buy cheaper but right now it seems you can't buy better.

    The smooth,rounded sound of the ASP8024 console mic pre is way,way better than the 'thin' sound of another familiar english brand.Features that no-one else offers anywhere close to the $299 price level (the neat Scroll Control function,ADAT in so I can add 8 channels of any flavor when I'm ready,a sweet DI,loud headphones and not forgetting FULL 48v power for my mic's)

    What great tools we have now - thank you Sweetwater for the great products and great advice.

  • from Las Vegas August 30, 2016


    Like many others here, I've now realised that for a few $'s more,the iD14 just knocks the big brand stuff right out of the park.

    Based on my Sweetwater guy's advice,I Craig'd my little red box that has been having some driver issues and from iD14 power up I'm instantly feeling the step up in sound quality.

    My tracks just seem to fit together better and feel more 'rounded' (kinda hard to explain in words,they just seem to layer together in a more musical way).

    iD14 feels really solid and confidence inspiring,easy to use and it's high end professional design heritage really shine through.Audient's really making my life much easier and fun,now if only they could teach me how to improve my vocals as the iD14 reveals a tad too much!

    Sweet from Sweetwater.

  • from Austin,Texas August 24, 2016

    Believe it - all true

    I don't normally take reviews about a product too seriously,so now I'm going to contradict myself!

    My 'red' interface has been having all sorts of driver problems recently,not really sure why as my rig hasn't changed however I gave up as it was making me mad instead of making music.

    My Sweetwater rep suggested I check out iD14 and it's been a revelation.

    It just works and adds to the vibe of making music.

    Controls on the top,wonderfully revealing signal path and my DAW mixes just sound 'better' and as I mentioned,the only thing that's changed is the iD14.

    Speakers or headphones,all sounds wonderful.

    Don't hesitate,just buy it,there,I've said it!

  • from Austin August 19, 2016


    iD14 is THE reference standard now (well,in my opinion!)

    Replacing my M Audio,tracking through my iD14 just seems to result in a major step up in how my projects sound.

    The designers at Audient seem to understand what's needed and not have their technology get in the way of the capturing the "vibe" of the performance.

    All good - sure makes me feel like a pro

  • from Houston August 15, 2016Music Background:
    Producer, songwriter, performer

    This is it

    I owned focusrite, tascam, apogee and nothing and I mean nothing held a candle to what this interface can do. I am currently recording an album and had done a few songs with the other interfaces aforementioned and now they are not making it to the album unless I re-record them completely. They say never upgrade in the middle of a project but it doesn't matter anymore because I cannot believe how much this thing rocks.

    The preamps. My best preamp is a presonus adl700 which in my opinion is every bit as stellar as the Avalon. Different strokes for different folks but my point is, is that for scratch vocal tracks I was connecting my gain hungry Shure sm7b directly into the ID14s input and relying only on its Pres and the result is nothing short of fantastic. For many portions of my album I've literally been just bypassing some other awesome gear and getting punchy warm analogue sounding conversion and a product that my ears (and ears of objective individuals I use as feedback) cannot stop loving. This is the best piece of my studio. I don't use the software for it, never found the need i just plug and play in Logic Pro X and it doesn't give me any behavioral problems. The ONLY thing I can say is when monitoring thru headphones and raising the volume there's an odd kind of crackle. It never stays it just kind of let's you know the volume is being adjusted. Playback thru my presonus Eris 8 and Yamaha hs8 is pristine. Absolutely clear. My mixes are so much better. I owe a lot to this little guy. Burr Brown and Audient, I salute you!

  • from Lake Forest, CA August 14, 2016Music Background:

    Believe the hype!

    as with a few previous reviewers, this replaced a feeble red thing.

    i was having MAJOR driver problems with the old one. some plugins would crash my DAW and Rewire apps would crash as well.

    the id14 is top notch - if for the DI alone!

    fantastic for guitar and bass.

    and Mark Stein is the best. i've worked with him for a few years now - finally off my duff to post a review.
    long overdue.

    with the id14, had to juggle some settings for good latency - i track and mix simultaneously.

    AND with the id14, i am noticing i need a LOT less EQ and compression overall.

    great unit! GREAT service.

    now, i just need to leave reviews for all the other gear Mark went out of his way to arrange for me!

    Sweetwater - mmm, water never so sweet.

  • from Santa Monica August 5, 2016

    Wasted my time

    I used to own what I now see as a low end product from one the bigger name brands.
    I trusted this brand with my projects and when it stopped working after 15 months of use, I was recommended the Audient iD14 by my Sweetwater guy.

    Night and day experience.

    I hadn't appreciated that a few $'s more resulted in such a step up in audio quality.iD14 revealed so much more detail that I've now got to go back and redo some of my tracks.Easy to set up on W10,no latency issues,super clean pre's,great headphone out (would have liked 2) but most important,all the controls are on the top of the unit and that makes adjustment when tracking so easy.

    Pro piece

  • from Ca August 4, 2016


    Iam a pro music producer with major credits this a quality product at any price

  • from Denver July 31, 2016

    Crazy good

    Read the reviews,listened to my Sweetwater guy and before I know, it shows up at my condo.
    Don't waste your time or $'s on the cheaper ones,for just $299 iD14 delivers for me at every level.
    Stupid good for stupid $'s

  • from Boston July 23, 2016

    An amazing unit at this price point

    Everything that I read about this interface powerhouse is spot on and true.

    Ridiculous value for $299,solid build, awesome pres, great DI, great outs (headphone and monitor), solid build and super cool looks.

    If you need a small,rock solid interface, this should be high on your list,I'm sure glad it's on my desktop.

  • from Greensboro.NC July 19, 2016

    I'm converted

    This thing is incredible,I don't know who Burr Brown is but I love them already.
    Makes all my previous budget interfaces sound last century.

    Clean pre's,beautiful design that compliments my MBP, headphone circuit that delivers but above all,that British console 'sound' into PT10

  • from Houston,Tx July 17, 2016

    All about the sound

    Bought this as a result of Sweetwater's recommendation and reading the reviews.

    The iD14 is the best sounding interface that I've owned,period.
    It just seems to make everything 'sound better' and more natural,allowing me to concentrate on trying to get a great take rather than fighting the technology as has been the case with some of my other previous "major" brand interfaces.It feels rock solid and with the controls on the top it makes the fine tuning the tracking process much easier.

    It has all the features you need,ScrollControl is a brilliant feature but above all,it's about the sound.

  • from San Deigo July 13, 2016

    Super cool

    This little box rocks.
    The mic pre's reveal every little detail and forced me to up my game to set up properly.
    Di has a nice warm tone to it and the headphone output way loud enough for my AT's.
    Don't use the ADAT but good to know I can expand when I'm ready.
    A2D conversion way better than anything I've had before,whoever Burr Brown is,they sure know their chips though I suspect Audient have a big hand in creating the sound as well.

    Top grade for stupid $'s

  • from Austin, TX July 12, 2016

    In A Class Of It's Own

    Audient got this interface SO right! Very grateful I finally heeded the sirens call to get one. Pro studio front-end at a starving student price-point. Well made, portable, professional sounding..a joy and an inspiration. I didn't realize what just the upgrade in pre-s would do for inspiration! I know every other iD14 user feels the same. Buy one...join the 5 star, blown away crowd...and get to making some great music!

  • from Los Angeles July 10, 2016

    Top grade interface

    I'm new to recording and like many,I'm on a budget so I initially bought a cheap one from a major brand.
    I quickly realized my mistake when I listened to the results on my headphones and decided to Craig's list it.
    I bought the iD14 based on my Sweetwater sales guy's recommendation and it seems my trust in him was justified as the results I'm getting for $100 more are stellar.So easy to set up,no noise from the iD14,just crystal clear and so easy to get a great sound.

    Pay a few $'s more but get a LOT more,iD14's a keeper!

  • from San Fransisco July 4, 2016Music Background:

    Great step up

    I needed to replace my previous 'colored' one and my Sweetwater engineer suggested I try the iD14.
    I've been using it for a few month now and what a great recommendation that was as my projects now just seem more revealing and with the controls on the top of the panel, it just makes everything very easy.
    iD14 feels very solid and no issues at all with latency or reliability.

  • from Portland June 29, 2016

    Professional Choice

    I'm a voiceover artist based in Portland and I needed a replacement interface.I make my $'s talking,so I needed something small,easy to use,and would deliver what my customers expect of me.
    The ID14 certainly seems to do this and on the last project I checked in,my oldest customer asked what had changed as the ad just sounded 'better'

    $199 well spent.

    Thank you Sweetwater,great service and great products

  • from June 28, 2016

    Amazing Interface

    I needed a 2 channel simple interface, but didn't want to trade off the sound quality. iD14 was just perfect for what I needed.

    Build quality is stunning. I tried my best to find a flaw in the design or build, but couldn't. This thing is just perfectly assembled. The aluminum housing has very nice texture. The preamp knobs are solid, with a good resistance in them. 48V switch is satisfyingly solid and has a nice click. I haven't used the iD button much, but it's a nice touch. The big Volume/iD knob is very convenient and easy to adjust even in the dark. The LED meters are pretty good and visible.

    The preamps are very clean, transparent, and musical. They are amazing considering the price of the whole package. Very low background hiss unless you crank the gain all the way up. I liked the DI, but paired it with RNDI, and all my instruments are now alive, they are talking to me! Got the best synth and electric guitar DI sounds out of all the interfaces I have tried in this price range and higher.

    The only drawback is the lack of on/off switch. I guess I can live without it.

    For the money, this thing rocks! It's as simple as it gets, but at the same time, it just sounds good.

  • from Orlando June 27, 2016

    Changed my recording life

    As I learn more about how to make better recordings I have become increasingly unhappy with the results I was getting from my major brand interface.

    My Sweetwater guy recommended I try out the Audient iD14.

    Night and day better,can't be happier,so easy to use and get a great sound.

  • from Memphis June 21, 2016

    Loving my iD14

    Don't post often unless something stands out for me.
    I bought the iD14 after hearing some of our projects created by our engineer on his iD22 hoping that it would sound as good.
    No need to have worried as iD14 excels in every way and is easier to use which is very helpful as I'm still learning how to record.So easy to get a great sound and everything seems to be just what I expect.The fact that it's an all metal box with metal knobs really makes you feel like you're using something serious and the results I get prove it.

    11/10 if I could grade it more.

  • from June 17, 2016

    Great little box

    Believe all you read in the reviews.
    This thing is just so sweet that it's made me excited to record again.

  • from Boston June 15, 2016

    Rock star product

    Replaced my little blue box with this guy.

    Unbelievable improvement when I'm tracking and even iTunes sounds great on playback.

    Not quite sure what Burr Brown is but it sure appears to make a difference and that's all I'm interested in.

    Unbelievable value,just go buy it for the stupid price of $299.

  • from San Jos, Costa Rica June 12, 2016Music Background:
    semi professional singer and guitar player

    Why buy anything else ?

    $299 amazing value for a rock solid product.
    Works fantastic on my Mac Book Pro and Logic.
    Ultra efficient workflow,no latency issues to get in the way of my projects.
    Easy to setup and works every time, just clean vocal,warm Di and the unique Scroll Control shows the engineers at Audient just get it.

    Audient and Sweetwater deliver every time.

  • from LA Area June 9, 2016

    Great sound

    My Sweetwater sales guy recommended that I bought this to replace my Mbox which finally stopped working.

    Can't say enough about how much better my projects sound and the only thing I changed was the interface.

  • from Texas June 5, 2016


    awesome ! .. 10x times better than my line 6 ux2

  • from LA Area April 20, 2016

    Very impressive

    I'm a vocalist in a 3 piece and occasional solo acoustic performer at the local bars.
    I was told by our bass player to try the iD14 as my M Audio was starting to be a bit unreliable after years of abuse,he was raving about the iD14's DI.I hadn't heard of Audient before as they seem new to the interface market so I checked around the web and found they're pretty serious dudes with a real history.

    What a great recommendation,so easy to use,my vocals sound so clean and I'm hearing new tone from my Martin.

    iD14 has just inspired me so much that I just bought a new MBP to get back into recording my personal projects (there goes my beer $!).

    It's next to my MBP in the den and I feel like a PRO!!!

    A steal at $299

    Sweetwater are the best!

  • from Oakland, MI April 17, 2016

    Firmware updated - like night and day

    This is a follow up to a 1-star review I left a few months ago deriding this thing for horrible Windows support and connectivity issues. After I posted the review Audient got in contact with me (using one of the multiple support request threads I had with them over Windows issues) and told me they had just pushed a big firmware update specifically to fix a lot of the major issues I described in my review. Lo and behold, it worked perfectly, and the quality of the software now matches the quality of the hardware!

    My takeaway is that Audient is extremely slow to release software updates for their products or listen to customer issues. I'm not sure if I'll buy another Audient product that requires connection to a computer (i.e. an audio interface vs outboard gear), but I'm extremely glad the iD14 now works as intended under Windows. The sound quality is excellent, the build quality is spectacular, and finally the functionality is there and stable.

  • from Miami April 11, 2016

    Very cool audio interface

    Works great out of the box and I was recording vocals within 20 minutes.

    I'm not interested in the technology behind it, it just seems to sound 'right',capturing the performance as I hear it.

    The Di is really smooth but sadly it shows up how much I need to practice my bass.

    Great box for the $'s

  • from Nashville Area March 31, 2016


    Sorry Tina.

    I'm just amazed at how this thing has improved my workflow with my new Mac Book Pro and Logic.

    Just plug in and away you go,clean track capture,all the detail and non of the fuzz.

    Built like the out house,it just inspires music creation and all for $299,amazing,amazing value.

  • from Seattle March 17, 2016

    Looking for a pro grade bus powered interface?

    I needed a laptop powered interface that I could use for my various field recording projects.
    I checked the usual suspects and found a fair amount of forum comments relating to expensive products actually delivering the published bus powered mic specs in real world use.

    For $299 I thought it worth the risk as although the iD14 is a relative newcomer to the market,the Audient brand seems a well established class act.

    I'm completely amazed at just how clean this thing is,capturing the dynamics of birdsong without any hum or added noise.Takes the word transparent to a new level.Simple set up with my MBP and just does what it needs to without getting in the way.

    Built like a tank it's at ease in my gig bag and in my project studio.

    In a word "brilliant" as were Sweetwater's sales advisors!

  • from Chicago March 8, 2016

    Professional Grade

    Finally got the $'s together to upgrade my project studio with a new MBP,Logic X and this little guy!
    Up and doing some test recordings within 30 minutes of opening the pretty box and I have to say I'm astounded by the things I'm now hearing (or rather not hearing !) though my KRK's.
    The Di is really sweet and adds something nice to my guitar tracking.Scroll Control is a really cool feature and I just love the solid feel of the whole interface.

    I really had no idea that such a small amount of $'s would make such a difference,what a great time to be a musician !

  • from Oakland March 6, 2016

    AKG Perception 420 with iD14 Bundle

    I bought this bundle last year and as the title says,saved a BUNDLE!
    I've use them now for a few months before posting my first ever review (yes,I'm a noob to recording!).
    I'm no expert and I don't have a lot of spare $'s so when my Sweetwater guy recommended I go for it how could I refuse? The iD14 delivers everything the other reviews here state,a breeze to set up and use and to my ears the AKG 420 iD14 combo captures the sound I hear in my head.Love the nice mic carry case the 420 comes with,makes me feel like a pro when I pop the latches!

    All I can say is if your Sweetwater guy says buy it,then do so - Sweetwater rocks!

  • from Maryland March 5, 2016


    Been looking to improve the quality of my recording for some time now.
    I had a "Red" one,looked at the Apollo Twin but the UA plugs are expensive and i have enough of them in my current DAW (Cubase Pro) so didn't want to have to buy all over again.I'd heard good things on the forum's about the iD14 so I jumped and I can't tell you what a great decision it was.This thing is just so easy to use and that really helps as I normally have a lot going on and don't want to fight the technology, just use it.What's really amazing is just how clean it is,no hiss,just recording what I hear.The DI and headphone are plenty loud enough (I have a pair of Focal Pro's),a second pair would've been great so we can both listen to the mix.I use Scroll control all the time,just seems so much easier than mouse work and it's good to know that I can add more inputs with ADAT should I need to.

    This thing just let's the music speak,a real no brainer!

  • from Atlanta February 25, 2016

    Freaking unbelievable

    Just added the iD14 to my project studio.
    This little box reveals so much more detail in my projects,including things that shouldn't be there,things I just didn't hear on my Tannoy's when using my previous interface.

    Tracking using the top panel controls is just grab and go and the build quality feels really solid and it's cool fun to even use scroll control mode to flip through my iTunes library!

  • from Baton Rouge February 25, 2016

    Can't agree more with these reviews

    MBP OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 + Logic Pro X

    Based on what I've been reading on line about this new Audient interface,I e-bay'd my "colored" one and pulled the trigger.

    I can only say Sweetwater sales and support are equal to this product - exceptional and so easy to work with.

    Exceeds all of my expectations,don't waste any more time !

  • from Columbus, Ohio February 23, 2016

    Best Budget Interface... Period!

    This is a game changer. Have tried lots of other interfaces and SWEET LORD this thing is incredible. Real preamps.... thank you Audient. When I say 'real preamps', you need to hear it, just buy one.

    All my pals have the usual Focusrite suspects with noisy unflattering preamps, I'm now getting them all to ditch them on eBay and buy one of these.

    Scroll Control is cute too, nice add-on but this thing is more than worth the $ just for the preamps.

    Friends don't let Friends by terrible sounding audio interfaces. Get your friends to buy this and they will love you for life.

    Peace out, love to god. Nuff said people.

  • from Rome, Ga February 18, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Engineer (10 years)

    New Level....

    First off I must say WOW..... I have used other entry level interfaces "Red and Blue " and this this is light-years better. I have cheap mics: Cad gxl2200, SM57, SM58 and it opens up the sound much better than my other interfaces. I must say that one mic pre for the money is totally worth the $299 alone. The DI is also amazing. Had a client who is a tone snob; plug his Les Paul in the DI and he was blown away how the tone sounded like a real amp.We added Waves GTR to the mix and he now wants to sell his Amps and get this exact setup. This interface brings life to everything it touches(Monitors, Mics, Headphones and GTRs). I wish I would have known about this device sooner.

  • from New York State February 17, 2016

    Why settle for anything less than perfection ?

    This little thing is built like the 1604 tank of days of old but has all metal knobs and nice 'click' toggle switches.Love the top panel controls,just so natural and easy to use.Really simple to set up with the clear control panel.The phones are way loud for me,don't use the DI so can't comment on that.The best thing though are the Mic pre's - I've fell for all the marketing hype of another brand that over promised and under delivered so I traded up,these console pre's just sound amazing,actually they show how much work I need to do on my vocal.

    What an amazing product - how do they create perfection for $299?

  • from Indiana February 15, 2016Music Background:
    28 years playing, performing, and recording

    Outstanding Quality and Sound

    I have had the Audient iD14 interface for about 1 month now. It is amazing! The pre's sound fantastic and the build quality seems very sturdy. I haven't found anything that I don't like. Sound can be very subjective, but I find the sound to be better than Focusrite, Tascam, IK Multimedia, and others that I have used.

  • from Boston February 14, 2016

    Top class audio interface

    I saw the ASK Audio video on Pete Townshend and Audient say the same pre's from his console are used in the iD 14 so for $299 I thought I'd check it out.All I can say is to my ears it sounds great,there's no hiss when I drive the pre's hard and they seem to add a touch of nice color. I use the DI a lot and it seems to add something that's hard to describe,just seems to "sound better". Still figuring out the other features and might add a Behringer ADA to give me 8 more channels to track drums in due course.

    Totally worth the $299 ,in fact worth more like $499!

  • from San Antonio February 13, 2016

    Game changer for me

    Based on the reviews I took the pledge,yes folks I'm now an Audient fan boy.

    Don't know how it does it but everything just sounds like I hear it.

    No hiss,just good clean FUN!

  • from Delcambre February 11, 2016Music Background:
    Working musician (45 years)

    Finally able to capture what i hear in my head!

    I have now heard for myself the quality sound all of these reviewers have been talking about. I have been trying to get a decent bass recording for months now with poor results out of my old interface. This little jewel offers spectacular sound with a brilliance that is breathtaking! Vocals will blow you away. Wish I had spent the money sooner. Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from February 9, 2016Music Background:
    Multi-instrumentalist 40+ years.

    Spectacular Quality

    There is nothing else out there at this price point. Console quality for the desktop. Beautiful sonically, great DI and awesome interface.

  • from Nashville February 5, 2016

    Great interface

    The best thing about this little box is it let me get started right away with recording.
    I use it with my W10 laptop and it's just plug and record,set up is real easy.
    Sure, I can't record a set of drums or the full band directly but I use the ADAT port and get 10 tracks which is more than enough for our little 3 piece.
    Overdriving the pre's adds a little color and not harsh sounding and the monitoring and scroll control thing is genius.The portability of it is awesome,full on bus powered without needing a fix from the wall.
    Don't waste your $'s on the cheaper stuff,the iD14 is a few $'s more but a huge step up and will more than cover the bands needs for our next step to stardom.

  • from Dallas February 2, 2016

    Just do it!

    It's rare I feel brave enough to comment on the gear I buy but the iD14 just does it for me.

    Rock solid,simple to set up and great sound right from the go get.

    Controls on the top just seem the more natural way to track and the metal knobs are so cool!

    From what I read,Audient have been creating great audio products for years and now I can actually grab the sound of a large format console from my gig bag and for $299


  • from Orlando January 29, 2016

    Excellent little interface for VO

    I do voiceovers and this little thing has helped me take a step up in quality with my projects.

    Simple to set up with my VO Mac system and just seems to make my voice sound more smooth.

    Phones give plenty of level and the unit looks real pretty on my desk!

    Gamechanger for me

  • from Santa Monica January 23, 2016

    How can they do this for the $?

    Read the on line reviews and for the stupid price of $299,I just bought this guy for our duo's little mobile set up.

    It's amazing,I just plugged it into my MBP USB port and we're recording with no noise (unlike my previous 'main brand' one).

    Drivers solid,I did check in with Audient's on line support team with a work flow question and even though they're based in England I had a reply within 30 minutes.

    Top grade company with top grade products.

  • from Atlanta January 18, 2016

    Jeez,why did I waste my money?

    Cheap just get's you cheap sound - wasted last year with my now former 'colored' one.

    iD14 is the real deal on every level

  • from January 14, 2016


    Love It!
    Completely took my sound to another level, love the pre--amp

  • from Miami January 14, 2016

    Santa's little helper!

    Yah,this little guy arrived over the holidays,annoyed the heck out of the wife as I was on it all the time.

    I'd seen the reviews around the web and I can sure say that the iD14 exceeds all my expectations.

    Simple to set up - clean pre's with a touch of distortion if overdriven.

    Great build quality,just seems to inspire you that it's serious and so should you be.

    Might be me doing better but it seems to be a huge step up in performance over my xix

    What will Santa bring next year ?
    Hoping it'll be an ASP 800 so I can use the ADAT

  • from January 6, 2016

    Quality Tool

    As a preface, I wanted to wait at least 6 months before reviewing this because I knew I was going to work with it 5 days a week. Having said that, the Audient iD14 is an amazing box, and that doesn't factor it's low budget.

    Here's my reasons:

    1.) Converters: The converters are made by Burr-Brown, this is a corporation solely known for it's analog and electronic signal processing. You can tell by that alone, that the capital used to make this box went to the most significant places, the DAC.

    2.) User experience: The interface has three buttons,

    The one with the speaker icon. The speaker button goes to the main speakers which are TRS outputs, and there is absolutely no noise. If you experience noise, it's either your cables, or you are in need of a power conditioner for your monitors.

    The iD button. The iD button is very unique, because it allows you to use the big knob for any function on your pc or mac that you're mouse's scroll wheel controls. This means that the next time you click on the threshold of your compressor, the luminance on your DaVinci resolve software, or even your iTunes, you'll be able to scroll and fine tune. The knob is detent too, which is major. Detent means it clicks instead of spinning freely, allowing you to get precise measurements.

    The headphones button. There is a built in amplifier on this unit that will drive your headphones to their potential. I own a pair of Sennheiser HD650s, which work extremely well, and this unit also turned by BeyerDynamic DT250s into a completely different monster, and it was great. As a tip, I have a splitter plugged into the headphones input, which goes out to a pair of tracking headphones, a pair of mixing headphones, and a hi-fi stereo system, and yet again because of the converters, you get the best possible output from your DAW allowing you to successfully A/B your mix in real time.

    3.) The D.I input: This is awesome. As someone who knows many guitarists, or if you yourself are a guitarist, this makes the Audient worth the money. This allows you to plug your guitar directly into the box, and through the converters your DAW will receive an extremely clean signal.

    4.) Mic Pre-Amps: Initially, I was lower budget, and I utilized the ART Tube mic pre-amps and when I got this unit I stopped using my ART because the pre-amps in this box well exceeded the tube pre-amp that I had. I love the toggle switches as well, just feels **** cool to just flick those switches and hear the sound they make.

    5.) Design: Obviously the least important aspect, because I only care about performance. However, the design of the Audient is awesome. This is a unit that sits on your desk and doesn't move. The fact that it doesn't stand up, and that it's in a titanium/black two-tone not only makes it timeless but allows it to blend in very well with any studio set up. It just looks and feels like it belongs, and it welcomes you to use it, which I think actually aids it's performance. The more comfortable you are with your tools, the better you will use them.

    All in all, I love this box and it will certainly last me until I build my own professional studio.

  • from Chicago December 24, 2015

    Amazing value

    This is the first time I have felt the need to post a review,iD14 is that good.

    I read the on line reviews so I bought this guy to replace my Presonus that stopped working after many years of abuse.When I powered up iD14 I hear that i should have upgraded way sooner as the detail revealed by the preamps is unbelievable,I'm hearing things that I didn't realize were part of my workflow.

    iD14 is heavy duty and feels over engineered.

    Software set up easy and the drivers seem OK (I run Logic on a MBP) but I guess time will tell as to how often they are updated.RTL is fine for my needs

    I bought this for the preamps so the clean JFET Di and real loud headphone feeds are free !

    iD14 is a class act and I don't know how they do it for $299 - great time to be a musician !

  • from Boston December 18, 2015

    Go Pro for just $299!

    Just got my iD14.
    Breeze to set up with PT on my Mac Book Pro,all very straight forward.
    Early days but I'm hearing so much more detail and tone through the Pre's,especially on my Martin and the iD14 sounds great with my Bluebird.
    Haven't used the bus power thing as I have a small home studio and don't have a need to go mobile so can't comment on that.
    Headphone level plenty loud enough.
    Great build quality,feels really solid and love the metal knobs.
    With all the controls on the top it just seems easier to use and less in the way of getting tracks down.

    At $299 this it's a no brainer!

  • from NYC December 13, 2015Music Background:


    iD14,Logic Pro X,MBP,Yosemite 10.10.5

    Serious upgrade from my 2i2, I'm hearing detail that I've never heard before when I record.
    The pre's on this thing are astonishing,crystal clear and a little dirty if I overdrive them.
    They're worth the price alone.

    Phones are plenty loud for me and the Di seems to add a little bit more than my previous interface.

    Pro X plugs work well with the neat Scrollcontrol thing.

    Don't need the ADAT as we're a duo but good to know it's there.

    Put this guy on your Santa list !

  • from SoCal December 9, 2015

    Amazing value

    My little MBox just stopped working so I finally had the reason to spend my $'s and look to step up in class as these days you get a lot more for your $.

    I checked around the forums and it seems like the iD14 is the new kid on the block.

    Wow ! the improvement over my Mbox is 'freaking unbelievable.The Pre's are crisp and clean but not clinical if you know what I mean.Small package so goes in my gig bag real easy and built like my outhouse so no worries about gig damage.

    Scrollcontrol takes a little getting used to (probably more me) and I like the idea of being able to buy an expander if I need it.

    I use an MBP Yosemite 10.10.5 and PT,no issues and took about 10 minutes to instal and set up the real simple control panel.

    Headphone sounds loud enough for me,not tried the Di as yet but I'm sure it will be as cool as the rest of the iD14.

  • from NYC November 11, 2015Music Background:
    Record Producer

    Blown away by the sound of this thing!

    This interface is incredible.....

    I could probably launch this thing out the window of my top floor apartment and it would survive the fall, it makes all other interfaces feel like cheap toys.

    Then there's the sound. Oh lord, the preamps on this thing are a game changer. No nasty noise, even when the gain is cranked, super clean high frequencies with a punchy low end too. No other interface I've tried has REAL preamps builtin.


    Oh yeah, and then if you wanna add more channels, it has ADAT too. What's not to love about this box?

  • from October 30, 2015

    Heavy Duty!!!

    This is a very serious interface. Im very impressed for the sound quality you can obtain with this device. The hardware its build like a tank.
    I´ve heard this before and now I tell you, its true!
    No clipping problems with the DI input for direct guitar (humbuckers).
    I use a pair of Beyerdynamic dt770 250ohm and the built-in headphones amp its very powerful, pristine and clear.
    Preamp its very clear, in my opinion 0 coloration.
    If you buy this interface you will be very happy. This interface its better than same price focusrites, mbox, presonus and all those plastic toys.
    Congratulations audient, Well done!!!

  • from DC July 23, 2015

    Best unit I've worked with at this price

    This unit is pretty amazing in my opinion. I've only done one session with this unit, but I'm loving its function, and sound.

    The Preamps are clean, and seem to me to be pretty colorless. The D.I. is amazing. I recorded bass direct through this unit, and compared it to tracks recorded using the same setup as I did with the Apogee Duet, and the difference was noticeable. It just sounded better. More like the bass sounded in a live situation. The mic pres do require the adapter to use phantom power, but that's the so the microphone can get enough power to function properly, and not be starved for power as many usb powered interfaces do.

    The killer here is the software. The control software is simple, and puts almost all the things you need on the main screen. There is one set of controls that you have to click system button to control the routing of the different channels, but that's it. I like this a lot better than the controls from Apogee where you have a number of tabs to control the same things you can see on one screen in the audient software.

    The iD control knob worked well in Logic which is my DAW of choice, and worked with third party plug ins as well.

    The hardware is top notch, and a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I like the feel of the knobs, switches, and buttons. The LED meters are nice and provide enough information as well. On top of that is has an ADAT/SPDIF input which will allow you to add up to 8 additional channels of input. The ASP800 would be a great match although I haven't had a chance to buy one yet.

    Another cool thing is it doesn't have a dongle. all of the inputs and outputs are on the unit itself, so it doesn't have as many extra parts that you have to carry with you, and worry about breaking, unplugging, or losing.

    I would compare it with the Apogee Duet, and the RME babyface interfaces as far as quality and sound. It has ADAT connection which the Duet doesn't have. While the Babyface does have an ADAT input, it cost 2.5 times as much.

    At this price point there is not better unit on the market today.

  • from Richmond, VA July 21, 2015Music Background:

    Really amazing interface

    This really is a phenomenal interface. For a small home studio this is really all you need. The convertors are so crystal and i can't even describe how good the D.I is. I've always resisted using D.I.'s for guitar because i always thought they sounded cheap but this one really let's all the character of my telecaster shine through and with a little reverb it sounds like im playing through a nice fender silverface. If you want to have a studio sound but are on a budget I can't even recommend this enough. I know you all want that new Apogee Ensemble or Apollo Quad, but if you can't afford it, give yourself at least two channels of world class pre's and convertors. This really is a sensational product and I can't wait to start writing my album on this thing!

  • from Salt Lake City November 28, 2016Music Background:

    Works beautifully with Reaper

    I've been using an Apogee One, which costs more but offers just one input and fewer features. I should have waited for the iD14. Clean, well thought out controls and UI, and a great sound. I've got a Mac running Reaper at 48khz, 24 bit and 64byte buffers and can perceive no real latency.

  • from Miami November 19, 2015Music Background:
    Keyboard player

    This little thing is a powerhouse

    As I get better at recording I've found that my 2i2 was great to get me started but I needed a step up in class to get cleaner recordings using with PT11.

    I've had my iD14 for a few months now and it has proved to be rock solid with my Macbook Pro and the pre's seems to be very clean.

    The control software is a breeze to use and the scroll control is just genius.

    Unbelievable value for $299 and the Sweetwater service was great.

  • from October 3, 2015

    Excellent interface model!

    This product has a wonderful clarity that I was surprised to have in this size of a unit. Simply could not recommend it enough!

  • from South Carolina February 22, 2017

    Great interface!

    I have had this interface for a couple weeks now and I have to say I am really happy with it. I had an eight channel firewire interface before it, but I wanted a better preamp and converter for vocals and some mixing. And I have to say the id14 fits the bill greatly. The converters and preamp are much better than what I had before. The d.i. has a really cool vibe when you run it on amp sims etc. It is solid. Make sure you remember to plug in the power cable for studio condensers so the phantom power will work. I would recommend it.

  • from Doylestown, PA May 31, 2016Music Background:
    Producer/studio owner for 25 years!

    Great box

    I bought this for a remote recording rig. Combined with a Focusrite ISA 828 (with Digi card). I get 10 channels. My only difficulty was Nuendo couldn't seem to control the sample rate or buffer size so I had to do that from iD software. No big deal.

    First gig I recorded was a gospel concert: 1hr 20min of 10 channel with no problem. I haven't had a chance to seriously test mic pres yet but the channels sounded fine (I used them for backing vocals).

    For the money I don't see how you beat it.

  • from Massachusetts June 28, 2015Music Background:
    35 years of recording

    Purity of Essence

    If you're looking for straight forward two-channel A/D D/A sound conversion, this is a great way to go.
    Audient has successfully taken the best of it's other products and made a no-frills version that does what it's supposed to, and does it very well: Converts sound to and from digital to analog.
    It avoids the shrill high frequencies of cheaper manufacturers, and provides a smooth, detailed sound. Perfectly balanced and clean.
    I've worked with Presonus, MOTU, Behringer, Steinberg and even UA units... None of them are better than this. (Although I must say the Steinberg UR22 does come close.)
    It's not loaded up with extraneous features you don't need.
    There's no MIDI, no inserts (which would be nice). So if you need MIDI, you need something else.
    It runs on USB Bus Power, which is a great bonus, if you're on the road, or if you're just sick of dealing with AC adapters (note: this does have one for when you need Phantom Power to mics.)
    And the set-up went smoothly on a MAC system. Loaded the software from the web site without issues. It was up and running in about 10 minutes. The software has a very intuitive interface without a lot of menus. And it interacts seamlessly with the hardware knobs. You can use whichever is easiest to grab.
    Another bonus is the Optical Input, so you can expand later with another 8-channel converter feeding this for 10 channels total.
    On the other hand, I found the headphone output to be a little weak.
    If it had MIDI and channel inserts, it would be 5 stars.

  • from Texas March 29, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar Player

    Very Good Product With Suck Repair Service

    Very good product but their repair service is suck.
    It takes months to repair their product.
    only deserved with 3 Stars

  • from September 3, 2016

    Great Piece, Mic Port Blew very quickly

    I'm using the iD14 to run Rokit Monitors and a Lauten Mic, and it organizes my sound really well. I'm really pleased with the product accept for the fact that in the first month, one of the mic ports blew which is relatively annoying.

    I'll continue to use the product but I really wish there would have been more durability. Not buying again.

  • from Oakland, MI February 25, 2016

    Go for something else if using Windows

    I do cross platform audio software development, so I'm constantly switching between Windows and OS X. The short story is, OS X support is great (like most audio devices/applications) and Windows support is garbage.

    Be warned that on Windows having this device installed will prevent your computer from sleeping unless you're on a specific firmware revision, and ScrollControl is nonfunctional on that firmware. Additionally, the iD14 is great at spontaneously losing connection or locking up when rebooting, waking from sleep, and opening the driver control panel.

    I've contacted Audient support multiple times over the past few months regarding these issues, and they've confirmed them and claimed to be "working on them". No results nearly 6 months later. Additionally, it took them 4 months of "we're working on it" to support Windows 10, so I'm not holding my breath that they'll quit dragging their feet on this. Since I do a majority of my work under Windows, it's been an incredibly frustrating experience to have to do multiple reboots, unplug + replugs, watching star alignments, etc. to get this thing to work consistently and they just don't seem to care.

    That said, things seem work fine under OS X, and when they do the hardware is phenomenal. The knobs feel great, the build quality is astounding, the metering is really cool, and it sounds good. The reason I'm leaving such a low review score is because I can't enjoy any of these great things about the hardware when the software is so broken on my primary platform.

  • from housotn April 1, 2017Music Background:
    audio book naator

    don't bother

    another waste. Ya gotta love it when you spend a substantial amount of money on something only to have it not work. A worthless POS. Save your money. Go to Radio Shack and buy something comparable. It'll save you the anger and frustration.

  • from January 16, 2016

    Audient Id14

    This product will blow you away with its amazing performance for the price you get it at, but its an audiobox that is just very poorly made. I have problems with it more than any other electronic ive had in my life. It seems like it just cant work right. If it does work right its great but not really liking having to call in every other week to gt it to work!

  • from December 21, 2015

    I Got A Bad One

    The unit I received must have been damaged because it almost ruined my speakers and headphones. The volume pot, when rotated, introduces a massive amount of distortion to the signal chain. I tried everything possible to get this thing to "work", but it refused. In the end, I contacted Audient an was extremely disappointed in their customer service. This unit will be returned as soon as I get an RMA number, and I will try out the Focusrite Clarett 2Pre or the UAD Apollo Twin. You get what you pay for, and the Audient iD14 a pile of rubbish. Looked good on paper, though.

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