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Blue Microphones enCORE 100i Reviews

4.5 stars based on 32 customer reviews
Questions about the Blue Microphones enCORE 100i?

Questions about the Blue Microphones enCORE 100i?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Ar June 15, 2016Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Good stuff

    I bought the mic on the promotion buy one get and it was worth it. I mostly use these mics on horns when i record local jazz bands live. I can i say that this mic is worth every penny.

  • from Michigan March 17, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Hobbyist Engineer

    Watch Out SM57

    I purchased this on a buy one get one free deal @ Sweetwater. I've recorded a lot with an SM57 and I really didn't know what to expect from this, but I figured... what the heck. It's a great deal.

    To be honest... $90 for two of these would make you love just about anyhthing... but it really has merit. This sounds great. Even on vocals, I was pleasantly suprised. The other nice thing is... it's pretty darned bullet proof. The SM57 has a plastic cap that can be replaced if a drummer hits it with a stick. Which is nice... but I'd rather not have to replace it. I don't think anything would happen with this thing if you whacked it. It's a seriously robust outer cage ove the capsule.

    Again... for $90 you'd love just about any decent mic, but this is still a good value at less than what a 57 costs.

  • from Huntsville, al January 27, 2016Music Background:

    enCore100i Microphone

    Superb deal on a quality piece of gear. Very prompt delivery and great service.

  • from Michigan January 23, 2016Music Background:
    Drummer, Guitarist, Hobbyist Enigineer

    Very Nice!

    I actually got this mic because I was looking for a different sound when recording vocals. It's obviously not a vocal mic, but I coupled this to my condenser mic for a blending tone. This was obviously designed to be an instrument mic with similar characteristics to a Shure SM57. I was actually going to get an SM57 because of its tride an true performance for decades. However... I got this on a buy one get one free sale at Sweetwater, and man, am I glad I did. This mic sounds very very similar to an SM57, and to get two of these for the price of one SM57 is incredible. You could argue that this may not sound the same twenty years from now, whereas an SM57 would, but for half the price... untouchable. If I has a choice between this and an SM57 for the same price... I probably wouldn't have give this a look, but again... now that I've tried it... very impressed. Knock wood... I've not had any issues with Blue products so far. Seems very well built

  • from The South December 1, 2015Music Background:
    Many years stage and studio.

    Something new has been added.

    I have been using SM 57 mics for years. They were just the go to mic for sound quality and durability. I had often wondered why no one in the mic industry had tried to come up with an alternative. The SM 57 is a great mic with a sweet presence peak and can definitely take very high sound pressure levels and of course is built like a tank. Just an excellent mic. Then along comes Blue's 100i. I couldn't pass up the buy one get one free offer (great marketing by Blue ... get the mics out there and let the proof begin). The 100i is an incredible microphone. I won't bore you with admiration for the product ... I will simply say the SM 57 mics are in the locker. Go try one ... better yet if the BOGO offer is still available then try two. You will be impressed.

  • from September 20, 2015Music Background:
    Audio Professional, Gigging Musician

    Great Microphone

    Picked up this mic on the buy 1 get 1 promo. Truly a great choice. So far I've used them on drums, guitar amps and vocals and it outperforms any dynamic mic that I have. Good work, Blue!

  • from September 20, 2015


    Just got back from a gig where i was running sound. wow! these are the real deal. Serious tightness on vocals, exceptional clarity, and one of the most FORGIVING microphones i have ever used - the vocals seemed to refuse to clip which is a testament to the built in pop filter, even when the singers would get closer during plosives at the beginnings of their phrases. great isolation as well. Using these significantly improved the results i got when live tracking my gig. cheaper microphones aren't worth it but this is an inexpensive microphone, not a cheap one. 5/5 would recommend.

  • from Springfield, IL September 4, 2015Music Background:
    Musician of 20 years, sound reinforcement of over 20 years.

    SM57 who??

    These are by far the best instrument mic I have used. They pick up less stage wash than any other mic I have used as well. Sound quality is crystal clear too!

  • from colorado July 29, 2015Music Background:
    musician, vocalist, tracking engineer, mixing engineer.

    replacing my sm57s

    I was really impressed with the blue encore 100i. The day I got it I switched it out with an sm57 that I had on a guitar amp (mixing with a large diaphram condenser), and I was instantly amazed. The sm57 has a lot more midrange color to it while the blue is a lot more transparent. In addition (and kind of hard to discribe), the blue 100i had a more presence and better high frequency response, yet was still less harsh and smoother in the high frequencies than the sm57. I was tracking with headphones and when I put them on after switching to the 100i, I couldn't believe the results. The Blue 100i seemed so transparent to me that I didn't realize I was listening through headphones; the amp sounded exactly how I was hearing it directly as it did through the microphones (including the condenser mix). Together, the 100i and the condenser I was mixing with it gave me the exact sound I wanted and I didn't have to do any eq to get the perfect sound in the mix of my song. Finally, the 100i is built like a tank. It feels very durable and like it is made of extremely high quality components. I think this mic will last forever. I absolutely love the 100i and will be using it in place of an sm57 from now on. In fact I'm going to buy a few more right now. P.S. Sweetwater customer service has been absolutely the best I've ever experienced. I've made many purchases from them and have been extremely impressed with their dedication and how they make sure I am 100% satisfied with every purchase I've ever made from them. Thanks Sweetwater!

  • from San Antonio, Texas June 11, 2015Music Background:
    MUsic Major / Performer

    enCORE 100i Dynamic Microphone

    I purchased four of these microphones because of previous use, and I was not disappointed in its performance, quality and sound. They arrived very soon after ordering and the packaging was very excellent. I love the fact that the tweed storage pouch is great for keeping the mics clean and safe. The nice surprise was the inclusion of the mic clip which I did not remember as part of the package. Maybe I did not read the description fully, but I knew enough that I wanted the microphone. Of course, the price was too good to pass up either. Thanks for a great product.

  • from S.E. Texas April 30, 2015Music Background:
    25 years guitar and home recording

    Amazing value

    It is VERY rare for me to leave a five star rating. Usually something that sounds good enough to get a five star is too expensive to give a five star and anything cheap enough to get a five star doesn't sound good enough to get a five star.
    This mic seem to be an exception in every way.
    It is built sturdy and feels quite impressive in the hand. the price is really good and on top of that they are running a buy one get one free sale for the next few months, I plan to try and acquire the entire encore line before the sale is over too!
    But the real kicker is the sound. I have used some Blue condenser mics before and they are pretty god for the price and I was expecting similar performance, and would have been happy with that for the price.
    BUT! Put up against a Shure SM57 side by side, every jaw in the room just dropped. Just as sensitive, juts as directional, and possibly even more resistant to feedback.
    But what put it ahead is the warmth. All the harshness of the highs that a 57 brings is gone. I suspect that the only jobs that the 57 may still do better would be heavily distorted guitar cab tones and possibly a snare if you wanted to keep all the bite that the 57 offers.
    Overall, this is an incredible value and I think it is great that more and more companies are making such quality products at such reasonable prices.
    Better get you one.

  • from Seattle February 27, 2015Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Fantastic all around Dynamic microphone

    Blue has come up with an exceptional microphone. I've had a pair for 8 weeks now, and I've come to prefer them to a variety of other industry standards I've used over the years in many circumstances. The key advantage is accuracy and versatility: the encore 100i does a fine job in getting the full character of the source. The proximity effect is well controlled and balanced: which results in substantially more flexibility in placement to achieve an accurate rendition. The 100i is great on toms, congas, doumbek, djembe, guitar cabinets. Most dynamics (IMO) sound like drek on acoustic guitar: The initial sense is that the 100i sounds like a condenser: A/B/Cing it with a Pulsar II (SDC) and SM57 on acoustic guitar, the SDC does offer a bit more detail and spacial sense (partly due to its cardioid response vs the hypercardioid of the 100i), but both have accurate low mids, and harmonics have the proper balance and sparkle. The SM57 doesn't offer the same detail and requires a very specific placement to get even close to the more balanced response the SDC or 100i offer over a variety of placements.The 100i has wonderful off axis rejection, so its perfect for live. Nothing against the SM57, it has a distinctive character that is often called for: but I find the e100i generally preferable. Haven't tried the 100i on sources I normally put large diaphragm condensers or ribbons on like brass or piano yet; it will be worth a test sometime to understand the mic better.

    I was initially concerned that the low 1.1mv output spec (= +59db for unity gain) might be a limitation on quieter sources, but in practice the input gain has about the position on the fader as other dynamics that spec a higher output. Self noise is very low, and they sound wonderful on vocals or speaking as well. In summary: For an all around dynamic: this would be my first choice. If I wanted a mic just for vocals this will certainly get it done, though I might prefer an AKG D5.

  • from Salem, OH USA April 5, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Producer

    New instrument mic

    I wanted to try this microphone for a while, when i did... wow! it has a subtle warmth to it that i just loved. it has now replaced all my SM57's, becoming the real work horse of the studio. It is the best sounding instrument microphone i have ever heard hands down and like the SM57 takes a beating. Coodoo's to Blue on making an amazing piece of equipment.

  • from Kansas City, MO February 13, 2012Music Background:
    Engineer and Musician

    It's a THAT sound mic to the core!

    Used it on a live recording for vocals and it shines like no other. I'd have no problem putting this $90 mic up against some of the better $300 mica like a beta 87, or even the e935! No problem areas that needed eq'd out and to presence of the vocals was most excellent! The vocalist I'm working with has trouble causing mics to feedback because he sings rather loud, but the sensitivity of this mic combined with the capsul components are a solid win! Plenty of room for eq and loads of superb tone!! I'll be getting atleast 6 more! I can't wait to see how well it handles instruments!

  • from Chippewa Falls Wi.USA November 4, 2011Music Background:
    Been playing Hammond since 1957

    Good Mic Good Sales Rep

    Sweetwater is always my first stop for good gear and great help. I asked my sales persons help with the choice between three mics to record my Leslie 3300. All three mics were about the same price and spec. My sales person said hands down try the encore 100i and I wouldn't be disappointed. As always he was right. Thanks Kyle. The mic is doing a great job and I am glad I took your advice. This is a great mic for instrument recording and all around use.

  • from CT January 2, 2017Music Background:

    Snare and Guitar Cab Mic

    It's a 57 plus high end sizzle. I tried all of 4 Blue Encore mics on a snare shootout, as well as the usual suspects, SM57, Beyer M201, and an old SM56. I've never found much use for snare bottom mics (though I know some do quite well with them), so I compared single top mics and all combinations of 2 top mics. The clear winner for our review panel was the 56 combined with the 100i. The 56 is fatter than the 57's (at least mine is) and the 100i brings the high end clarity, snap, and sizzle that just puts the combo over the top. No reason you cant throw this mic up alone. (BTW - don't rule out the Blue 200 on a snare, very nice indeed!).

    The 100i is also great on guitar cabs unless the amp is harsh, then I stay with a 57. Typically I use a 57 on center and Beyer M201 on edge pointed to the cone....but the 100i is a great alone. Try moving half way between the cone and edge..

  • from November 20, 2016

    Great buy.

    I use it to mic my amp to a mixer (instead of using a DI box and going direct) when I practice. For what I'm doing the mic sounds as good as any I've used including much more expensive ones. No noise issues and has a really crisp and bright sound that gives life to a guitar.

  • from Illinois November 6, 2015

    great deal and mic

    can't beat the buy one get one. its a pretty heavy duty feeling mic. I've used live for elec. and acoustic guitar. also for my basement recordings. No complaints so far.

  • from Maine September 28, 2015Music Background:
    Recording and producing. Earthsounds Music

    Blue deserve real success with these

    Only because I haven't used them much so far I reserve the judgement to give a 5. Beautifully engineered, robust and good looking as well. First public outing for the enCore 100i's using our Stagepas system seemed extremely well received- used for standard guitar/harmonica set-up at an Open Mic...and then for a fretless zither called a Harpeleik played by the amazing Katherine Rhoda.The beautiful multi chords were richly represented by the mics.

  • from Illinois September 12, 2015Music Background:

    blue mic.100i

    The blue mic.100i was really good.in clarity and performance. It's worth to have it and highly recommended.to every musician.the. only set back is there's no ON and OFF switch. Above all.its almost perfect.thank you Sweetwater.for having that affordable blue microphone 100i model.

  • from Southern New Jersey July 12, 2015Music Background:
    Singer, guitarist, drummer, recording engineer

    Good all around dynamic

    Great all around dynamic for almost any instrument. I really enjoy these on a guitar amp. Feel a little warmer with a more pronounced top end then the staple 57.
    For me they really sing on toms. If your looking for a budget solution these guys could be the winners. Sure I'd rather have a bunch of md421's. But with 8 toms that's not an option.
    The only thing I don't love them on is snare. I don't know why I can get the sound I want much quicker with a i5 or a 57. So I don't fight with it. For everything else I've thrown them at I love them. The seem very durable. The grill can take a few stick hits unlike the 57. Don't get me wrong I don't want them to, but I work with drummers of all skill levels. Try these guys out. I think I'm up to 10 now. So safe to say I like them.

  • from Michigan June 23, 2015Music Background:
    25+ years Bands/Studio

    Best Inst/Recording mic you can buy under $100. and you get TWO

    Like the other reviews say,, They Are Awesome for the price... they seem to capture the tone way better than 57's ... A little less Directional than 57's so more useful..
    My last studio project, I recorded dual tracks on vocals.. simultaneously One track with the 100i and the 2nd track with a large diaphragm MXL.. I put the Blue about 4 inches closer to windscreen of coarse. It was actually awesome.. Tried the same setup with my main goto EV vocal mic, and it wasn't as crisp and full.. In a pinch, this will work well as a vocal mic..
    Like all things new,, I have to experiment with them right away, and sometimes try using them for situations they are not intended for. You shouldn't be disappointing with this Deal... Seems like the real deal as far as I can tell.. Haven't used them live yet, But sure they will find there purpose ..
    If your here on Sweetwater for the first time, and purchase this GREAT DEAL.. you will soon find out why they have more return customers than any other company...

  • from USA June 18, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Singer

    Great Vocal Mic

    Bought this mic on sale, to add to my "live mics" set; since I have a 24 in board. I have used this mic in different settings (indoors/outdoors) and it performs each and every time as good or better than those costing 2-3 times the price of this mic, not to mention that whe I got this, the sale was BYGOF (buy one, get one free).
    I would definetely get more of these mics for my live rig. It has a full sound with no extras. Just right!

  • from June 11, 2015


    I haven't used this for an instrument microphone yet, but I have used it for vocals!!! All I can say is wow. I've used a Shure Sm 58 for years and this is right up there with it in clarity. My only concern is you seem to have to sing directly into it and not get off to the side at all. Since I play guitar and sing I tend to get off to the side of the mic from time to time.

  • from Hiwassee, Virginia June 10, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer

    Wow! But...

    Positive research and reviews lead us to purchase four of these microphone for use here in the studio and for our use as road gear for our live sound crew. These microphones used in conjunction with our Bose towers have not disappointed us with rave review from the groups at the events we have used them on. However, as a professional studio and live sound company we are sorely disappointed that a simple thing like a microphone clip should give this great package a sore eye! The threads in the clip appear to be poorly cut from soft aluminum. They would not even work on the first attempt. Granted the price was awesome for the package but spending another 80+ dollars and the time and aggrivation put a stigma on an otherwise great situation. Blue! When you have a 99% winner... go the extra 1%!

  • from March 24, 2012

    great mic at a great price.

    I bought two on recomendation from my sales guy.And intended to use it on my drums and used instead on my guitar rig.All i can say is that my guitar sounds like it does live on my recordings and its pretty awesome.

  • from New Hampshire March 23, 2017

    Unusual purpose, but worked great!

    The evening of the day i got this I was scheduled to record a band in a live situation. I used it to mic one of the PA speakers and was pleasantly surprised by the results.
    I'm looking forward to more good surprises as I get more experience with this mic!

  • from Los Alamos, NM October 30, 2015Music Background:
    professional weekend warrior

    Blue enCORE 100i

    I bought a couple of these on a recent 2-for-1 sale, and they don't disappoint. I used one to mic a cello for a recent wedding, and it picked it up clear, true, and loud. I also used one to mic a sax player for another gig, and while I thought it did a good job, he was a bit disappointed in its ability to pick up all the nuances of the baritone sax (he thought the Sure SM-58s we'd been using were a better choice). Maybe the enCORE 100, or the powered enCORE, would be a better choice for that application. For a great deal on a mic, though, I think these are a great addition to anyone's microphone arsenal.

  • from Georgia July 28, 2015Music Background:
    Venue Operator

    Great mic

    Using for live music in a venue as part of the house setup. Does a great job on vocal and guitar cabs alike

  • from Shreveport/Mooringsport, Louisiana January 23, 2015Music Background:
    live sound engineer , aspiring blues artist

    great for studio and live amps

    I gave four stars for one main reason. I a/b'd this mic with an Audix i5 for live and studio applications. One the acoustic, the Audix won. The sound was there for both, but there was something missing. The Audix had a more "filling" feel and sound. The cab on my Mesa/Boogie, was another story. The blue , to me, had a far more accurate reproduction and a noticeable higher feedback rejection than the Audix. Hands down: my go-to mic for electric cab in both studio and on stage. And cheaper, too!

  • from Charlottesville, VA November 3, 2011Music Background:

    Blue Microphone enCORE 100i

    Very clear, easy to setup.

  • from NC August 17, 2016Music Background:
    Gigging musician with small studio

    Great Mic, Crappy Clips

    I bought two Encore 100i and one Encore 100. The mics themselves sound fantastic in every situation I've put them in. Great sounding mics, especially for their price point. Handling noise is a bit high. Altogether more workable and pleasing sonically than 57 an 58s!

    The mic clips that come with them are another story. The thread on all three clips stripped out after a few uses. The thread material appears to be a soft aluminum, the thread are cut very shallow, and the thread count is very low which doesn't allow much area to attach to the mic stand. I own dozens of mics and mic clips dating back to the 70's. I've never seen any other clip do this. Having to figure in the cost of a new clip slightly diminishes the value found in this mic.

    I contacted Blue regarding my experience, but they never replied. I hope this is not indicative of the quality of their customer service.

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