Brainworx bx_stereomaker Plug-in

Mono-to-stereo Emulation Plug-in - Mac/PC AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, AudioSuite, RTAS, VST2, VST3
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Brainworx bx_stereomaker Plug-in image 1
Brainworx bx_stereomaker Plug-in image 1

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Brainworx bx_stereomaker Plug-in
Delivered In Minutes!

Add Stereo Depth to Your Mono Tracks!

The bx_stereomaker plug-in by Brainworx is one of those handy tools Sweetwater Sales Engineers like to recommend when you need to commit a sonic feat tantamount to fitting a square peg into a round hole. In this case, the square peg is a mono track and the round hole you're trying to fit it in is a stereo mix. When just adding reverb or chorus isn't going to cut it, the Brainworx bx_stereomaker is just what you need. Using what amounts to mathematical voodoo, bx_stereomaker will make your mono track sound stereo. You get total control over the effect, including tone and spacial width, and best of all the effect is completely mono compatible, so you don't have to worry about nasty phase issues.

Brainworx bx_stereomaker Mono-to-stereo Conversion Plug-in at a Glance:
  • Perfect for even extreme stereo emulation
  • Tone controls let you define your space
  • Totally mono compatible - no phase issues!
Perfect for even extreme stereo emulation

If you've tried a mono-to-stereo emulator in the past and gotten mixed or not-so-hot results, then you're going to be thrilled by bx_stereomaker. No matter how hard you push it, the Brainworx bx_stereomaker plug-in won't produce the robot-gargling-ball-bearings undertones that haunt similar processors. You can even run entire mono mixes through bx_stereomaker and achieve solid, realistic stereo results.

Tone controls let you define your space

Need a warmer ambience for your guitar sound? How about a bit of air for that vocal track? With the Brainworx bx_stereomaker plug-in, you'll have no trouble at all getting the tone you're chasing. In most cases, the single tone control knob, which emphasizes some harmonics over others as you turn it, will get you to the sound you want. If you still need to tame some of the high frequencies, there's also a high-frequency damper you can ease in. With just these two simple controls and the range of psychoacoustic effects they produce, it's easy to define your virtual stereo space.

Totally mono compatible - no phase issues!

By far, one of the most impressive things about bx_stereomaker is the fact that it's completely mono compatible. In other words, no matter how far you push its setting or how dramatic a stereo effect you create with bx_stereomaker, if you collapse the results back to mono, you'll end up with your original track. By the way, there's a great demonstration of this in the video we've embedded above. What that means for you is that you is that you'll never have to worry about phase issues ruining your sound or losing quality when you play your mix back on a mono system (such as those found in virtually every nightclub and bar in this country).

Brainworx bx_stereomaker Mono-to-stereo Conversion Plug-in Features:
  • The perfect way to get mono tracks to sit in your stereo mix
  • Variable width and pan/tilt control let you define your stereo emulation
  • Keep your sound tight and focused by keeping lower frequencies mono
  • Tone and high-frequency damping controls let you fine tune your track to match your mix
  • Brainworx mid-side processing lets you perform even extreme stereo conversion without garbling your sound
  • Completely mono compatible (sums back to the original sound when collapsed to mono)
  • Compatible with AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, AudioSuite, RTAS, VST2, and VST3 plug-in hosts on your Mac or Windows PC
There's no mono-to-stereo conversion plug-in like Brainworx bx_stereomaker!

Tech Specs

Software Type Stereo imaging
Platform Mac, PC
Upgrade/Full Full
Download/Boxed Download
Format AAX DSP, AAX Native, RTAS, VST2, VST3, AU, Audio Suite
Hardware Requirements - Mac Intel CPU 2GHz or higher, 2GB RAM minimum
Hardware Requirements - PC Intel-compatible CPU with SSE2 Instruction Set, Pentium 4 2GHz or higher, 2GB RAM minimum
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.6-10.10
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7, 8
Manufacturer Part Number PA-BWX-stereomk

Customer Reviews

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okay let me first explain I have used hundreds if not thousands of plugins. Now when I create a mono track in PT it sounds well like crap. So I will put this simply.....This plugin MAKES IT SOUND RIGHT. JUST BELIEVE ME I USE IT ON ALMOST EVERY TRACK EVEN STEREO TRACKS IT WIDENS THE STEREO IMAGE DOES SO MUCH. GET IT NOW.
Music background: who cares

Does the Job

Does as advertised. Nice spread and separation. I've used it thus far on background vocals, saxophone, acoustic & electric guitars, and it does add 'size' to the tracks. The ability to control tone, spread, and pan are nice. I'm experimenting with it on other things, and I'm very pleased thus far.
Music background: Project Studio Owner, Performer, Eater of Fine Pizza


Bx_stereomaker is a great plugin which works very subtle. Not like the most WAVES-plugins (I have 40 of them, so I know what I write), working with hammer and nail. I recently used it on recordings of some classical gear and I got results which satisfied me more than I expected.
Music background: Recording engineer
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