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Sennheiser e906 Reviews

5.0 stars based on 38 customer reviews
Questions about the Sennheiser e906?

Questions about the Sennheiser e906?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Jeff Hollman

    Improving upon the already great sounding and popular e 609 was no easy task, but Sennheiser has managed to pull it off with the e 906! The e 906 is now my first choice on guitar amps when playing live because of its easy-to-position design and its focused, natural sound. The three-position presence filter makes the e 906 versatile, capable of perfectly capturing guitars, percussion, horns... just about eveything! It also sounds amazing on amps in the studio, especially when combined with a ribbon or a condenser microphone on the same speaker cone.

  • Mark Thompson

    Why don't you already own one of these mics? It's like three mics in one. A ridiculously great deal.

  • Stuart Niven

    This is a real hidden gem! The e906 microphone is the secret weapon of many an engineer for recording killer guitar tracks. Just hang it in front of a cabinet and you are most of the way there! For the price, there is little that competes for a rock solid guitar amp mic! Get one!

  • from CA June 13, 2017

    Super handy

    Sure, it's awesome for guitar amps, but has also turned out to be quite handy as a general purpose mic.

  • from Canada May 8, 2017Music Background:

    Iconic Guitar Amp Microphone

    This is one of the best microphone purchases I've made. It replaced the SM57 I used to use at gigs. I bought it because of the side address design that allows me to simply hang it by the cord instead of using a mic stand. However, once I started using it, it soon became my favourite for recording, and I prefer it to ribbon and condenser mics. I did many comparison tests and the 906 came out the winner every time (though I'm still determined to use my ribbon mics more).

    For recording, I place it about an inch or so from the grill cloth a bit off centre. For live, it touches the grill cloth, suspended by the cable and is close to the edge of the speaker. You might want to experiment with the presence switch to match different speakers or instruments.

    It is similar to a Shure SM57, but I find the presence hump not quite so pronounced, and the frequency range extends a bit lower and higher, as well. The difference isn't drastic, so if you have a 57, don't buy this expecting a totally different sound.

    I know I should write something negative as no product is perfect, but so far I haven't found anything not to like. I have only used it for guitar amps and have no experience with anything else. I've had it at least two years (since January, 2015) and use it every weekend.

  • from April 13, 2017


    sounds amazing using w/ sennheiser in ears. i can hear everything with those 2 items now. massive improvement on playing live. i'm not fighting to hear myself in a mix. great value i'd say and crystal clear tone. would definitely buy again for guitar cab micing.

  • from MA April 3, 2017

    Worth every penny.

    The Sennheiser e906 breathed new life into my recordings. I had been using a Shure sm57 and always struggled trying to get the right sound. I tried all different mic positions and it was never quite right. With the e906, you just throw it right in the center of any speaker and you're instantly given an amazing full bodied tone! My only regret is not getting it sooner!

  • from Ohio March 15, 2017Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Accurate Sound

    This mic is better than anything I've used to try and capture accurate guitar amp sounds. Simple, straightforward, lightweight, solid construction, focused pickup pattern.

  • from PA October 29, 2016Music Background:
    Decades playing live & recording - pro venues & studios. Less active lately.


    There are a lot of great mics and a lot of people get great recorded sounds with them. There are a lot of great videos on youtube demonstrating great gear including mics. One video caught my attention because it was a guitarist with a very similar rig to mine and the sound that he recorded was actually the sound that I hear from my gear. In reading the comments, it turned out that he was using a Sennheiser e906. As a guitarist, I have put a lot of time into research and trial and error to get the sound that inspires me to play, write and record as most of us do and the natural progression from that is that I want to hear that sound in the playback after recording, so with all of that said, I didn't have any choice here. I had to buy and try this mic. I just connected the cable, put it in front of the speaker of my cab, recorded, played it back and WOW! That's my sound in the playback! I have not messed around with moving the mic up, down or over an inch or two and maybe it will be even better, but I am impressed with my quick experiment today. I have used a SM57, a SM7B, Cascade ribbon mic, a Rode NT1000 and a very inexpensive MCA SP-1 in various combinations with good results and I will probably still leave some of them up on the other speakers for mix enhancement purposes, but it definitely looks like my dominant guitar cab mic will be the e906 from today on. If I were only going to use one out of these mics that I have, it would be the e906.
    It is not warmly accurate like a ribbon. It captures a growling distorted sound like the awesome SM57, but it sounds more broad and quick experimentation says that it finds its spot in the mix very easily.
    It is very accurate in giving what it gets. I have used the NT1000 alone with great results too, but the e906 is really impressive at delivering the sound that leaves the speaker.

  • from miami, FL October 27, 2016Music Background:



  • from March 27, 2016Music Background:

    More Than You Might Think...

    I have some rare Sennheiser MD-409s in my locker that I record guitar cabs with - but they don't hit the stage. The e906 mics are the closest I've ever found and one of the best for live or recording. Don't mistake them for an e609 with a switch... they are not the same at all. Recently, while recording our drum kit - unhappy with the expensive recommended mics I had on our toms - I tried these instead. Pure magic. Now when recording, I always include these in the line up for best candidates. The ONLY thing I still use an SM57 on is the top snare drum mic.

  • from Denver, CO June 3, 2015Music Background:
    Mix Engineer, Producer

    Versatile Budget Friendly Mic

    It may seem odd, but I primarily have been using this microphone on my snare drum and have been getting incredible results. I am used to miking snares from the top, but the snappiness and crispness that you get from using the e906 on the bottom of the snare is incredible. I have also used this microphone for a long while at a jazz club in Georgetown, Washington DC and the ability to just drape it over a guitar cabinet and capture extremely clean to slightly crunchy guitar tones wonderfully.

    It's very hard to go wrong when you add a Sennheiser e906 to your microphone arsenal.

  • from Kitty Hawk, NC USA September 25, 2014Music Background:
    Worship leader

    Great Mic

    The sennheiser 906 is the best instrument mic out there right know!

  • from United States September 22, 2014Music Background:
    Traveling musician,

    Awesome mic!

    I was really surprised after switching to this after using an SM57. The switchable EQ is great, the size is much smaller than i was expecting and throwing it over an amp makes set up a lot easier.

  • from Amsterdam, ny July 25, 2014Music Background:
    semi pro

    capture you music!

    These microphones are ideal for recording your instruments; vox directly from your amplifier cabinet. That is the true sound of your music captured with a clear undistorted signal. Enjoy!

  • from Unitedg States July 16, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Well worth the money

    Used the e906 for the first time on a gig a couple weeks ago and sound man was very impressed with quality. will definitely recommend it. Am using it to mic guitar combo amp and have had no issues whatsoever!

  • from Leesburg, VA May 13, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist, Electrical Engineer (digital signal processing research and communications)

    Great Mic - Great tone and easy to use

    I have to say, this mic really impresses me. After many years of using the Shure SM57 for mic'ing-up my various guitar amp cabinets, I really love the clear tone this mic provides. I especially love that it isolates just the amp and seems nearly impossible to feedback. I play in live Worship settings and this mic paid its way the first time I used it. I also have to say how wonderful it is to not be bumping/kicking the mic stand that the 57 needs and thus accidentally changing the spacing (and tone). The 906 lays right on the grill and doesn't move - finally a great sounding mic made exactly how I need it to work. As for recording this mic is lively and warm to the subtle creamy tones and yet has great dynamic range when I go straight into pushing the amp deep into its tonal colors. This mic is now my go to mic in my music-art bag. Oh, I almost forgot, this mic has swichable filter settings to boost or pad the high end, and that is handy. I mostly use it when recording to pull out harsh bright tones all while keeping the room-tone where I want. Live settings may be similar if you use stage sound for monitoring or as part of the front of house (I mostly use IEM's so that is not as big a deal to me live).

  • from United States January 24, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Sennheiser e906

    I haven't used a mic in a while, always go thru a i line 6 product then pod farm, and could never capture my true sound of my Voodoo modded Madison Divinity 2 amp which sounds amazing.

    When using the Sennheiser e906 and playing it back its spot on.
    I finally have my sound that i worked so hard to get and not just some computer generated amp sound thats only sounds close but can never nail my true live sound.

    Now i use both, My amp thru The Sennheiser e906 clean on one track and layer and pan the Pod farm sound on an other track. and the guitar really stands out in the mix.

    I'll have to start taking it with me and use it for shows.

    Two thumbs up on this reasonably priced mic.

  • from Washingotnville, NY USA November 27, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    The Only sm57 Alternative On Cabs

    This mic sounds superb, right up against your guitar speaker grille. It is the only mic I have ever preferred to an sm57 on certain electric guitar sources. The sound is a great, full-frequency representation of what the amp actually sounds like, without much hype. Its three EQ settings also give it the high end necessary for a tom mic, and the low-end natural tone you want from a second mic on a guitar cab.

  • from Simi Valley, CA USA October 15, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Recording Engineer

    Everything I was hoping for...

    I love this mic. This is the first time I've recorded my amp and it actually sounds like my amp. When using other mics I typically need to EQ the track to sound close to what my actual sound is like. This mic is the real deal and worth every penny!

  • from Nashville March 6, 2013Music Background:

    The perfect solution for amp recording

    This is the first mic I have bought. (Although I've have used others.) The clarity of the recorded material is impressive. I'm guessing that pro musicians could use this mic with even better results.

  • from Sacramento, CA February 7, 2013

    Best guitar amp mic

    This dynamic mic is the best mic on the market for electric guitar amps. Don't let it's compact size lead you to believe it doesn't pick up a wide range of full-bodies frequencies. Highly recommend this mic for studio or live use.

  • from Denver, CO April 7, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer


    This is a great microphone for guitar cabinets. Matched with a 421, it is the sound I have been looking for. I mainly record metal music and this mic picks up every detail. Hands down my favorite microphone for cabinets.

  • from Fort Wayne, In. March 25, 2012Music Background:
    Musician/audio engineer

    Sounds Great

    I love this mic, it sounds great in live and studio applications, the frequency settings give me great sounding options for pairing with other mics in the studio (usually just an sm57) to deliver great sounding results. Sure there's a better sounding mic for your guitar amp out there, but with this one you'll get great sound and still have money for other gear. Thanks to my engineer, Jorge ext. 1341 for another great recommendation for my mic arsenal.

  • from Orland Park, IL February 29, 2012Music Background:
    Recording & Mixing Engineer

    Sounds Perfect e906!!!

    As a Sound Enginner I have to say this product is well built and with the low and high cut switches this mic is an all around microphone; great for Toms, Overheading, and Cabs it will blow you away. Light weight, and easy to work with clean sound and is well used for high and loud situations. If you are using it for a live situation instead of a recording situation use it for cabs and toms.

    You can't bet the price on what you are getting here. Would I recommend this to a friend you bet I would. You won't be disappointed with the sound quality.

  • from South Bay, CA November 10, 2010Music Background:
    Home Recording, Band Guy, Sound Geek

    Excellent guitar cab mic, even better on crowded stages

    Wow. What. A. Mic!!
    Had previously been using 57's or an e609. The e906 is a marked improvement over either mic and the 3 position switch lets you tailor the sound exactly. It's worth the extra $$.

    On crowded stages, you don't want to be tripping over mic stands. Plus, if you're tipping your amp back (you know you should be as your ankles don't hear so well) things like a Z-bar don't work as well. The e906 just hangs from the mic cord - a quick loop through the handle is all it takes and you're done. One less stand to worry about!

    Sounds great on a Princeton Reverb, Dr. Z 1x12, or a Fender Bandmaster 2x12 cab. Liked one so much I bought a 2nd one for our other guitarist.

  • from New Orleans, LA USA August 9, 2010Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Great quality , easy set up and lightweight!

    This mic catch even you change tone knob on your guitar!!(like a 5 to7)

    I really felt from "it's OK " kind a PA system.

    Definitely This is the best guitar mic on the market.

  • from Philadelphia, PA July 24, 2010Music Background:
    Guitarist, Semi-Pro Live Sound Engineer

    A great guitar cab mic

    I've used many other mics such as SM57's, even CE1000 condensers. This is the first mic I've used that sounded good without EQ'ing. I simply faced the mic dead center over the speaker dust cap and it sounded remarkably close to the sound you hear acoustically listening to the speaker. But, with the added benefit of built-in EQ padding it's fairly versatile out of the box. I'm going to get a few more and try them on drums.

  • from Utah June 7, 2017Music Background:
    guitar player

    Sennheiser e906

    Excellent microphone for my amp. Puts great sound into the PA, doesn't get trebly or high pitched.

  • from Virginia May 29, 2017

    Very good mic

    Best guitar miking mic I have owned for the price. Also, very flexible settings and placement options

  • from Backwoods New York July 8, 2015Music Background:
    Permanent Musician since 1965 ....

    My Mic Solution

    An excellent microphone that captures the essence of the guitar and does not overload. I use it with a Vox AC 4 at close range and it sounds rich and full. Thank you Sennheiser for all you add to the rock and roll experience. I think I'll buy a Sennheiser Tee Shirt.

  • from San Antonio, Texas September 9, 2014Music Background:
    Pro musician, Live sound engineer

    Sennheiser e906

    Over all a great mic for many application. I mainly use it for a guitar mic for live sound and it's excellent. Worth every penny !!!

  • from Kent, Ohio July 17, 2012Music Background:
    Professional musician,producer,and audio engineer. Started in work in1965.

    e906 mike

    This is a great amp mike. Convenient and inexpensive. I get great results. Usually I use other peoples gear when I record live so it's nice to have one of my own that I can use for myself.

  • from Waakoneta, OH February 8, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Pro Musician, Singer/songwriter

    Great Amp mic

    upgraded from a standard 57 and heard an immediate difference. The filter options are great to have as well. Haven't used it on anything but my AC15, but I'm sure I'll be using this for some overheads on our drum set as well.

  • from Monterey, TN USA July 30, 2008Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Recording Engineer, Vocalist

    Guitarist's Dream

    I have to give full disclosure here first, in that I am a huge Sennheiser fan and user, and have already written a couple of reviews on two of their vocal mics that I use regularly. That being said, I have to let anyone reading this know that as a mic for a live guitar cabinet, you simply cannot go wrong with this mic. It picks up everything that comes out of your cab's speaker cone with perfect accuracy, and does not muddy up or lose any of the frequencies, whether you are playing a screamingly high lead guitar in an 80's "Hair Band", or getting down and dirty with a 7-string while covering some Godsmack or Metallica. When I first brought this mic to a practice session a while back and used it to run my lead guitarist through our practice PA, he actually made the comment that he liked his sound coming out of the PA speakers (product of this mic) better than he liked the actual sound coming out of his cabinet! As a sound engineer, however, I found one of its greatest attributes to be the fact that it NEVER feeds back. As a band that plays more small-stage joints than arenas (like most of the readers, I assume), we constantly find ourselves on "stages" that may be 10-15 feet wide where the monitors can be as close as 10 feet away from the guitar cabinet mic. This creates an intensely challenging feedback scenario where nearly every other mic I have tried has failed without significant EQing (by that I mean degrading) of the monitor mix (I'm talking to you, SM 57!). This mic takes it without so much as a flinch, as its flat-face design allows it to be placed directly on the face of the cabinet where other sounds and frequencies find it difficult to make their way to the mic's element.
    As a closing thought, I will add that I normally opt for something a little more "elaborate" for studio guitar cabinet micing like an Audio Technica AT250DE, as that mic basically gives me two mics at the same time. But the AT takes up a little more real estate, which can be hard to come by on certain stages (as I mentioned before). This mic can simply hang over your cabinet without a stand if need be, which is super convenient in the live arena, and it costs just a little over half what the AT costs! The added flexibility of the AT (dual element) is the only reason I give the Sennheiser 4.5 stars instead of 5. As both a live sound and recording engineer, I can truly attest to the differences in each environment, and in the live environment the Sennheiser 906 will simply blow you away for all the reasons I have given. If you are still debating, I'm telling you to buy this mic. For its price, there is simply no way you will be disappointed.

  • from USA June 20, 2017Music Background:

    Nice Mike

    This is a good little mike. I like the sound more than what the Shure 57 provides for electric guitar. It seems to have a flatter and more accurate tone curve, but less bottom than the 57. Placement is important.

  • from Florida August 11, 2015

    Sennheiser e906

    Great performance, no complaints.

  • from Spring Arbor, MI March 19, 2015Music Background:
    Mr. Muckabout

    My New Favorite!

    I've been using an SM7b to record my amp, as I thought it sounded much better than the standard SM57. The e906 easily surpasses both with a nice, warm, natural sound with no harsh high end. Hits on all six for me!

  • from San Antonio, Tx. October 17, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician and Live Sound Engineer

    The Seenheiser e906

    Nice mic, overall a good quality work tool.

  • from Newburgh, NY February 28, 2012Music Background:
    FOH/MON engineer and TM.

    One of my favorites

    This is one of those, "no one gives it the street cred it deserves" kin of Mics. Most people buy the e609 and say I don't need the eq switch for an extra $80, but this mic is so much more. The body and fullness that this mic produces by comparison of the 609 is unreal. The 609 is thin, brittle, overly bright. The 906 with the eq switch flat is full, round, and can still cut a dense mix. I've used this mic with almost every band I've mixes since I bought my first one 3 years ago.

  • from Alpharetta, GA April 23, 2008Music Background:
    Recording Engineer / Studio Owner

    Fantastic sounding mic!!

    The extra frequency response over the E609 is well worth the extra money. This has a clear, full sound that sounds great on guitar amps. I've also combined it with an MD421 to mic a bass cabinet. Great big bass!!!

    I'll be buying a few more very soon!!!

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