Novation X-Station 25 - 25-Key No Longer Available

25-key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with 24 Buttons, 8 Knobs, 8 Encoders, and 8 Sliders
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Novation X-Station 25 - 25-Key image 1

Sorry, the Novation X-Station 25 - 25-Key is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Novation X-Station 25 - 25-Key
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X-Station Plus Computer = Complete Music Creation Studio!

When you're getting into electronic music making for the first time, all of the things you need to get started can be not only confusing and expensive but they can take up a lot of space. Along with your computer, you'll need a high quality sound source, an audio interface, a MIDI interface, some phantom powered mic pres, and a controller that can not only perform music, but can control your soft synths, plug-ins, and sequencing software, and don't forget the effects processors. Now, imagine having all of that and more in an easily affordable, portable package, with NOVATION synthesis and audio quality. NOW YOU CAN! NOVATION stands for innovative sound and music production tools, and their new X-STATION combines a Novation-class Synthesizer, an audio solution, MIDI remote controller, MIDI interface and a multi-effects processor all in one - complete with USB* or battery power for extended total mobility!

  • Semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch, joystick, XY controller pad.
  • Phantom powered audio interface, MIDI interface, with onboard DSP.
  • NOVATION-class hardware synthesizer.
  • Onboard DSP effects.
  • Direct remote control for sequencer, soft/hardware synths.
  • Self-powered USB or battery powered.

Superb Semi-Weighted Keyboard In Three Sizes
The NOVATION X-STATION keyboard employs a premium-class mechanism with semi-weighted keys and aftertouch. Even if you're not a trained piano player you will instantly feel the difference! Aftertouch, a joystick and the assignable X/Y touch pad controller provide you with extra dimensions of expression for your performances. What's more, the NOVATION X-STATION comes in three sizes: 25, 49 and 61 keys - your choice of ultimately portable or plenty of keys! All models may be run off batteries, power supply or USB.

Audio And MIDI Interfaces
NOVATION X-STATION includes a fully featured audio interface with two phantom-powered, hi-quality converters, two Neutrik™ combined XLR and jack sockets, digital S/PDIF out, and much more. The NOVATION X-STATION's dedicated headphone and monitoring connections with separate controls even allow you to work without a mixer. What's more, the NOVATION X-STATION's onboard DSP effects processor provides instant, zero-latency multi-effects for monitoring or recording applications. Each of the X-STATION's audio channel has its own effects chain. You can even record audio with effects on one channel - and use the synthesizer on the second at the same time!

On top of that, the NOVATION X-STATION has a built in MIDI Interface on board, allowing you to integrate external MIDI Gear as well.

Hardware Synthesizer
A fully featured NOVATION-class hardware synthesizer also runs on the unique X-STATION hardware thanks to its powerful DSP processor! The X-STATION's 3-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer is based on the renowned Novation KS-series and is 8-voice polyphonic. The extensive control interface provides instant access to all key parameters, making it ideal for live performances.

And forget cables - the synthesizer is fully integrated: The stereo audio output is sent straight through the USB cable onto the track in your sequencer via ASIO!

DSP Effects
NOVATION X-STATION provides two channels of onboard multi-effects! Up to six effects may be used simultaneously on each channel. The palette includes Chorus, Delay, Reverb Distortion, EQ and even a Compressor. The X-STATION's effects can be routed for monitoring only (like giving the singer some Reverb while recording) or for recording as well (e.g. recording a guitar with Chorus).
Thanks to the NOVATION X-STATION's unique design, synthesizer and effects for incoming audio can even be used at the same time!

Direct Remote Control
Want a first class remote control for sequencer functions? Need a hardware surface for your VST-Instruments? Would you like to remote control other hardware from one surface? NOVATION X-STATION is your solution - no matter if you want to remote control your Access Virus™ or Propellarheads Reason™.

NOVATION X-STATION offers a total of 55 assignable physical controls, including 3 Encoders, 16 pots, 9 sliders and 22 buttons. And that doesn't include the dedicated controls in the Audio section. A template can have up to a massive 150 virtual controls in total using the shift functions!

Tired Of Wires?
the NOVATION X-STATION only needs one for everything - the USB cable. That's it. Even power is provided via USB* or batteries whenever desired! So if you really want to make your recordings on the beach - take your laptop, X-STATION and enjoy the sun as inspiration. But don't say we didn't warn you about the sun-burn and the sand all over your gear!

  • Virtual synthesizer control panel layout - all controls assignable.
  • Pitch bend, programmable mod wheel joystick.
  • Portable - can be powered via Batteries, USB or PSU Batteries auto.
  • Program storage for 40 electronic templates factory preset for packages including Reason, Native Instruments.
  • Controls Plug-Ins, Cubase, Logic, Sonar 2, Live 2 etc.
  • Two octave semi-weighted high quality aftertouch responsive Keyboard
  • Programmable X/Y touch pad surface.
  • 8 Voice polyphonic KS sound source.
  • 200 memories programmed with awesome Novation presets.
  • Superb Liquid Analog Sound.
  • Great Arpeggiator.
  • Zero latency headphone monitoring.
  • 44.1 / 48 kHz 24 bit simultaneous 2 channel Audio I/O.
  • Dual low noise, high bandwidth audio pre-amps with phantom power & >70 dB headroom.
  • Multi-FX processor per input with simultaneous Reverb / Chorus-Phaser/ Delay / Compressor / Distortion and EQ.
  • Integrated USB low latency Audio and MIDI.

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Carson McClain

When I unwrapped the Novation X-Station 25 chills went up my spine. Novation. Novation. Did I mention Novation? I plugged it in, powered it up, and I was in heaven. The blissful sounds of a hard trance synth were blowing through my speakers like a wall of sound and color. I also created some sweet Jungle and Drum n' Bass patches too. I kicked on the arpeggiator, dropped a beat on my software and I was creating some of the most high tech sounding electronica I have made in years. The sound quality on this device is breathtaking. You know all of those cool synths you hear when you are dancing with your girl in the club? They are built in! 200 of them rip-roaring and ready-to-go. Heart-throbbing bass, deafening leads and a candy store of arpeggiators. I found all of these without editing a patch, or even tweaking any knobs, which takes me to my next point. The number of knobs, faders, and controls on this thing were mind-blowing. As I explored the front-panel controls I noticed I could pull up a presets for Logic, Ableton, and Reason. My three favorite pieces of software. I was tweaking in all of my favorite DAWs right out of the box. As I dug deeper into the packaging, I found these cool template overlays. You place the overlays on top of the controller and they identify different controls for most of the popular soft synths out there. Malstrom, B4, and Kontakt just to name a few. It also has blank template overlays, one of which I customized for a free plug-in I downloaded called Buffer Override from Super Destroy FX. Everything is on the board, pitch, mod, ADSR, LFO's, cutoff, resonance, it's all there. I was addicted. Oh, by the way, did I mention the Joystick and XY pad controllers?
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