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Vox amPlug Headphone Guitar Amp - AC30 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 38 customer reviews
  • from Phoenix, AZ November 19, 2013Music Background:
    Garage Band Old Man

    Vox Ampeg AC-30

    I would have wrote this review sooner, but I have not taken off my headphones since I plugged this in two months ago.

    Its the best thing since the sliced wheel.

    You'll hear how its meant to be.

  • from June 20, 2013Music Background:
    rock guitarist


    My personal favorite is the Amplug lead. But I have to admit this is the best one. Perfect breakup from clean to crunch. Goes from clean to dirty with just rolling you're guitar volume. Super articulate is an understatement. It also responds well to sustainer or compression pedals and CAN give you lots of gain if you use them pedals to push it.
    On the other hand the clean sound is superb. Without effects the most gain you can get with it is around the AC/DC territory.

  • from Fort Wayne June 10, 2013Music Background:
    At this point I'm a hobbyist

    VOX AC30

    Great little amp for when I'm traveling. It is amazing how it sounds. Use a good set of headphones and this little guy will surprise you.

  • from Texas panhandle April 4, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist. Play in Church.

    amPlug Twin

    These things are incredible for practicing while preserving the peace! It sounds almost like the real amp it's simulating: The Fender 65 Twin Reverb. I also have the AC30 amPlug, and the Classic Rock amPlug. I'll eventually purchase the Metal, Satriani, Acoustic, Night Train, and I am debating on whether to get the "Lead" amPlug, or amPhone. I highly recommend these little amps. Use a good set of headphones for best results.

  • from MD February 25, 2013Music Background:

    Very Handy

    Very handy tool... and sounds great. Lets me play without annoying my wife!

  • from Lewisville, TX January 10, 2013Music Background:
    Garage Band


    I plugged this thing in and got blown away! I have used a Marshall mini and C Tech and they don't compare to this. The Marshall is great in OD, and the C Tech just seems cheap. I love this AC30 because it is the only one I've found that sounds like the amp. I can get as clean as I want and as distorted as I want. The controls are great and I can swing this thing out of my way. I'm sitting there playing it in amazement and then I notice the label "Made in Japan" and I think no wonder. This thing is not junk it is well made and sounds like a high dollar Vox.

  • from Twin Cities, MN January 9, 2013Music Background:

    UNBELIEVABLE analog sound from a cheap pocket headphone amp!

    I can only surmise that the people who rated the Vox AC30 anything less than 4.5 or 5 stars: (a) Have never tried any of the other garbage products that pass as "pocket guitar amps" before; (b) Own a REAL AC30 and expect nothing less than that exact sound from a $40 piece of plastic; or (c) Are overthinking their review just a tad.

    The Vox Amplug series is a revelation for players who can't crank up the volume, but still want to practice and sound good. And the "AC30" model is the crown jewel of the Amplug line. Completely analog, and running strong on 2 AAA batteries for 15 hours or more, you will be amazed how powerful and authentic the AC30 Amplug sounds. The range of this particular model is what sets it apart from the others - it can do completely clean tones, or it can become a raucous, overdriven "Top Boost" amp if you crank up the gain. I've used it with a Les Paul, a Strat, a Jackson, single coils, and humbuckers - it rocks with any piece of equipment. And even with some of my "lesser" headphones, it retains the fullness and clarity of an actual guitar amplifier.

    Using it with headphones to practice would be good enough, but there are even better "hidden" uses of the Amplug that arguably make it worth three times the price (but don't tell Vox that!). There's an aux-in jack that allows you to plug in an MP3 player and play along with the music. But even better, since the unit itself basically behaves like a pre-amp, you can get an inexpensive audio cord, plug it into the headphone jack, and have a full-powered "line out" signal to a guitar amp or virtually any type of portable speaker, car stereo, or computer speaker with an input jack. You can practice out loud on speakers that were never intended to be guitar amps, and it sounds surprisingly good!

    Great product, every single guitarist should own one of these and keep it in their guitar case!

  • from Hyde Park, NY July 17, 2012Music Background:
    musician, Luthier

    I'm a believer

    I was SO skeptical about this amp until I plugged it in! All I could think of was "How'd they DO that!?". It's amazing how well this tiny thing emulates all the qualities of the real amp's versatility and sonic capability. I don't feel like I'm sacrificing decent sound for privacy when I'm using this. I build my own travel guitars, so with this, some good compact phones, and a spare battery, everything fits in one case that can go into an airline overhead. I'll be ordering another "flavor" soon.

  • from queens. ny July 10, 2012Music Background:

    very impressive

    Compact, inexpensive and basically a must for practicing and improving technique. When listening thru headphones, I hear all the subleties of my playing and learn to play cleaner. I download backing tracks onto my ipod and listen and play thru the amplug. It blends perfectly. The sound of the AC30 is excellent. It sounds exactly like an amp, not synthetic. You can dial down the gain and it is almost clean, though it always has a little breakup. Dialed up, it has a distinct growl rather than a fuzz sound. I have used it with a Gibson PP, Fender strat and PRE Se with seymour Duncan alnico 2 pickups and am pleased with the sound. I purchased an extension cable to plug between the guitar and the amplug so I can have the amplug and Ipod in front of me.

  • from March 22, 2012

    Love it.

    Perfect for practicing when you don't wish to disturb others. Sound is good and the first time you hear it you will laugh like a schoolboy, unless you are too jaded and hip to do such a thing. After purchasing this I also purchased the cabinet that goes with it. It's nice for when you don't want to be saddled with your headphones. BTW for best results use good headphones. I tried my ear bud ones as an experiment and lost a lot of good tone.

  • from Kalamazoo, MI December 27, 2011Music Background:
    lead guitarist, bass, drums and recording engineer, producer

    I can't believe my ears!

    I've heard about these little devices for some time but was a little skepticle to say the least. I ambled down to my local Guitar center and decided to try one out. All I can say is, WOW! This thing actually emulates an actual VC 30 right to the very chime! The gain function allows you to get a clean sparkle or a nice real distortion sound by working with the volume control and tone control, unlike some of these cheap solid state amplifiers with 30 different effects, the engineers might want to spend a little, no, alot more time on tone!
    My hats off to Vox, well done guys!

  • from CT, USA October 17, 2011Music Background:
    Jazz guitarist: intermediate to advanced level.

    VOX amPlug (AC30)

    This is indeed a wonderful little device. I use it to practice when the surroundings need to be very quiet. The quality of the sound is not at all sub-standard; it approximates my best jazz amps. It needs to be handled carefully and the battery power is very convenient. I'm wondering about the other models; those that provide a variety of amp voicings.

  • from los angeles June 17, 2011Music Background:


    Sounds just like a real ac30 amp.

  • from Greensboro, NC December 12, 2010Music Background:
    experienced amateur

    Cool little device

    I bought this as a gift for a friend and band mate that really needed a unobtrusive and quiet way to practice. He paces around a lot while playing, so flexibility of movement was paramount. I only played a few licks myself, but was blown away by the way this device captures Vox's tubey goodness in such a small, solid state device. Sounds like a real tube amp in a tiny, portable and quiet package. The aux in will enable him to practice our entire set list w/a track behind him. Very ingenious little device with GREAT TONE - NICE!

  • from Evans, Georgia June 8, 2010Music Background:
    Keyboard player and aspiring guitarist

    Practice must-have

    This unobtrusive unit plugs neatly into my G&L S500 and can dial in a nice variety of tones (in concert with your pickup switches and tone pots, of course), from warm punchiness to jangly distortion. It gets PLENTY loud. Brilliant for practice.

  • from Albert, Ks. March 6, 2010Music Background:
    Active Musician

    Better than sliced bread

    The coolest feature about this unit is being able to jam with an mp3,cd, or even a laptop. Adjust your sound, volume, and you're right there jamming with whoever you want. I practice late at night when everybody is in bed and, this is just perfect! I will also add that if you are working on the perfect lick or solo or if you're trying to capture a lick or solo on a recording that you have always loved this is a tremendous help. I am going to order the cabinet to go with this just because if for nothing else it looks so cool. I've been a musician for over 40 yrs. and, I would have loved to have something like this when I was first getting started. Highly reccomend this unit.

  • from Columbia, MD USA May 27, 2009Music Background:

    Yes, it plugs into a Strat!

    You can't really tell from the photos...but it IS made to plug into a Fender Stratocaster with the Strat's angled front input jack. No problem. This VOX Amplug AC30 is a fantastic item. Best $40 I ever spent. Sounds great and I can play all night without waking the wife. I even take it to the beach!

  • from Atlanta, GA USA June 13, 2008Music Background:
    Pro Guitarist / Songwriter

    Probably What 'The Edge' Uses To Warm Up With

    I have tried to use digital modeling amps and I simply cannot, something about the top end just doesn't sound right to me, especially with an amp like the AC30 where you have a lot of top end anyway. This little unit sounds nice and warm and analog in character, yet bright and biting if you want it, without ever sounding brittle. I am sure it does not sound exactly like an AC30, but for the price, it sure does seem to pack a lot of that vox vibe into a small battery run unit.

    I am not anti-digital by any means, but for guitar tones something about analog amps, even if they are solid-state, seem to make a difference to me. Well I have been wanting to try the AC30 tone in my recordings and wanted to find the best low-cost way to try it out before I explore more expensive options. For me the sound is pretty amazing when recorded. Maybe it doesn't sound like an AC30, but I doubt anyone listening to the recording would think you were using a headphone amp.

    The only shortfalls you have when recording is it is a bit awkward to connect everything to something that was designed to fit into a guitar plug and a set of headphones, but you can manage. And it does run on batteries, so spares or a set of rechargeables will be an absolute must. Also there is hiss that is noticeable, which is not the end of the world, but with the low noise equipment that is available today, you probably will notice it on your recordings. This for me is not a deal breaker. Some of my favorite recordings have amp buzz on them, tape hiss, etc, but this thing was not designed as a recording pre-amp, so this is asking a lot of the amPlug.

    For those of us who can't use digital amps vox seems to be doing both a good job and a not-so-good job of carrying on the legacy of their sound. Vox have somehow distilled the essence of their sound down to very simple, affordable, compact analog components, yet they don't seem to be making these for professional musicians yet. All their analog products seem to be geared toward home use. Two examples are the amPlug and the Pathfinder. I think vox could really make a killing if they would put this into a low-noise sans-amp style pedal for people to go direct or record with. I also think they could do well by making a higher powered pathfinder so people could gig with them - probably my next purchase. Not all pros want to choose between a digital amp or a tube amp. Solid state still has advantages to offer over both digital and tube and since vox has done such a good job with their models they should consider making them into units that professionals can use more easily.

  • from Rochester, NY December 26, 2007Music Background:
    45 years, rock, blues,country and some jazz


    Bought this for an Xmas gift for myself and Sweetwater went WAY out of their way to get it to me before Xmas. I'm really impressed with their customer service.
    As for the amp - buy it immediately (if not sooner) I've got two other headphone amps that are now going on Ebay. Nothing I have ever used compares to this Vox. It's the best $39 bucks I've ever spent. Goes from sweet clean to crunchy tube overdrive. Compares very well to my Vox 30 watt amp.

    Oh - yes, it works on a Strat type body/jack.

  • from Upstate NY December 12, 2007Music Background:
    semi pro musician


    This is the greatest thing i have ever plugged into my guitar!!! i can't believe how clean the sound is. i actually have a real AC30 and this models
    it beautifully. very impressed with the product and your great customer service. you can print that!!

  • from San Antonio, TX December 9, 2007Music Background:

    Awesome Sound!

    I purchased the AC30 and Classic Rock. These things are awesome! I have a Vox Valvetronix AD30VT and these portable 'amps' do just a good as the AD30VT.
    For a hobbyist like me, they are perfect since the the time I usually get to play is at night. It's hard to crank up the AD30VT and not bug your neighbors. Tone is excellent and the high gain growls. If I had to choose between the AC30 and the Classic Rock, I would choose the AC30 as it is the most versatille in sound - clean sounds clean and high gain rocks! With the Classic Rock, it growls even at lower gain settings. They are both awesome. I considered purchasing the Pocket Rockit, but read some mixed reviews and as with anything Vox, everything they put out is great. No dissapointments here. Buy it.

  • from New York, NY December 1, 2007Music Background:

    Cool little AC

    I figured $40.00 why not try it out. I love this thing for what it is. Great little headphone amp in a small size. I use it work with a standard tele when I'm stressed. Just close my door for a few minutes and life is good again.

  • from Chicago November 15, 2007Music Background:


    This is a great little practice amp!! Simple, volume, tone, gain, headphone out, aux in...that is it! The sound is fantastic for the price. Remember you are paying $40 bucks, so you can't get the sound of a $1000 amp, but this little thing sounds awesome. I tried it through a strat and a PRS custom 24 and both sound really nice. I've never owned an AC-30, just amps that model it, and this little things sounds just as good. For a practice amp to take with you on the road, or practice at night without a jungle of cables and amps, etc. this is your amp. Would buy this thing again if I lost it.

  • from Oregon November 13, 2007Music Background:

    Amazing little rig!

    OK it's not a real AC30 but for 40 bucks do you really expect one? I will say though that it does a decent job of getting the AC30 clean sound. The distorted sounds are OK but not quite as close as the clean. For pure convenience it's way hard to beat. Hooked this baby up to a set of Bose iPod ear buds and got down to business all while the wife and kids slept. WAY NICE!!

  • from St. Louis, MO March 8, 2013Music Background:
    Beginner Guitar

    It does the job

    I wanted to get something that I can use to practice while away from home (without an amp), and be quiet (since my son goes to bed at 8pm). This works well for that. I use in-ear plugs and the sound is good. I tried to use over the ear headphone, but it seems a lot quieter that way.

  • from United States January 2, 2013Music Background:
    Recording engineer

    Love it

    sounds great. super portable and great for practicing.

  • from Salisbury, md August 6, 2012Music Background:
    Recording engineer, studio and live musician.


    I've had numerous ac30s and this thing, through my Livewires iems sound very accurate. You can blend the levels great with an ipod so it's great for late night practice sessions. For the price this thing is a steal and a must have for any guitarist.

  • from San Diego June 5, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist and student of the guitar!!

    amPlug actually works!

    I am surprised the VOX amPlug actually works as advertised...or better than advertised. The size/weight is perfect, the sound (through headphones or ear-buds) is like a "big" amp, the quality is fine, and the practicality of being able to play remotely is a big plus for me. As an airline pilot, I take the amPlug with me on the road (with my Travel guitar) and I can play/practice in hotel rooms as loud as I want, "silently." I strongly recommend this amazing device.

  • from andover, MA December 23, 2009Music Background:
    A lawyer who likes guitars.


    This product is cost effective and works well.
    I have used others that are styled like a walkman radio and plug in via cable. Those are too much hassle. This goes straight into the guitar so you only need to deal with the phone cord.

    I have two now. One for home and one in my office.

  • from Columbia, SC December 10, 2007Music Background:
    Pro Musician, part time producer/engineer

    A Must Buy

    I bought this after hearing the audio clips on the Vox site and boy am I glad I did. This is perfect for practice when you can't be loud but still want tone. Now...for a different direction.......

    First, the clean tone on this little baby is pretty close to the real deal and the overdrive is amazing for such a small package so I got to thinking.....why not run this analog signal direct into the PA. I tried it the first night I had it at our regular house band gig....everyone was stunned....sound man and I both laughed all night. I was great! I turned everything to max on the Amplug and used my guitar for total control. I was still a little skeptical so I tried it two nights later on our small space PA rig which is 2 Bose towers....again....stunning. I have to mention that my other guitar player bought one the day after I used it at our house gig. Two of those through the bose just can't be beat. The tone is pretty darn close....at least enough for me to not break my back since I gig 5 night's a week. You must have a competent sound man for the direct to PA to work!!!!

    For it's intended purpose you can't beat this little man....and for amusement's sake through a PA...it is the coolest little bugger. I can't wait until vox makes this into a stompbox!!!

  • from Northern Michigan January 21, 2013Music Background:
    Former part time performer and now just a 50+ year guitarist.

    Vox amPlug (AC30)

    It works as advertised if you want a totally portable sound source for your guitar. I spend a lot of time on the great lakes cruising for weeks at a time and we also spend time rving and this is a great way to continue to play your electric guitar while away from home. This sound is not the same as a real amp but it is fine for practicing while not bothering anyone else.

  • from December 1, 2011

    The beatles in your pocket

    can use as a headphone amp or as a kind of preamp deal for your amp.

  • from Romulus,NY USA August 16, 2011Music Background:
    Student, sound engineer, audio electronic tech,musician

    Vox amPlug (AC30)

    Price is right. Not very robust. I have a Les Paul and made a short adapter cable for it with a flat right angle plug so I wouldn't crush it while sitting since the jack is on bottom edge of guitar body.

  • from Florida March 1, 2008

    Fun little unit

    I primarily use this with my Taylor T5 and all I can say it's a lot of fun.
    For the price, it certainly cannot be beat.

  • from Jefferson,Ga USA July 27, 2012Music Background:

    my VOX AC30

    I was pleased and surprised at the quality of the Vox AC30 and the clean sound it gave me.The portability it gives me for playing the guitar anywhere I please is very nice too.Also.,I don't disturb anyone while playing.I think overall it was a very wise choice.

  • from WV April 30, 2010Music Background:
    ancient hobbyist

    Won't fit Fender-style lefty strat!

    Last tone knob is in the way....otherwise, it's a neat gadget. Would be great if it had reverb though.

  • from October 1, 2012Music Background:

    Background Noise

    Super portable and very quiet to play around others! The tone and hi gain is great. However it has quite a bit of background noise, tried 3 different headphones and still the same. The noise increases as you increase the volume control and you'll notice it. It is as portable as you could ask for and the background noise wasn't a big enough reason to return it. I give it a Sweetwater 2/5 which is "OK" apparently.

  • from Ohio boy December 13, 2007Music Background:
    Rock & Roll, blues - hobbyist

    Vox amplug ac30

    I am a VOX man from the word go, I have several, including a real AC30 twin speaker. This thing is ok.
    but it is just another pocket rocket. If you play it for a bit then turn it off and back on it seems to sound better. It is worth the 40 bucks but don't expect tube tone. that is a bunch of b.s.
    VOX RULES!!!!!!!!!!

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