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Line 6 XD-V70 - Handheld System Reviews

5.0 stars based on 10 customer reviews

Sweetwater Advice

  • Ryan Sloan

    The XD-V70 is THE wireless system to get. Whether you need the handheld XD-V70 or the bodypack XD-V70L you're going to get sound that compares to wired microphones. You can use 12 systems anywhere in the world without worry of interference. That's a big deal. As the FCC looks to take more frequencies for future digital devices this system from Line 6 offers an insurance policy of sorts. When you combine it with the microphone modeling they've included you can't go wrong. This is the new standard for wireless microphone technology.

  • from Solana Beach, CA December 16, 2011Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Working Like a Champ

    We've had these (bought 3) for about a month. The features and clarity have been great. I especially like the battery life functions (time left on the handheld, red alert light on the receiver when battery power is low. Being able to see from across the hall to the receivers, I can easily see if a mic is muted, the sound levels, and RF signal strenght. RF signal strength display is not that big of a deal since I've yet to see it drop below max (I am running the handheld transmitters at reduced power to increase batter life).

    I also like the daisy-chaining of antenna from receiver to receiver - if you stack them, you only need a single pair of antenna.
    All in all a very nice wireless.

  • from Bowie, MD November 1, 2011Music Background:

    Great unit

    I really don't like spending a lot of money on a mic but I have been very impressed with this mic. It has a great range and it's all digital signal is very clear. I walked around a centerblock building and it reached pretty far. I also used it for an outdoor event and it worked very well. The button for the on/off and mute is small and hard to work. But besides that it is a great unit! Our building uses Shure for all their wireless needs but I didn't want to spend that much. Been very happy wit this product.

  • from Fort Worth, TX August 21, 2011Music Background:
    Lead Singer, Soloist, Live Sound Engineer

    A Great Wireless Choice

    I am the lead singer and equipment guru for a Southern Gospel trio. We have been looking at wireless microphones for some time. My Sweetwater Sales Engineer, Ben Porter recommended the Line 6 systems to me one day, even so I hesitated to buy one for some time. Finally I broke down a purchase one wireless mic system to try out. When I got the system I was very impresses with the rugged construction which is very important because equipment gets banged around when moving from gig to gig. The sound was great. I love the fact that you can set up the microphone to model other microphones. I set up ours to model the Beta 58s that we have been using for years. Adding new wireless units is a cinch. They come with all the necessary hardware to rack mount them in a touring case. You also don't need an expensive antenna coupler to run all the wireless receivers on a single set of antennas. There is no interference from nearby television stations or business radios. There is no interference when operating mics on adjacent channels. Battery life is great. We used the mics during a 5 hour gig and never had to scramble to replace the batteries. You can't go wrong with these.

  • from Milwaukee, WI May 9, 2011Music Background:
    Musician, Live/recording engineer

    Best wireless mic I've tried

    Wireless performance in gymnasium sized environments has been flawless and noise free. Running about a half dozen different wireless devices from the sound room and this is the cleanest in terms of noise. Singers find the overall feel and weighting of the mic superior to other mics we use, including Shure. Programming control from the mic itself and being able to select mic models is nice. The program/select buttons don't have a great feel or response, but on the other hand, this prevents false activation while using. We like the purity of the Line 6 sound the best, but have found using the mic models of other famous mics adds the right color to compensate for other vocalists specific characteristics. So far the best and most versatile mic I've used. Why buy a Shure or other name brand when you can get that and 7 other mic models all in this one?

  • from Jasper, Ga December 19, 2010Music Background:
    active musician / recording engineer/producer.

    Great Mic...Worth the Money

    I won this mic at the WFX Convention in Atlanta. At first I was sceptical about the quality of the mic (as far as sound) because of the brand. The reason I entered the drawing is I liked the way it fit in my hand.

    Now on to the important part...the preformance. I have a small home recording studio so I thought Why Not. This mic did a steallar job in the studio! Much to my surprise! I put it up against an Audio Technica MB4k and this mic blew it out of the water. Even with a dbx Provocal unit attached to the AT mic.

    I took this mic to my church where it blew the VOCOPRO 5200 mics away. This thing works great live and in a studio environment.

    The built in mic modelers really help to dial in the mic for your voice, plus you can custom label the mic name on the lcd of the handheld unit and it will display that name on the reciever when the handheld is powered up...no more ugly colored tape. YAY!!

    All the hardware is included for rackmounting this mic and for repoisitioning the antennas on the rack ears.

    Buy it, you wont be sorry, in fact I want to buy another one.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA November 21, 2010Music Background:
    jazz bassist, band leader, live & studio sound engineer, dj/mc

    So far, so good.

    I've been avoiding wireless for a long time due to reliability and sound quality issues. It seemed like no matter how much money you spent on a decent wireless, it would fail. At the worst possible time. Curiously, many other cheap wireless mic systems seem to work just fine -- but sound like crap!
    Finally, there's a decent alternative. For 500 bucks you can get an affordable pro system that's versatile and easy to use.
    I set mine to the Sennheiser 835 to match my new 835S. In an A/B test, the sound quality was really quite close -- with the Line 6 having a slightly hotter output.
    It's a snap to set up, and I'm a set-it-and-forget kind of guy. EZ-on EZ-off, no clicks, pops, or static. Great battery life so far, even on the highest output setting.
    The "power/mute" and "select" buttons are a mixed blessing -- they are very low profile and kind of hard to get to -- which is good and bad depending on the situation. (I would put the channel/select button inside the unit and install a bigger mute switch since everybody who picks up a mic instinctively looks for some on/off button and then pushes it! "This thing on?")
    Otherwise, so far, so good. Great sound, clean output, no noise or dropouts. Only used it on a few gigs so far, but it performed like a champ each time.

  • from Los Angeles, CA November 17, 2010Music Background:
    Pro musicain and sound engineer

    Great, great , great!!!

    GREAT! GREAT! GREAT! Some background: I’m a lead singer that has been on several major labels and I was also a sound man for many years at a top club in a major city. I have owned and used top of the line wireless handheld units such as Shure, Sennheiser, Nady, and Samson over the years, and have used it them in venues from clubs to arenas.
    Wireless units are just lousy radio stations that replace the mic cable. The technology has not changed for years other than slight tweaks and upgrades to give you more channels of lousy RF to get around the interference. Finally a company is taking newer technologies and applying them to musical equipment.
    Now I know the major hurdle in buying a Line 6 wireless is just because the other companies have been making them for years. Someone told me about this unit and my first response was LINE 6???!!! Yes, Line 6!...it actually makes perfect sense. This company has made a great name for themselves getting warm analog tone from digital technology. They have been making innovative, reliable, and versatile gear for long enough for the company to have a SOLID reputation…just not in wireless technology. But the same clever engineers that helped pioneer digital amp modeling obviously went to pretty smart engineers to come up with this one.
    First off the signal is clean and crisp. They have basically taken wireless out of the bands that have tremendous competition for airspace and put it in the band that’s more efficient and most of all LEGAL… and usable all over the world. (I tour and that’s a problem as many other wireless units work in frequencies that you need a license for). It operates as WiFi and cordless phones work, but there is no possibility of cross talk due to different encoding. I am really miffedthat my Sennheiser I bought just a couple of years ago is now illegal to use hear because the Govt sold off the 700 Mhz bandwidth.
    The Line 6 mic element sounds great. I have previously used condensers and dynamics in my mics for various reasons, and their capsule sounds as good, and in my opinion better than any Shure…but if you are still a slave to those mics ( many Front of house and monitor rigs are dialed in for those mics), you can replace the element with any Shure wireless capsule ( Audix is available with an adapter from Ratt Sound as well, and you can also use Heil capsules). They also have their great modeling to emulate the EQ colorations of some very popular mics…I chose to just use their element without modeling as I thought it sounded best with my voice, I even AB’d it against a Shure 58 and a Beta 58 capsule I had from my other handheld wireless units I still have, and still preferred theirs.
    DON’T LET THE OTHER COMPANIES BRANDING KEEP YOU AWAY FROM THIS WIRELESS!!! They have hit it out of the park with this unit. My sound guy loves the way it sounds, and so do I in my in ear monitors…speaking of which….when is Line 6 going to apply this technology to wireless in ears??? Hint Hint. Please make one…then I can lose the other archaic piece of wireless gear that I own!

  • from Adelphi, MD April 27, 2011Music Background:


    This is a great sounding mic with choices to fit your style. It's very easy to configure and didn't drop out when I went behind a wall.

  • from Spokane, WA June 1, 2011Music Background:
    Pro musician

    Line 6 XD-V70

    Excellent in every way but one... The one thing that needs to be looked at is the noise generated from handling the mic. Compared to the Sennheiser G2 and G1 series which has no hand noise this is truly a deficit and yet the modeling and the quality of build and quality of radio frequency transmission is absolutely fabulous. If you don't need to handle the mic a lot in quiet situations then I would recommend it highly. Compared to the Senn's for 250 dollars less it is a great mic! I would buy another one.

  • from Vermont October 7, 2010Music Background:
    Recording, Live Sound Engineer, DJ and Karaoke Co.

    No Drop outs

    The wireless part of the system is great, no pops clicks or dropouts, seems easy to set up as well, I was a little dissapointed with the sound of the Mic itself, from other reviews I had read it was nothing short of amazing, they compared it to handheald Condenser Quality.
    I have to say although it isn't bad, I am used to my Audix OM7 mics with snap-on wireless transmitters. The OM7 is heads above this mic for clarity and the way it picks up every detail in your voice. I will have to try an OM7 Capsule on this mic, they are suppose to have an adapter for it, we'll see.
    On the upside it picks up spoken voice really well, so when I used it at a few Weddings we did, it was easier for those who don't have good mic techneques to use, even when they held the mic down by thier Belly Button we could make out what they were saying.
    Also the 2.4 ghz freq should prevent the large loss of money I suffered when I had to throw away $2000.00 worth of my wireless systems after the last FCC change.

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