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iConnectivity iConnectMIDI Reviews

  • bri3n
    from Los Angeles July 28, 2012Music Background:
    goat herder

    must have if you use iOS

    I highly recommend iCM. My studio consists of 15 + hardware units, as well as a PC "brain," a MBP, an iPad, and an iPhone. iCM has made the integration of the newer tech a dream. It's basically a swiss army knife for midi, in that I've used it with my Moog and my iPad. What is especially great is I can interface with other units without the need of a computer. My oxy 8 that has been gathering dust now has a use again, since Sunrizer's midi learn is so easy. I'm someone who prefers turning actual knobs, so this is quite exciting. I originally bought iCM strictly for use with Lemur, but the flexibility it provides was so much more than I had expected.

    My only suggestion is better documentation, as it was a bit of guesswork getting everything to function correctly in Live. DAW specific instructions in the manual would solve this problem. Hardware communication was a no brainer.

    I wait for the day when iConnectivity offers bigger units with more midi i/o. Highly recommended.

  • Customer
    from February 16, 2012Music Background:
    Pro Musician (20+ years), Studio & Live Sound Engineer (15+ years), Musician (30 years)

    Game Changer!

    I love this hardware! It's turned my iPad from a latent toy into a performance and studio dream come true!

    If you have Lemur for iPad, adding this will bring it up to par with the original used by Bjork and and The Glitch Mob!

    Now I can finally drum with the tips of my fingers and enjoy lighting-quick responsiveness. In theory everything has latency, but as far as I can tell, it's instant

    It's also now my primary MIDI device allowing me to plug my USB controllers, and my standard MIDI hardware into one box and control the routing through iConnect's software! Before I was using 3 MIDI Solutions boxes - those can now be removed from my gig hardware load.

    I haven't gigged with it yet, but this is the missing link in the live rig.

    Build: Sold metal
    Size: compact 3" x 4" x 1"

  • Kirk Miller
    from Los Angeles, CA USA June 30, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, producer, engineer

    IConnectMIDI: indispensable

    I forsee a time in the not-so-distant future when nearly everyone who uses MIDI will consider iConnectMIDI indispensable. The reason for this is quite simple: it enables users to send MIDI from their iPads and other iDevices to their computers, and it does so with no latency or errors. As Midi users become more and more aware of the new and powerful Midi controllers and sequencers being developed for the iPad and sold for unbelievably low prices, they are ABSOLUTELY going to need iConnectMIDI. To my knowledge, It is currently THE ONLY DEVICE THAT ALLOWS A WIRED MIDI CONNECTION TO IPADS. This is important because there is latency in a wireless iPad connection. It is remarkably simple to use iConnectMIDI, quick setup, and you're off and running. In my work I send unusually high amounts of MIDI data and it has been perfect. I am often on the road, so the diminutive size of iConnectMIDI and an iPad is heaven. My advice: check out what's available for MIDI users on the iPad. Once you do, you will see why iConnect MIDI is an absolute necessity. It's only negative, is that its USB connection doesn't currently charge (pardon the pun) devices attached to it.


  • Daniel Fisher

    As a musician, you're probably at least marginally aware that the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch keep getting exciting new instrument apps every day. At this year's Winter NAMM show, you couldn't swing a guitar strap without hitting one of these devices. And a staggering number of booths were either using an iOS device or demonstrating software or hardware that went with one.

    Maybe you already own an iOS device and have tried some music-making apps but decided that it was more of a toy or a gimmick because it didn't respond as quickly and accurately as a "professional" MIDI instrument should.
    Enter the iConnectMIDI by iConnectivity. This USB MIDI interface offers so many possibilities that you will continue to find many new uses that haven't even been thought of yet.

    Like a standard MIDI interface, it has two MIDI inputs and two MIDI outputs, each with a pair of MIDI activity LEDs. It also has two USB mini ports that can connect to your iOS devices or your Mac/PC. The iConnectMIDI can support up to eight (!) USB devices using standard USB hubs.

    But what sets the iConnectMIDI far apart from the contenders is the addition of a USB Type A "host" port. Do you have a nifty portable MIDI controller that only works if you plug it into a computer first? Now many of those devices can plug directly into the iConnectMIDI, with no computer needed!

    But all of this is meaningless if the MIDI transmission isn't tight. Well I can attest that the timing on this box sets new standards for MIDI latency. The specs tell you that the high-speed USB connections are blazing at 12Mbps. But here's a better real-world example: I watched my friend and keyboard wizard Jordan Rudess wail away on one keyboard controller with his right hand while laying down a killer drum groove on pads with his left hand. The precision of his performance ended all concerns about latency.

    With good reason, the iConnectMIDI has been selected as one of the "Best from NAMM 2011" by Keyboard magazine, "Top 50 Products" by Music Inc magazine, and "Top 50 Accessories" by iPhoneLife magazine. Ask your Sales Engineer for more information about this amazing interface.

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