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Blue Microphones enCORE 300 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 59 customer reviews
  • from August 22, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Reinformement

    Great Microphone but...

    Great piece of equipment to have in your gear box. Clear, crisp, warm all in one mic. One developed a "popping" sound. Tried various setup's and was always traced back to the mic. So in for service now, waiting for an update. Otherwise a great sounding condenser microphone for a correctly setup live stage.

  • from KAUA'I, HAWAI'I July 20, 2016Music Background:
    HAWAIIAN,Polynesian, a bit of jazz mixed in. Pro..gigs 6-7 nights a wk.since mid seventies...(lucky )

    NO Ka 'Oi!! ( The Best!!!)

    Read the reviews, with so many "credential" people I decided to try the Blue encore 300.. It was a buy one get one so I went for it.
    Just as all the reviewers said.....cut the gain about half of any other mics including a few other condenser mics I've got, battery on board or phantom powered,. The 300 blue them away...now I can really hear what I'm singing, loud to soft...and I've not been too good a singer...but Because of this mic. I've gotten much better...
    Earlier this yr. Or was it late last yr. The sale came up again ..I got two more 300's..it's 7/20w/16 today.. I'm gonna get me two more as soon as I can find them on sale..... Talk to Mark Stein... he'll set you up. This is the secret sauce

  • from Florida April 9, 2016Music Background:
    Songwriter, Project Engineer

    Best Mic On Earth For The Money

    This mic sounds so lovely and clean. Young, airy and innocent is the sound I'm hearing.

  • from NH March 25, 2016Music Background:
    Decades of Live Performance and Studio Recording/Mixing

    Best Hand Held Condenser for Less Than $700

    Ok, I had a problem. I had two very talented singers in the worship team at church who were both singing through regular stage microphones. I multi-track record the music and the service so I can mix them down afterwards. The mixes were ok, but the vocals were missing the clarity and punch that I am used to getting when I record in the studio. The obvious answer: handheld condenser microphones. So, I started researching what to get. Obviously I would get the KMS105, but I couldn't because I'm paying for these microphones out of my own pocket and I just don't have that kind of cash to spend. So, I scan the Sweetwater website and find this little jewel for $200 bucks..! A condenser for such sort money..? I'm thinking it can't be very good, and I don't even have $400 to spend, (remember I needed two of them). But wait..! Sweet water is doing a buy one get one free deal..! So, I decide to roll the dice on them. Here's the straight scoop. These are EXCELLENT little microphones..! They provide a clean, clear, crisp signal. With minimal eq'ing, anyone with a decent voice will sound very good singing through one of these, (provided your pa system is good and dialed in for your room). When the worship team plays a slower, quieter song, these microphones really let you hear the "air" in the vocals. Just a couple of key points. First, these microphones are MUCH hotter than your standard stage mic. You use about half of the gain and still have all the signal you need. This is nice since most mic-pres in your average soundboard get a bit "noisy" if you have to crank them too high. Second, handling noise is higher than a regular stage microphone. If the music is cranking you will never hear it, but if the song is real mellow and your singer is moving around a lot you might hear just a bit of noise. Third, these microphones will pic up stage sound. If you are dealing with a loud stage volume, fix that problem first. These microphones are designed to pick up every nuance in a singer's vocal, so if you go trying to use them on a loud stage they are going to pick up all that as well and will probably give your sound engineer headaches. Get your stage volume under control, then bring this microphone in and put it to work. So, if you are looking to get into the world of stage condensers, you really can't do any better than this microphone for the money. Try one out, you'll really like it. Oh, one other thing. One of the microphones I got developed a "pop" and had to be replaced. I was under the gun on getting a special performance recorded and Sweetwater stepped up to the plate and got me a warranty replacement sent out pronto. Be sure to get your stuff from these folks, their commitment to customer service is the best in the business and their shipping department gets stuff out like no one else can..! Get yourself one of these microphones, get it from Sweetwater, then get out and make some music..!

  • from Monterey March 21, 2016Music Background:

    Great mics

    These are really great. They make you cut through so well. Unfortunately I can't really use these in this big band I'm in because there are too many singers and feedback starts to happen.
    But as a frontman in a regular sized band this thing is a beast. It's so loud and clear. And it has such a great proximity effect.

  • from Wixom, Mi February 17, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Producer,Engineer

    Buy These

    Bought these to use in our church Christmas play and they worked beautifully. Switched out our 58s with these for the worship team and we have never looked back. Our contemporary Christian musical styles range from soft pop to southern rock and the 300s handle it all . I record every service using Presonus Capture and remix later. These mics have given me the clear, open, natural studio sound that I was unable to achieve with the 58s.

  • from Pittsburgh February 4, 2016


    I bought the encore 200 and was very impressed. I own several rode mics, several sennhieser - e835, 935's, several shure's beta 58a etc. By far the encore 300 is my best wire mic. Very sensitive, bright sound, the blue symbol on the side lights up white with the phantom power to let you know its on. Amazing! Truly a studio sound on a live mic. My only knock, and its really not a knock - you need very little gain with these - and you definitely have to eq your monitors, like I said, very sensitive. Great mic, I bought 4 during the buy 1 get 1 free. Thx Sweetwater.

  • from West Virginia January 27, 2016Music Background:
    Vocals, guitar and bass

    Go Blue

    Have several stage mics and I have to say these are my favorites right now. Very responsive, easy to set up. Thanks Jeff Bohan at Sweetwater for suggesting I try these.

  • from Nashville January 25, 2016Music Background:
    Vocal Jazz

    Really nice Mics

    Very sweet, natural, full bodied vocal sound from soprano to bass. Very feedback resistant. Best vocal Mics I've ever had.

  • from December 29, 2015

    Epic stage condenser vocal mic

    This is a great sounding microphone with amazing rejection for a condenser microphone.

  • from Iowa December 25, 2015

    Blue Encore 300

    Over the top fabulous especially at the price. Should have purchased long before now.

  • from So Cal December 15, 2015Music Background:
    musician, engineer

    Good Choice

    Tried the 300 on live female vocal. Very complimentary to her voice. Most live vocal mikes have a mid boost, but this is completely different, and has a flat "FM" type sound. I had to re-e.q. the P.A. as the frequencies were so different. Results: harshness was gone; vocals were smooth, pleasant, and cut through nicely. Mike stand noises and bumps were amplified too much. Hand-held probably would have been better.
    In the studio, used it on a clean jazz guitar amp. Very accurate, true sounding. Like it better than a Rode NT1 (so far).
    Good choice, good price (especially two for one). Seems to be accurate and versatile. More experimenting to do...

  • from West coast December 1, 2015

    The blue encore 300

    It has a decibel spike which works for me because it sounds like my amp is cranked when im playing at modest bedroom levels. I have been using it to mic guitar cabs. And I got 2 for the price of one. I havent really paid attention much to the 2 200s I got along with these 300s

  • from Jacksonville November 25, 2015Music Background:
    Trumpet Player, Music Teacher, Recording Business Owner.

    Bring the studio to the stage.

    I run a mobile recording service and I've used the Blue enCore 300 live with great success. In short it sounds more "real" and clear than other common hand-held mics and looks cool too with a light-up logo.

    If you like great sound quality, great sound isolation, you don't want nasty feed back, and you don't want to break the bank, then the enCore 300 is for you. It's studio quality sound on the stage.

  • from November 25, 2015


    Really beautiful sound and awesome noise isolation. Only issue I have with it is that it doesn't pick up enunciation as well as my previous microphone (an MXL 770), but I've always had problems with my enunciation anyway. Highly recommended!

  • from Milford, PA October 26, 2015Music Background:
    Home recording, many years experiance

    enCORE 300

    Great deal on an awesome mic!!!! Bulletproof!!!!

  • from August 23, 2015Music Background:
    40 years playing

    Encore 300

    Best mike I have ever owned, and two for one, I highly recommend them,

  • from July 12, 2015

    Bad Boy Blue!

    These microphones are so sensitive our singer doesn't have to overdrive her voice! I can actually hear myself more clearly now than with any other vocal mike I've used, including the SM lines.

  • from New Zealand June 24, 2015Music Background:

    Yup, what it says on the box.

    Crystal clear, quality mic.

    I got two while the deal was two for one... Why on earth would you pass up an offer like that for such great stage mics. I'm looking forward to getting some good use in the studio too. I feel pretty confident that it's going to be gold.

    Nice one!

  • from Tennessee June 18, 2015Music Background:
    Christian praise group

    Encore mics

    Just purchased the 200 and the 300 both are over the top. Best sounding mics I've ever used. I have sis and they don't hold a candle to the encore product. The blue line mics are gray. Thanks sweetwater for handling this line of mics

  • from Florida June 15, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Keyboardist

    We're not "BLUE" anymore ... with BLUE!

    For an affordable, phantom-powered condenser microphone, this thing rocks! Not only does the "Blue" on the mike itself light up when the phantom power is applied, the singers in our band lit up as well when they heard the dynamics this microphone produces! I recommended it to several inquisitive musicians at Gearfest at the Blue Booth!

  • from Northern California June 11, 2015

    Great value, great performance

    Very much enjoy my Blue Kiwi for studio work, and when they introduced a dynamic mic for live work, I was eager to try it out. It's only been a few shows, but am impress thus far. I find it to be on a par with the Shure Beta 87. Great clarity and balanced response. Need more time and more use to see if they are as durable as the Shure products. They feel solid and I'm optimistic that they are built to last.

  • from South Carolina May 21, 2015Music Background:
    35 year pro

    Buy it.... NOW!!!!

    I am a 35 year veteran of the music industry. I have been a touring musician, a record producer, and FOH and recording engineer for Grammy and Grammy-nominated artists, as well as other major label artists and hit songwriters. Those are my "creds" and here is my review:

    Typically, my favorite "go-to" live vocal mic has always been the industry-standard Shure SM58, although lately My 58's have been replaced by the Audix OM5, but I must admit that the Encore 300 has earned my respect as one of the best live performance microphones I have ever used. Vocals cut through the mix with a crystal-clear transparency. The mic sounds fantastic even when used with an average quality mic pre. I carry a Zoom R24 with me for "hotel room" demos. I tried a pair of Encore 300's plugged directly into the R24 for a guitar/vocal demo. Wow! The vocal presence was studio-quality and my Martin acoustic was pristine and rich. With Sweetwater's 2 for 1 deal, you absolutely cannot go wrong. Buy it....quick!

  • from May 6, 2015Music Background:
    guitar and loud yelling


    I use this mic for lead vocals and even some amp recording, as long as you've got a decent preamp to power the phantom power, then you've got a solid reliable mic for most types of music.

    Very articulate and sharp sound (it's a condenser) I chose this over the 200 and 100 because I sing loud and need a decent amount of volume to compete with the band.
    Dynamic mics like the sm58 just don't grasp enough detail at loud volumes for me to cut through the mix. This definitely solved that problem.

    I was previously using a Blue bird condenser but was too worried about it getting damaged at practice/gigs whatever. This is a sturdy placeholder. Buy it when they do the 2 for 1 deal!!

  • from April 24, 2015Music Background:
    Vocalist, mostly in Jazz and Blues

    Very Pleased

    I just tried out my new Blue enCore 300 last night and was thrilled with the clean sound and No Feedback! It picked up my wider vocal range in the jazz genre with no glitches and I didn't have to eat it to be heard. Several professional musicians at the gig last night wanted to check it out after hearing it.
    And the advice I received from Andrew Plassmen was awesome. The 'proof was in the pudding'. Thanks!

  • from Southeast U.S. April 24, 2015Music Background:
    Percussionist, singer, sound engineer


    Bought two of these, one for lead singer, one for harmony vocalist. Great sound, very smooth. If you want your lyrics to be heard, every syllable is clearly distinguishable with this mic. Very good feedback rejection as well. We do however put a foam windscreen over it to eliminate "plosives". The only drawback to the windscreen is it hides the cool look of the mic, but who cares? - it's all about the sound. Worth the money if you're serious about your sound.

  • from Eastern Shore of Maryland April 20, 2015Music Background:

    Great Mic for Bluegrass

    I use 2 of these on one stand with with an XY set up instead of the one large condenser. One is slightly pointed up, the other slightly down. I get the coverage of a large condenser without the feedback problems. These also pick instruments great, nice and clean. Outside of this set up they are clean and accurate vocal mics. I would not hesitate to use these or buy more. This 2 for 1 deal us unbelievable.

  • from Central New Jersey April 13, 2015Music Background:
    20 Year Sound Engineer

    Best Mic in my case

    Hands down the best handheld I own. Looks a little awkward but the performance makes up for that easily.

    I own four each of the Encore 100 & 200 handhelds and they are very good and extremely good, respectively, but pale in comparison to the 300.
    The Encore 300 gets every single nuance of the source. Minimal handling noise. Very good feedback rejection.
    Tried it on my primary lead singer last night and once I got the gain scaled waaaaay back it was just a brilliant night. I normally use a parallel compression on his vocal to keep him out front of the rest of the mix. I barely needed it last night.
    I've owned many dozens of mics over the 20 years I've been in sound but this one is just something special.
    Big thanks to my Sales Engineer, Nick LaMendola for always taking good care of me and my company!

  • from Monterey CA April 9, 2015Music Background:
    Singer songwriter/ microphone finatic

    Blue makes great mics.

    So I own the encore 100 and 200 and they are both really great in their own specific ways. I use the 200 for all small band or solo stuff because the phantom power gets a little complicated with multiple people/mics connected to the pa. I also use the 200 for studio recording. The encore 100 is for everything else. I'm one of the vocalists in this 9 piece band right now and the encore 100 kills it for that project. We have two drummers and two really loud guitarists and there's always a saxophone next to me. So all things considered it does a damn good job of cutting through the mix which the encore 200 wouldn't be so hot at cause it's quite. But on to this bad boy.

    I got to use the 300 once. And it was for a really small backup vocal part on a friends track, But I was really impressed. It sounded even better than the 200 which was shocking. So I decided I am going to buy one of these guys asap. (Especially because they're buy one get one free!) I'm not sure how well it will do live in a big band like mine just because it will require phantom power and because condensers are usually so sensitive. But as far as solo stuff and recording I already know it's going to be great. I would suggest the encore series. So far so very good.

  • from St. Louis, MO February 18, 2015Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer, Pro Musician,

    A true work horse! Crystal clear high end at a low price!

    A true work horse! Better and costs less then a Shure Beta 87 and 10 times better then a sm/Beta 58 or 57. I've been using a few enCORE 300's for the last few years and they excel on Vocals, Acoustic instruments, like String Bass, Guitar, Banjo Mandolin etc. Piano, Snare and even overheads! This mic is built to last, crystal clear!

  • from Nixa, MO August 6, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician 20+ Years

    The very best mic at this price range!

    For 20 years I have been a firm believer that the SM58 was the holy grail of all mics for live vocals. Then a while back a friend came by with an enCORE 200 and opened my eyes. So I decided to one up my friend and get this enCORE 300. This mic is so hot when I swapped it out with an SM58 I had to drop the gain over 10db to almost zero! Even then it still cut through the mix better than the SM58. Crystal clear vocals from top to bottom. I have even used it in the studio with stellar results. It's rugged chassis is built like a tank. This mic is my new holy grail for at least the next 20 years!

  • from Western NY November 6, 2013Music Background:
    Karaoke Host & DJ

    Beautiful vocal mic

    Once again, I'm impressed with the Blue Mics. This is one of the cleanest and most realistic vocal mics I have ever used. I love the tone of my voice through it, and it's just as smooth for female vocals as males. Hey, this capsule was used in American Idol season 10. How can you go wrong there? :)

  • from Riverton, WY September 26, 2013Music Background:

    Excellent Mic

    This is an excellent performance mic.. I own both the Blue enCORE 100 and 200 series which I hold in high esteem.. There are minimal but noticeable performance improvements between the 100 and the 200. The 300 takes 'better', to a whole new level. For one thing... it is considerably 'hotter', than its two siblings (this is especially noticeable when all are running through the same mixer). Clarity, headroom, and vocal sensitivity are all superb. Noise levels and off-axis rejection are also excellent. Solid construction!
    I have replace all of my workhorse Shure performance mics with Blue's, and the 300 is most worthy of its status at the "top of the line". Kudo's to Blue for making a working man's (or woman's) microphone that is state of the art for modern stage work. An excellent Microphone!

  • from Los Angeles, CA August 15, 2013Music Background:
    Blues, R & B, Rock.

    Outstandin Microphone

    As a longtime Sure user for stage, I purchased a Blue Baby Bottle from Sweetwater at the suggestion of my Rep, Robby Resnick. It, of course, was impressive and is perfect for my small studio. When I heard that Blue was making a mic for the stage, I decided I had to check it out, and gave Robby a call.

    Absolutely one of the best purchases you can invest in for your show.

    Clean, clear, powerful, and affordable, which makes a not so great voice like I have, sound good. Not to mention easy to set up.

    My group all purchased enCORE 300 microphones and the folks that come and hear us tell us how great our vocals sound.

    A worthwile purchase for you mic box.

  • from Orlando, FL March 28, 2013Music Background:
    Grammy Mix & Recording Engineer/Music Producer

    Astounding mic!!!

    I Love the clarity and rich-natural tone the mic gives. As a performer, i needed a mic that let's my voice come through and that I felt confidant putting my voice through. I've been a HUGE fan/supporter of the Blue-line and once again they have delivered.

  • from Rapid City , SD USA March 3, 2013Music Background:

    Sweet Mic

    I have some good mic and this is one. Some of my mic are better but they sell for 700 to a 1,000 more. This is a good mic and I Like it a lot.

  • from Pasadena, CA USA August 2, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Excellent Alternative to a Beta 87A

    1st off.. For the price, you can't go wrong!
    it's $50 to $60 cheaper than the mass marketed Shure Beta 87A.
    that alone makes a huge difference!

    2nd, it sounds GREAT! if not Amazing! According to the graph the freq response is almost ruler flat.. which can be discouraging. Esp if you are used to the upper mid range bump you get when using Shure Mics and other's.
    But when you plug it in, it's a surprisingly nice even sound, with a bit of a airy sound to it on the top end. it's really something you have to hear for yourself.

    it is not brittle or harsh sounding on the top end like other mics, it's very open and almost tube like. it's pretty awesome!
    my only, ONLY tiny gripe i would have with this mic would be that P'losives are pretty noticeable.

    as other reviewer's have stated.... it's true. But it's not too bad, it's manageable, just tweak it out with the EQ and you should be good. . .

    comes in a nice, fabric case that doubles as a cleaning pouch... (there is a microfiber cloth lined on the inside of the pouch) so you can wipe it down as you store it away. Also the mic is pretty big, and has noticeable heft to it. Use a Premium mic stand when you want to secure this as your lead vox mic.. it's a big boy!

    After having my whole team use it, they can't say enough good things about the mic, even to the point where I got another singer to purchase one for himself.
    and this is after years of using Shure Beta's.. it's a welcome and pleasant change of pace!

    GET IT!

  • from Independence, Ks. June 29, 2012Music Background:
    Pro musician for 18 yrs. Worship Leader/ guitar player

    You'll want this mic

    Best handheld condenser we have ever used. We have been using the Shure Beta mics and the Blue beats it hands down. You can't go wrong with this mic. Thanks to our sales rep. Jeff Barrnett for recomending it to us.

  • from Charlotte, NC January 27, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Live Sound Engineer, Worship Leader

    Absolutely Astounded

    My guitar player was always having to "eat his mic" which tended to get in the way of his reading sheet music. So I've went looking for a condenser mic that had a tight pattern that would still pick up but give little feedback. After plugging it in, I couldn't believe how much gain and control I had over his vocals. I've used the 87's and the Beta 87's but I've never had this much control. There are definitely going to be more 300's added to my mic vault in the coming year.

  • from Chicagoland Suburbs, Illinois December 4, 2010Music Background:

    Amazing Quality....what I've been looking for!

    I've been using a Blue Bluebird and Icicle for my podcasting for sometime now, and the quality is just exceptional. I recently purchased the enCore 300 for field work. I will just say, the quality is phenominal! I recorded a local politician speak to a group that I podcast for. The sound was just amazing. I've always looked to NPR for sound broadcast quality. With this microphone, I found it.

  • from hawaii September 5, 2010Music Background:
    Church sound ministry/lighting.

    must have.

    yep! me too
    Digico SD8 eq setting to flat and you are good to go. If you check the frequency chart, its just what the sound doctor ordered especially on this console. you don't need eg which I think some may over do it cause I though it sounded fuller and better over our ksm9 (wireless) but I did notice there were some equalizing on it.
    Having it compare side by side, she actually choose the encore 300 which to her sound fuller, clear in other words, just right for her.
    So to me, its just as good as as ksm9 wireless which I also do highly recommend too.
    Ksm9 (wireless)very good too but again, depend on the sound person hearing cause they can also make it sound bad. So, encore 300 on this console Digico SD8, just plug it in and wala....sound good as ksm9....just don't forget to turn on the Fantom power. Am gonna get the encore 200 too which is gonna be just as clear with that dynamic sound and again plug in a wala.....no need mess with eq. also extra SPL is always a plus.

  • from Albany, GA August 10, 2010Music Background:
    Worship-Leader for 14 years, hobbyist

    Blue enCORE 300

    LOVE this mic!!!!!! Been using a Beta 87A for the past few years with great success, but this mic is better in my humble opinion. And for just $50 more than the 87A, it's a no-brainer. Had to turn the gain down a good bit, maybe 20-25%, so it's more sensitive, but is more detailed, clear, and open in the upper treble region as opposed to the Beta 87A, which had a hotter treble and seemed more feedback-prone, especially in the context of a band. This mic reproduces my voice in a more natural and transparent way, and has very low handling-noise. Just killer...

  • from Florida January 16, 2016

    Clean and Powerful

    Clean and Powerful, great mic at a good price.

  • from November 18, 2015

    Blue encore 300 live mic

    This is a very well made durable microphone with an open clean sound. The small bump in the frequency response at around 40Hz and the fact that it does not have a low-end roll off can accentuate some plosives. However it also makes this microphone more versatile in its use. With proper EQ using a fully parametric, the plosives can be easily dealt with. Use a HPF set at 18db/octave around 150Hz and a surgical cut at 250Hz and this mic sounds amazing on a male vocal. A steal of a deal!

  • from Piedmont Triad, NC October 1, 2015Music Background:

    Sounds good, priced right, watch your HPF setting

    Bottom line, at the 2-for-1 deal, purchasing this mic is a no-brainer.

    I ordered two (total of four) under the deal and received them shortly after they finally came back in stock. Good thing, too, as I was jonseing pretty bad for the Atomic Fireballs Sweetwater tosses into the box.

    These mics sound very, very good straight out of the box, with no added EQ.

    My only "complaint" is, as a Live Vocal microphone, the windscreen doesn't block plosives very well. Popping P's are a Problem and I had to raise my cutoff frequency to about 110Hz and still back off the bass control to minimize this effect. If your mixer doesn't have adjustable HPF, this might be an issue. If using them in a Studio, just use a spit screen to keep singers off the grill and you'll be o.k..

    I A/B'd the enCORE 300 with a Sennheiser e865 (also a condenser) to confirm my observations. The Sennheiser's windscreen makes it possible to use proximity effect without the popping plosives (HPF closer to 80Hz). That said, the enCORE 300 sounded very clear (once rolled off) and very airy and costs less.

    My plan is to use these for instrument mics (acoustics, snare, hi-hat, overheads maybe) rather than vocals. The Telefunken M80 is still my current favorite Live Vocal mic. But, with the right singer and correct settings, the enCORE 300 could perform well.

  • from California August 25, 2015

    Good mic, great value

    Bought this with the 2 for one deal. A great value for sure. The mic sounds great and blows the socks off an SM58. Much more clarity and presence. I'd say it's on par with a Shute beta 87. Also, I dropped the mic on it's head onto a wooden stage from about 5 feet before I ever even used it live. After kicking myself for my carelessness, I plugged it in and it worked fine. So, so far, durability seems good. I would definitely recommend this mic.

  • from Bothell, WA July 23, 2015

    Star Power

    Sexier than a Shure SM58, and sounds even sweeter.

    Best of all, when these are on a 2-for-1 special at Sweetwater, these microphones are hotter than hot - get them while you can.

    Having performed in churches since high school, I was overly familiar with the Shure line of microphones, and wanted something that not only stood out in dynamics, but also appearance. If you've used any kind of microphones personally or professionally, you know the kinds of abuse microphones are expected to withstand. I've used too many SM58's with dinged up windscreens that still worked, but looked like crap. They look too generic - almost every other budget line tries to look/sound like an SM58, resulting in most ditching the cheap stuff and buying Shures instead.

    Along comes Blue and shakes things up a bit.

    Looks - check.
    Feel - check.
    Sound - check. double-check...whoa! clarity...depth...feel

    Did I mention Looks? With a night-light-like glow behind the Blue emblem, this microphone requires phantom power (when the logo is lit, phantom power is present), giving it a retro-modern aura and sound. After plugging in my Blue dual coil -XLR cable (I don't need quad for home use, but maybe some do), connecting it to my *new* Behringer QX1622USB mixer, connected to my CPS SpaceStation v.3 as my "PA Speaker"...a little Chorus on the mixer...a guitar...and Voila'. I'm singing and playing in my own "coffee house" at home.

    Sounds absolutely wonderful.

    4.5 Stars - always room for improvement, not that there was anything negative at all.

  • from Freeport IL April 9, 2015Music Background:
    Hobbyist and Lead Sound Tech

    STRONG Recommendation!

    Ok, Keep in mind that prior to using this mic, we were using Audix OM2's at our church. I got tired of feedback issues, not being able to EQ vocalists as well as I wanted to and they just sounded "muddy". I had picked up and LOVED a "stand" condenser mic from another manufacturer, so I asked my Rep (John) what HE might suggest as a handheld version. He suggested this one. The vocalists at my church LOVE this mic and they come through so much MORE clear! For myself and others that run sound, EQ'ing the artist is more about 'flavoring' and less about 'bringing out' or finding that "Um... it's ok for today". I've also heard from folks in the congregation that the clarity of what THEY hear is MUCH better. When $$ allows, I WILL be ordering a 2nd one of these!

  • from Chicago February 3, 2014Music Background:
    Church Technology

    A Great Solution

    Our new music and worship pastor has a beautiful but hard to mic voice especially with conventional dynamic mics. I needed something with more sensitivity to her vocal nuances and able to pick up her range of vocal volume from soft pull-aways to louder transitions. To do this I decided to try a condenser option, but one that was tailored more to vocalists. I read reviews and watched some on-line demos of this mic and decided to try it out. After receiving it, I set this mic up for her on my digital board and also decided to use one of the board's 31 channel E.Q.'s as an insert to her channel. Felt so good about it I launched it as a surprise with the next live service use and tweaked the E.Q. settings using the board's iPad app sitting in the house seating area. When her worship set was over, the first thing she did after leaving the platform was walk back to where I was standing and said with a smile: "I love my new microphone!" If you run audio with any regularity, you know complaints have the higher percentile of verbal 'feedback.' You also know, that a compliment like what I received fuels you for a year. This enCore 300 was worth its weight in gold - an absolutely wonderful product.

  • from The Great State of Texas August 30, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Studio Owner

    Wide Open Sound

    An artist I work with likes how he sounds through the Sure KSM313 ribbon mic with a cloudlifter and UA610 preamp. He wanted the same sort of wide open sound on stage. I got the enCore 300 so he could try it and it's now essential to his set-up. The enCore mics are replacing several of the old go-to mics at RoughWood Recording Studio. When performers notice an improved sound, you know your on the right track.

  • from Olney MD April 20, 2013Music Background:
    Studio owner and certified recording engineer, producer, musician and writer

    Highly Recommended

    The enCORE 300 has a surprising heft; it has a very solid feel with subtle-but-effective non-slip machining on the grip and appears to be exceptionally well-made. The BLUE emblem glows blue; a nice touch that says "we care". So how does it sound? Well, it sounds rich and uncolored, captures transients reasonably well and is forward and present without being brittle. Also seems to work perfectly well at 24V, for what it is worth. Handling noise is minimal. Pop filter works well.
    I purchased this mic about two years ago for those times in the studio when you want to hand a vocalist something different; something they can hold; something they can perform with. Someone may need to move around to get that great performance, they might need to sit down. Whatever it takes.
    For a very modest investment the enCORE 300 will get you there. I highly recommend it!

  • from Charlottesville, VA USA June 26, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer

    An essential for my mic locker

    I was really excited about this microphone before I picked it up and now I'm even more excited since it's been on the road with me. the enCORE 300 is excellently suited for Loud Female Vocals and gives a warmth while still cutting through the mix. Some voices are definitely better than others with it but fortunately, my wife is one of them! ;-)

  • from Central California April 24, 2012Music Background:
    Audio electrical engineer, Sound engineer, audiophile electronics consultant

    Best mic in house

    I have worked in high-end audio component design and have both trained techs, designed and built high-end PA systems. On an ordinary PA system the difference between this mic and other may most noticeable in how little gain is necessary for ample volume. However in a high-end system this mic really shines. Blue claim it has a cardioid polar pattern however its feedback rejection is very high. It is very directional for a cardioid. Though it is not the most linear mic you can find, it is very euphonic, and flattering. A really nice sounding mic that will make your mixing easier and will make y singers more comfortable. We loved so much we have begun replacing all our other handheld mics. For a handheld, its top notch!

  • from New York, New York February 12, 2012Music Background:
    Singer/Songwriter, Music Educator

    Singer/Songwriter's Point of View

    A fabulous product. Impeccable sound reproduction. Spent a week of intensive research before purchasing. The entire enCORE series won in every department vs. SHURE and not as expensive as a Neumann. One word of caution to the averaged-experienced performer: make no mistake, this is a condenser mic. This mic is hot, very sensitive. Plosives do come through. Helps to have some sort of sound board/computer.

    For a month now I have been singing with this and received compliments on my voice from the audience.This didn't happen as much when I was using theSM-58. The 58 did an okay job, but did not fully reproduce what I was giving it.

    Live voice & guitar performances. HQ voice-overs. Voice & Guitar recording.

    For live performances I use a Bose T1 Audio Engine to limit the incredible sensitivity and range of frequencies.

    Playing in loud cafes and singing full-voice with this mic is fine. However, anymore volume and I'd have to return this for an Encore 200.

  • from Elmont, NY March 3, 2011Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician, Student

    Season 10 AMERICAN IDOL's jewel!

    This has that noticeable super clean top end normally associated with BLUE mics in general but NOW ON STAGE! The only reason why I rate it 4.5 is because in comparison to the Neumann KK 104/Sennheiser SKM5200-UHF (in custom chrome finish) used on the previous American Idol seasons, this interesting BLUE mic requires the singer to be right up on the grill in order not to hear a decrease of power from the singers projection! Problem is many singers like to hold the mic away from there mouth as they hit a hight note and that keeps taking away from the experience as i listen to every performance on IDOL this year! Thats the biggest noticeable difference I can hear from this mic compared to the previous mic they used on IDOL.

    Like always IDOL gets something special done to there main mic LOL so with the enCORE 300, BLUE worked with "Beats by Dr. Dre & Monster" to developed the wireless transmission system for this new live mic from BLUE! On American IDOL this microphone is known as the Blue/Beats by. Dr. Dre Wireless mic from BLUE's enCORE 300 Series, custom made for IDOL!!! =D

  • from Neenah, WI January 7, 2016

    Blue enCore 300

    I bought this mic as an x-mas gift to my daughter and we set up the PA system last night to practice for our new group. Right out of the box this mic has a quality look and feel to it. It is a very hot mic in that you'll have to set the channel gain lower than other condensor mics, it is so powerful.
    For comparison, I had my Shure Beta 87A condensor set at 5 and the Blue 300 was at 1.5 and the volumes were the same. My daughter, Lauren Andrea, and I sing harmonies on songs like '' I've Had Nothing But Sorrow" by James Taylor and Alison Krause, so I want her voice to be strong on the lead vocal melody. This mic added some soul and depth to her voice, which is exactly what we needed as her voice is lighter and higher than mine. Good microphone technique is important as the P's and B's will really pump out if you are not careful, where the Shure is more forgiving in that area. Both mics run on +48 phantom power. Over all the Blue enCore 300 is a great value and the harmonies mixed and blended easily with the more expensive Shure condensor. Thanks to AJ at Sweetwater for guiding me to this great deal.
    Can't wait to start recording !.

  • from Madison, WI April 23, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior electro-popster/part time engineer.

    Nice live mic for the price

    I've had some baaad experiences with handheld condensers, but after trying the Encore300, I liked it so much I decided to take the plunge. I liked it so much, in fact, that I bought two.

    Now, of course, it's not going to sound like a U47 or anything, but it does have a nice airy top end, fairly solid lows, and a surprisingly workable proximity effect that doesn't get tremendously boomy even if you eat the mic. Feedback rejection is good, there's a ton of gain, and vocals really sit nicely in a live mix. It's not a flat mic - there's a noticeable presence bump common to lower-cost condensers, but it's not harsh or tremendously sibilant like some. The added gain and the presence bump really help you feel like you're working with the mic, not against it, to be heard.

    The mic is also built pretty solidly.

    The best thing about it is, of course, the price. You'd be hard-pressed to find a HHC this good at this price.

    The cons? Well, for one thing, it doesn't fit into a standard 57/58 clip easily, so if you're taking it on the road with you you're also stuck taking mic mounts with you. It's also a lot more sensitive to plosives than your average dynamic mic - not unsurprising for an HHC, but this one seems a little more than most. And of course the presence bump flatters some voices better than others - it sounds stellar on female vocals and maybe higher-toned male vocals, but I probably wouldn't expect a lot of oomph from a baritone through this one.

    Also my keyboardist thinks the mic looks a little suggestive, but she might just have some issues with that sort of thing. I think it looks pretty cool, and the roll bar does a good job of protecting the capsule.

    Overall, really good bang-for-the-buck!

  • from Pennsylvania September 13, 2010Music Background:
    Enthusiast, volunteer FOH engineer for my church

    Excellent Mic

    Before my sales rep introduced me to the Blue line I had never heard of them let alone used one. I originally bought 3 enCORE 200's and was really impressed with the quality and off-axis rejection. I then bought a 300 and I could not be happier. The price range for the quality is remarkable. There's nearly zero noise, even when handling or removing/replacing in the mic holder. Blue is certainly going to give the industry standards a run for their money. Well done, Blue.

  • from Roanoke, VA July 13, 2015Music Background:
    Amateur singer/songwriter; Amateur PA and recording

    Blue enCORE 300

    Based on the positive reviews on Sweetwater site. the low price for 2 and my positive experience with the dynamic Blue mics I have used for a praise band, I decided to give the Blue enCORE 300s a try. The mics look great and the build quality is excellent. I thought I might be able to use this mic for doing my vocals in my modest, home setup and with my handheld digital recorder. With my voice it just doesn't work well. The sound is clear but lacks warmth. With the help of a trained recording tech, we tried 2 other entry level microphones, an AudioTechnica 2020 and a $99 Sterling. The enCORE 300 came in last. The sound was just too dry, analytical, and . . . well, I would add rather "flat." We are not sure exactly why but the sound did not match up with our expectations. Maybe it didn't like the Presonus mic pre? I came away disappointed and a bit confused since other folks seems to love the mic. Then again, no one mic works well with every vocalist. This is a real problem when you can't audition the product before you put down the cash. I was only looking for descent "demo" quality here to share my tunes with other folks. and I guess they work OK for that purpose. Still, you want the vocals to sound as good as possible. The search goes on for the "right" vocal mic. Looks like I will have to lay down a lot more cash to get the "right" mic.

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