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Behringer X32 Rack Digital Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 37 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer X32 Rack Digital Mixer?

Questions about the Behringer X32 Rack Digital Mixer?

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Sweetwater Advice

  • Derek Senestraro

    I recently replaced my older board with the Behringer X32 Rack and couldn't be happier. The iPad app is great and gives me complete control. Plus, it works great in both live and studio applications!

  • from Olathe, KS May 6, 2017

    Amazing so flexible

    I was a bit worries to go from a full Mackie 16 channel board to this unit. I like the way I can route things all over with such ease. I don't need to have a rack of effects now, set up is fast. With the expansion snake now I don't have cable running all over the stage, just a CAT5 cable from the expansion snake to the rack unit. The new PC editor is so much better now and works great. I love being able to walk around and adjust levels with the tablet from out in the audience. The best thing has to be having everyone in the band being able to adjust their in-ear levels themselves! I've had it for over 6 months now and still blown away every time I dig in deeper and see everything this unit can do that I've not touched yet. Do yourself a favor when you get one and get online and look up all the great videos all the church sound guys have put together explaining all the cool stuff these mixers can do. I would buy it again in a heartbeat now!

  • from North Carolina November 26, 2016

    Simply Awesome!

    Once you figure out the internal I/O mapping this thing is a beast! Sound quality of the XLR inputs are great. We have had no issues with this unit to date and we use almost every I/O on the unit.

    CONS: Better documentation in regards to connecting and setting up I/O points using ProTools Software.

  • from Tampa area September 12, 2016Music Background:
    Keyboard Player, Producer, Arranger

    Amazing board!

    Get one! (You're welcome) But seriously, the X32 is a gorgeous piece of work. The X32 rack is a great choice for a smaller band, if you don't mind mixing on an iPad (and I don't). There is a learning curve, as it is a very flexible piece, but you could make it work for general purposes right out of the box, and then begin to customize things. There are a few minor challenges you need to be aware of. The 16 regular ins and 8 outs are XLR only. The preamps are great and will support line in, but you either need adapters, or TRS to XLR cables, if you want to plug in quarter inch instruments (like keyboards). There are 6 TRS aux ins and outs, but you'll be happier just getting some cables and plugging in to the XLRs. You also need a router to get your iPad (or android) to connect. There are some very small travel routers out there that will work, but if you're in a populated area, you may want something a little more powerful. I put the X32 Rack in a 4 space rack bag, and had room for a router, power bar, and a small computer to record with. I'd buy this board again, all day, everyday.

  • from August 20, 2016

    Totally impressed

    I'll start by saying I am not a sound tech, I am a guitar player. With that being said, I want my band to sound as good as possible so I asked my professional audio tech friend which system would work best for my needs, He said Behringer is making some great, not too expensive gear these days. I looked at the X32 Rack. After purchasing and setting up the rack, I initially had trouble getting the system up and running, but it was simply not having the speakers plugged into channels 7 and 8 channels. Monitors were also a problem until I got great tech support from Sweetwater and now I couldn't be more pleased. I am totally impressed with the X32 Rack.

  • from West Virginia July 12, 2016Music Background:
    40+ years as a "weekend warrior"

    Behringer X32 Rack

    I am just three gigs into using the X32 Rack and so far it has been great. It will take some getting used to not having the knobs on a console but the ease of set-up/tear-down is what I was after and it has helped so much. Once we get the "hang" of everything we should cut our time immensely.

    The Rack sounds great. I am no expert on all of the different types of pre-amps but it sounds great to my ears. Looking forward to using it for a long time to come.

    Thanks to Mike Soper for helping me get everything I needed to get the gear hooked up.

  • from June 15, 2016

    X32 rack

    I just installed this in our church last night and wow. The sound was crisp and clean, a huge jump from our old studiomaster analogue desk that has been there since the late 80s. Having all the comps and fx internal and available on every channel with full parametic eq is a game changer. It took some time to get my head inside the routing but a little homework on the behringer forums and youtube tought this old dog a few new tricks. Highly recomended. TJ was great on the other end of the phone also.

  • from Austin March 9, 2016

    Touring band "The Vanity" loves their X32!!

    We run this for FOH sound and in ears and it could not be a more flawless system! Strongly recommend it! Finally we have a consistent sound every show! Also our whole rig fits in an 8 rack that can go under a plane. We fly everywhere with this no problem!

  • from Louisville ky February 22, 2016Music Background:
    Praise an worship Lider and guitar player

    It's the best.

    I'm so happy,muy Feliz con la x32 it's my best inversion on soun system.

  • from Brandon,MS January 1, 2016Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Technical Director, Systems Integrator

    Cool mixer/Ultra portable

    I have owned this unit for over 2 years and it still surprises me how well it works. I have my x32 rack paired with a dbx driverack pa2. I just load my road case up and head to the show. Pull out my rta mic for the drive rack, eq the room and start mixing in under 30 mins. I still carry a bulky snake but for those looking for the cat5 connection this will do that too. I am able to setup vca's to group channels and the fx rack is sweet. I recently started using waves tracks live for virtual sound checks and it is so fluid to swap from the preamps to the usb card on this mixer. If your like me and want to use an iPad to mix on and need something portable get this X32 rack. You won't be disappointed!

  • from United States May 11, 2015Music Background:
    recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist, live sound.

    Simply awesome

    We're on week 3 with this, and the clarity, flexibility, and usefulness of this box is perfect. We're paired with the S16 to handle stage, and we can easily take the mixer rack out for outdoor events or to go elsewhere to record.

  • from Moncks Corner, SC April 7, 2015Music Background:
    Guitarist (31 years), vocalist, sound engineer. Electrical engineer by trade (don't hold it against me).

    Had it one week and OH MY LORD!!!! Wow!!!

    Okay... are we sure this thing is a brand that starts with B? (sorry guys... most of my stuff has been good, though others have had hit and miss experiences with the B).

    Had it one week and I've already mastered setting up a 16 channel band set with the following:
    -4 stereo effects, all working well on busses 13-16.
    -Setting up mono crossover output that can become stereo out by turning off the xovers I built in the matrix -outputs (defeat the parametric EQ that actually has several different filters to choose from on the matrix -busses).
    -Setup a dual band wireless router that will live in the rack and come out to play at the destination. I have it setup for a wired laptop, and about 8 phones and tablets wireless (plus/minus 3). :P (Android Mix 32 rocks!!!).
    -5 discrete mono monitor mixes with an XLR slot for one more. All sub outs are available.
    -Setup 32 track recording into Presonus Studio One V2.
    Gotta shout out an "I luv u, man... can I have your Bud Lite..." to the X32 Rack and X32 wicki!!!
    Vids on YouTube as well!!!

    Midas preamps are for real. Nothing in this class that I've heard can match them!

    Thanks going out to Jake, my long time Sales Engineer!!! (and the guy that assisted on one of
    the days he was out on the front end of the order).

    I love remote control with no hunkin' board. We have a 24 channel Mackie VLZ in the trailer for
    a backup. Hope it never sees the light of day. Our heavier weight amps and crossover are in a rolling rack as backup as well. I use two of my QLC PLX series 2 amps in a single 8 slot rack for the amps and power
    conditioners. I have a 6 slot rack for a power conditioner and the X32 Rack. What a light weight
    rig. Running them into JBL SR series subs and 3 way cabs. Bliss.............

    Behringer has done it! No longer the "B word"!!! :P (Still just kidding about the B word, guys). Hehehe.
    Can't go wrong with the X32 Rack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • from Utah February 17, 2015Music Background:
    Playing in bands about 35 years, lead guitarist, singer.

    X32 Rack is awesome

    I love this thing. I have an X32 Console that I've been using for the last couple of years and I have really loved. We used to have a sound guy run the sound board for us, but lately we have just been setting the mix in a sound check and mixing adjustments from the stage. I saw the X32 Rack on Sweetwater when I was looking at something else and it occured to me that this might be more practical for the way we are using the mixer. So, I bought the X32 Rack and an S16 Digital snake and set it up for practice. I have some of the band members setting using inputs from the snake and the rest are going into the X32 Rack. I have headphone amps in the rack case with the X32 Rack and also, with the S16 Digital snake. I have 2 ADA8000s that I setup with the snake for extra outputs and I've setup identical monitor mixes, one for each band member, in both boxes. So, no matter how we setup on stage or for practice the band members can plug into the same jacks for inputs and headphone amp no matter with box they plug into. All I have to do is change the source on there X32 channel. I have saved different configurations for practice and gigs. It works great and I can keep all of the monitors to the headphones plugged inside the boxes so I don't have to do it when we setup before a gig.

    I have setup a router and an apple express in the box with the X32 Rack so that we can use the remote apps to control monitor mixes and change the main mix. I use the apple express so that we can stream music to the sound system during breaks. That makes it so that we don't have to plug it in and run it from in front of the console.

    I've also got it set up so that the band members can use their IPhones to connect and adjust their individual monitor mixes if they want or they can just listen to the main mix and if they want add a little of their vocal or or instrument on top of the main mix.

    I have my laptop plugged in to the router directly so that I can use X32 Edit to control the X32 Rack in case we have wireless problems. During a show I mainly use my IPad on a microphone stand to control the mix if any changes need to be made. I can also start and stop the USB recorder from there. I've decided it's easier to setup and use the X32 with the software than it is using the console with all the faders and buttons..

    It all works great. It's much easier to carry and setup than the X32 console and it is a lot more flexible. I think the console is good if you have a sound guy, but when I'm mixing on stage while performing I prefer the X32 Rack. The big plus is that I can carry all of the equipment up and down stairs by myself if I have to.

    The only bad thing I have to say is that I wish they still shipped the X32 with the XUF card. I like firewire for recording. I had to order one, but my Sweetwater rep gave me a good deal on it since I was going to pull out the USB card and probably never use it anyway. Which is what I've done.

  • from Cambridge, OH February 13, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer, Amateur sound engineer

    Awesome product.

    We upgraded from a Mackie 24ch board to the x32 rack and I must say I'm blown away by what all this 3 rack space unit can do. For one, it cuts down on the amount of outboard equipment we have to bring to a show, everything we need is built into this unit. Without having to patch all the effects, compressors, and eq's into my old console will cut setup time dramatically. I use mixing station on android, makes adjusting monitors on stage quick and easy, and I use x32 edit at FOH via wifi or Ethernet.

    An asked bonus I didn't even know this unit had, I occasionally operate a low powered FM transmitter for some events, and found an effect called Combinator, a multi band compressor. This works wonders for processing a signal to go on the air.

  • from Midwest February 8, 2015Music Background:
    Pro musician , hobbyist

    My favorite purchase in yeRs

    I bought this unit for the remote access features unaware that it would become the heart and soul of my music. I have used this x32 as a mixer, soundboard , recording interface fx Rack and more. I use it in my home studio and it has made music creation so easy. The control through the iPad is flawless the response of the meters are instant. It's like being able to sit behind the recording desk while actually sitting behind my drum kit.

    The fx are great and the preamps are beyond beautiful . I don't think my drums have ever sounded so good . The signal chain is set and at your fingertips I have zero to say negative about this unit if your a traveling musician I would have loved to have this on the road. You have large venue signal processing packed into 3 rack spaces. I love this thing and the posibilities seem limitless can't wait to see the development in the app department once more people get on board.

  • from Cleveland OH USA November 1, 2014Music Background:
    working musician


    This thing does so much. I can use it live for my band then take home for a 16 channel studio with incredible preamps. I like the ability to do scene changes and snippets via MIDI. Can use the scene change from a foot controller to MIDI in that in turn sends a MIDI command out of the USB port to a laptop to start backing tracks and DMX light show. Can also use another foot controller on a different channel to recall snippets to change send levels to EFX for guitarist. Really cuts down on the amount of gear needed to do a show. No more huge fader boards and racks of processors.

  • from Grand Rapids, MI October 30, 2014Music Background:
    Hobby musician/engineer

    X32 Rack is AWESOME

    We use this mixer for our 4 piece classic rock original/cover band. In conjunction with an IPAD the setup is awesome. It has everything you need in a 3U rack. Use an Apple Airport router and you can airplay Itunes wirelessly to the mixers aux input. I can mix onstage or pass the IPAD to a soundman FOH for larger Gigs. The sound quality is outstanding. You can learn to operate this mixer reasonably fast. There is a load of youtube videos detailing all the facets of this mixer. The X32 is WAY cheaper than an analog mixer and all the off board equipment you would need to match the goodies in this package. Our band members use their smartphones to mix their monitors. Note that although it's 32 channels this hardware only has 16 XLR inputs.

  • from Tewksbury, MA August 31, 2014Music Background:
    Bass Player

    Absolutely Incredible!!

    Been a musician for over 30 years now. A working pro for well over 10...and I gotta' say, this is a game changer for me!! I combined the X32 Rack with powered speakers and an iPad and cut way down on PA gear that needs to be transported. If that wasn't motivation enough to buy the rack...the system flexibility is amazing!! Can be used as a live mixer or as an audio interface for your home studio. It pretty much does it all. Tons of I/O options. The ability to mix all 32 tracks and control monitor/in-ear mixes from anywhere in the room (without running a snake to a mixing board), record shows in 2-track stereo, control break music from the iPad (Bluetooth NOT required)...I could go on and on!! So far I have paired my X32 Rack with (2) Behringer B215D speakers and I can't get the volume anywhere near it's maximum capabilities because the windows literally start shaking. I was a little skeptical about the iPad control but everything works like a charm!! Will be getting the sub soon to complete the PA setup.

    For those concerned about the brand "Behringer" in general...trust me...I know. In my opinion, they have produced a lot of less than desirable quality products in the past. I have purchased, used, borrowed and played through my share of them during my musical journey. They may still produce low quality products, I don't know. What I do know is, this product does not seem to fall into that category at all. I have done a lot of research on the X32 products in general before purchasing and Behringer really seems to be taking a different approach with the X32 line. The unit feels very rugged, well made and with components like the Midas preamps, I'm very confident it will hold up over time with the gigs. Will report back if it doesn't.

    If you are comfortable thinking out of the box and switching to digital mixing, then this is HIGHLY recommended!! You will NOT regret it!!

  • from NY USA August 30, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, touring FOH, monitor engineer for national acts

    X-32 Rack

    I've been buying from Sweetwater for almost 20 years and the service and gear are always amazing. I bought the X-32 rack for a band in-ear-moitor system and it was shipped super quick. The X-32 has been solid, sounds great and so simple the band can set it up themselves while I get FOH ready with no worries. Next purchase is an X-32 so I can do FOH and access all the inputs on the rack version easily.

  • from Sacramento, CA August 18, 2014Music Background:
    Recording Engineer by day, Live Sound engineer on weekends.

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I decided to go with the X32 Rack instead of the full console because of cost but also for portability for location recording. In fact I thought my primary use of this unit would be for recording and I would continue to use the Presonus board for live sound. I have had great results with recording because the Midas-designed preamps are smoother and quieter than the Presonus ones. I was afraid that it would be difficult to navigate all of the features using only the iPad but once you get in there and get your hands dirty, everything makes sense. Hugely powerful console with everything you need. Just give yourself some time to get acquainted with the X32 Mix app before your first gig. I'm in love with it and can't wait to do another gig with it. Now I just need to save up for the digital snake!

  • from Omaha, NE USA April 1, 2014Music Background:
    Songwriter, Worship Leader, Studio Musician, Teacher

    X-32 is the Nexus of Jesus Rock!

    My family and I are Worship Leaders and our musical director suggested we buy the X-32 to simplify our sound. WOW! In a tiny rack we can now run the main sound in the church from iPads and the band members can adjust their in ear monitor levels with their iPad, as well. The initial set up takes a little time, but once complete, could not be simpler. We actually bypassed the church's old sound system and ran 2 Bose portables as our mains. It was awesome. This unit is so fantastic that we have redubbed it "The Nexus of Jesus Rock!"

  • from USA November 12, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, synthesizers, computers

    Fantastic digital mixer

    I have been waiting all year for the X-32 Rack, and have been absolutely blown away by how well it works, how little latency there is, and the stellar sound quality. My needs may differ quite a bit from what one would normally use this mixer for - I am a hobbyist home musician working mainly with synths, but decided that this mixer would be a great step up from my larger Alesis 16 channel mixer. The rack version of the X-32 has freed up some valuable real estate on my desk, while allowing me to route audio to and from any of my synths / effects processors, while delivering astonishingly clean sound to my Yamaha HS80M monitors, as well as a pair of Monitor Audio home theater speakers.

    I can absolutely see why this mixer is the perfect solution for performance spaces, churches, etc... the iPad / iPhone apps give you every piece of functionality present in the on-board UI, while allowing you to place yourself at various positions in the hall, all while tweaking to your heart's content.

    Considering that this is a great fit in just about any environment, from a home studio, pro studio, or concert venue, I think Behringer have scored a 10/10!

  • from Broomfield, CO April 26, 2017Music Background:
    Full time professional

    Nice tech gear

    I purchased this in order to downsize our X-32 producer board for easier cartage. Since we all use apps to control the parameters (for our IEM system) we didnt need the physical faders and the size of the board and road case. This X-32 rack does all that the producer does and does it well in 3 rack spaces.
    And its easier on the back.

  • from NY March 7, 2017


    I was pretty sceptical about buying a Behringer mixer but the reviews said this was exactly what I wanted and they were right. I use this in a cover band that mixes ourselves. Using the iPad app to walk out and hear from an audience perspective is awesome. We set a scene for every place we play and can just come back and recall to what sounded good last time. We use IEMs, a click track, and backing tracks so the routing options are great and having the ability to have multiple devices connected is a life saver. Each member can control their own mix from a phone or ipad or even a computer. Everything is in one rack so we just set it down, open the case, run 2 cables to the speakers and are ready to go. I did knock off half a star because the preamps are not the best but considering we're playing bars and clubs where the noise floor is already high it hasn't been an issue for us. I did install a Cymatic Audio UTrack32 to record but have yet to record a show. That will be the tell for the preamps.

  • from Northeast Ohio January 24, 2017Music Background:
    Working cat...

    X32r -- Nicely Done!

    This unit is a sweet deal! Nice pre's, flexible routing, nice internal fx, etc, etc. I need another one! :)

  • from Sadieville, KY November 22, 2016

    X-32 Rack

    This is a great piece of equipment.

  • from N. MI September 19, 2016Music Background:
    Active musician

    So far, so good

    This has been pretty good so far. Replaced about a 250# rack with about a 35# rack, and have a lot more capabilities. The ability to control individual monitor mixes via: smart phones/tablets has lent EXTREMELY well to the band. The iPad console is quite functional, and not having to pack an enormous console would be worth it to me even WITHOUT the added savings. My only issue so far, is that some stuff is not very straightforward. Example: I would like my mute groups to not mute our in ear monitors. Not that simple. Overall, this thing is a powerhouse in a very conveniently small and light package though. Behringer got this one right!

  • from May 13, 2015Music Background:
    Professional Drummer 20+ years, Engineering background

    Great Solution for Drummer IEM's - Excellent Replacement for the Presonus Studiolive Console

    I purchased the X32 rack to replace my Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 console and am extremely pleased with the decision. I am using it to mix my miked drumkit in a practice studio for use with IEM's. The X32 gives me a lot more options to tweak the processing on each channel over the Presonus console. (key filter, adjustable Q, etc...) Preamps sound as good or better than the Presonus and the 32 channel USB interface worked flawlessly for me during my initial tests. The nearly infinite routing options and extensive feature set give the X32 a little bit of a learning curve. (It can be used as a splitter in an IEM application) Don't expect to be up and running as fast as you would be on the Studiolive, but it's worth the time investment. All of the processing and effects work well and sound good. While it's extremely subjective, I think its signal path and processing sounds smoother and more transparent than the StudioLive throughout the entire dynamic range. It also appears to be well constructed.

    I have not tried the "bundled" Tracktion software. After configuring the I/O, it works well with Studio One Professional Version 2.

    I look forward to expanding it with a stage box or a 2nd X32 Rack on the future.

    Minor complaints:

    An almost undetectable amount of "digital" (op-amp?) noise can be heard through the mains when the X32 is powered on. Probably not even worth mentioning, Any decent sized power amp would probably generate more noise than this...

    The included "quick start" documentation is pretty much worthless. There is a good wiki page for the X32 which does a good job covering the ins and outs of the console. There are also quite a few tutorials on Youtube.

    As with every other digital console / audio interface I have owned, I spent a good hour trying to get the USB drivers to work. Don't accidentally install the drivers for the Firewire/USB combo card if your unit ships with the USB only card. (X-UF USB is for the firewire combo card, X-USB is for the USB only card) Once I got the drivers installed, it has been rock solid.

    The Ipad app is well put together and works well. If you have a large computer monitor with a high resolution setting, the PC app does not give you the option to resize it or maximize it to fill the screen.

    I look forward to seeing what they do with future firmware upgrades as well.

    I would not hesitate to purchase it again.

  • from Port Republic, VA April 16, 2015Music Background:
    Musician, sound engineer

    Great Box.

    I finally went digital with my live sound system with 2 of these. This way I have 2 16-channel systems or 32 channels with redundant control box. I've been really impressed with all of the options and the quality of the sound. I showed up at a gig last week and was set up and ready for sound check in less than 20 minutes!

  • from Denver, CO January 20, 2015Music Background:
    Pro musician, Studio and Live engineer, Producer.

    I bought two!

    So far so good. I came from using a Midas Venice 320 for my cover/show bands on stage. I was expecting a big step down in audio quality but honestly it far exceeded my expectations. No such degrade! My mixes are smooth and full. The cost is what blows me away. For what I'm able to sell my Venice for I can pretty much pay for 2 of these so that's what I did. I bought a second unit for the studio as a utility mixer mainly for rehearsals. Now I have 2 complete systems that allows me to program to my heart's content. The only complaint I have so far is that it could use more MIDI implementation, mainly MIDI Time Code so that I don't have to use as many snippets for delay setting. I expect Behringer will eventually handle this. Overall tho', great unit. Let's see how road worthy it is.

  • from Yuma, AZ January 1, 2015Music Background:

    Moving into Digital without Compromise...

    After six-months I've decided it's a keeper and it fills my needs quite well. I'm running my Portico-II and Drawmer Noise Gate into it, as I still prefer those tasks handled by my favorite analog gear. The X32 manages everything from there.

    My only complaint is the near useless User Guide and so the set-up can be a pain. On the plus side I've been able to make contact with their support folks to help me along. For some, it may be overkill but once you get used to it, you'll be way ahead.

  • from Chicago, IL February 6, 2014

    Near Perfect !!

    I replaced my StuidoLive 16.4.2 with this. There is a steep learning curve, but once you get it, the flexibility is amazing. I docked the review 1/2 star because the manuals are totally useless. Luckily there are many good videos on YouTube from Behringer and others that will give you the training you need, but it takes time. In summary, this is probably the best music related thing I've ever purchased in 30+ years.

  • from Peoria, IL USA January 29, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer, Producer, Live engineer

    So Far So Good

    I have put the x32 into my Drum IEM Monitor setup, it replaced a Mackie 1604VLZ3 and a five channel noise gate and a TC Electronic Reverb. This totally has brought my rack weight down from about 100 pounds to about 40 pounds. Unit has held up great for several gigs and the routing features can't be beat. If you need a compact mixer and no need for the space that the faders take up this is your guy.

  • from Austin, TX January 28, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Drummer, Recording Engineer, Producer

    A No Brainer

    I've used the full size x32 for a while but wanted something I could transport more easily. Since I primarily use the iPad app when mixing on the full size board, I figured the Rack version would be a great choice! You can't beat the sound and features for the price. And now with the OS V2, it just keeps getting better and better.

    The only reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars was because I was a little dissappointed the I/O expansion card didn't come with the firewire and usb2 card like on the full size version. It only has one usb2 port.

    As a drummer who is also the sound engineer, it doesn't get any better than this. I've studied all the digital mixers available out there for the past year. The X32 is still the best.

    I also use it as my I/O for my recording studio.

  • from December 5, 2013Music Background:
    Weekend Warrior

    Great product

    Only a couple weeks on this item but I couldn't be happier with the performance so far.
    Bought this primarily to mix stereo monitor mixes for IEMs both from the rack and with PM-16 and it works perfectly for that. It also does double duty as FOH mixer for small venues.

    I use Ipad and laptop to operate and both work well. I'd say the wireless Ipad control works often more smoothly than the PC version wired believe it or not. Only thing I would like to see is master fader always visible on all screens. Currently to tweak mains you have to leave the channels screen and go back to the mains screen for that. Small nit, other than that I haven't found anything that I can't do.

    Sound quality is superb for the price. Effects are quite decent and the fact that the inputs can be increased using S16 snakes to 32in is fantastic.
    Originally I looked at the mackie DL1608 but it has less on board outs and fixed at 16 ins, no PM16 like devices etc. The x32 has the mackie on flexibility hands down.

  • from November 14, 2014Music Background:
    Television Station

    Very Happy

    Very good product!!!!!! Highly recommended as a purchase. The only thing it's missing is an AES/EBU output.

  • from Fresno, CA USA July 24, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound, Musician, Mobile Recording Service

    Out of the box and right to the gig!

    Quick setup lesson from a couple other users and off to the gig. Easy to route the four P16-M there 16 channels, got my Samsung Tab 4 connected and configured using the Mixer Station App to see all 16 inputs at one time. I also have a BCF2000 attached to the rack using CC midi (4 buses, 3 FX & FOH fader) for just in case. Attached a HP 8560w laptop to X-USB port (32x32) record / playback, and a Thinkpad T61 at FOH position and now I couldn't be happier.

  • from Cincinnati, Ohio USA October 22, 2015Music Background:
    Electronic Pro Audio developer

    Great but network code is poorly executed

    The X32 is really flexible and has a ton of options. The nice thing is you can access pretty much everything from the front panel. The APP on the iPad and OSX is really easy to use.

    Ok here are the faults:

    Documentation is almost non-existant.

    I develop network devices for audio as my real job. I set up the X32 for the school across the street as a favor. The networking code in the X32 is really poorly written. It has allot of problems with getting DHCP addresses and does not like the Apple Airport Express. The school wanted this to work:

    School LAN->Airport Express->X32

    That would not work for anything. In the end we had to put the Airport Express off of a switch elsewhere and assign a static IP address and reconfigure the router to accept it.

    Really it's 2015, why was this even an issue?

    So just remember this thing likes a specific setup for the network. Talk to your IT and Sweetwater tech support before buying this so you don't end up loosing a ton of hours trying to set it up.


Questions about the Behringer X32 Rack Digital Mixer?

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