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Peavey XR-AT 9-channel 1500W Powered Mixer with Auto-Tune Reviews

3.5 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey XR-AT 9-channel 1500W Powered Mixer with Auto-Tune?

Questions about the Peavey XR-AT 9-channel 1500W Powered Mixer with Auto-Tune?

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  • William Engel
    from Clarksville Tn February 16, 2017Music Background:
    50 years Play Guitar and singing

    Peavey XR-AT 9-channel 1500w Powered Mixer with AutoTune

    I love it, never had so much power in a small mixer, love the way my music sounds, still learning about all the effects and how to make myself sound better,

  • Mike
    from Dublin, Virginia May 24, 2016Music Background:
    Music minister for 30 years.

    Convienient and powerful, but very lightweight.

    I play mostly small to medium venues such as nursing homes and small churches, This little lightweight mixer replaced a rack full of heavy gear and does a better job. It has everything you need in one little package. It fills up the room and I don't have to strain myself getting set up. The usb drive is convenient to play music during breaks and the I use the RCA inputs for my ipad to play a few soundtracks I made in garageband. So there are ample inputs for keyboards and mics and vocals. If you're getting tired of lugging around heavy stuff, this is a great investment. I have not tried the autotune, probably never will. So I can't really comment on that part. Overall a great buy. Of course Sweetwater is the best place to buy all you gear, the sales staff are awesome.

  • Mike
    from North Carolina March 2, 2016Music Background:
    Old time pro, plus home recording studio owner.

    Sixteen lbs. of sweetness

    I've owned a few PA rigs in my time, but now that I'm in my 60s I've decided it's time to sell the heavy rack full of Crown and Mackie amps, Mackie 16 ch. mixer, Lexicon reverb, harmonizer, etc. and get something easier to move. I took my time and researched a lot of "all in one" self-powered mixers, and this Peavey XR-AT won the war. It's got the power (at 500w. per channel) the ability to easily run 500w. to monitors and 500w. to the mains that its competitor doesn't clearly have.
    I'll let you read the specs, but one stands tall: this baby only weighs 16 lbs. I actually picked it up with one finger! It's light because it apparently has little to no heat sink to dissipate that warmth. Instead it relies on a fan. That fan does make some noise, no doubt. But the trade-off in weight reduction makes it worth it, in my opinion.
    The reverbs are very nice and quite usable. My main complaint, and the reason I deducted a half point, is the Auto Tune function when engaged in Chromatic position (#9.) This is the position one would want to use for "set-and-forget" live applications, and here is what the owner's manual says about it: "NOTE: Preset 9 is chromatic with speed set to 7. It is recommended for general purpose, safe, easy use of Auto-Tune, without having to adjust any settings. The slower speed setting does not produce a robotic effect on the voice, and all twelve semitones are allowed. Just remember to use footswitch #2 to bypass Auto-Tune between songs, otherwise your speaking will be Auto-Tuned!"
    I've not heard any pitch correcting going on when talking at the same time this Chromatic preset is turned on. But, I distinctly heard vocal DOUBLING when it was engaged. I called my salesman who passed me over to technical assistance. The fine fella there did as I requested and got another XR-AT out of the box to see if it would duplicate that vocal doubling. It did! He called Peavey and was told they knew about the doubling, but it came from live use - verses the (in)famous Auto Tune recording recording software- and couldn't be helped. It was there to stay.
    Dang. Now I had to decide if I wanted that vocal doubling. It IS rather nice. It compares well to vocal doubling I've used before. But it's always present when Auto Tune is turned on. So my next job was to see how to turn that doubling (and Auto Tune) off when I didn't want it, but to do so without walking to the mixer to hit the AT buttons. As mentioned above, there's an input on the back to accept Peavey's double footswitch that turns it off. I found a triple Digitech FS-300 that works beautifully: the first button turns on/off the effects, second button does the Auto Tune, third button turns both Effects and Auto Tune on or off. Problem solved. In my opinion, Peavey should tell the potential customer that vocal doubling DOES occur when using Auto Tune!
    I haven't plugged in a thumb drive to my new XR-AT yet and I admit to not pushing this unit hard, just acoustic guitar and a single vocal, but I'll update this if it fails in any way. Until then I'm a very happy camper.
    As usual, Sweetwater's sales and service were great. Gotta love the extra mile their tech support went to for me. Try and find THAT elsewhere. Thanks. Scott in sales and your tech support folks, for a job well done!

  • Marvin Thiel
    from Rye, CO January 3, 2017

    Lots of problems with this mixer not reliable for shows

    I have bought two of these one is still in the shop getting fixed first one started making noises like firecrackers going off then quit working so I bought another one and now I'm getting a constant buzzing noise and when I turn on the phantom power it sounds like a loud white wash noise. The Sweetwater staff is awesome they gave me a credit on the mixer going to buy a different brand this time. I have been an Entertainer for 11 years and have always used Behringer I think I'm going back to what works best for me.

Questions about the Peavey XR-AT 9-channel 1500W Powered Mixer with Auto-Tune?

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