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Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Microphone Cable - 30' Reviews

4.5 stars based on 25 customer reviews
Questions about the Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Microphone Cable - 30'?

Questions about the Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Microphone Cable - 30'?

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  • Evan Mehre

    Iíve used Pro Co Excellines mic cables to tour for about a decade, often running them across the whole stage. In all that time, only one of my 25 cables wore out. When hundreds of eyes are on you, that's the kind of reliability any engineer has to appreciate.

  • from Moore, OK April 3, 2017

    nice mic cables

    very clean they came with my package deal and i love them no issues what so ever

  • from January 13, 2017

    Great value

    Another recommendation by Ryan Holquist that I am very pleased with Ryan always recommends the best product for my particular need. I always totally trust Ryan to recommend the best value for the price.

  • from August 7, 2016

    Great cables

    Very good quality.

  • from Norfolk, VA February 15, 2016Music Background:
    Occasional Professional

    Top Quality

    Top quality cables @ an affordable price....

  • from Rhode Island October 8, 2015

    Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Mic Cable 30'

    With the help of my Sweetwater Sales Engineer, I purchased two of these cables to run from my mixer to my QSC K 10's. I always prefer extra slack and these long cables run from my mixer, around the furniture, so as not to trip over, and they're completely silent (low impedance). Also, they're not Gold plated! So, my Sweetwater Sales Engineer saved me a bundle - no punt intended!

  • from September 14, 2015Music Background:

    XLR Cables

    Very good XLR Cables they make setting up my drum kit simple. 30ft cables are very good quality.

  • from Junction,Tx March 11, 2015Music Background:
    Gigging musician

    Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Microphone Cable

    Glad to finally have some good mic cables. The XLR ends are sturdy and don't wear out like my previous mic cables did. Plug the mic in and it is secure . No wiggling the cable trying to keep a connection. Also, they were color coded at both ends which makes all the difference in the world when you are trying to adjust volume during a gig.

  • from northern, NV November 23, 2014Music Background:

    No Interference, No Complaints.

    These cables are good for playing. I haven't suffered any problems with sound interference. With the Neutrik Connectors, no interference. For just regular playing these cables will more than do..

  • from Whitewright, TX June 16, 2013Music Background:
    Music Ministry

    Hello Cables / Good Bye Worries

    I bought 2 ea of the 30 ft cables 3 months back and waited to see how they would perform before writing a review to make sure I new the real deal was actually for real. I can say I am VERY pleased with with not just the value, but the cables are awesome. Great quality, crystal clear sound, no loose ends, tight connections and just an all around rugged cable for every day use. We sing indoors and outdoors and stay very busy so I was interested to see just how well they would hold up in various conditions - they perform flawless and never look back. After 3 months of continuous use they still look and sound great !!!! And they have a lifetime warranty - what's not to love about them !!!!

  • from Decatur, IN May 5, 2013Music Background:
    FOH Sound, Hobbyist Musician

    Good enough for live!

    These are great cables that can withstand the abuse of the live stage!

  • from Ventura, Ca March 25, 2012Music Background:
    Film/TV composer

    Sweetwater is the Best!

    Cables are awsome. I keep buying these, they are great quality, rubber does not crack over time, no oxidation. Tight fit these cables are the way to go . Thank you Sweetwater for providing great cables that do not fall apart. Solders great. tough. No feedback or buzzes.
    Thanks Nick Church for being the Best Sales Person.
    Ask for "Nick Church" he has the deal that last!!

  • from California October 10, 2011Music Background:
    Full-Time DJ.

    Top Quality Product

    I purchased this brand to check it out. I have used a much more expensive brand in the past, but I was looking for a less expensive option. These cables appear to be every bit as good, at a much lower price. Don't allow the lower price to mislead you; this is a top quality product. I will defiantly be purchasing more from this brand.

  • from Baltimore, MD August 25, 2011Music Background:
    working musician

    Good deal

    Nice, sturdy cable at a great price and with a lifetime guarantee. What's not to like? A great cable, especially for the price.

  • from South Louisiana July 1, 2014Music Background:
    worship musician, occasional band gigs

    It works as advertised

    This is a standard mic cable. I use it primarily in my music room in a static setup. It runs along the wall from my mixer to the mic across the room. I have no complaints.

  • from Georgia September 28, 2013Music Background:

    Excelltnt cables

    Great cables. Just what I needed for stages performers

  • from Texas panhandle. May 29, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, and I play in church.

    High Quality at a Great Price!

    I ordered two of these, and they work perfectly! They are easy to roll-up, and they don't seem to have much "memory", so they un-roll straight. I especially like the packaging they came in, well not so much the package, but what is printed on the cardboard: "Lifetime Warranty. No Questions Asked."!

  • from CA USA October 17, 2012Music Background:

    Pro Co Excellines Microphone Cable

    Very impressed. I was gonna buy Monster cable local. Cables are really excellent and quite in size. When I found out the price of Monster cable, for price of one Monster cable I was able to buy 4 of this cables. I have to say thanks to the sales rep for saving me some money.Plus life time warranty can't go wrong.

  • from United States November 14, 2011Music Background:
    Professional [10,000+ live shows]

    Pro Co XLR30 & M Rock-30A, M Rock-21A

    I am a hard working steady working musician doing daily shows in small venues within about a 250 mile radius from my home.
    I have been using my current mic cables for about 25 years. I assembled them myself using Belden cable and Switchcraft ends. Since these cables were 25 years old, I decided to get some new ones. They were not failing [or so I thought] they just had lived out their usefulness and I wanted new equipment for the security and peace of mind at the gigs. One of my guitar cables that was assembled at the same time was beginning to fail. I decided it was time to replace all of the patch cables in my live setup.
    Without changing any EQ, the first time I used these new cables, I was suddenly getting feedback in the high frequencies. It seems to me my older cable had stopped transferring these frequencies to the board. A small tweak [about 5dB rolled off the highs] and my vocals were sounding clean and clear!
    I'm glad I upgraded and thanks to Arend Raby for the advice in this purchase!!! You've always got my back on these issues!!!!

  • from Herrin Il February 14, 2017


    Great value. They hold up well I've been using them on stage never have a problem.

  • from April 20, 2016

    EXM-30 Excellines 30' Cable

    The Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Microphone Cable - 30' works very well for us. Thanks Sweetwater.

  • from Pennsylvania May 10, 2015Music Background:
    Lead guitarist and lead singer

    Pro Co Cables

    These cables are priced right and well constructed .

  • from February 2, 2012

    Nice cables

    I like the size and flexibility of these cables

  • from United States January 26, 2016Music Background:
    Guitar pickrer for over 50 years of gigging all over the world. semi-pro


    Has come in handy when you need the longer reach. Well built and seems rugged enough for an average gig. Have only used it twice since I got it in Dec. No discernable volume loss noted with the dynamic and phantom powered "Blue" mics I've used. Will get a lot of use in the spring. Will report on it again in six months .

  • from USA March 26, 2014Music Background:

    Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Microphone Cable - 30'

    These cables cleared up the static and popping associated with the old cables, the only problem I've experienced is the tendency to kink.

  • from October 29, 2014

    Pro Co EXM -30 Mic Cable

    Not really crazy about the mic cables. They seem to have a tendancy to twist and kink. They work OK but will always have to unravel prior to using.

Questions about the Pro Co EXM-30 Excellines Microphone Cable - 30'?

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