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Allen & Heath ZED-14 Mixer Reviews

4.0 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the Allen & Heath ZED-14 Mixer?

Questions about the Allen & Heath ZED-14 Mixer?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • Jules
    from Albany, GA June 12, 2016Music Background:
    Drummer and Sound Tech 30+ years. Bass and Guitar novice.

    Sounds great, fantastic routing capabilities.

    I have a home project studio for tinkering around and doing some professional radio spots and television voiceovers. As I have gotten deeper into this and realized I really had under-bought on much of my gear, I have replaced almost all of it with gear more capable of turning out high quality projects.

    I just got the Allen and Heath board several days ago. I went into using it in a utilitarian manner, which is to say that I was only thinking of the ease of routing options and ability to do a live monitor, thus avoiding the latency of listening to the track being recorded after being digested and regurgitated through the recording software.

    But, without even focusing on it, the clarity and robust sound of the board hit me right square between the ears.

    I have replaced a whole chain of equipment with this single unit and latency is reduced, as is noise. I had considered a Yamaha and Mackie but went with this based on a few comments from retail sales people here and there, and my own gut. NO REGRETS, and no buyer's remorse.

    I look forward to getting to know this board better and better and am truly excited to get new projects going.

  • Mike Chapman
    from Atlanta March 25, 2016Music Background:
    Semi Retired pro

    Sonic Zen In An Affordable Package

    I recently purchased this Mixer as a part of a major upgrade for my rock band's sound system. We had been using a Behringer 1680s powered mixer and a pieced together main and monitor system. The system worked, but barely.

    This mixer is the core of a vastly upgraded system. it is feeding two QSC K12's. The sound is very clean, very low distortion. .00 something THD. The faders are very smooth. The EQ is powerful and voiced in a great range for vocals. Love the sweepable mids. The board has two pre fade aux sends for monitor mixes and two post fade aux sends for effects. It is very well laid out and is very easy to make adjustments to in between songs. My band is very happy with the initial results.

    Of equal importance to the quality and price of this product is the service that Charle Davis my sales consultant provided on this purchase. He was very knowledgeable and answered all questions about the board before my purchase. After I received the board he spent a good bit of time on the phone with me making sure I had the board set up and wired correctly with my Lexicon Effects unit. Sweetwater has the best service on the planet. Thank You Charlie!!

  • Elias Antonas
    from Florida June 9, 2015Music Background:
    Classical Piano, acoustic and electric guitars, synths, Pro Tools 11 and some film/video editing

    A & H Zed 14 NICE Mixer!!

    I mainly use it in my home studio with QSC 12 PAs. The USB works fine with my MacBook Pro for example, playing backing tracks. I also connect 4 channels out of my VoiceLive 3 (stereo vocals, stereo guitar) ... And also stereo cables for two more channels from my keyboard. With 12 channels on the unit I have sufficient inputs for all my needs. This unit is sturdy and nice-looking. Simply put ... GOOD QUALITY. I am someone who does a LOT of research before I make purchases, and even the nice quality faders was a selling point for me. It's so nice and simple to use. I am VERY pleased with this mixer.

  • Michael V. Perea
    from Chaleston South Carolina May 22, 2015Music Background:
    Stage, Rock Covers, originals and Acoustic performance

    The Zed

    For the money, hands down, the zed is perfect for a small my venue. I has a Mix wizard once and loved it.... Allen & Heath consistently produces quality products at all levels of cost

  • Customer
    from Ogden, Utah July 18, 2013Music Background:

    quiet fatness

    replaced an inexpensive yamaha board with this one. quiet, easy hookup, big fat sound. the Brits like sweet "boom-tizz" type EQ-- just a touch here and there, or lots more if you want to blow something up!nailed it with this unit. i use an older Soundcraft desk to mix on in my studio. This has that sound--natural, clear, full, honest. plenty of routing options, inserts, and lots of headroom. great fader feel. does its job effortlessly. inspires confidence. solid unit.

  • Carl Schaffner
    from United States February 12, 2012Music Background:
    Internet Radio DJ

    Zen-14 Sweetness

    A sizable mixer with a professional feel even for we amateurs. The 4 Aux sends and easy patch arrangement make it a snap to bring in multiple audio sources for Amateur Radio. The Large sliders teamed with multiple outputs allows for a wide range of uses. After "Saving" money on a lesser quality mixer I've found the bargain I can really use.

  • Jeremy Brockman
    from Southern Wisconsin December 14, 2011Music Background:
    Producer,engineer,tune smith.

    Quick Fix to permanent installation.

    I have been recording/mixing on a hybrid, large format custom console, tape and DAW for years. From Ramsa to the most recent > a custom modified 1980s Soundcraft 200 b deluxe . Over the course of a recent mix I could hear the internal workings start to go.Finally I hear a fuzz…. hissy crescendo… good by power supply.
    In need of a quick fix, small format mixer that I could bring a few stems out, along with my Dangerous 2 bus return and the 4 tracks off the MCI quad mastering deck.
    I went with this little monster due to one thing........
    100 mm long throw P&G faders.
    @ this price point I had a hard time finding a mixer with this feature.
    After 2 decades throwing faders around it was essential to have these for my work flow.
    After talking with my rep Mark Thompson of my needs for this quick fix I went with the ZED.
    I received the unit the next day re worked the myriad of cables, brought up the pro tools session, put on a new reel of tape and rolled with it. Right out the box this unit worked flawlessly, quite, great headroom, nice features such as line & mic signals on different stages of the gain staging of the pre, decent EQs especially for cutting signals,I even tried the mic pre on a ribbon mic, hey what do you know it worked and sounded good too!
    The unit has great routing for those who need an interface(all though I don't use the ZED as an interface Im sure that it will exceed expectations in that manner as well.)
    As a quick fix to finish a mix for a client Im impressed with the Zed and enjoy working with this piece of kit.
    I haven't fixed the 200b, this will work for now and I use the Dangerous 2 bus more on a project due to the use of the ZED.
    I ve purchased many products for my commercial studio from Sweetwater and will continue to in the future.

  • Richard Maggio
    from Hackettstown, NJ March 24, 2016

    Great full featured mixer

    I am part of a music duo where each of us sings and plays guitar. We had an old Samson mixer that was working well for us, but I started to research what it would take to be able to record each track separately out of the mixer. This was the only mixer I could find in this price range that supported this. The ZED-14 doesn't have direct outs for each channel, but it has inserts, which can easily be converted to a direct out with a minor modification to the cables. This is even documented on Allen & Heath's website!

    I'm new to live sound, so it took me a little time to ramp up on how to really use the mixer. The biggest stumbling block was how to integrate our reverb unit since the old mixer had a dedicated aux out/aux return. Here we have aux outs, but one of the mixer channels needs to be used for the return. I'm using one of the stereo returns which works perfectly. I also have an mp3 player hooked up to one of the stereo inputs to play backing track to rehearse.

    So even though this mixer seemed like overkill with the number of inputs, it's not as much as I thought it would be. It's good to have room to grow in case we add additional instruments in the future.

    The knobs feel very solid. The jacks have a very solid feel also when you insert the cables. I like that the power supply is built into the mixer...no external transformer or wall wart. I like that I can push a button and disable a channel and leave the slider where it is. Very solid overall construction.

    My one an only gripe, and it's more of a nit, is that the sliders don't feel as solid as I thought they would. They work well, but they feel cheap. That's the only reason I dinged a half star.

    The lengthy faders are a "feature", though I could have done with shorter ones. If they were shorter the mixer would be a little smaller.

    I bought TRS cables and disconnected the ring wire on each end. On the plug that goes into the insert on the mixer, I shorted the tip and ring pins. O the plug that goes into the recorder (I am using a Tascam DR-70D) I shorted the sleeve and ring pins. It worked without shorting the pins on the recorder side, but I did it anyway since it seemed the more "proper" way to do it.

    The direct outs are before the faders and EQ but after the gain adjustment for the channel. At first I was bummed that I wouldn't get the reverb, but have discovered it's better this way. With dry tracks I have much more flexibility in making the tracks sound as I want and can easily add reverb in the mixing stage.

    I also got the Gator case for it since this gets packed up for gigs 2 or 3 times a month. It's been used at 2 gigs and 2 rehearsals so far and is working great. Very pleased with this purchase. Now I can start working on our demo CD from the multitracks I am capturing using this mixer.

  • Julian
    from United States June 22, 2013Music Background:
    Musician, Sound Designer


    Good sounding mixer which has been great for my home recording. Feels sturdy and well composed.

  • DoM
    from Dallas, TX January 5, 2011Music Background:
    DJ / Producer

    Amazing Mixer!

    Right out of the box you can see and feel the solid build of this mixer. The faders are very smooth and the knobs are rock solid. In comparison to my old Mackie, i'd say this has a much warmer, tighter sound. My only gripe is that i wish the USB audio was 24/96 instead of the measly 16/44.1

  • Customer
    from October 31, 2013

    Overall Great Board, Though Some Down Falls

    I got this board along with a full studio set-up. I did a lot of research on this board before buying it! Overall the board is great! A lot of features for the price, plus it being a usb board makes it all the better! After doing a lot of research I got it and set-up was simple and easy. The downfall I guess about this board is when the drivers were written they were only written for Mac, NOT WINDOWS!! I personally don't care for Macs so everything I have is Windows based. So I can't use this board, and found this out after the 30 return policy. Again Overall great board if you have a Mac! If you don't this is just a $400 big paper weight!!

  • Lambert Fooks
    from San Marcos, CA January 11, 2015Music Background:
    Pro gigging guitarist jazz, blues, etc.

    Great mixer for live...in the studio beware! USB is flaky

    This is a great mixing board, lots of useful features for the price point. My only grip is the use of USB 1.1 and not 2.0 or higher. What happens is the mixer randomly looses its connection to my DAW software. When I am using Audition, I have to unplug the USB cable and plug it back in. When I am using Reaper, I have to shut down Reaper and restart... very annoying!! Overall I do like the board even with the USB quirk. A simple Firmware update should fix it right Allen & Heath?

  • Isaac
    from February 26, 2016Music Background:

    Good features. Cheap. Some Issues.

    I use this board in my little all-analog recording studio, paired with a Fostex R-8 tape machine and some outboard compressors/reverbs. The feature set is really well though out, and its pretty ok sounding. Not much noise unless you push the faders all the way up. Stage your gain well and it sounds pretty good. EQ is just ok... the high shelf is harsh if you push it, and there is not enough headroom to boost the low end much at all. As long as you primarily cut, it can be made to sound pretty good. Hey, its not a Neve. No surprise there.

    The main problem I have had is that it keeps going out on me. Just now, two diodes blew up. Nasty smell. Now I gotta track down the values so I can replace them, they are too burnt up to read the color bands. This is the second time something has blown up in the master section. And I have only been using the board for about a month. Soooo... I think I am going to pick up something else. Mackie Onyx maybe.
    I think it is made with cheap "just enough to barely work" component values. Made in China for peanuts, Ladies and Gentlemen.

  • ben crea
    from Australia March 6, 2017


    If you're only using this for an analog mixer and you're so rich you can afford to throw it in the bin 6 months later I say go for it.

    The usb interface is a joke, 1.1 and windows drivers?

    Stupid thing goes out of sync and drops off, for me refreshing the usb connection did nothing to bring it back too. A complete reboot is needed to get back on track which is terrible because we're live webcasting.

    I'd love to get in contact with Allen & Heath but they seem to be cowering and not willing to discuss the "Ded 14"

Questions about the Allen & Heath ZED-14 Mixer?

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