Graph Tech Complete ghost Kit for Guitar

Piezo/MIDI System for Guitar
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Graph Tech Complete ghost Kit for Guitar image 1
Graph Tech Complete ghost Kit for Guitar image 1
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Graph Tech Complete ghost Kit for Guitar
Special Order

A Whole Range of Tones from One Guitar!

Guitarists, are you ready to expand your sonic palette? The Graph Tech Complete ghost Kit for Guitar includes both the Hexpander Kit and the Acousti-Phonic Kit, forming a complete sonic solution! Hexpander Kit is a great way to do it! When retrofitted to virtually any guitar and coupled with Graph Tech ghost-loaded saddles (sold separately), your 6-string becomes a full-blown MIDI instrument. When you plug your Hexpander Kit-equipped into any modern MIDI convertor, you can use your guitar to control virtual instruments or conjure unique tones from virtual guitar systems. If you think you've reached the end of what your guitar can do, add the Hexpander Kit to your rig and watch your creativity flourish!

Retrofit the Acousti-Phonic to your guitar and enjoy stunningly realistic acoustic guitar tones. Better yet, you still have full access to your standard magnetic pickups. Pick one or the other or both, and watch your creative options expand exponentially! The jack auto-senses whether you're running your rig in stereo or mono and adjusts accordingly: when you're in mono, the Acousti-Phonic Kit sums the piezo and magnetic signals to mono; in stereo, the piezo and magnetic signal come out on different channels. Very clever! All you need to do is add the appropriate style Graph Tech saddles to your guitar to complete the Acousti-Phonic Kit and take your sound places you never dreamed!

Graph Tech Complete ghost Kit Features at a Glance:
  • Captures the natural acoustics of your electric guitar
  • Can be amplified or recorded directly
  • Eliminates feedback or mic placement problems associated with an amplified acoustic guitar
  • Automatically detects and selects mono (single amp) or stereo (dual amp) operation
  • Onboard ghost pickup volume control to adjust the magnetic/acoustic mix
  • Auxiliary 9v - 18v power for active mag pickups eliminates the need for two sets of batteries
  • Included jack shuts off all on-board devices when 1/4" cable is unplugged
  • Adds MIDI capability to almost any guitar or bass. Interface your guitar with pitch-to-MIDI converters by Roland and Axon
  • Fast, accurate tracking
  • Low-latency design perfectly complements today's state of the art pitch-to-MIDI converters
  • Operates with the latest MIDI converters and Virtual Guitar systems: Roland GR33, GI-20, VG99, and V Bass, Axon AX-50, AX-100, and many more
  • Add the ghost Acousti-Phonic pre-amp and/or optional switches at any time by simply plugging them rewiring or soldering
  • Optional plug-in MIDI Volume, Momentary Up/Down Program Selector Switch (S1/S2) and QuickSwitch (MIDI/both/mag+acoustic) for an infinite palette of tonal possibilities
  • Optional pin-7 wiring harness available for accessing a summed piezo signal

Take your sound further with the Complete ghost Kit for Guitar from Graph Tech!

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Manufacturer Part Number PK-0680-00

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