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sE Electronics Z5600a II Reviews

5.0 stars based on 7 customer reviews
Questions about the sE Electronics Z5600a II?

Questions about the sE Electronics Z5600a II?

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  • Carson McClain

    The sE Electronics Z5600a2 gives musicians and engineers all of the capabilities they need in one mic. It's excellent choice for pop, country, folk, rock and any other vocals that need a clear and distinct sound that accentuates and records well. Not doing vocals? Pop this mic on an acoustic or any other stringed instrument for a robust sound that can cut through any mix.

  • from California May 22, 2017Music Background:
    Teacher, producer, multi-instrumentalist


    I run a recording arts program at Butte College in Northern Ca. We have a pretty great Mic locker, but I picked this up when we got a small grant, as we didn't have a good tube mic for vocals, and I had a limited budget. After having used Neumann 149 and Telefunken 251's on a recent record, I have a high standard for tube mics, and this one somehow lives up. The proof is that out of all our mic's the students constantly choose this one for vocals. We recorded 3 different female and a couple male vocals this semester through it and it always gave us a great sound. There is a tube vibe, with an even response, and a nice but subtle open air on top. The singers were actually inspired by the sound, and some got the final take in one or two tries. In mixing, very little EQ was necessary to make it shine in the mix.
    I then tried it on my singer, as we were doing an album, and had used the above mentioned 149 and 251 on a few vocal tracks, which made my AT4050 sound lesser than, and I needed to re-do the vocals I had done with it (when the other mic's weren't available). I ended up having her re-do all the vocals from the 4050 takes, and this mic was easy to make fit with the other high end ones on the album.
    Forget the great price, and judge it on sound and performance alone, and it is a must have.

  • from Colorado May 17, 2017

    Killer mic

    I picked up a Z5600a II about 4 years ago and that was my go-to mic for vocals for a few years thereafter. I did end up regrettably selling it but here's what I have to say about this mic: If I end up seriously getting back into audio production I will definitely be looking to add this to my collection again. This is the smoothest and "creamiest" mic I've ever used, it saturates so nicely when you hit the gain just right. Having the 9 polar patterns is a huge plus that makes it super versatile from vocals to drums to horn sections, this mic is definitely a workhorse. Well worth the price and the case it comes in is a nice little bonus too!

  • from May 2, 2017Music Background:

    A Great Polymic!

    Poly is derived from greek meaning many or much. So in context, this mic is great for everything! I've used it for vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, orchestral, etc. Everything I have recorded with this mic has always sounded really good! I particularly like using it for vocals. It has a smooth consistent sound when working with a variety of different voice types. This mic will always be a part of my arsenal.


  • from Princeton March 10, 2017Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Fantastic Mic

    This is a great mic for what I'm using it on. I am recording flamenco guitars about 12-17in away into a Martech MSS 10 mic Preamp. (Both mic and Preamp purchased from Sweetwater) The results are always clean clear well defined nuances picked up. Sweetwater has been great with the service. Most of my studio gear is from Sweetwater. I used to have a Neumann M149 and while this mic dose not capture the sound like the Neumann it certainly for the price allows me to get as close as I can for 1/5 of the price . That for me makes my day and the mic is a success. I am constantly getting positive feedback from others that I've heard the guitar recordings and they love the tone and sound. I do use a few plug-ins such as the waves API 550A or Scheps73 generally to clean up the low end. All in all I'm very happy with the Z5600aII and the sevice from Sweetwater

  • from CA February 26, 2013Music Background:
    Not much

    Z4500a II microphone

    this is a really good microphone and meets all my expectations.

  • from United States November 8, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer

    Sweet Mic!!

    This mic is a great addition to any studio. As a somewhat ameteur recording artist, this mic is a great all around tool. Put it on the figure eight setting and do some close mic'd vocals, and the bass boost from the proximity effect puts them up front in the mix before any production. The room that I record in is significantly less than ideal, but this mic seems to pick up the best of everything without any of the big reflections. If you are at all considering this mic, don't even think. Get it.

  • from Central Illinois July 24, 2010Music Background:
    B.A. Music, Former Pro Trombonist and Home Studio Junkie,

    A multi-talented mic that sounds great on vocals and many other instruments as well.

    I have a number of sE mics and the Z5600A is my favorite (with the sE TITAN coming in as a very close second).
    It is definitely a multi-talented mic that sounds great on vocals and on many other instruments as well. (My favorite for vocals)
    It is a "smooth and dimensional sounding" mic with some "air" that isn't raspy or gritty like some overseas built mics can be. I really like to use this in omni paired with the sE SE4 small diameter mic for acoustic guitar.

Questions about the sE Electronics Z5600a II?

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