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Allen & Heath ZED-428 Mixer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 5 customer reviews
Questions about the Allen & Heath ZED-428 Mixer?

Questions about the Allen & Heath ZED-428 Mixer?

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  • Duncan
    from Mobile, AL USA August 12, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Live Sound Engineer

    Just as advertised

    Want a great mixer? This is it. With super quiet preamps, plenty of headroom, great EQ section, six aux sends, silky smooth long throw
    faders and built like a tank. This true 24 channel mixer is a winner.
    I use the USB to record band rehearsals for instant playback reference and for "live" demos and song ideas. The recordings are crystal clear.
    You will have to use the channel strips to return your aux/efx sends since it has no aux returns or inserts, but that's how the big shows do it anyway.
    So, for a great price and the Allen & Heath name, you can't go wrong with this mixer.

  • Alex
    from June 20, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    King of the 24 Channel Analog Consoles

    This board is the greatest 24 channel mixer ever made for less the 2000 dollars.

    I have been the chief sound engineer at my high school for the past 3 years, and have used this board almost the entire time. In my time it has been through 3 musicals, 4 cabaret shows, 8 talent shows, 13 concerts, and preformed absolutely flawlessly.

    This board was bought used by the school in 2002, and I have been told that it was manufactured in 1996, and used as a rental up until we bought it. That means that it managed to survive 6 years in a PA rental house, and 8 years of student sound engineers up until I arrived. It is still as good as new.

    Unfortunately, earlier this year, someone opened the flight case locks and vandalized the board while I had it set up for a show. I sent it off for repairs, and had to use a Soundcraft LX7ii while I was waiting for it to come back.

    Following that experience, I swear I will never use another brand of large format analog mixer ever again. Allen and Heath is the best.

  • Jeff S
    from North Central Illinois, USA August 29, 2012Music Background:
    Semi-pro musician, recording and sound engineer

    Sounds great and built like a tank

    Based on great reviews about this board, I purchased a ZED428 to handle studio recording and live sound situations for me. The other reviews were right, and I'm adding mine to the pile...this is a great piece of gear! Fit and finish are excellent. My favorite features are: 100mm faders, signal LED's on each channel, direct outs on each channel, switchable phantom power on each channel, bypassable 4-way eq's, and the small level meters on the subs and mains. Between the two matrix sections, 4 subs and 6 aux channels, there are a lot of routing capability with this desk. Highly recommended!

  • Dennis Adams
    from Princeton Ky December 17, 2009Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Guitar, Bass, and Drum player

    Nice sound board

    I have had this mixer for about a year and really like it. Lots of in's and out's. Nice pre's but not the best. It's not a 5000 dollar mixer but works well for me. Top loading makes it easy for recording. Has most of the bells and whistles but no on board effects. If the pre's were just a little warmer and on board effects were added it would surely be one of the very best. Over all performance is great. Totally happy with this mixer. I called Allen And Heath with a question and they responded to my question FAST. They emailed me with a answer in just a few minutes.

  • Col. Don
    from USA September 5, 2016

    A&H ZED-428

    I paid for this unit using U.S. Bank money orders. I mailed sent the M/O on Sat afternoon via USPS. Sweetwater had the ZED428 in my hands Tuesday afternoon… Talk about impressed, fantastic!
    The unit itself is very nice, in fact beautiful to say the least in person. Just a couple cosmetic blemishes top side, No big deal. Knobs are all tight, buttons are stiff so unless its used every single day...little chance a slight bump or budge of the hand would move anything out of sync or change a setting. (I like that myself).

    Unit DOES NOT come with any sound effects, you will need to purchase that separately which was my mistake. I really wanted on board effects. I could have sent the ZED428 back but like an idiot and all excited I trashed the original carton two weeks before I was able to set the ZED428 up and go over it. So I'm stuck with a less than desired unit, (my fault)
    FYI – A need to know --Sweetwater will not take anything back without all original boxes, packaging and shipping materials.
    That's OK I was able to find an separate sound effects unit for a couple hundred bucks more that would work and would certainly meet my needs. Thanks to the fellas at Sweetwater, Kyle and Steve.
    USB cable connection is not in a good location, its topside right next to the headphones. The USB doesn't work for my needs which is yet another reason I bought this unit and one more reason for low stars, it does not perform as expected. (Very disappointed) in functionality)

    Is the only good thing about this unit that impressed me. The amps are extremely quiet, no hiss, no buzz, no Swirl, and super sensitive, in fact… using an ElectroVoice RE20 original, I think I could hear a mouse fart across the studio. You will certainly want to purchase a nice Gate as an add on, yet one more thing that makes the ZED-428 bitter sweet for me, I love the fact the amps are that sensitive and super clear, but really… I don’t care to hear the cooling fan from the ZED428 when I’m broadcasting.

    Overall, not impressed a mistake of purchase, I think this unit is over hyped in reviews all across the internet. I’ve not read one bad thing about the ZED428 but now that I own it and I’m stuck with it, I warn you to be careful and think about it before you pay out that much money for something and dislike it as much as I do.

Questions about the Allen & Heath ZED-428 Mixer?

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