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On-Stage Stands KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Z-Stand Reviews

4.5 stars based on 42 customer reviews
Questions about the On-Stage Stands KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Z-Stand?

Questions about the On-Stage Stands KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Z-Stand?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Carson McClain

    A must have for any live musican. These stands are rugged and can handle the abuse of touring.

  • from CT March 1, 2017Music Background:
    Home Musician

    Good Stand

    This is my second Z-Stand. It is well made can handle a load securely and being able to adjust the height and width makes it very easy to setup to your needs. This is a good stand at a good price. The other benefit is that you can add a second tier in the future if needed. It does fold up if you need to transport it but it can be a little tricky the first time you do it, once you figure it out there is no problem. Personally I think that this stand is one that is better for the home or studio (that's me) for once you set it up you are good to go. If you are a keyboard player gigging a lot then a simpler but quality stand my fit the traveling needs better

  • from Aurora, Colorado December 20, 2016Music Background:
    Beginner Keyboardist / Aspiring Producer

    Solid Stand

    This is a very solid stand. It is simple to adjust and collapse. It supports the weight of my FA08 workstation without the slightest hint of instability. The crossmembers have never intruded on my leg room. I will not hesitate to add a second tier when it becomes necessary. I am certain it could easily handle another device of equal weight.

  • from Point Arena, CA December 15, 2015

    Best Available

    Pros: Strong, sturdy, light, quick setup, good width range, fair price.

    Cons: A little more height would be nice.

  • from Rock Island, IL November 29, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Heavy Duty

    It holds my Fender Rhodes at standing height. Enough said.

  • from Pennsylvania January 24, 2015Music Background:
    Retired and Entertaining in Rest Homes

    Nothing but the best.

    I have had different keyboard stands over the years but none suited me.
    They were not strong enough, wobbled when playing the keyboard, thin legs and unstable on various places you had to set up. The On-Stage-Stand KS7350 cannot be beat. It is solid in every way and holds up to about 300 lbs.

  • from Denver, CO USA November 13, 2014Music Background:
    Musician & educator

    Solida and useful stand!

    This is a great purchase and solidly holds my heavier 88 key Kurzweil keyboard.

    The putting it together was the only (slight) in the process. The lack of instructions was noticed but not insurmountable. A few minutes resolved my questions and it was holding the piano.

  • from St. Augustine, FL August 18, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, student, some public performances

    On-Stage Stands KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Z Stand

    This stand is rock solid, easy to assembe, easy to break down and not particularly heavy to transport to gigs, especially if you buy the soft carry bag option. I use a Nord Stage 2 88 which is not particularly heavy or wide and this stand is perfect for it. As I use pedal, the Z design works much better for me than the standard X stand configuration. The On-Stage is also very easy to adjust and the sides adjust independantly which helps me level the keyboard when I'm playing outside or on unlevel surfaces (as in lawns and old church halls). This has been a great purchase for me.

  • from Gadsden,al April 23, 2014Music Background:
    music pastor

    Great deal!!

    Excellent durability and easy to adjust

  • from April 21, 2014

    On-Stage Stands KS7350 Pro Heavy-Duty Z-Stand

    Great stand! Very professional!

  • from Muskego, WI April 3, 2014Music Background:
    Bass player for many years, now learning keyboard

    Great Stand

    Well thought out Keyboard Stand. Well constructed (I'm Fussy). Upper and lower Z arm's flip around for easier transporting. Easy height and width adjustments.

    Sweetwater is always helpful and quick with delivery.

  • from Los Angeles January 4, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Musician

    This thing is a god send!!!!

    I was looking everywhere for a compact but sturdy stand to compliment my Numark NS 6 DJ Mixer in my recording studio. I tried mixer stands, tables, x keyboard stand, you name it. Nothing was suitable for it until I got this thing. It's perfect!!!

  • from Florida May 15, 2013Music Background:


    Heavy duty, adjustable, and very stable, and folds down compact. I bought this one because I need to have a pedalboard at my feet while on stage, which you can't do with an X stand. Also purchased the mic boom adapter and carrying bag. Bag is huge and also holds my guitar stands, pedals, cables, etc... Would not hesitate to purchase another one if I need it.

  • from Metamora, MI May 8, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboard and bass player

    Very strong

    This is a very strong and sturdy stand and it can hold allot of weight. I like the fact that if I sit and play my legs have room not like the x stands. You can get the attachment for the upper keyboard also, which I did. It work great.

  • from May 3, 2013Music Background:
    Keyboard player

    A "must have" stand

    Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on this stand. It is well-made and very sturdy. On the down side, it does not come with any assembly directions. It took about a half hour to figure out how to assemble but in the end is well worth it.

  • from Racine, WI January 5, 2013Music Background:

    Just what I expected

    Hard to picture this stand holding up a huge keyboard, but it does it very well.

  • from West Des Moines, Iowa December 27, 2012Music Background:

    Z stand

    I knew the stand would be good because I have seen one in action. I was very impressed by your customer service and speed of delivery. Top notch.

  • from September 7, 2012

    You can't go wrong with On-Stage Stands

    Great stand, very durable. It's been my observation that On-Stage makes incredibly secure stuff - don't see any chance of it collapsing or breaking down under my fairly hefty workstation. Height adjustment is straightforward and easy. The same goes for adjusting the width, which is an incredibly useful feature that will allow the stand to securely hold larger keyboards. Only con I would note about this stand is that it doesn't come with instructions - it comes assembled in its compact state (which makes it very easy to travel with - i just stick it under a seat in the car), so it took me a few minutes to figure out how to take it apart. Reassembly just involves unfolding the 'Z' supports and connecting them with the width adjustment crossbeam.

  • from Springfield, Il June 24, 2012Music Background:
    Keyboard player 15+ years

    Best heavy duty stand today

    A friend of mine purchased this stand first. He got tired of me borrowing it so I finally decided to get my own! It was one of the best - if not the best - decisions I've made. Thx to the engineers of "On Stage Stands". You've hit the pinnacle with this design.

  • from Davenport, IA USA June 13, 2012Music Background:
    Weekend warrior musician

    Solid, smart design

    Prior to buying this stand, I used an "X" stand and didn't care for its lack of stability. This Z-stand is *very* sturdy and it can adjust to a comfortable enough height for almost any player. The top and bottom "shelf" legs of this stand pivot easily into their horizontal locked position, making my setup very quick. When the gig's done, the shelf legs release with the push of a spring button and pivot back into their transport position. The only improvement I could suggest for this design would be for these shelf legs to lock into their transport position, too; as it is, they can flop out of transport position when you're carrying the stand. Use of this model's optional stand bag would make that a non-issue. Since I don't use a bag for transport, I don't bother lowering the stand height or disassembling it - I just pivot the shelf legs into their transport position and hang the stand on hooks in our trailer. Bottom line: I'm very happy with this stand. It's a bargain at Sweetwater's price and it suits my needs perfectly.

  • from Centreville, VA May 21, 2012Music Background:
    Worship Leader

    Superior Music Stand!!!

    This truly is a work of art and function all rolled into one! It's lightweight, doesn't take up as much floor space and doesn't bang up my knees when sitting. I would, however, have appreciated some instructions with assembly for the first time. Other than that, can't say enough good things about the Folding Z-Stand!

  • from Hoyoke,MA March 11, 2012Music Background:
    Beginer hobbyist.

    Heavy duty folding z-stand

    I am really happy with this purchase. The stand is very strong, adujstable and easily assembled. It's even portable if needed.

  • from Columbus, OH February 21, 2012Music Background:
    Home Recording Enthusiast, Classically Trained Musician, Sound Designer

    Built like a TANK!

    Once you use of these, all the others are virtually toys in comparison! I also have the second tier on mine and with full 88 weighted-hammer-action-keyed synth on base and another heavy-weight 61 key 'viral-type' board on top, there's absolutely no fear of this ever tipping over even on carpet and the ocassional 23 LB Maine Coon Cat curiosity leap on it (I keep my boards covered). Plan to get another for rest of the 'family of synths' because no other brand makes quality like this. Also, same brand makes a VERY sturdy angular, free-standing rack mount for sound modules, etc. with the VERY same sturdy workmanship. Once you use one you will regard all the others as high-priced ironing boards--think about it!

  • from New Castle, IN February 12, 2012Music Background:

    Using as a Rack Stand

    I bought this stand to use with a Gator GRC-10x8
    rack. Even at it's narrowest setting, it was too wide for the rack to sit on it. I modified it, making the center support smaller by removing the knobs, grinding off the nuts, cutting the tubing, drilling and then spot welding the nuts back on, painted and now it will slide down to 14'" wide. I then put some self adhesive rubber weatherstripping on the top to keep the rack from sliding on it.
    It works great, looks great and can be folded up to take up less room. Love it!

  • from January 17, 2012Music Background:
    Keyboard, Mainstage 2 (DAWs)

    best stand I've ever owned!

    I've owned numerous types of keyboard stands before and I have to say this is my all time favorite ever! It's completely customizable as for as how wide and tall you want it and it packs away completely to a small footprint. This stand is 100% worth the investment.

  • from Pa September 3, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Very strong

    Strong stand with plenty of adjustments and option for a second tier. This one is a winner.

  • from June 12, 2011Music Background:
    Long-time hobbyist

    Super strong

    Hands down the strongest stand I've owned, and I've had a-frames, Ultimate Apex, X-stands, and a few others. They all have their uses, but if you need sturdy, this is the one. I wouldn't hesitate to stand on it.

    One minor beef (all my fault of course), and some advice: if you use your studio in your bare feet, watch out for those bottom support beams! They stick out a little further than the top ones - which will fool your eyes for positional awareness of the bottom ones if you aren't paying attention - and I lost a toenail to one. This thing is way more rugged than my toes! :-o

  • from Santa Monica ca May 30, 2011Music Background:
    Composer performer producer sound design


    Whether it be an entire Protools recording system, the latest sound in keyboard technology or a simple Z Stand, Sweetwater provides thorough research followed up with logical options. This gives the customer confidence to choose direction which is then executed flawlessly by the Sweetwater team and backed by Professionals doing business with Professionals. I know I can count on excellence from Sweetwater Sound.

  • from Orlando, FL December 27, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Equipment Stand

    Needed a stand for my live rack, and the X stands just didn't cut it. This fills the need and then some for medium to heavy racks of standard width besides keyboards.

    Only reason I didn't give it a 5 is set-up is a little time consuming, but worth the effort.

  • from Temple Terrace, FL September 4, 2013Music Background:
    hobbyist / semi pro musician

    Great stand, very sturdy and solid

    Great gear... solid and reliable. Put together well. No shakiness or looseness, it just feels solid. Figuring out how to put it together initially takes 5 minutes, no big whoop. Pretty good range of size adjustment too. Would buy again.....and I just may, seeing how I've had terrible luck with stands lately.

  • from Houston, TX August 14, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Team instrumentalist and aging rocker

    The better way to go

    When deciding which stand for my new Nord Stage to buy, my Sweetwater rep David shared how the "Z" (which he already owned) was far superior to the X-frame versions. He is exactly right. While a little challenging to put together, it is amazingly light but sturdy, with no real movement when in use. I play aggressively and David steered me to the right accessory.

  • from New England July 30, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Great Stand

    Great stand with lots of clear space under for pedals. (I use it backwards so the bottom cross bar is away from my shins) It adjusts to tall enough to play standing up with good wrist position (I am just on 6 feet) and is quite stable even at that (under an 88 so I've got it pulled out width-wise).

    It will break down into a small package but I just slide the sides together., lower it down, flip the arms over and I am done. A bungy chord around the lower legs can be useful if you have to load in through a crowd.

    The only issue with this is you will want to glue some cork or similar to the top rails to stop your board sliding around. That is the only reason I knocked off half a point.

    My other stand is a WS550 which has the advantage that you can have the back legs off the riser, but it won't go up to standing height and is less stable.

  • from January 11, 2013

    Excellent product

    Excellent product, perfect for the application, very stable and most importantly foldable and easy to transport. I would definitely recommend it.

  • from Toledo, Ohio November 26, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist and student

    The On-Stage Pro-Heavy Duty Z-Stand KS7350 is more than adequate for the price.

    The Z-Stand is solid and portable, and much better than other stands in the price range. The only difficulty is putting it together. But that took only about 10 minutes before I realized the "Z" concept controlled the process.

  • from Springfield, OR April 4, 2012Music Background:
    Student - Music Production

    It's a Beast

    Solid, sturdy design, it's heavy and balanced. I use it in a home-studio setting, in a very crowded space and somewhat high-traffic area; I've bumped into my keyboard a few times, each with no unhappy consequence.

    It was a bit of a puzzler getting it set up, but once I outsmarted the architecture, it seemed pretty obvious (literally laughed at myself for taking so long to get it together).

    Great Product... which is no surprise because it's Sweetwater we're talking about.

  • from West Palm Beach, Florida January 19, 2012Music Background:

    Solid Keyboard Stand

    Relatively speaking, one would have to hit it good to damage it. The wide base gives a good stability. The only downside is that it does not lock into keyboards as some stands do. The keyboard is held on the stand via gravity. This is not an issue for us.

  • from Crystal Lake, IL January 9, 2012Music Background:
    Composer hobbyist

    Good all around stand

    I purchased this stand for my Yamaha keyboard. The stand is very stable and solid. It folds down quite compactly, although I don't ever fold it up, it stays setup in my home studio. It has several preset height adjustments which seem to be appropriate for standing or sitting for most people. The width is adjustable to whatever you are putting on it. I am very happy with it and would recommend it.

  • from Chester, SC USA April 23, 2013Music Background:
    Singer, Sound Tech., Musician

    Heavy-Duty Z-Stand

    This is a fantastic stand. It turned out to be exactly what I needed. Sturdy, Strong, adjustable and easy to fold down and carry. It really is what I wanted and working great. I also bought the carry case and this makes it even easier to transport from place to place without getting my equipment all scratched up.

  • from Painesville, OH January 14, 2013Music Background:

    Great Stand

    Solid, easily portable stand for home or playing out. Got it for my son and he really likes it for his Roland 300GX and he mounted a second tier for his synthesizer.

  • from Ames, IA August 2, 2012Music Background:

    Nice Stand. Very portable.

    I bought this stand because I recently moved cross country and could not fit my other z stand in my car, so I had to leave it out on the curb. This stand is almost as sturdy as my old one, but so much more portable. It breaks down into small pieces, so I won't be leaving it by the side of the road!

  • from Milwaukee, WI April 17, 2012Music Background:

    Skinned Shins

    This is a a very sturdy and well constructed stand, but I have two minor issues. First, I'm finding folding it flat and then unfolding it is kind of a hassle. Second, since I use a pedal, I sometimes find the shin of my right leg hitting the bottom cross bar to reach the pedal. Other than these minor issues, a great product.

  • from Shreveport, La March 25, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer/ musician

    Great stand!

    Great stand and an excellent price. Very well constructed, and easy to assemble.

  • from Oklahoma City June 29, 2016Music Background:


    This stand is pretty solid. It seems like it would hold any weight keyboard or amp you might throw at it. It's not as wobbly as an "X" brace stand. It gets to the heights and widths I want. Lots of people seem to love it.

    My main disappointment is this is not as simple to setup nor quickly adjustable as it looked like it would be. I was expecting more spring-locks. It also has several pinch points. Plus, it doesn't collapse to a size that stores or transports well unless you want to spend more time disassembling it—which, in turn, adds more time to setup. Also, the cross bars seem to be right at shin or knee height when sitting down using a sustain pedal or other effects. So, for me, it makes it both impractical for a studio keyboard situations as well as too cumbersome and awkward for live use. Maybe I'll find a better use for it in the future.

    It's certainly sturdy, but for the cost I would evaluate the appeal of this shape of stand. A table or platform style stand might be a better alternative to this.

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