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Blue Microphones Yeti Pro Reviews

4.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Customer
    from Dallas, TX June 13, 2017

    Yeti Blue Mounting

    Don't buy thid mic if you think you will ever want to mount it on a standard boom. No type of adaptor works. I have bought 3 from 3 sources and non work. I resent being asked to pay $ more for a holder so that this can be used on a boom. By the way, bought the boom and it did not work. It is foreign, non us standard and just not good. I am sour on the whole thing and will never buy another foreign made mic.

  • Andrew
    from Sacramento March 11, 2016Music Background:
    Rock, metal and hip-hop

    Such an amazing piece

    I bought this years ago, still works so awesomely, very well made. Very good lows and mids if you are a mid to low vocalist

  • Barclay
    from Los Angeles November 16, 2015


    Very nice. Its not going to replace a real pre-amp/expensive mic setup but the fact that it is basically a sound card so you can monitor the recording is huge. Its sounds great I do my radio show on the road with it. One note - its very large, so be aware its not a tiny little road mic, its a big condenser style mic. I think its a great product.

  • Robert Wilson Jr.
    from North Charleston, SC January 22, 2014

    Great product with multiple uses

    This is an excellent microphone! I saved up and finally got one and I was thoroughly impressed. I recorded a quick podcast to test the sound and I was blown away. I really love the fact that you can choose how you want the mic to pick up sound. All of the knobs and switches feel solid, and the stand is nice and sturdy. I plan on recording some songs soon and I can't wait to hear the crisp and clean vocals that this will provide me with.

  • Brooks
    from SF Bay Area April 12, 2013

    Great for VoiceOver & Narration

    Great sound and flexibility make this the best overall mic I have used for voice-over and narration work. USB when I need the simplicity and portability and full stereo analog when I have the need. The only downside is that when it was first removed from the packaging, it had an odor from which I presume comes from some manufacturing oils. It dissipated quickly.

  • Scotty Drake
    from Baton Rouge, LA January 15, 2013Music Background:
    Audiobook Narrator

    Good-sounding mic - but too sensitive

    While the Blue Yeti Pro sounds good, it has two drawbacks: it's sensitivity and its weight. Using it as a desktop mic, it will easily pick up the slightest accidental bump or tap made under the table. I tried to use it in the shock mount on a boom stand, but it was so heavy it fell over. If you try this configuration, be sure your boom has a heavy counterweight.

  • Or Tal
    from Mount Prospect, IL, USA December 14, 2012Music Background:
    Music Producer, Sound Engineer

    Sounds just barely OK

    I bought the yeti Pro one year ago

    it is a very sensitive mic, I tried to use it for vocals in a non acoustic environment - it sounded horrible!! no mid range - no low mids
    my shure KSM-32 was 1300% better

    also, when I connected The Yeti to Macbook Pro, there was some connection inconsistencies. the mic might not be recognized, and later for no reason at all - being recognized

    the headphones amp is OK

    if you record just sketches - It'll be fine - but will not sound great

    I tried also to record special effects for video's - it was OK but won't sound great as well.

    something sounds " Plastic " with this mic. hopes to get some better USB mics in the future.

  • Helio Chissini de Castro
    from Brazil May 31, 2012Music Background:
    Hobby producer

    Impressive mic with a few small quirks

    So far so good, the mike is a straightforward setup, even if you consider to use USB part in Linux machines. Quality is undeniable good.
    The only part that really is annoying is the all-on part. When connected to the USB, light and mike is on full time. Would be ok if have a on-off switch. I always end up disconnecting the cable for this reason.
    Is the only thing prevented me to add 5 start rate.

  • Benjamin
    from New Ulm, MN June 6, 2011Music Background:
    College Student Musician and Amateur Engineer

    Ultra-versatile, Phenomenal sound for USB

    USB microphones are coming in strong, with some pseudo-professional podcasters and Youtubers looking for great quality sound. The Yeti Pro, in particular, shines brighter and sounds better than any other USB microphone I've encountered.

    The Yeti Pro is big, and feels very sturdy. The knobs don't feel cheap (the 'polar pattern' knob is almost difficult to turn). The gain knob stays put where you set it. The built-in headphone amplifier is loud and beefy.

    Technically, the microphone is not as dummy-proof as I hoped it would be. Most USB mics are installed as external sound cards, which makes them plug-n-play. The Yeti Pro requires special drivers. But I'll overlook this because the utility sits in my task manager with a nice small footprint of 1,188 K.


    The sound of the microphone itself is certainly the best I've personally heard from any USB mic. The highs are crisp but not delicate, and vocal sibilance is not painful. The lows and low-mids are about as strong as you could get from small-diaphragm condensers. The overall sound is crisp and fairly accurate, but not overwhelmingly smooth. There's surprisingly little self-noise; this is a quiet microphone (laptop users may want to be unplugged to avoid noise from their charger).

    Cardioid mode: nothing spectacular. I've used it on a clean guitar amp, solo trombone, and solo alto sax. It can handle brass and woodwind instruments pretty well.

    Stereo mode: a glorified XY configuration, with not a narrow stereo field. It's sounds good with acoustic guitar or vocals, but don't try to use it with a choir.

    Omnidirectional mode: smoother response curve, but picks up too much room ambience to be used for music recording (except in well-treated rooms). This mode would probably work well sitting on big teleconference table.

    Figure-8 mode: smooths out the response curve pickup at the expense of more room ambience. This mode could be used in an interview setting, even though its output is mono.


    Bottom line: A very versatile mic, with a great sound the closest to studio-quality you can get from a USB mic. But it specializes in nothing: so it's not best for studio applications.

  • Frank Shaw
    from Melbourne, Australia June 2, 2011Music Background:
    Recording and Live Sound Engineer

    Blue Yeti Pro

    This mic sounds great I've been using it to record our Open Mic nights the sound quality is brilliant, Well worth the money for the versatility.

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