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Behringer X Air XR12 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 43 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer X Air XR12 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer?

Questions about the Behringer X Air XR12 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer?

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  • from Chattanooga, TN June 1, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar for 20+ years, sound reinforcement for 20+ years

    XR-12 Great Small Mixer

    I really love this mixer. I am currently using it for a band that plays Worship Music in small venues, and we can run the whole band with this board. If I were doing it again, I would have bought the XR-16, just for the added preamps and busses.

    I am running 4 vocal mics on Channels 1-4, I am running 2 mics with xlr to 1/4" cables for drums, just one kick and one overhead, 2 mics with xlr to 1/4" to mic guitar amps, and I am using the hi-z inputs for a Bass and Acoustic Guitar.

    I am using powered mains off of the xlr outputs and 2 monitor mixes out to a stereo amp, and 4 passive monitors.

    I use a little reverb on the vocal mics and acoustic guitar, and the tube preamp effect on the electric guitar mics. I am very impressed with the sound. We have a Roland Digital Board at the Church, feeding QSC amps and a Danley Line Array, and honestly get a very comparable sound out of this system.

  • from Texas May 30, 2017

    The Effects Alone Are Worth The $$$

    We have two XR12 mixers, they are great if you have a tablet or laptop to control them with. I decided to use one as just an effects unit, placed on the insert of an analog board's channel, just for fun. Blew away an effect unit costing twice the price of an XR12. That alone should convince anyone pondering the purchase of an X Air. The preamps are very good,very quiet. Headphone amp is also loud and quiet. The USB Recorder is hella good for 2-track recordings,also. No computer DAW needed and it transfers from USB thumbdrive to your DAW of choice easily. I have never had any problems with the app used to control the mixer, although there is a difference between the Android version vs the PC/Windows app. I prefer the laptop version using a CAT5 cable when possible; no wifi drops are possible that way. You can still use a tablet to set volumes while wandering around the club/venue. All I see are positives. This is an unreal bargain, and don't forget that Sweetwater is THE superior seller of music equipment, whether it's a guitar,keyboard, mixer,etc.

  • from Indiana May 19, 2017

    Great for solo or small setups

    I bought this to run all my synths and fx pedals through for a solo set and to use for small on site recording gigs and shows. The recording from the USB sounds surprisingly good. I've already convinced a number of friends to get one. Skip the crappy little mixer and get one of these. You'll thank me.

  • from Ohio April 16, 2017

    XR12 Review

    The Behringer XR12 Mixer is great! What a powerful mixer for the price! Improved the sound of our Acoustic Trio considerably. Great value and the app for my tablet is very nice! My only suggestion would be to include better first-use documentation and more up-to-date how-to videos.

  • from MA April 12, 2017Music Background:
    Sound engineer, guitarist and vocalist in a band

    Just Awesome!

    Let me start this review with saying that I currently own the X32 Rack. I wanted this unit for smaller acoustic gigs and public address situations. Well I can tell you it is every bit as good as the X32 and better in some ways because it comes already configured for how you might use it. Although, mine is a demo so I suppose it could have been configured by a store tech. With that said, anyone considering the X32 rack should first consider the XR18 as it is half the price and has just as many mic pre's. Anyway, I tested it by hooking it up to the guitar input of my Bose L1 Compact using the headphone out on the XR12. I plugged in my acoustic to one of the Hi Z inputs and a mic to input 1 and within 5 minutes had a beautiful full sound with reverb and chorus. I think the interface is a little easier to navigate than the X32 but it's not as pretty. Overall, if you are a small a act only needing 4 mic pre's then this will blow any small form factor mixer (I.e. Mackie, Behringer, Yamaha, Soundcraft, etc.) for less money and you won't need any outboard gear (I.e. Graphic EQ's, effects, compressors, gates, etc.) as they are all built in. If you need more mic pre's, get the XR16 or XR18! Oh, and one other thing. There is a 31 band EQ on the Main output so you don't need to use up one of the four effects engines!

  • from Texas March 30, 2017

    You can hear the difference!

    We switched from an analog mixer to the XR12 for our DJ set up, also use it for band practice. Same speakers, different sound. With zero EQ added, we could hear highs that we didn't think the speakers could even reproduce. It was obvious, night and day difference. We use the wifi and a tablet in rehearsal, a CAT5 cable w laptop in live situations(the apps are different).Like many other users, we immediately started planning/saving for an XR18 to use as an audio interface, also for full band rehearsal/gigging. Sweetwater is without a doubt the best musician-friendly seller on Planet Earth; if it's not right, they fix it. Always...every time, Sweetwater does it right.

  • from San Diego March 24, 2017

    Behringer XR12 air

    I love the sound. Service is fast, paperwork is very clear. I am looking forward to buy some accessories at Sweetwater. Thank you.

  • from Florida March 1, 2017


    This is the best board I've ever used. Took a little while to learn about the EQ, but once I figured that out, it was great.

  • from OK February 23, 2017Music Background:
    Pro player semi retired but very active


    Got it just in time to take it on a gig. Set -up took a minute or two but was ready to go and the sound was fantastic. To be able to mix anywhere in the room allowed me to set the sound perfectly. I do a one man show using a SR-16 Drum machine a acoustic ran thru a Radial PZ-Pre amp and a Yamaha keyboard run thru a Boze L-1 I play this place every Wed and people were saying the sounds was so clear the mix was First Class. Thanks Sweetwater for the great deals Buy this unit you won't be sorry

  • from Texas February 3, 2017

    Mixing Tool Deluxe XR12

    A thorough game changer for us. One of those " I will NEVER go back to the old way" moments in life. Everyone should experience that moment, and for the price-point, just about anyone can. Read all the reviews, plenty of happy campers to vouch for this unit. Our extra happy surprise was finding out how well it works as a USB recording interface;we never expected these AIR's to shine so bright in that dept. Essential upgrade for a small band at a bargain price, with only a minor learning curve.

  • from Cinnaminson January 14, 2017Music Background:

    Behringer X Air12

    Totally amazed what this unit has delivered. Gigged with it last weekend with 7 piece band it worked flawlessly. Last night did a acoustic show solo and was completely thrilled with the sound quality. It filled the room up. It was a wall of sound thru my Bose stick.. Thanks Sweetwater.!!

  • from January 10, 2017

    Super keyboard mixer!

    We use the X32 for the band (Totally awesome!), and I wanted/needed a keyboard mixer - so I was looking at everything. This is so small, but so powerful. it is the perfect key mixer with effects, routing, all for the price off the older rack mount line mixers which have none of this. it sounds great, performs like a champ!

  • from October 4, 2016

    X Air XR12 -- It's Awesome

    Using this for small acoustic gigs and rehearsals.
    Sounds great!!

    It's amazing how much technology Behringer was able to pack in this little box.
    Built-in Wifi is flawless once it is set up / optimized (check out Behringer's instructional video).

    Lots of really nice effect options are available on top of the usual EQ/Compression/Gate.

    This particular box would pair nicely with any 8-channel preamp rack-mount if you want more input options.

  • from idaho July 22, 2016

    Great karaoke mixer

    I use this thing for karaoke. The sound is awesome. I have yet to tap into all of the possibilities. I found someone online that had his settings to download and try so I had this thing going the night I received it.
    I am able to run karaoke, the mixer, surf the web, all from my laptop. It has a user setting in the software to have only the important controls showing. I have two mic controls and music controls in a small window.
    There is a learning curve for the novice sound engineer but there are online videos to help. The usb recording option is very easy to use. Just plug in a usb drive that is formatted to fat32 and run the recording tab on the software, very easy and faster than computer software.

  • from Ohio June 9, 2016Music Background:
    Long time musician and sound engineer

    Amazing Mixer

    Our church was in need of replacing a 25 year old mixer. We are a small church with limited space for sound equipment. This mixer fit every need we had, small footprint, remote control of sound, USB recording capable, and multiple input capability. It has been an amazing mixer, and with all the digital options for sound, it has become a necessary part of our Sunday Worship. Thanks Sweetwater and Behringer! Our rep has been amazing and it shipped same day as well.

  • from Rock and roll USA June 5, 2016Music Background:
    Pro Studio

    Awesome super versatile mixer

    The compact form factor and the level of programmability is unparalleled for this price point.
    Add in the fact that it's totally wireless....What....insane .....
    We use this XR unit in our studio with our Kemper and Fractal and everyone in the band
    Can adjust their own sound from their iPads. Pure genius....
    The sonic quality is really really clean and the ability to adjust 100 eq settings is crazy.
    The effects are very very good and we have been using them recording the bands that use our studio.
    The pairing with our MacBooks has been trouble free.
    Can't recommend this unit enough....
    We are planning on acquiring a Couple of XR 18's to expand the possibilities
    Get one of these mixers you'll love it

  • from Cleveland Tn. March 19, 2016Music Background:
    Performance,production, and composition


    This is probably the most versatile stage box on the market today.You won't find another brand with the features and versatility anywhere close to this price point. The sound is excellent and the set up is simple. Enough said.

  • from Danbury, CT March 14, 2016Music Background:
    Singer songwriter and Open Mic host

    Great little box

    Need a small mixer and read about the iPad controlled mixers offered by Behringer (and others). Took the plunge and am very happy with the purchase. I does exactly what they say it does. The ability to mix wirelessly from anywhere in the house is reason enough to grab one. Highly recommended.

  • from February 22, 2016

    Excellent Mixer

    The XR12 is affordable and works great. The I Pad interface is very easy to use and it is great to be able to mix from anywhere in the room. The mixer maintains it settings and functions fine when the I Pad is asleep. As a result, if the mixer is used in a "fixed" environment once the mixer is set it can be turned off and turned on again later within the need for the I Pad because it automatically goes to the last used settings at start up. I have no complaint about the built-in router for home use. For faster speed, stability and greater range in crowded settings I went to a dual band external router when using an X Air outside the home. It was extremely easy to set up.

  • from January 9, 2016

    This is the Future of Mixing

    100% impressed with this mixer. It's so compact compared to a traditional mixer. Think about how many knobs and dials are on that analog mixer and how many are actually used. So much money and space is wasted on those knobs and they can't even be remote controlled on small inexpensive mixers.

    The XR12 definitely has a learning curve. I have worked with both DAW software and analog mixers so was comfortable with all of the concepts. I played around with the XAIR software for about an hour before the unit arrived. When I got the unit, it took me about 3 hours to get all of the settings the way I wanted just for my basic setup. The documentation for the XAIR software is pretty much non existent. Behringer needs to invest in a good document, probably a couple hundred pages long to cover all of the software features. Between experience, youtube videos, and online forums I was able to figure out everything that I needed and make this work. I've only had the unit 2 weeks and continue to find new features. The sound quality is excellent. These are the features I'm using:
    - Compressor on mic inputs
    - Gate on mic inputs
    - FX channel: Reverb for mic inputs
    - 4 band parametric EQ on stereo inputs
    - 31 band EQ for the main output
    - PC with wired ethernet for main control
    - Android cell phone with WiFi for remote mixing around the venue

    All of that in such a tiny box and I'm only using a fraction of the features. Also, I would like to point out the software is rock solid. The PC software is a single 9 MByte executable. It's doesn't have a bloated installation like a lot of other programs. The app is nothing fancy to look at but it's got what matter most - features and reliability. I can run this for hours and it works flawlessly. The software is rock solid which is essential for live use.

    I could not be more pleased with this purchase and do not intend to ever consider an analog mixer again.

  • from November 27, 2015


    This is a perfect match for my acoustic solo act. I plug in guitar, vocal Mike, harmonica Mike, kick box if I want to, extra vocal Mike, and have lots left for all the folks to sit in and join. Works great for my blues band too! So light, easy to carry and set up. No snake! Price is awesome. Wifi works well too.

  • from Syracuse NY September 16, 2015Music Background:
    Sound Technician, Guitarist, Singer.

    Nice, But I want More

    For the Price you can't beat it for the options, and detail, but there is a learning curve. Don't take it to a gig without setting up a mix first. Make sure you set up a pass word for Wi-Fi, and don't use Wi-Fi channel 1.
    I love the size, and options but here are a few things I'd like Behring to make available.
    1 When your on a channel EQ page, have the fader available. I had a guest speaker come up who was soft spoken and had to jump back and forth between pages to EQ and ride the fader.
    2 I'd like delay on the outputs so I can run a delay speaker out of an aux. I tried patching an Effect to one but the least amount of repeats I could get was 2. So it's like a doubling affect.
    3 I play solo, and like to add delay for certain parts of songs, and foot switch capability isn't there, unless there is a MIDI pedal, but then, that's more gear to buy.
    4 On the tablet app all of the EQ bands start out on hi pass, I would think the start out should be standard like Hi Pass, 4 PEQ, and a Low Pass.
    5 A manual would be nice. I checked out all of the online videos, and there is still not enough, also some of the Behringer videos are based on the ipad app, and the XR18.
    All in all it's biggest bang for your buck in a digital mixer, get one, learn it, and then get a bigger one!

  • from West Texas September 16, 2015Music Background:

    Behringer XR12 X Air

    I bought this mostly out of curiosity and the fact that the price was so low, as I was already using the QSC Touch mix 8. The Behringer is built really well, sounds fantastic and is relatively easy to use. There's a ton of instructional videos on youtube and some additional materials on the Behringer web site to help someone get the most out of it. I'm not going to replace my QSC, but the X12 Air is a good addition. It sounds so good and is so easy to set up and use that the QSC may not go to as many gigs as it used to. It is definitely the future in audio mixers and at this price, what's the question? Buy it!

  • from Indianapolis September 8, 2015Music Background:
    3pc Christian/Metal band

    Amazing unit!

    First, kudos to Sweetwater and their amazing service - I received my XR12 on Friday and it had a bad pre-amp on channel 2. I contacted Sweetwater Monday and had a replacement in my hands by Tuesday afternoon!

    I bought the XR12 for my personal rack (keyboards) and an XR18 for our main PA. I could not be happier! I've sold 5 items and have another 8 that I am selling off because they are no longer needed. I'll never haul our monster 32 channel board or the rack full of effects to another gig. For the XR12 on my keyboards, the awesome built-in effects and saved scenes on my phone allow me to quickly switch between practice at home where I also have my mic and bass routed in, and rehearsal situations where those channels are muted and the volume levels vary.

    The USB port is also nice for practice, I simply keep my practice mixes on a nub-usb drive and hit play when I'm ready. I also love the Wi-Fi design in the android app. I set my phone to "lock" the XR12 network, and my tablet to lock the XR18 network SSIDs. When you start the app, it drops your current connection and switches to the selected (locked) mixer network, so a quick hit on the connect button and I'm in. When you close the app, it drops the locked network so my device switch back to how I was previous connected (brilliant!).

    I assume the low price for these units is all about not needing the "hardware" (large case, sliders, knobs, lights, display panels), and it works for me. Number one point I would push is that I now have far more capabilities with far less equipment to haul.

  • from Green Bay, WI August 31, 2015Music Background:
    Opera/Rock Fusion

    Great idea, well executed.

    I purchased the Behringer x12 xAir as a quick mixer for small gigs and student recitals. Pair this unit with a nice set of Powered PA speakers and you have an excellent and easy to manage live sound solution. Mixing is wireless through an Ipad or laptop computer. The internal wifi hotspot allows you to travel the room to hear how your audience is receiving the sound and make wireless adjustments on the fly. This is a godsend for small bands who gig without a sound engineer. There is nothing in this price range that works as well as this Behringer unit. Well worth the purchase.

  • from August 27, 2015

    Behringer XR12 - Quality Bargain

    First of all, Sweetwater always gives me great service before and after the sale! I have had the XR12 for a couple of weeks and used it on our first gig with ease. The effects and IPAD software are great. My band is an acoustic group with 3 guitars, bass, two vocals and percussion. I ran the XR12 thru the Bose L1 Model II, with 2 B1 bass modules. Great sound, lightweight and easy to use.

  • from July 23, 2015Music Background:
    Guitar player

    Light weight mixer

    I used this XR12 X Air on a gig for the first time and its simplicity to mix, add effects, aux sends just blew me away. Plus the ability to usb record the gig is mind blowing. The wi-fi control with my iPad makes me smile. I can't wait to play our next gig. By the way our singers make their own mix with a second iPad which makes my job easy. Wow how amazing. The sound quality is great also.

  • from Tallahassee, FL July 21, 2015

    Behringer Rocks!

    All I can say....awesome product from Behringer.

  • from July 13, 2015

    X12 Does it all

    I bought the xr12 to replace my 12 channel macike mixer. It is less then a third of the size and has built in effects are amazing the only thing missing is some overdrive or distortion settings, the learning curve was a little steep but after a few pain steaking hours Ive figured out how to operate it. Really like the IOS interface, looks really professional and keeps the wires out of the way. At $299 this thing is an amazing value. Get it you wont regret it,

  • from Nevada April 14, 2017Music Background:
    22+ years = a lot of time on stage (and off) playing!

    puts the FUN in functional

    An organization I'm involved with picked up the big brother (X-16) on my urging for coffee shop gigs, so when I was looking for a small but functional mixer for a new space I didn't look anywhere else. The X-12 has everything I need, which is just a few mic inputs and a bunch of instrument/line inputs. The built in access point means I can fire up the app and mix easily.

    With gate/expander and dynamics on every channel and an easy to use EQ, it is no problem getting set up and ringing out the system. I set ours as 'always on', since the space will be used for casual jamming to headphones, with every channel ON, gated and compressed just the right amount so you can plug anything in and be good to go.

    I am experiencing some hiss in this current configuration and need to figure out if it is the mixer, the IEM/headphone unit or the old cables I used to patch it. I really don't think it is the mixer.

    If you are doing small gigs with powered speakers you can leave the racks at home, this baby has everything you need, and you can put it underneath one of your speaker stands - it even makes the setup look better!

  • from Austin, Texas February 3, 2017

    No Regrets, All Love For The XR12

    Dock a half point off for no dedicated aux-in/stereo-in input channel, but other than that, a strong vote: two-thumbs up. All previous reviews say all there is to say, only thing that needs to be added is a huge shout-out for the XR12's sonic excellence. Amazing sound/headroom upgrade from an analog board, it was nicely noticeable. LOT'S of control with this unit, easy to navigate the app. Had it up and running in less than 5 minutes with an inexpensive Android tablet 5.0. Clean sounding headphone amp, not the loudest but above par for the price range. The X32 style effects are amazing, that alone is worth the entry price for this all around work-horse. Stage box, USB 2/2 recording interface, studio-grade effects processor, midi control, MIDAS pre's, etc. It does a lot for your money!

  • from Central NC December 14, 2016Music Background:
    sound tech for over 20 years

    Good design for small venue or event mixer. Really wish Behringer would integrate with larger X32/M32 console

    I agree with one of the prior reviewers and believe the product deserves one less star because of some quirks and limitations. Here's our pros (+) and cons (-) list.

    + excellent quality sound
    + integrated support for Real Time Analysis (RTA) mic
    + good solid app on Windows and Android (not tested on iPad), cut down version of similar app on larger X32/M32 consoles
    + hard wired ethernet is great for control when using a laptop; you don't have the WiFi interference problem to deal with!
    + great size for use in small venue as a single box or as a FOH/stage box
    + features rival those of much more expensive digital mixers

    - ONLY physical control is a volume knob for the monitor channel (headset)
    - quirky when using WiFi: should NEVER allow you to select open wifi nor use old WEP encryption only as Access Point
    - security: should have userid/pw access on network interface to avoid problems on local WiFi
    - should support 5GHz in addition to 2.4GHz and WPA2 when setup as Access Point
    - easily swamped with packets in busy WiFi environment when using XR12 on a local WiFi Access Point
    - DOES NOT integrate as a digital extension to larger consoles such as Behringer X32 or Midas M32 (it really should!)
    - looks a bit more durable than it is.

    Analog stage boxes can be drop kicked and survive, the X-air XR12, not so much! However with a bit of care and insuring you aren't competing on a busy WiFi channel, the remote control is very well done. The factory refurbished XR12s are hard to beat for their value!

  • from Scottsdale, AZ May 29, 2016Music Background:
    Professional Sound/Lighting Designer

    Call me Impressed

    I purchased the XR12 off the recommendation of my A1 for an entertainment company in Scottsdale, AZ. Our original intention was to use it for small acoustic performances at one of our bars and to do some basic effects/routing and mixing (small amount of reverb on voice and monitor mix for artist). We ended up using it last night during a large performance at our main nightclub with a booked headliner here for the night. All I have to say is this thing is great. Very easy to get around and use and the connectivity of it is fantastic. For the amount of inputs we were using it was perfect. We were able to do a full EQ on the main speakers, full EQ on the DJ booth monitors and some hall reverb on the mic. All routed digitally on the XR12 and placed inside the booth. Sound was great out of the unit and having the flexibility of a full console (within reason) was great for us. Artist's TM was ultra impressed as well and will be getting one for them to tour with as well. Only draw back that I can find is the built in Wifi; I lost connection half way through doing the mix during the show but was able to get it back . The alternatives are to wire a computer directly into the LAN port through a switch (which is the best way to do it) or to have a more robust wireless network (Apple Airport Express) that you bundle along with it to connect to and bypass the built-in wifi.

    Honestly can't recommend this thing enough. It is a truly amazing piece of gear.

  • from San Diego December 10, 2015Music Background:
    Pro-audio, DJ, HoW, stage productions

    Moving the bar - up!

    The Behringer XR12 comes at an amazing price point for the powerful features inside. I almost couldn't believe what they were claiming, but everything was true. To start with, the unit itself is really nicely sized and looks great. As soon as I dropped it behind our main mixer, everyone was "ooh and ahh" every time they saw it. It definitely sets itself apart from other equipment. I love that you can have three modes to connect with, although the bootstrap to get up can be a bit clumsy at first. In the wifi router mode, you can connect directly to the unit from multiple different apps (Android and iOS) and feel secure that no one is going to muck up your settings. When connected on an existing network, the password is key, as you want to keep it private. I didn't try the direct ethernet connection, but I'm sure it's great.

    There are plenty of inputs and outputs, and all of them are solid. The USB connection is stable and solid once you connect to the XR12, but I noticed that upon booting up, if you don't go looking for the USB device, it will sometimes act like it's not there. Not a huge deal, and easily worked around, but I hope they fix that in an upcoming firmware upgrade.

    The jewel of the device, though, is the applications. I tried three version: iOS on iPad, Android on tablet and phone. All worked fine, and honestly, both have their own strengths. The iOS app looks the best and is probably my main work machine. It is easy to understand and use, and all the controls are conveniently located where I would expect them to be. The Android versions may not look as nice, but they have a couple of different features that make Android more useful in some cases. For example, the RTA waveforms are far more easy to read and differentiate on Android (due to color and such) than they are on the iPad. However, depending on the size of your Android device, you may have to switch between banks of channels in the app, which isn't the case in the iPad version. I know Behringer is working hard to bring the two apps into parity, and when they do, none of this will matter, but for now, you might prefer one interface over the other. I did notice a lag on the iOS app between when you hit the control for the EQ and when it appears. This lag wasn't present on the Android versions.

    Feature-wise, you're MORE than maxed out with this unit. You can adjust gain, cutoffs, insert effects, assigns sends and busses, set EQ's and more, all from your tablet. You can save and restore specific scenes and settings, and even customize the interface. For example, I wanted to show channels 1-4, and then my two effects channels, one send and another input channel, all with custom colors and labels on the scribble strips. Doable? Absolutely. It looked (and worked) great. Really, this device brings you into the realm of a full digital mixing station, and that's pretty darn impressive for this price. The options for effects, applied to channels or inserted into mixes, is astounding. Not only can you choose from a 30+ library of effects, but you can tweak every setting on each effect, and use it on the channel insert or effects send. Seriously, this is pretty amazing technology. A perfect example of where this mixer has raised the bar (up!) is when I had this inline for HoW and I was getting some ringing on the lapel mic of one of the actors. I was able to pull up a True EQ, find the ring and bring it down. Then, because I knew it would be happening every time the actual production was going, I saved that setting and was able to recall it later each night. Completely ringed out with nada a concern about other settings. Sweet!

    The USB recorder (two channel, assignable) is sufficient, but the apps need work here. It would be easy for them to add additional functionality around playback and recording options, and I suspect Behringer will improve this at some point. It's enough for now that I can record off the unit, and playback pre-loaded tracks in my HoW setting. Later, I'm hoping for things like queuing up playlists, setting A-B points, and transport controls with greater granularity. As frequently as Behringer has been issuing updates, I'm hoping they'll get to this in the next six months to a year.

    I gave this review 1/2 point less than perfect ONLY because I know there is a couple of really great features that I feel should be in this model, as opposed to the XR18. Specifically, ability to record more than two tracks (based on my electronics and firmware background, I believe this unit is capable of handling at least four track recording), and the oh-so-delicious auto-mixing feature. Man, I sure wish that I could auto-mix with the XR12 or XR16. I suppose Behringer does this to differentiate their line a bit (and it clearly works to some extent, because I lust after the XR18), but I feel these are upgrades that could make the XR12 the defacto standard for this new breed of device. In the meantime, there's not much more than Behringer could add here without just giving us the whole farm; it's impressive. I highly recommend this product, and the entire line in particular. I don't know that I'll be using any other equipment, in our application, except maybe a full-line digital mixer going forward. Kudos Behringer!

  • from July 15, 2015

    Kit-kat & kaboodle

    First rate kit! Spectacular software. There are more control parameters available than ever I could have imagined. This is absolutely stunning and yet completely out of the box intuitive. It is brilliant.

  • from March 27, 2017

    No DAW Output

    Bought this after seeing all the blurb... unfortunately I saw the XR18 blurb and imagined that all the XR mixers had a USB "B" output for a DAW (Logic etc). However, that only comes with the XR18 - so, hand up, my mistake. But why no DAW output for the XR12? Only Behringer know that... they say the mixers are designed for a different market but I would have thought that the simple addition of a USB "B" would benefit anyone! So don't make my mistake... Otherwise, a great bit of kit

  • from June 29, 2016Music Background:
    Full time musician.

    Nice little mixer for the price.

    I bought the Air12 for convenience when doing small duo gigs. (keys-guitars-vocals + I record sparse backing tracks) I usually use a larger mixer, but in smaller venues I require a tiny setup, so use the Air12 with a couple Turbosound iP2000s. The Air12 is easy to use and sounds good. I rack the mixer with a DBX Driverack, which I rarely use because the mixer has most of the control needed. I don’t need the Air12 effects, since we use TC Helicon VoiceLive units; nonetheless, the mixer has excellent effects.

    The only problem I have is with the Wi-Fi, which doesn’t work well. It cuts out many times even when my iPad is close to the mixer. (I tried various channels etc.) I recently played an outdoor event where the sound company used an Air18. They’d the same problem even when hooked to an external router, so hooked to a PC, bypassing Wi-Fi. This is a good option, yet I purchased the mixer because of size. If I must use it with a laptop, I might as well use my Yamaha 01v96. I also tried both the Mac and PC apps. I prefer the laptop apps, yet on a gig I just want to use an iPad. It’s a quick, easy, and compact setup.

    Aside from the Wi-Fi problem, it’s an excellent mixer for an exceedingly low price considering the features included.

  • from Ukiah, CA June 15, 2016Music Background:
    30 years in Television Production and Editing

    Good Stuff --- Needs Work

    I have not been able to test every feature, but am very impressed with the XR12. I found that if I feed the microphone direct outs from my Peavey mixer into the line in ports on the Behringer that I can run more than 4 microphones in a conference using the the automatic gain/ducking of the XR12 for recording onto the USB drive card. But here is where Behringer needs to upgrade the firmware/software. The recording control is very basic. It will not select a sub-directory to record into, everything goes into the root directory. The recording feature needs a lot of work: Playlist controls, fast forward and back, cueing etc. The recording audio quality is first rate and works well, as far as it goes, but needs more.

    The Air Edit software works nicely on my Winblows laptop and on my Nexus Android Tablet for controlling the XR12 but I have not been able to get the Linux version to run on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS or 16.04 LTS, Behringer has a real hit with the hardware here, but really needs to work on the software/firmware.

  • from Nashville, TN October 3, 2016Music Background:
    Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Cisco Networking CCNP Engineer

    Great Mixer / Remote Access needs work

    This is pretty impressive in the market of economy mixers, considering all of the features it comes with. When you have plug-ins that maybe are modeled after Pultec EQs, that almost covers the cost of admission. The form-factor, mounting, input/output flexibility, and the flawless A/D-D/A and mixing power is something I make note of. This wasn't possible in recent years. Now it is!

    Running a small live mixer like a DAW, using the Remote software (free) is something the market's needed forever. Being able auto-mix multiple speakers (people) is paramount. Set and walk away! Stereo L+R pairing is great, Compression/Noise-gates great, GUI layout for the Remote software is good, although I would like some improvements in channel-selection, such as the ability to select a group of faders and move them all at once.

    The only thing I'll really have to complain about this unit is that the Network connection for WiFi and Ethernet are 'meh' to bad. The Ethernet port seems to not deal with LAN networks. If you connect a laptop directly to the unit, it seems fine, but over a network, it stops responding randomly, at OSI Layer 3. No switchport errors, the unit is simply intolerant (i.e. cheap hardware or bad firmware). But this isn't surprising based on the price of the unit. WiFi connections to the unit are weak in our case. We can't walk outside a 30' radius from the unit and expect to stay connected. Behringer recommends being only one device connected to the unit at a time, even though they advertise multiple people can connect and manage XR-12. Other manufacturer Ethernet-connected mixing consoles do not have this problem.

    If Behringer could improve the network connections to a "normal" level, this unit would be perfect for MANY more situations.

    Support is good, but agnostic of TCP/IP networking.

  • from June 23, 2017

    Yeah... need better documentation

    Well, before a I made this purchase I read several reviews. Out of those, there were a number of them that mentioned the lack of more in depth documentation for this product, specifically for the app that runs on both Android and iPad tablets. They were right. There is virtually NO documentation in the box with this product. There are a fairly decent number of YouTube videos that help in getting familiar with the software, but really don't give concise step-by-step procedures for navigating around the seemingly endless layers of screens. If you have lots of time to poke at your screen BEFORE you plan on actually using this product for a gig, you will likely be very happy with this mixer. This is NOTHING like running an analog mixer. I am a very happy owner of several Behringer analog mixers and would recommend this product more enthusiastically if Behringer even had a downloadable user manual. I'm hoping to locate the AUX faders in the iPad app sometime before the next Pleistocene Epoch. I have a signal at the AUX outputs, but no way to control it Pre-Fader (! ? ! ?). I've poked and pecked at every icon, cartoon, symbol, etc, etc, on the screen and cannot find AUX faders (iPad mini problem?). Since I run my stage monitors from the AUX outputs, I am currently hosed. I have an important gig next weekend (July 1st and 2nd), and will be using my trusty old XENYX 1622 analog console and 100' snake.

  • from July 14, 2016

    Xr12 bs old fender Lx 1504

    So I have this old fender Lx 1504 that I run the main out into a power amp then to speakers. With only two bands of Eq per channel I was looking for something with better channel Eq control so bought the xr12. I have to say that there are a lot of great features in this unit, HOWEVER, when run straight with no effects and a flat Eq, it does not touch the old fender unit for clarity and differentiation in frequencies. Even after playing with the Eq for hours, I can't get this unit to sound crisp and clear like that old fender. I went back and forth having the musician play the same song on piano/guitar while singing vocals---running through the same power amp and speakers, just changing the mixer----fender then to xr12 back to fender back to Xr 12 all the while trying to get an Eq setting to make it sound as good as the fender and I can't get it to sound as good. That old fender with a flat Eq sounds crisper and clearer with more natural tone than the Xr 12. My two cents....Xr 12 does lots of stuff, but all that "frosting" came at the expense of what really matters; the cake, crisp tones and responsive dynamics.

  • from Indiana February 13, 2016

    Did not last

    This product seemed fairly solid when taking it out of the box. However, it shut down and would not turn back on after only a few hours of use.

  • from December 7, 2015

    XR AIR 12


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