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Peavey XR 8600 D Reviews

4.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • from Cleveland May 18, 2014Music Background:
    38 years.

    Buy it.

    Did a lot of research before replacing my 15 year old peavey XR684. It served my band well but it was time to upgrade. Decided on the 8300 at first. Sent it back because it was heavy and only one output for main and one for monitor. The $180.00 upgrade to the 8600 is worth every penny. My old tired JBL"s for mains never sounded so good. Same with my seismic 10 inch monitor. 4 outputs and only 23 pounds. I like it.

  • from Fort Wayne, Indiana USA September 16, 2013Music Background:

    Yeah. You need to get this one.

    I bought this because I host an open jam and the mixer provided is terrible. I love that it has 4 speaker outputs so you don't have to daisy chain your speakers. So I bought this mixer due to the amount of inputs it has and being class D, individual channel control for efx, eq, and monitor, etc. Love it. It does it's job so good, and I also use it for my band as well since our mixer isn't powerful enough for us. It's a powerhouse that will be in my collection for a very long time. You match the right speakers to this and it will blow the doors off the venue. 1200 watts! 600 a channel!

  • from West Palm Beach, Fl. June 2, 2012Music Background:
    Professional Solo Act, 25 years +

    I've returned to PV

    I've always had PV equip. for 20 years plus. I bought a different PA head about 5 years ago because of weight, size, and power. I was happy with it but now have returned to PV again and this unit has it. Great power for it's size and weight. Thrilled to be back where I belong. You can't be better than your tools !

  • from Pittsburgh PA USA May 11, 2012Music Background:

    This PA head handles all we throw at it.

    I picked up this head last year and have been using it at gigs every week, I'm guessing that it's seen about 70 shows so far. I run it though different speakers depending on the venue. This is the primary PA head for two different acoustic trios that I play hand percusion in. Sometimes we run just vocals, at bigger shows we mic the congas, cajon, bass and guitar cabinets as well. I notice several other local acts are also running this same head. I lso play bass in a blues band and we've used it at a couple of snaller shows, also with great results. I think that it is a great value for the money.

  • from Los Angeles, Ca December 14, 2011Music Background:
    British Invasion- Classic Rock Professional Entertainer


    I use this little power monster for back-up... plus for smaller shows!
    Sounds better than anything in it's class! I have had them all!
    5 years warranty from Peavey ... I also have the Peavey PV-14 that I use for large gigs powered with qsc amps.. This new model has the D series.. light weight power amps inside 600 watts each. they sound great! lots of head room ! nice effects as well! I would have no problem using this for small to med outside gigs as well...it really is a great combo mixer!

  • from Port Charlotte, FL July 6, 2010Music Background:
    gigging musician

    Great powered mixer

    Peavey XR8600 is great!

    My PA system has been a QSC2450 + Mackie Mixer + Furman Power strip + Lexicon effects all mounted in a heavy Odyssey box. A super system for my needs but HEAVY (well over 100 lbs)and a 2 man job to move and bulky to transport.

    I have yet to find a gig where my new Peavey XR8600 didn't replace it just fine.

    The peavey has plenty of power for anything short of a stadium, sounds great, and is a 1 man job to carry. And now I have a "backup system".
    The only thing I find useless is the feedback identifying led light system so I just ignore it.

  • from Nashville, TN April 11, 2009Music Background:
    Live/Studio musician, bandleader

    The Box That Rox!

    My band needed a good, thumpin' sound system but we needed to keep things simple and concise. I purchased the xr8600 to power a pair of JBL jrx 125 enclosures. As we use in-ear monitors, we're sending 600w to each enclosure. The first thing that impressed me was how quiet the preamps are. With the xr8600, I was able to get a very hot signal out of all mikes and line instruments with almost no perceptible noise. The simple 25db pad buttons were a lifesaver as some of the band members were sending very hot signals. The L.E.D. FLS equalizer design is something that was long overdue. When a low end rumble began to develop, the offending frequency lit up like an xmas tree, and all I had to do was reach over and nudge it down. As a drummer, I can't lay out for a couple of bars to mess with the eq, so that's a much appreciated feature. As I took a set break, the guitarist cranked some dance music from his laptop. Mind you, this was an outdoor gig. The system moved air very efficiently. The bass thumped even standing a good distance away, and the vocals were crystal clear. Many powered mixers render, well, that dreaded powered mixer sound. Not here, sounded like a full rack of amp gear! The DDT speaker protection isn't just fluff, it really works. We had a few problems with volume spikes from the acoustic player's rig, and when the DDT light came on, you neither heard clipping nor an over-compression issue. The shell of this mixer is like a humvee, it's peerless to none. The interface is clean, simple, and intuitive. If you're looking for great sound, great power, ease of use, and an easy load-in, then this is the mixer for you.

  • from Spokane Valley, Wa. November 28, 2012Music Background:
    Pro...for 50+ years...musician

    Peavey cleaned up their act

    I have owned peavey sound gear for 40 or so years. The price was always right, and the gear reliable and rugged. The sound wasn't always the best.
    The XR8600D has changed my mind. It is super clean and even the effects are good. Hartley got it right!! I would reccomend this box to my best friend. Good job!!

  • from Cornwall April 7, 2014Music Background:

    Problem with PeaveyXR 8600D cutting out after power surge from generator

    I have the Peavey XR8600 and run it off two EV speakers and up until last August had no problems with it.Issues started after I sang in a venue where a generator provided the electricity,everything was going fine on the first half. There were two tribute acts and a full 6 piece band,and I didn't realise the band hadn't switched off before I came on, and my whole system blew a speaker,and died. I switched off and revamped the system where it came on again and continued to work, but I was apprehensive in letting rip in case it happened again. Since then I have worked with the gear on a regular basis, and discovered it happened again just last weekend , resulting in a droning humming noise and nothing working, after switching off and on again,started working.I have now sent it off to be service., Has anybody experienced this ,and if so could you please comment, and let me know your outcome and whether a service will track the problem and resolve it. Will it ever be the same!!!

  • from Gladstone, MI USA June 22, 2012Music Background:
    Hobbyist, small gigs

    Good starter - poor monitor setup

    Pros: Rugged case, easy to carry, decent power in a small package, decent price, good for a small group starting out.

    Cons: Power rating is at 4 ohms so if you match with a pair of 8 ohm PR15's cut power rating in half (300W/ch @ 8 ohms in main/main or 600W main with speakers in parallel and 600W on monitor channel with 2 8ohm monitors). In either case, your 8ohms speakers are each receiving about 300W max.

    Monitor bus is pre-channel-eq which means your monitor mix always sounds lousy. You have a master eq but still cannot eq individual channels.

    You can reroute the main mix into power amp 2 which feeds the monitor ourput but you have no volume control on PA2 when rerouting through the front ports. This is a poor design in my opinion.

    I get a little digital distortion on sharp high tones at times even when not cranked.

    This unit is a decent buget package and overall, I am satisfied with the main sound (my Taylor guitar sounds sweet going direct in) but I am very disappointed with the monitor capabilites so if you are looking to use floor monitors keep shopping. You are probably better off with a mixer with a couple of pre-fader (post-eq) aux sends to use as a monitor out and a power amp....

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