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iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO4+ Reviews

3.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO4+?

Questions about the iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO4+?

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  • Rob T.
    from Long Beach, CA August 18, 2015

    Versatile, Live Mixer and Interface

    I've been waiting for this device for a long time. Others have attempted to be an all-in-one PC/Mac + iOS Audio/MIDI interface, but have had limitations. This thing even acts as a standalone submixer and has a smaller footprint than an iPad Air (although one can fit on top of this unit nicely). I love that I can submix 2-3 keyboards along with sounds from multiple iPad apps in a live setting, and output different mixes to the front of house and my stage monitor/amp (if desired). All while keeping my iPad fully charged... pretty versatile way to simplify your live rig. And it sounds great!

  • Jonathan Pullen
    from Seattle, WA June 10, 2015

    Very useful

    Despite what the manual would lead you to believe, this device is perfectly happy to route well beyond 6 channels of audio when routing audio between computers. This makes it like rewire between computers, something that is incredibly useful. The MIDI interface is just icing on the cake.

  • Ben
    from Chicago, IL May 26, 2015

    Connect Everything!

    Great device, had a small snafu with the unit that was sent to me, but after quick resolution by Sweetwater all is well. This device is really nifty and awesome because of how much it is able to connect and route audio and midi between devices. I use this for my iPad looping rig and love the fact that it charges the iPad and also let's me send audio and midi information to and from it. Really pro.

    The preamps sound good for the price. Sound no different than my focusrite scarlett preamps. The software for my Mac is simple and easy to setup.

  • Ashley
    from Moore May 22, 2015Music Background:
    25 year ProAudio Professional & Pro musician

    The most powerful and flexible interface ever made. Period.

    This thing is awesome!!! There is simply nothing else that can do with this thing does. It is flawless, well thought out, works like a charm and is easy to set up. I am using it as the front end for my new guitar rig. I have an iPad 3rd gen, iPhone 5S, and an iPhone 4s connected to it. My guitar is connected to the 1/4" input on the front of this unit. From there it feeds my iPad which is running BiasFX software for my guitar patches. On the iPhone 5s I am running the MidiGuitar app to drive various synthesizer apps from the guitar. On the iPhone 4s, I run other synthesizer apps, drum machine or groove apps, or can playback music tracks. I use the MIDI din jacks on the iConnectAudio to connect my Roland FC-300 pedalboard which controls my virtual rigs in BiasFX. I also have a USB Hub connected so I can connect USB Midi keyboard controllers when needed. I use the internal mixer on the iConnectAudio to set up different mixes: 1) outputs 3&4 to feed a stereo signal to my ISP Stealth power amp which drives a Fender stereo guitar cabinet, 2) outputs 1&2 feed balanced XLR lines to the front of house mixing desk, and 3) the headphone outputs are also available as a separate mix to feed a monitor system as needed. Connect a computer and you have digital feeds right into your DAW. Plus I have 3 analog inputs for other mics, keyboards, or whatever. That is a lot of power and flexibility in a 1U half rack unit!! Combined with my JTV Variax, I now have the smallest, lightest and most powerful guitar rig I've ever owned. Not only that, the "feel" and sound are amazing.

  • Martin
    from New York August 4, 2015

    remarkable capabilities, but with caveats

    This device seems to do exactly what it says it does, and that's a great deal of value for very little scratch. My two caveats:

    (1) the Mac control software is not user friendly. The fact that it loads to a "Device Info" screen is a clue how thoughtlessly disconnected the software’s authors are from what this software actually needs to do. The critical mixing screen (which is what the software should default to) is fussy and opaque. The extensive configuration menus lack in-context help and guidance. It's a barebones affair, which is disappointing, because this software is your PRIMARY control interface for the iConnectAUDIO4+.

    (2) the physical form factor of the device—a generic metal box with plugs on front and back—can be extremely inconvenient to work with. For example, the headphone jack is on the BACK of the box and none of the jacks are labeled on the top edge of the box, so replugging anything involves lifting the box up and contortions to read the jack labels. The physical UI (touch plate and knob) is a cryptic and obtuse affair that tries to do a lot and succeeds in doing nothing well enough to be worth the bother.

    Bottom line is that the enormous functionality and paper value of the product comes with compromises. Yes, it's inexpensive and small and loaded with features, but there are reasons people use mixers with large physical control surfaces and highly visible jacks on top of them. The iConnectAUDIO4+ lacks all that tactile immediacy.

  • cazz
    from St. Augustine, FL June 6, 2015Music Background:
    Home studio musician


    I must say that this is one incredible piece of equipment for configuring every kind of musical component imaginable. I bought this to "organize" my home studio so that I did not have to re-configure wires etc. every time I changed instruments or computers - namely, hooking up both iMac and IOS devices and flowing the audio signal path back and forth while hanging off midi components at the same time. Amazing piece of gear for that. My only suggestion to make the iConfig application more user friendly -- this can be a daunting task for anyone trying to set this up initially. I still haven't figured it out completely, and I have gone through every tutorial and YouTube video imaginable. For those of us who are not MIDI programmers, this is not an easy plug and play unit. The unit itself is extremely solid, compact, versatile and certainly does what it advertises -- just work your way through the configuration hurdles and you will be extremely satisfied.

  • Customer
    from September 18, 2015

    No IOS Editor, buggy PC software

    The hardware will be as good as its editor because all the changes for routing midi & audio are done at the editor level. Still, they have not released the IOS version, and the PC version needs updating to get rid of bugs and make it more compatible with Windows 10.

  • Steve H
    from May 9, 2017

    Iconnectivity... not Connecting

    Confusing software interface. Unpredictable digital clicks and pops. Thought I got it working in tome for my concerts in Berlin... but when I got there it started crashing Logic Pro. Sorry I purchased it and it's too late to get my money back. :(

  • KALI
    from USA December 12, 2015


    I don't like to write bad reviews especially for a small company who are making a complex device that integrates DIN midi, USB midi, iOS, with numerous Apple OS and hardware configurations. QA for such a device not to mention the engineering required in the first place must be an enormous task. Unfortunately in my case the software would simply not work consistently. It required endless re-installations re-configurations and restarting not only of the device itself but also of my other audio and midi devices and software. Everything I was running met the published requirements yet it simply did not work consistently.

    Sweetwater continue to be the best retailer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I told my salesman of my troubles and he was immediately prepared to accept the return of the device - basically he told me 'If you are not happy and it is not working for you then I want it back' - within minutes I had a return label in my email inbox. Its one thing to get a good price on something but you really find out who you are dealing with when you have a problem. With Sweetwater my problem was - no problem. I do hope iConnectivity can work out the bugs in this product - I wish them well.

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