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Sennheiser e908D Reviews

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Questions about the Sennheiser e908D?

Questions about the Sennheiser e908D?

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  • from Denver, CO June 9, 2011Music Background:
    FOH Engineer

    Sennheiser e908d Cross-stick Capture

    Sennheiser never disappoints! I just picked up a this e908d b-stock and what a deal! I use it as a second snare mic to capture the cross-stick. The 90 degree head is perfect for this. I had been using a Crown GLM-200, but placement was sometimes tricky and always involved gaff tape. I really dig how this mic can just clip to the rim and be out of the way. I clip it on close to the main snare mic and follow the curve of the rim with the goose neck toward the drummer, parallel to the head. The capsule, with windscreen attached, is placed where the butt of the drummer's stick touches the head when playing cross-stick. Not where the stick hits the rim. I press the capsule down just inside the rim with the windscreen touching the head over the drum shell pointing down. I then place the main mic with the diaphragm just inside the rim, close to the head and aimed at the center of the snare. The two mics are equidistant from the center of the head this way and both are placed above the top head. I roll off all the low end from the e908 and bring it up in the mix just under the main mic and the result is a thick, full sounding snare with lots of tone and a well blended cross-stick sound. It prevents having to over-compress or dive for the snare fader every time the drummer starts playing soft. The e908 also picks up the snares and bottom head doing away with the need for a bottom mic and phasing worries. This is especially cool when mixing reggae or any style where cross-stick is played often. I highly recommend this mic. The e908 is an excellent microphone and I am very pleased with the latest addition to my mic pack!

Questions about the Sennheiser e908D?

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