Waves Z-Noise Plug-in for Academic Institutions - Native No Longer Available

Multi-band Noise Reduction Plug-in with Improved Low-frequency Resolution - Academic - Mac/PC AAX Native, RTAS, AudioSuite, VST, AU
Item ID: ZNoiseNatEdu

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Waves Z-Noise Plug-in for Academic Institutions - Native image 1
Waves Z-Noise Plug-in for Academic Institutions - Native image 1

Sorry, the Waves Z-Noise Plug-in for Academic Institutions - Native is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Waves Z-Noise Plug-in for Academic Institutions - Native
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Z-Noise Cleans Your Audio of Noise with Pinpoint Accuracy!

Note: This is an offer from Waves allowing approved educational facilities to purchase this software at a special discounted price. A school Purchase Order (PO) is required to order this product.

You know how good the Waves plug-ins are. Chances are good that you own one or more Waves products. Now the company is tackling the toughest problem in the audio world: Extraneous noise. Using a brand new proprietary algorithm, Z-Noise quickly cleans up any background noise from your recordings without nasty artifacts or compromising the quality of your audio. Z-Noise runs in native mode on Mac or Windows systems (TDM, RTAS, VST, AU, MAS or Direct X formats supported). Leaves your audio squeaky clean.

Waves Z-Noise Native Features at a Glance:
  • Brand new proprietary algorithm with real-time operation
  • Accurate dynamic noise profiling
  • Better high frequency resolution and low frequency preservation
  • Advanced transient preservation
  • Uses iLok copy protection on Mac or Windows platforms

Brand new proprietary algorithm with real-time operation
Waves X-Noise plug-in was highly acclaimed for its capabilities, but Z-Noise utilizes a newer, more advanced, more "musical" proprietary algorithm with an exclusive "Extract" mode which can create a noise profile from sources that contains audio or in Adaptive mode. Dynamic noise profiling even produces superb results when reducing noise that changes over time. Real-time operation means you can tweak parameters and hear the changes as you make them.

Accurate dynamic noise profiling
Waves Z-Noise lets you shape your noise profile with pinpoint accuracy, utilizing a familiar five-band EQ interface with real-time operation. You can monitor the entire audio output or just hear the isolated noise being removed. There are plenty of noise profile shaping tools that can zero-in on tape hiss, ground hum and even complex computer noise. With true broadband processing, you can eliminate hiss and rumble simultaneously

Better high frequency resolution and low-frequency preservation
Other noise reduction systems are limited by traditional FFT band split modes, which divide your audio into equally spaced bands and can result in insufficient time resolution in the low frequencies. Z-Noise changes that and preserves all the high and low frequency information in your audio. No more "smeared" audio imaging that lacks high-end crispness and low-end clarity.

Advanced transient preservation
Using innovative transient preservation and exclusive extractive/adaptive dynamic noise detection, Z-Noise lets you remove noise without diminishing the power and overall dynamic punch of your original recording. Z-Noise even lets you choose between increased frequency resolution, time resolution or both.

Uses iLok copy protection on Mac or PC platforms
Z-Noise uses the latest iLok copy protection and can run on Mac systems up to OSX 10.4.2 and Windows XP Professional or XP Home. Supported plug-in formats include TDM and RTAS, VST, Audio Units (AU), MAS and Direct X. This means you're not limited to just one or two applications, but virtually all audio hosts available today!

Waves Z-Noise Features:
  • New, more "musical" algorithm
  • Dynamic noise profiling with 5-band EQ interface
  • Extract mode creates noise profile from any audio
  • Real-time operation lets you hear changes as you make them
  • Preserves low frequency resolution
  • Delivers improved high frequency detail
  • Reduced time domain sensitivity for less "smear"
  • True broadband processing
  • Quickly eliminates hiss, hum or rumble
  • Lets you choose between increased frequency or time resolution
  • Convenient iLok copy protection
  • Runs "native" on both Mac and Windows platforms
Waves takes noise reduction to a new level of sophistication!

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