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Yamaha Arius YDP-142 - Rosewood Reviews

4.0 stars based on 3 customer reviews
  • Danni_Gal
    from August 20, 2015Music Background:
    Pianist of 15 years

    Love it!

    I was forced to look at getting another piano when my then current piano (Celviano) was giving me some real issues. I plan the majority of the music for our church, so I needed something reliable that I could practice on and experiment with new songs every week. My Mom was kind enough to search for a good alternative and when she found this one, we both started saving up for it to avoid the payments. We sold the other piano and plugged this one in just as soon as we put it together. (Easy to assemble, btw.) It has a very rich sound and is similar to some baby grands that I've been privileged to perform music on. In other words, the keys do not "click" when you pluck on them and the feel is of a regular piano, in my honest opinion. I've played lots of different pianos, but for an electric one, this is far better than most you will ever find. I think Yamaha outdid themselves with this design. But they usually take great care in the designs of their products.

    This piano has multiple features; many I might add, that I have yet to "tinkered" with. We have only had it for a few months, but on Day 1, I was very satisfied. Especially with the speedy shipping since it came two days earlier than predicted. It has two recording buttons and I probably drive my Mom crazy with the playlist that comes on the Demo! It also has many sound options to choose from, including three different piano sounds, along with strings, harpsichord, etc. We don't have a very large living room to set up a piano and this piano is the perfect size. It's also lighter (I think) than my Celviano, but yet the quality is much more professional. If you're looking for a piano that's worth its wood, I think you're looking at the right one. I'm so glad to have this piano and would recommend this to anyone--beginner or not!

  • Amato
    from Astoria,NY August 5, 2013Music Background:
    Semi Pro Gigging Musician

    Excellent Substitute

    This is an excellent Keyboard and a fine substitute for a real Piano.Three variations of a nice Piano Sound.There are other sounds but they really don't matter.Looks Great and sounds and feels alot like a real Piano.I could not give it 5 Stars for the following Reasons....
    1.The Sliding Cover...Should go in another inch...When playing the Flat Chords the middle finger is prone to grazing the cover.
    2.The Music Stand...it sits almost straight up...should lean back a bit more...can't keep much music on there at all.
    3.The Feet are plastic...Rubber should be on all Piano feet to eliminate those little Rattles/Vibrations when really digging in on the Piano.
    Of course I'm nit-picking here...All in all I'm very happy with this Piano...It sounds wonderful,feels nice,and looks great.I give much thanks to Bob Mondak...Called him at least 6 or 7 times to discuss my purchase and he always found time to talk over my options with zero pressure to purchase anything...A pleasure to deal with....

  • A. Alt
    from November 21, 2013Music Background:
    Playing piano for 1.5 years

    Extra chime, but satisfied for now

    I have this piano and overall I like it, it meets my needs. But I have a question about something I find unusual. To the right of middle C, When I press Eb and C(nat)(one octave up) I hear an "extra" sound in the background, kind of like a high-pitched chirping, or flutter. I first noticed it when I was wearing headphones. It was so soft in the "background" that I thought my phone might be ringing and took off my headphones to check. Anyone else experience this on their YDP-142?

    I like the feel like the keys, somewhat different than an acoustic though, to be expected. I think you have to go higher in price to get a model that simulates key/weight action more closely. I don't have tons of experience yet, only playing for 1 1/2 yrs. No regrets yet, but I'd say in the future, I'd want to try the piano first before ordering, and take headphones with. If you don't mind going through the sometimes painful return process, then trying one out before you buy isn't as critical.

    The plastic keys can be annoying sometimes. I'd go for simulated wood or ivory next time. Sometimes my fingers stick a little between the black ones, I think if my hands are room temperature when I play, then moisture and stickiness isn't as much of a problem. Honestly though, I don't have enough experience playing on a "real" piano to make the best comparison.

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