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Solid State Logic X-Desk Reviews

5.0 stars based on 4 customer reviews
Questions about the Solid State Logic X-Desk?

Questions about the Solid State Logic X-Desk?

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  • from Colfax, Ca April 28, 2017Music Background:
    Audio engineer, musician

    Excellent Desk!

    This summing mixer ads warmth and clarity to anything you run through it. Even my iPod sounds warm and beautiful! So far I have tracked a live band, summed those drums to a stereo bus and summed a few mixes with it. There is space and texture in each channel of the mix. The masters come out sounding top quality, no noise and plenty of that juicy SSL Superanalog tone.

  • from germantown, MD January 26, 2016

    Powerful Tool

    The X-Desk is a powerful tool for any small studio. I wanted to sum 8 channels of audio from my DAW but didn't want to reduce the quality by using poorly designed circuits which are common is small format mixers. that's when I hit the forum to research options and found the x-desk. It had no preamps which was a plus given my main objective. what I got from the x-desk is a hub for my studio in which all my out board gear is now easily accessible thru the desk. everything I record or track goes thru the desk and into my interface via ext. preamps or the line ins. When its time to sum I hit the ALT buttons and the desk changes its inputs to the outs of my interface. I trust every signal I send thru it to remain pristine. it adds to the punch and spatial quality of everything I sum thru it and it connects my studio in a way I had always dreamed of. It is honestly the greatest utilitarian(but so much more than that) purchase I have made for my studio.

  • from Chicago, IL June 26, 2013Music Background:
    Audio Engineer, Song writer, producer

    Simply Amazing

    I couldn't believe the extra head room this summing mixer has given my mixes in Protools and now that I have went from 8 mono/4 stereo pairs of summing, I'm doing 16mono/8 stereo summing and I'm nodding my head because I'm finally getting the sound I dreamed up.

  • from Hong Kong October 21, 2010Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, recording hobbyist

    Looks too simple to sound this good!

    Before I heard this X-Desk , I imagined this mixer to sound slightly better than a Mackie considering the size and the simplistic interface with fewer knobs than most mini mixer.
    I own a Dangerous D Box and I recently bought a Coleman M3PH for managing my routing my sources and 3 sets of monitor speakers. I say the X-Desk blows the Coleman off the planet and sounds deeper and clearer than the D Box. I managed to make my Apogee DA16X sound at least 30% better.
    As a summing mixer, this is superior to the TL Audio Ebony Summer and even the D Box. It is clean, warm and deep. I never imagined my Focal Twin B6 and Adam S3X V to go that deep. It is very addictive to listen to. I ended up routing every into it which means I have to buy a few more Monster DB25 to TRS snakes.
    After hearing how good super analogue sounds, I am saving up for the next level - Matrix.

Questions about the Solid State Logic X-Desk?

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