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Peavey XR 1220 20-channel 1200W Powered Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey XR 1220 20-channel 1200W Powered Mixer?

Questions about the Peavey XR 1220 20-channel 1200W Powered Mixer?

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  • from January 6, 2017

    Digital Mixers

    I sing in a Southern Gospel Quartet and we purchased a 16 Channel so when we found out how awesome these mixers were, we purchased a 20 channel. This is a great mixer. It has auto or manual EQ settings, a feedback ferret which helps to eliminate feedback.It also has a lot of different effects and also lets you create your own effects which it stores into the effects under user (U1, U2, etc.) it also has its own Poer Amp so you can take the heavy outdated amp out of your rack.

  • from SW Missouri April 20, 2016

    Two Wonderful Mixers XR 1220 and 24FX II

    We have had the Peavey XR 1220 powered mixer in our Church for about three weeks now and it is doing great. I installed a Peavey 24FX II non-powered mixer in the Church we use to go to and it did great also. The XR 1220 is simpler to use so is easy to train a new sound man or women. The feedback ferret and auto EQ works very well and is easy to set up. The 24FX II has record to USB stick, upgradable programing and many other advanced features that make it wonderful for a sound man with a higher skill level. Jon Kremple at Sweetwater has been wonderful to work with on both mixers.

  • from Blue Springs Mo. September 3, 2012Music Background:
    live sound tech 40 years


    The Xr 1220 has simplified setting up sound; and eliminated one complete effects rack and has plenty of power to run almost any room. My favorite feature is the sub out; with my EV eliminator 18ís and one power amp nu3000 we get more bottom end and donít have to worry about losing power in our mains. My 13 year old grandson has easily learned to run this board. This has to be one of the best investments I have made in years. Most of the gigs we setup are outside for around 1150 listeners and we have no complaints. Yes it even does great in smaller venues. I would recommend this board for any application including installs. Small to medium bands will love the ease of use this mixer will give them.

  • from Brooklyn, Ia. April 17, 2012Music Background:
    Sound and video tech. for church


    With the guidance of my Sweetwater Sales engineer, we covered everything that this Peavey mixer would do for my application at church. He spent a lot the time with me looking up information and answering my questions to make sure that it was the mixer for our needs. Keith was spot on. It is perfect and performs just like he told me it would. We are extremely satisfied with the sound in our building and on the DVD video's that we make for the local TV company. We appreciate the great service that we have received from Sweetwater.

  • from Peoria, IL U.S.A March 9, 2011Music Background:
    Professional Singer/songwriter/drummer (as in actually earn my living at it) college vocal major and studio owner (not a laptop, midi board and usb mic. lol)

    Mixing board for dummies (and eveyone else)

    I bought this for my basement studio mainly. I have a yamaha MG series unpowered, and not being a soundman/engineer, just found it too complicated to get good sound (don't get me wrong, it is an excellent board also and will run my mains and this one will cover monitors live, but then there will be a soundman. For now it was just beyond my level of knowledge). This board is a godsend. If you search peavey powered mixers on youtube, there are 2 videos (part 1 and 2) showing you in 15 minutes how to use every feature of this and there are many. It takes the guess work and need for alot of technical knowledge out and allows even me to get a good sound. (I'm sure if out in the hands of an expert it would be even better). Other than plugging it in and hooking in the speakers and mics, it about does everything else for you at the push of a button. From the filters cutting unwanted lows, to the auto eq'ing and ESPECIALLY the feedback ferret. ( I've heard people say it just lowers the sound quality...etc.... and maybe it does for an expert. But it certainly gives better sound quality than speaker damaging, ear drum popping feedback. Which without it and me operating a board your sure to get). The other reviewer was right, about the effects just being adequete..... not great, but ok (that could also be my skill level. lol) but even having said that this board is still straight up 5 stars. The power is great, it takes up way less space than my other board on the table, and allowed me to pack up my rack amps leaving more space in my not oversized studio. You really can't go wrong with this. Technology is great isn't it!!! BUY it!! Oh, and just mentioning, I've made probably a half dozen purchases from Sweetwater over the past few years, and they realy seem like a great company to deal with. Comapnies that actually give personal service and care about the indiviual customer have become hard to come by these days. Sweetwater seems to be one of the few.

  • from Ms. March 15, 2017

    Peavey xr 1220 20 channel Mixer

    I've had it about a month everything has worked great.

  • from US Virgin Islands March 3, 2011Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    I like this mixer a lot...

    I bought this muxer to replace my rack of equipment consisting og a peavey USB 14 mixer, Peavey PV1500 power amp, Peavey equalizer, and Lexicon MX400.

    Well, I'm still using the Lexicon (the built-in effects pale in comparison), but the XR 1220 does a stellar job of replacing everything else, and saving my aging back in the bargain...heck, just my rolling rack alone weighs more than the XR 1220.

    This mixer has really good microphone preamps. They are comparable to the mic preamps on the PV series mixers. The power amp easily has enough guts to cover a fairly decent-sized venue. I usually play in outdoor setting for audiences of up to 300 people. I run two Mackie Cs300z's and a Mackie 1801 sub, and the subwoofer output is perfect for my speaker configuration. When you set this mixer to use the subwoofer output, it very effectively removes anything below 100Hz from the mains. That makes me very happy.

    I give this mixer a 4.5 because of the built-in effects. If you have been spoiled by Lexicon, Alesis, etc. you will find the effects somewhat lacking, but they are usable. There are several types of reverb, and you can adjust some parameters. A nice feature is that you can send reverb to the monitors, so your singer doesn't have to listen to herself "dry" in the monitor.

    This mixer has made my gigging life so much easier, it's amazing.

    Buy it, you won't be disappointed.

  • from brevard nc August 13, 2012Music Background:
    hobbiest musician

    peavey 1220 powered mixer

    more power than needed for most small to mid size venues simple to operate no lugging around tons of gear love it

  • from Hudson, FL February 9, 2012Music Background:
    Gospel, Country & Southern Rock Musician and Vocalist for over 40 years.

    PV 1220 mixer

    As of today I am waiting to get my mixer to the repair shop. The wait time for it to be seen is over a week. Other than the small output of one signal outlet on the monitor 1 powered side, I have no major issues. I think the manual should be more detailed on the capabilities of the unit. The manual does not make it clear that the powered output of the unit are mono when using the unit as a separate powered monitor and powered fronts. It is understandable that the 1/4:" jacks are non powered. What is so confusing is all channels have separate volume controls for monitor 1 & 2 which will not affect the unit in the above powered scene. I have been in pro sound for over 30 years and this is the worse information description I have seen to date. The engineers and sales representatives are excelent to work with! A fantastic company to deal with!

Questions about the Peavey XR 1220 20-channel 1200W Powered Mixer?

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