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HandSonic Electronic Hand Percussion Multi-Pad
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Roland HandSonic 15 image 1

Sorry, the Roland HandSonic 15 is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Roland HandSonic 15
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Bang On the Drum All Day!

Expanding on the technology and innovation that made the Roland V-Drum kit so popular, the HandSonic 15 is the hand percussionist's answer to the V-Drum kit. Percussionists can tap, slap and pound away like an entire percussion corps, choosing from over 300 percussion sounds from all over the world, everything from the Conga to the African Talking Drum to the Doholla. There are even electronic drums, acoustic drum kits, handclaps, scratches and more! The 10-inch rubber pad includes 15 sections for triggering 15 sounds simultaneously. Like the V-Drum kit, the pads are touch sensitive for expressive performance, and the sounds are incredibly realistic. There's even a 'D-Beam' and dual ribbon controllers. Trust us, it rocks! Order now and discover just how fun it can be to bang those drums all day!

Roland HandSonic 15 Features:
  • Electronic hand percussion pad with triggering based on V-Drums technology
  • 10-inch rubber pad with 15 parts for triggering up to 15 sounds simultaneously
  • Built-in pressure sensor allows for realistic muting and pitch control of sounds
  • Main pad supports Positional Sensing for realistic timbre changes depending on area of pad hit
  • Built-in sequencer with 300 percussion and drum sounds from around the world
  • Onboard effects include reverb and multi-effects processors
  • Realtime control via D-Beam Controller, dual ribbon controllers, three control knobs
  • MIDI In/Out plus dual-trigger input and hi-hat control jack

Sweetwater "How To" Tip!
Patch Chain allows you to scroll through the patches of your choice in a specific order. The HPD-15 lets you create and store 10 chains with up to 32 steps in each. Use the following steps to setup a Patch Chain:

  1. Press CHAIN so it is lit.
  2. Press EDIT so it is lit.
  3. Press the GROUP (-) button to select chain # 1 if necessary.
  4. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the desired patch that will be used first in the chain.
  5. Press the PATCH NUMBER ^ (up) button to move to the next step.
  6. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to select the next patch.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 for the remainder of the chain.
  8. Press EXIT, and you will return to Chain Play mode.
  9. Now turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to scroll through your new chain.
  10. When you are finished with Chain Mode press EXIT.

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Manufacturer Part Number HPD-15

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Sweetwater Advice

Bob Furlong

The best word I can find to describe my experience with the HandSonic 15 is "musical." I expected it to sound good, being based on Roland's highly successful V-Drums technology - and it does - but the combination of ultra-realistic sounds with the amazingly responsive pads and ribbons adds up to something that has to be played to be truly appreciated. Taking the unit out of the box for a coffee-table test drive, it felt substantial even though it only weighs about six pounds or so, and the metal screws around the edge of the pad surface gave the impression that the HandSonic is designed to meet the demands of professional use. I powered it up, plugged in my AKG K 240 studio headphones, and began to tap away. The sounds of this thing, especially when monitoring in stereo, are stunning. It was very easy to scroll through the different groups of sounds, which are arranged at the top right of the panel according to where on the planet they are from. African, Indian, Asian, and many other types of percussion are produced with incredible detail, enhanced by the onboard delays, reverbs and other fully-adjustable effects to place them in context. But the thing that really puts this unit over the top for me is the response of the pads, ribbons, knobs and D-Beam. The pads are velocity sensitive, of course, but they also react to being struck towards the edges versus the center, for example, and to pressure applied after a pad is hit. On top of that, there are three Realtime Modify pads on the top left of the panel to control parameters like modulation rate and pitch change. Add in the ribbons and D-Beam, both of which can be used to either trigger sounds or add expression to sounds triggered by the pads, and it's almost impossible to avoid being inspired toward fresh and exciting ideas for both composition and performance. Another winner from Roland, the Handsonic 15 truly takes electronic percussion to the next level.
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Alan Finkbeiner

As a drummer for many years, I am always a bit skeptical regarding drum substitutes. So I approached the Roland HandSonic HPD-15 with curiosity and a bit of trepidation. First off the feel is very important especially regarding a hand drum. To mangle a metaphor, this is where the rubber meets the hands. The HPD-15 has 15 rubber pads. Five of the pads are laid out to simulate the feel of a conga. These pads enable the player to get all the normal sounds out of the drum: muting, open ringing tones, slap, harder slap, bass, and pitching by pushing the middle pad while playing the nearest pads. All of these sounds are constantly in use when playing a conga and the Roland HandSonic nails it, both in playability and sound. The African djembe sound is remarkably similar to the playing experience of the real thing. The middle-of-the-drum bass tones and the high slap are great and, just like the conga sounds, finger strokes come through perfectly The HPD-15's 600 sounds are well organized, easy to find, and sound amazing. I am not familiar with playing all the other "ethnic" drum and melodic sounds, but I loved messing around with them.
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Chad Byers

When I got the HandSonic home and started playing around with it, before reading the manual of course, I was shocked as to how easy it was to use. Navigating through the many super high-quality sounds was a cinch. It was easy to make my own loops by just pressing some buttons until I saw the record light. The HandSonic is sonically amazing! The wide range of sounds really blew me away. You've got everything from African percussion to the old 808 drum sounds. I could really see myself using this machine as a creativity starter, since the creative juices really started to flow once I began trying out all the sounds. For the true percussionist the HandSonic is not a step down at all. I couldn't believe how true this thing felt when playing the conga sounds. The pads are pressure sensitive, which made it capable of muting my attacks and stretching the tones sharp by pushing on the middle pad. It even emulates the sound if you hit on the rim of the instrument. This is a percussionist's dream for getting all those sounds he's been missing, and it's that perfect addition to any drummer's arsenal. The HandSonic will truly improve your sound and your playing. Seeing that every sound in here is already tuned for maximum quality you can't help but sound better which will in turn help you play better in the long run.
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