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Vox amPhone Active Guitar Headphones - AC30 Reviews

4.0 stars based on 19 customer reviews
  • lynn nelson
    from airway heights, WA April 17, 2015


    Works as advertised, I think my neighbors can sleep better at night now.

  • Fred
    from West Plains, MO February 26, 2014Music Background:

    Great Headphones

    I am a newbie to guitar playing. So as you guess every minute I can I am strumming. I am a early riser so can not plug into the amp. The headphones are great because I play as long and as loud as I need to be. I do disturb anyone in the house.
    I also take along on trips. In the hotel I can play again and not disturb anyone.
    I can also unscrew the end and plug into my MP3 player.

  • Michael Toney
    from Chester, TX USA April 29, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist - Keyboard, Violin & Guitar

    I practice with the VOX AmPhone AC30 on a daily basis.

    This headphone amplifier is a very versatile gadget. It brings out that excellent tonal quality one would expect from an American Standard Telecaster...didn't think I sounded that good! It has a very clean sound or dial in some crunch using the gain control. Also has separate tone & volume controls that allow a good range of adjustment. I also use it when recording through my Boss 8-track recorder & the quality sound really comes through. The input chord is small but seems very tough & quite durable. Another benefit is that it facilitates extending the tube life in my big amp by not having to use it as much. This headphone amp will probably pay for itself over a period of time. I wouldn't be without one &...the wife loves it!

  • Joe
    from PA, USA April 8, 2013Music Background:
    Bass Player

    It's a life saver...

    The AC30 serves a dual purpose! They are head phones made for musicians... Late at night I sometimes get the urge to play and I can connect and not bother anyone in the house... I just plug it in to my guitar or Bass and practice... That's awesome and nobody complains... :)

  • Don Presnell
    from Stephens City, VA January 7, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician/Instructor

    Perfect for online jams

    Oh Yeah, this is one nice set of headphones for your electric Guitar, but the really unique thing is that it has an aux input (stereo 1'8" jack) so you can not only hear your guitar in sweet VOX crunchiness, but ALSO the jamming coming in from the computer/on-line lessons/iPod, whatever you like!!! The sound is incredible, and if VOX Amps sound like what I'm hearing in the headphones, then I guess I need to add a Vox amp to my wishlist too ;-) A tremendous value for the money!

  • Bobby Graham
    from Jacksonville , Arkansas March 31, 2014Music Background:
    Long Time Hobby, Some band work as well

    Great Sound for around the house

    I was suprised how clear these things sounded, good mix as well, I play back tracks from the net while playing . Back track music sounds clear while my guitar keeps the effects. Really cool way to practice anywhere anytime,

    Wife tends to like them as well LOL

  • Ron
    from Illinois April 30, 2013Music Background:

    Huh? Did you say something?

    When I plug my guitar into these amphones I become completely oblivious to whats going on around me haha. These little guys have great tone and the effects can be fun to mess around with. They actually work great with pedals (when using an extension cable), are very loud, and since they are headphones you won't keep the family up all night. The auxiliary input is a great feature too. I have used it many times playing to my mp3 player, iphone, etc... I gave them a 4.5 rating because having the controls on the ear piece and not on the cable it self would probably annoy some people.

  • UncleG
    from Orange county Ca January 23, 2013Music Background:

    Didn't want to like it

    I have used Vox amps before and liked them.
    I also like Audio-Technica, should be a slam dunk for this collaboration and it was!
    The controls are a little hard to use probably so they don't accidentally get changed.
    The effects are limited but usable, I plugged these to the out of my Zoom Multi stomp (another one Sweetwater got out first).
    I love my tube amps and these will never replace them but for practicing or giving the neighbours a break they make it pretty easy!
    Mp3 music sounds good through these even though they are designed for guitar sound (low-fi) great for jammin' with your music.
    The only concern I have is that the cord is attached like headphones are and being so short they can easily get damaged.
    I use a 1/4 male to 1/8 female extension cord to limit the stress risk.

  • Darrell
    from United States January 1, 2013Music Background:
    hobbyist guitar player


    These sound great!

    I have to play through headphones more often than not at home. These sound nothing short of outstanding. And, they are so simple. No amp hanging from your waistband. Plug them in and roam around. I hook my iPhone to the aux-in jack to play backing tracks.

    One minor thing keeps me from giving a perfect 5-star. The effects control is a little odd -maybe I'm just not used to it. There are 3 effects, and to control them, you must turn a dial, just like the volume, marked 0 to 10. The phones beep as you switch effect, e.g. chorus to reverb, but it's not clear if the intensity of the effect changes within the zone: reverb is on when the dial is between 6 and 10. The quality of the straight sound is so good, I don't need the effects much anyhow.

    The gain is great, and the volume cranks. Love them!!

  • MacDoofus
    from Twin Cities, Minnesota January 16, 2014Music Background:
    I own more guitars than I have talent.....but I keep trying.

    An AC30 amp that won't disturb the neighbors?!?!

    Love that these sound great and I don't drive my wife and neighbors crazy. I actually practice a lot more now since I bought the AC30 amphones. I have used them every day for the last three weeks since I received them.

    The great (sounds like an AC30 and the ability to practice anywhere)
    The good (effects built in)
    The ok (priced a little high for the quality)
    The bad (the dials are too small and wish cable was a little longer)

    I'm not sure if quality of materials will hold up, but time will tell. Would I buy them again.....yes.

  • Jim
    from Brick, NJ December 4, 2013Music Background:

    Nice for practice without waking the family

    I use these almost daily to practice without waking up the family with my tube amp. While this isn't quite the same sound that you'd get out of a AC30 amp, it's fairly close for what it does. I rarely use the built-in effects, since I'll feed my pedal board into the headset, but when I'm not able to use the board, the built-in effects suffice to give my tone a little character.

    The only downside that I have run into with these headphones is that when I'm trying to listen to my raw sound through the built in cable, and monitor the output of my DAW through the AUX in, I would get a ground loop that gave me a very annoying hum in the headset. This is easily fixed with a splitter that has a ground lift, but can't be fixed in the headset alone.

  • Francisco das Chagas
    from Brazil October 7, 2013Music Background:

    Great idea

    Really a great idea to merge the quality of Audio Technica headphones with the Vox Amplugs... The emulated tones are good as expected and the cans work well as regular headphones for audio applications. My opinion is that construction could be better, using less plastic and more specifically, a better cord. The cord is thin, short and if used with a Les Paul or hollow-body guitars (with the jack down there), the wire gets angled at the plug, making me think it will not last long... All in all, a good purchase. Hey Vox, re-design the cord and plug and you will get 5 stars.

  • Brandon downs
    from June 27, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, guitar collector


    This things are pretty convinient and its rare to find something like this that acctually sounds good
    Recommended for traveling or just to be quiet at home

  • Jerry
    from North Pole AK February 25, 2013Music Background:

    Practice with the rest of the family watching TV

    Full adjustment capabilities , good tone and light weight

  • Jack Kuehn
    from pittsburgh Pa February 14, 2013Music Background:

    would recomend this product

    perfect for what I needed,good sound,good co. to work with.

  • Ed Mintun
    from Fremont California March 18, 2015Music Background:

    Vox Amphones

    Love the Amphones. (AC30) can take them anywhere I can my guitar. I play in the garden or in the back seat of my car. Can set to clean or dirty with different effects.
    The only downside is the thin cord. It's the first thing I noticed when I opened the box. It's thin like the cord to a Walkman. This made me nervous, as careful as I was it was a five week old kitten that ruined them by bitting the cord. And I'm afraid that if that hadn't happened they would be wrecked by getting caught on a door knob as I walked by. It's not the kind of cord that can be fixed.
    I did like them enough that I bought another pair when Sweetwater had them on sale. But I'm very careful with them now. Point is, they're too delicate for the kind of use most people want.

  • Paul Regenscheid, PE
    from Fleetwood, PA November 2, 2014Music Background:

    AC30 amPhones - Great sound, mediocre material quality

    VOX AC30 Headphones

    I have been using the guitar VOX AC30 amPhones for four weeks now and I am quite impressed with the tone quality of the device over their broad frequency response range. The gain and tone controls simulate amplifier settings quite nicely and the effects settings for chorus, delay and reverb are spot-on. I have uses the amPhones with Fender, Gibson, Gretsch and Taylor guitars, and find they allow the characteristics of the instruments to ring true. I have not tried the auxiliary input feature yet, but it a smart feature to have. The family, neighbors and the dog really appreciate the silent practice drills.

    The ear muffs fit well, but be advised the quoted weight goes up when you add the batteries. Sadly, the control dials and switches are hard to work when you have the headphones on. The tactile ridges and height of the dials are not adequate. The flexible ear muffs have a somewhat cheesy feel to them. The connection cable seems frail. I attribute these shortcomings to China manufacturing “artistic licensing” with VOX specifications – something VOX should really address to protect their fine reputation and quality (of their full size amplifiers).

  • Kenny Brown
    from Avon In. October 11, 2014Music Background:

    Vox Headphones AC30

    Just ok I was expected Better

  • Karl
    from flat rock, Mi. August 19, 2013Music Background:
    over 30 years of playing

    Started good ended bad!

    Used this piece of equipment only three times. At first it was amazing, good sound easy to use. By the the third usage there was constant static, and the thing would cut off.
    Sending it back, very disappointed!

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