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Behringer X32 Digital Mixer Reviews

4.5 stars based on 81 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer X32 Digital Mixer?

Questions about the Behringer X32 Digital Mixer?

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  • from June 15, 2017

    Great Sound Board for a Great Price

    I purchased this sound board for our church. It is has all the features we were looking for and has great sound. We recently had a company recommend an upgrade that would have cost four times as much, but we are so glad we found this one!

  • from AK April 29, 2017Music Background:
    venue tech

    great stuff

    i have had mine since about a year after they were introduced. it has done very nicely. touring engineers don't say a lot about it and i gather that they would rather have a high end digital desk . but they also have their x32 show from the past saved on a thumb drive and just plug it in then ready to go. Have had touring artist bring their own x32 rack that ran their in-ear monitors. very flexable.
    competing products are now out there but few seem to compare.

  • from April 15, 2017


    its increadable we use it for church and wow

  • from January 12, 2017Music Background:
    Semi-professional sound engineer

    The new standard

    This unit is amazing. So versatile, so powerful, so intuitive.

    I took me 30 minutes to understand the basics and be functionnal for a show. And yet, two years later, I still find new amazing features (ex: works with Android phones/there's 5 different ways to create monitor mixes/you can select the same input on multiple strips/some FX are really cool/you can store EQs settings in a library, etc).

    I learned on a LS9 and the X32 is, IMO, so much better. The workflow is so easy. With this board, I think Behringer is going to change their damaged reputation. This thing is a homerun.

    This is my new standard. This is my board.

  • from November 25, 2016

    Beheringer X32

    Love it loved the price & fast service very fast delivery thank you

  • from Cortland NY September 20, 2016Music Background:
    35 years musician, band owner

    So intuitive!

    This board is awesome!
    With over 30 years performing and owning live sound gear, I can tell you this bored is awesome! With Behringer. quality has always seemed to be hit or miss. I have had some that was awesome, and some that most certainly was not. They got it right with this mixer though! I still own my Persons and it is still a great board, but this board does not have as much of a learning curve, and the motorized faders rock! It is also great not to get kicked off the network and be stuck without monitor mixing ability on stage right when you need it! I highly recommend this bored to anyone looking for a digital board that is versatile, has GREAT preamps and is easy tog et to know right out of the box!

  • from July 12, 2016

    Good for church!!

    I had this for about 5 months and it seem hard at first but after a month i had the fx down and everything AMAZING

  • from Oceanside, CA June 23, 2016Music Background:
    Live & Studio Mixing since 1975, Home MIDI artist

    Still a Leader After Years!

    I bought this mixer when they first came out, and the included expansion module included a Firewire port too. I paid about $2,800 at the time and still don't regret it (although I'm now considering a second one w/ just the USB 2 port). The drop in price makes a second mixer very tempting. Once the newer firmware came out, everything that worked well was improved and I was pleased with the greatly expanded 'screen save' options. The included software plug-ins were also pleasingly welcome, including the dual mode RTA.

    Although I recognized that Behringer brand was mentally pigeonholed into the 'cheap, but functional' category by others, I've never had problems with any of my Behringer equipment, including small, medium and even the huge SX4884 analog boards, nor their direct boxes, headphone amps, etc. And I monitor my mixes through nice $1,400 JBL short-throw amped monitors. Maybe I'm lucky, but I don't think so.

    Before buying the X32, I was using my first digital mixer, the ($4,600 w/ meter panel & Firewire) TASCAM DM 3200. The unit took over a week to finally set up on my Mac (yes I read all the manuals, some of which needed to be downloaded), had very confusing menus and routing assignment processes, weighed a ton, and although it was actually capable of 48, not 32 tracks, there were only 16 XLR inputs in the unit (even their DM 4800 has only 16 XLRS, I believe). The Behringer was Smaller, and Lighter. It has 32 (CLEAN!) XLR inputs. Initial set-up was done in about 1 1/2 hours (reading the guide as I went). The menus were logical and the easily accessible channel strip (now a regular feature on most digital mixers) is well laid out and easy to access. The Tascam DM3200's was a nightmare for live mixing).

    Now that the X32 has been out for years, anyone reading my review will already be familiar with the many plug-ins incorporated into the firmware, and in the new digital mixers from every brand, similar plug-ins are expected (even my ancient Tascam DM3200 had a menu of them), but that mentioned I like the results I'm getting from the X32 set. They just plain work. I like the ease in which I can access the inputs to the outputs, all 32 XLR inputs (plus 4 additional sets of TRS), to the full set of 32 XLR outputs while simultaneously sending 32 channels to your DAW and another 16 channels out to your stage monitors for the band to mix.

    I have a pair of S16's fort the stage/studio and 150 ft. of ethernet. Connecting and assigning is a piece of (angel-food) cake. I am using Cubase Pro 8.5 in an 8-core new Mac Pro, but the mixer also works great with my 4 year old iMac and an older Mac 4 core G5 with IBM CPUs. My partner uses it with Sonar in his PC laptop & desktop.Creamy smooth! I also have a P16 base and will be buying a few personal mixers in a few months. What a great feature!

    Wish List 1: It would have been nice if the 7" color screen were a touch screen, which it is not. And this is obviously not something that can be upgraded in a firmware upgrade.

    Wish List 2: Now, I'm no circuitry engineer, so I don't know if it's possible, but I'd like to see a firmware option to change the 32 simultaneous channels of recording @ 24 bit 48 Khz to possibly 24 bit 96 Khz on just 16 channels. Yep, despite many new DAC running with options for 96 Khz and even 192 Khz (do we really need it?) the X32 is currently maxed at 32 channels of 24bit 48KHZ DACing.

    This is an excellent buy, and, BTW, Sweetwater has been uncomparable in service (and I've been buying through the mail, clear back to that old 'Music Emporium' company before we all had internet)!

  • from Philadelphia area May 24, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Engineer


    I am the sound engineer for The Slippery Band. Very popular private party band in the Philadelphia area. Made the switch to the Behringer X32 last year. This is an amazing unit. From EQ to dynamics, to monitor sends, to recording, to effects, there is nothing this board cannot do. It has proven to be durable and reliable. The digital snake takes time valuable time off of set-up and break down.

    I cannot say enough about the sound quality. Don't let the price fool you. This board is the real deal. Email me with questions.

  • from Greenville MICHIGAN April 18, 2016Music Background:
    Tech director, worship member

    Awesome upgrade from analog to digital.

    Our church finally made the upgrade from analog to digital. Being a small church we were concerned about the budget and what we would get. This product offered more than what we really needed but that's better than not enough. I Love the recallable scenes, it has made an awesome quick transition to team members and worship senarios. I have been promoting sweetwater to all that I know to other churches as well as musicians. You cannot get a better company that cares for your needs as well as warranties and tech support. Thank you Brock Andrews ( Toll-free (800) 222-4700 ext 1703 ) for your excellent help and helping us reach our goal and beyond for our church. The rating I gave was due to not only product performance but great customer care and service anytime I needed it. Great products and great deals!

  • from April 5, 2016Music Background:
    Worship leader, sound technician

    Great board, lots of features!

    Really great features. Was initially worried that it would be difficult to train our people to use, but it is actually very intuitive once you learn your way around. We love the ability to run virtual soundchecks and store settings.

  • from Washington March 22, 2016Music Background:
    Mixing Engineer/Musician

    This console is the centerpiece of my music studio!

    I love this thing! It is a big hit with everyone that owns one...It has more features than I know what to do with, yet very straightforward to use once you learn its logical layout. There is quite a bit to muster and quite a bit to learn. I love the remote control feature via Ethernet and the X32 application. I now run it on the laptop while I record with it in either Pro Tools or Sonar Platinum. I like the MIDAS pre's. I record my guitar cabinets through it. I pass my load boxes, vocals from external tube compressors and I just love the versatility and the warmth of it. There is nothing that cannot be achieved sonically and it really empowers you to produce. I find it a delight to use on all occasions. I look forward turning it on and work on producing new material for my recordings. I have traditionally always mixed in the box. I missed the moving faders from the analog days and got this! I love the RTA feature. Saves alot of time while EQ'ing bands. I wish Behringer would focus a bit more on recording music with it rather than just live sound mixing and band setups. Although not specifically used for recordings, it can do a good job and It is very useful this way and needs more focus in that area, since there are not many youtube vids on this topic, just some Behringer seminars here and there describing its use with Reaper and ProTools. They focus on live sound. The quality of available videos from the community is scarce out there are not that well made, but the board is awesome for what it does and built like a tank. I am very pleased with it and if it were damaged or stolen, I would buy another one in a heartbeat!

  • from Louisiana March 15, 2016Music Background:
    Sound Tech for church

    Better than I could imagine

    It took a little to get it setup but the tech support was AWSOME.
    This board does everything I had hoped it would do and even more. The ability to customize the settings is unlimited. My favorite feature is the ability to save each vocal setup and assign it to any channel when needed.

  • from NJ January 5, 2016Music Background:
    full-time performer/live sound tech/studio engineer

    best in class

    simply put: this is the best mixer in its class. if you run sound for bands or small theater, this is the absolute best you'll find in the <$10,000 range. outperforms the yamaha ls9 and blows away the presonus studiolive 24.4.2ai.

  • from Tampa Florida December 13, 2015Music Background:
    Soundman, Installer, Producer, Engineer, Musician

    Behringer X32

    As a soundman I had heard about the Virtual Sound check feature of the X32 when connected to a DAW, but did not have a real feel for what that could mean. I am also a drummer and I have never had the chance to really have my hands on the faders and knobs when my drums being were dialed in as I had to have someone else play my drums - always a tedious thing as each person has his own style and timber. Yesterday I recorded my drum set as it was mic'd to individual tracks in SONAR. I then sat down in front of the board and played back each track as though there was a drummer playing them - we've all done that part, you tell the drummer "Kick" and he plays the kick while you dial it in - by looping the soundcheck style tracks individually until I had the individual drums dialed in just the way I wanted them.

    Think about the thrill I felt. No one else was playing my drums, and no one else had his hands on the faders.....

    What a thrill!!

  • from November 18, 2015

    X32 great buy!!

    This product is a great buy for live and studio applications!! So many options and features!!

  • from August 16, 2015

    Don't let the name brand scare you...Worth the Money!

    I needed a 32 channel board for something I was running sound at. I decided to go ahead and buy the X32 after talking with multiple people. I must say... It is amazing going from analog to digital! The only thing I regret is that there is a slight learning curve to going digital. I watched a ton of youtube videos and read a lot of literature on the mixer. However, mixing with it is different. I wouldn't suggest taking it out of the box the first time you have a major gig and expecting it to be perfect. Nevertheless, each time I have used it I have gotten more comfortable with it and have learned something different about it. I love all the mix buses(aux on analog board), the built in Digital effects, and record options. I have the s16 snake, which is wonderful. I plan on buying another s16 and p16 monitor. This would be great for churches, especially if you have someone who is dedicated to learning all it can do! Hope this review helps!

  • from Vernal, UT July 10, 2015Music Background:

    Don't let the brand scare you

    I know Behringer has gotten a bad name in the last several years, but don't let that fool you. I got a chance to mix on this board for a singing competition. The owner of the board was competing in the show, so he couldn't do the actual mixing. He gave me a run down before sound check and it took some getting used to, but holy cow this board does so much and is so cool to use. Running a show with multiple artists I especially like the Scenes function. I'd never used a digital board before so that was new to me, but it was so convenient to do a sound check, get everything set, save that as a scene, and then move on to the next artist. When show time came, it was a matter of changing scenes and making minor adjustments. I was amazed at how much stuff the board does, it really eliminates the need for most outboard gear and I will be getting one of these for myself ASAP.

  • from KY July 10, 2015Music Background:
    small sound co owner

    Better than expected

    I honestly was not expecting to be this blown away with this board. For what I do (small to medium sound systems for local bands), it's the perfect digital board. At this price point and with these features, it allows people like me to get into the digital world without a huge up front cost.

    Personally, I love leaving the board beside the stage and using it as my "monitor" console and using the ipad app to run the house. That said, I was able to stop pulling out 2, much bigger and heavier boards, a FOH rack and monitor rack, and splitter snake. This little dude has really made my life a lot easier.

    Behringer has struck gold with the x32!

  • from Indianapolis, Indiana July 2, 2015Music Background:
    45 + years

    Made the Presonus to Behringer X32 move

    I too, as so many have mentioned, was a little timid about going with the Behringer name although I originally owned a Behringer 32 channel analog desk and it actually did a great job.
    A few years ago I decided to join the Analog/Digital world and went with the Presonus 24.4.2.
    It was and still is a very nice board. Totally happy with the Presonus brand.
    But.... when I got to see the X32 at a show recently, I WAS BLOWN AWAY!!!!!
    It is the finest piece of equipment available for the price range it is in.
    It DOES require a bit of a learning curve to understand a fraction of what it can do.

    I wish the X32 had a "Capture" utility similar to the Presonus Capture program. It was a great to be able to record directly off the 24.4.2 and have all 24 channels record and play back to the board with a couple keystrokes.

    With the X32 it is not that simple.
    Be prepared to study the routing and functionality of the board considerably - WATCH A LOT OF YOUTUBE videos, to learn how to interface the X32 with a DAW . Once you learn the logic and figure out what needs to be accomplished it is fantastic what it can do.

    I have had the X32 for four days now and have spent a minimum of 8-10 hrs. studying the routing, grouping, using FXs, assigning controls, etc. but even with the learning curve, I am extremely happy with my choice and look forward to the new experience of learning all the board is capable of.
    I highly recommend this board above the new Presonus AI series mixers both in cost and functionality.

  • from Savannah June 30, 2015Music Background:
    Modern worship leader

    Great Board

    bGreat board, just got it for my church. Very intuitive and works great with our p16s. Routing on this board is a huge huge time saver instead of plugging and unplugging cables on the back of the board you can route them from the board or iPad app. Has changed the way we do sound completely. Little bit of a learning curve but there are many tutorials on YouTube. It is worth it!!!!

  • from St. Louis, Mo. May 23, 2015Music Background:
    Self taught musician (Guitar, Keys and Drums) Studio owner and engineer.

    This is the real deal!

    I was afraid of the name Behringer because of its reputation of not being the most reliable gear out there. Even though I the only piece of gear I had personally used from them was a headphone amp which works just fine. After reading every review I could find and watching every video on You Tube, I decided to go for it. I'm really glad I did. I have no regrets about making this purchase for my home studio! Its very well built and performs great!
    A couple of weeks after I bought it, it went on sale so I called my sales engineer Mike Baldonado who promptly put the difference back on my Sweetwater card. OUTSTANDING customer service!
    If you're looking for a great console for a great price this is it.

  • from Hockinson, WA May 12, 2015Music Background:
    Drummer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer

    Well done, Behringer.

    I've always known Behringer to be a more low-quality, budget-friendly brand. I've never trusted their products. That all changed when we got an X32 at our church. This mixer is awesome! The Midas preamps and built-in effects sound amazing, and the amount of features in this thing is outstanding! I would recommend this mixer to anyone! Well done, Behringer.

  • from Augusta, GA May 4, 2015Music Background:
    Musician and Sound Company owner, operator since 1986.


    After years of working consoles. (Yamaha, Midas, Allen Health) I decided to buy my own digital. I would have never even considered Behringer, until I read they bought Midas! With midas electronics, I knew this console could be great. And I so, I am right! This board does not disappoint! Way more stuff than an LS9! Very clean, easy to use, fantastic and dynamic thorough!!

  • from April 1, 2015

    The B X32

    The thing that got our attention first was the ease of setup, then the things this X32 can do are impressive. It's a big step up for us, but we are very happy with the over all operation and control we now have. In a few months we could add more to this review, I'll just say so far very happy.

  • from MA March 24, 2015Music Background:
    Worship, Pro Audio, Studio etc

    Best Digital mixer in it's price range..

    I have used many mixers in my career and by far this one is the best in it's price range.. I write this review because I just finished installing a system for a client that purchased their own Presonus mixer and boy was that terrible. The x32 has all of it's settings and controls available to the user with almost no learning curve.. The presonus mixers are so all over the place I can't believe it is a popular mixer. Plus the x32 sounds great!

  • from Chesapeake VA January 19, 2015Music Background:
    Live sound Eng.


    I bought the X32 because of reviews and friends suggestions. I am glad I listened to my friends. Our Chuch analog board started losing channel strips, so this was great timing for us to buy the X32. The X32 had been out for almost two years, I felt this was long enought time for reviews. Still learning all that it can do, Wow! The X32 does more that a couple of the other pro boards out on the market at 75% less dollars. Wow!
    I was thinking about buying local, but after going to the local vender and the sales person not interested in helping me, I went straight to Sweetwater.com. Within 5 minutes of placing my order, your sale tech called me to confirm my order and answer any question I might have had. He also has followed up a couple times. Thanks for your great service.
    Great board, great service!!!!!!!

  • from Portland, IN United States January 3, 2015Music Background:
    Live sound engineer

    Very nice console

    Simply put this console is a workhorse and its sonic quality is very pleasing. Very flexible and nice workflow. A great addition to our inventory we use for events.

  • from United States December 29, 2014Music Background:
    Live sound engineer/Recording engineer

    Behringer X32- AAAmazing

    This an amazing board. The Midas pre-amps made a huge difference in our sound just by themselves, but with the added on-board signal processing this machine really took us to a whole other level. If you understand routing and processing on analog equipment then using the X32 is nothing new. Everything you need to do is at your fingertips and just a matter of pushing a few buttons and twisting a couple of knobs instead of running miles of twisted cables, PLUS all the outboard gear is inside instead of stacked in racks and racks and racks. I ran a main house mix, a Mix B to one recorder, a speaker-only mix to another recorder, and two separate remote feeds to other parts of the building. The X32 is incredibly versatile and I haven't nearly tapped into its full potential yet! And if all that doesn't sell you on it, I can also save all of MY setting on board and on a thumb drive in case someone else decides to do some tweaking on their own. All I have to do is push a few buttons and "Wham" everything is just how i left it!

  • from Detroit Lakes MN December 17, 2014Music Background:
    35 yrs FOH engineer, used to play, now Re-Vitalizing Playing

    Game Changer is the buzz word... Its TRUE !!!!

    Like a review I read before buying... I had previously put Behringer on my "no fly" list, just junk.. but the Midas connection and changes have done a 180 plus... this mixer is absolutely the nicest thing I've ever bought or used, as an FOH engineer for 35 plus years I have seen a bunch... I have been running the little house I manage with an O1v96 Yammy and I have made it do things people tile their head at and wonder but the other day I needed 36 channels plus house overhead and I tire of renting.. I bought this and overnighted it day before show.. so over supper I am leaning a new board.. by sound check I had created a new best friend !! intuitive ! capable ! powerful ! world class ! and I can comfortably run it from PC tablet Phone whatever.. so m nay great features it beyond compare ! I later added the s16 dis snake as I can now do festival style and have everybody plugged in right at the top and just recall scenes !!

  • from United States November 3, 2014Music Background:
    Semi Retired Recording Engineer, Live Sound, Composer, and musician.

    Get the binoculars-this baby is outta site!

    I just finished the first recording session with the new X32 console and everything went without a hitch. The board sounded immaculate and the group that recorded was very impressed with how their project turned out.
    I bought the new board as a replacement for my old Behringer MX 3282A and recieved it only two weeks before the session. I usually like to familiarize myself with any new equipment before springing it on any customers ,and at first it seemed quite formidable. But, the way it is set up is quickly and easily adaptable.
    I will enjoy the rest of my years with a wonderful recording and writing tool!
    Kudos to you Behringer and my buddies at Sweetwater!

  • from sacramento, KY September 23, 2014Music Background:



  • from Demhamsprings,Louisiana, usa July 25, 2014Music Background:
    Recording enginer Keyboards, Christain Rock pro Musicain

    OK Behringer you made me a beliver no I baught a X32,

    Ok all I need is someone to help me Program mine iv got 95 present of mine up

    I wish thay had a Book on how to program everything it would help me as Im a new bee,ok so i stayd in analog to Long and should have gotin my x32 sooner
    than Later.
    but i Love my x32 one thing get the new up date
    you wont be sorry for doing it, i had 1.15 when i got mine and when i Put the 2.06 in it fixed it for the few things i found wrong.

    its Looking better for Behringer
    and thay get 10 stars on the wall
    if thay come out with a programers Book tosetup everything
    its going too help out so much when you hae a book that shows step by step how to do it and get it wright on the first try.
    ILove my x32 now to get a case soon for it and the s16 s and the stage mixers and good hed phones for my studio.

    My MXL 990 Mick Loves it as well.
    buy one now and you too will not be sorry.
    my Music is going throu a face Lift in Live and in studio.
    thank you sweetwater and Behringer for helping me so much,

    Armourplate solo Christain Rock artiest


  • from Atlanta, GA May 23, 2014Music Background:
    Audio Engineer

    Exceeds Your Expectations

    On some gigs, I would rather have an X32 than a Digico. Obviously different leagues, but there are some simple tasks that an X32 just does better, easier, and faster. Speaking of the remote control functions here. Also, you get sends of faders as well as, my favorite function when you select the channel, you get the mix levels to the outputs on the output faders. No other board does that. Also, what other board has an app for Apple and Google, as well as editors for Mac, Windows, and Linux? Take about usability.

  • from East Coast May 4, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Engineer, Musician, Creative Designer

    X32 - Absolutely Incredible!

    Okay... So let me start this review by first stating a few facts.

    1) I never write reviews.
    2) I am an industry professional engineer whom utilizes this console on a days basis. My X32 is on the road 365 days a year.
    3) Up until I purchased my X32 I absolutely hated everything about Behringer and made it an absolute point to never touch any of their products.

    Everything about this console has proven to be amazing! I have multiple industry friends whom use this console while touring with A list acts around the world. We all pretty much agree on all of its Pros ( and it's few Cons)

    For the price... Nothing beats this machine. The company is constantly providing new firmware for both the desk as well as the IPad mixing app (which is by far the best iv seen out of all the digital consoles.) I must agree with the other review when they say... This is an a total game changer for Behringer.

    Although I don't really buy that the preamps on this desk are the same quality as the Midas pres on desks 5 times the price - I do think they sound good. Iv hooked this thing up to a massive JBL Vertec line array and boy was I in heaven!

    Behringer also did a great job in adapting this for installation witch it's smaller rack mounted units available. I have used it on a few install jobs iv done.

    The console just added a fantastic RTA feature to its parametric EQ. It really helps to identify frequencies that are feeding back very quickly. The RTA is just one of the many great features of this desk. I must say that I am very very pleased with the overall layout of the console.

    Now for the few cons... The desk can be a pain to update. If it's not working for you - try a different flash drive.

    I have had a few LED's go out on one if my X32's. Iv also had issues with the mute buttons sticking down a bit. Iv heard of some people having other issues (like faders dying) but not me.

    For some reason my one digital snake unit is showing a strange signal generating from the first input and output. I never actually returned it because the signal doesn't actually transmit through the PA.... Strange.

    The biggest con I would say is that Behringer support isn't the best. Not impossible but tricky and time consuming to get anything returned for defects.

    Overall.... Please do yourself a favor a buy this thing! And while your at it.... Toss in the Gator road case with the iPad stand. You will feel like you are commanding your very own audio spaceship!

    Hope this review helps!

    PS: YouTube has some great videos on using this desk. From time to time I even refer to it if I forget how some of the advanced features work.

  • from Knoxville , TN April 14, 2014Music Background:
    Recording and live engineer , pro musician

    x-32 HOLY COW

    Incredible machine . Blows away the Yamaha mc7 consoles . great pre amps . great effects . awesome workflow . great option cards . it's a beast !!!!!!!!!

  • from Atlanta, GA USA April 4, 2014Music Background:
    Professional live and studio musician, music producer and audio engineer.

    Game Changer Indeed

    I agree with some of the other reviews in affirming the game changing impact of owning an X32. It is the most significant piece of gear I've purchased since my first multitrack recorder many years ago. I have waited quite a few months to write this review in order to confirm the build quality and durability of the x32. It is not only the best functioning mixer I've ever owned, but has had absolutely no problems after months and months of extensive use by multiple engineers and sound volunteers of all levels.

    The X32 is easy enough for newer engineers and our church volunteers to use with minimal training yet deep enough to satisfy any top professional. The flying fader scene recall and iPad app has saved us hours and hours a week in set up. It also makes our rehearsals much more efficient even when we have no FOH person and have to mix from the stage with an iPad. Our band members love being able to set their own monitor mixes through their iPhones or iPads.

    We've also done some multitrack recording through the X32 into a MAC and it is remarkably clean. The sound, effects and processing are as transparent as could be hoped for in a live or even most studio boards.

    I could not recommend a purchase more highly for anyone looking for quality, value, function and efficiency. It is the best dollar for dollar investment I've ever made in any gear.

  • from Va.Beach January 20, 2014Music Background:
    Engineer & musician

    Game Change Indeed

    Behringer scores a grand slam! First console in 35 years of doing live sound that I was not dissappointed in something. Well designed, fantastic layout and sonically incredible!

  • from A recording studio in LA November 11, 2013Music Background:
    tech, electrical engineer, singer, guitar player, PRO


    I would really rate this six stars because we're much more than blown away, this is THE most important piece of equipment I've purchased in 20 years, it really does CHANGE everything.

    First, the sound, it's up there with the best I've ever heard and that includes Apogee Symphony and Ensemble over our Meyer monitors. The "head amplifiers" (to use the Midas term) are amazing, when you gain them down they handle line input signals and for microphones there is plenty of additional gain so no separate mic and line inputs, just one amazing versatile amplifier stage and a remote-controllable knob-full of gain.

    We're using it with X32 Edit software on our Mac Pro over firewire, we're also using the iPad X32 app and the iPhone X32 app over wifi. All of these can access and control the console simultaneously, it's extraordinarily powerful for an engineer to have all these ways to control whatever you want. Now I can go back to the drum booth and play/record drums while controlling the X32 via my iPad and controlling my Mac Pro with a wireless keyboard, it's a feeling of empowerment and liberation when you explore the whole X32 universe.

    Routing on a digital mixer is very different than an analog board but the ability to store it all in "Total Recall" memory makes setup a breeze once you've configured the mixer to your working style. Show setups that previously took an hour are now literally done in under two minutes. A digital console requires a completely different working style from an analog desk but this digital mixer is laid out so you can really fly around and get to what you need fast. The moving faders are an awesome and necessary function IMO.

    The A to D and D to A on this piece are excellent and the clarity we're achieving now is heard by everyone who listens and is familiar with where we came from. The added detail in the sound comes from eliminating any extra AD and DA stages of our previous broadcast system and the all digital mixing (our old system, also from Sweetwater, an Allen and Heath 40 channel desk and Apogee Ensemble).

    We're using the P16 monitor system too, that is a God-send for singers, we put the main mix on a pair of channels and then each performer has direct access to all the other sounds so they can tailor their monitor mix however they want.

    Since I have the flagship with faders I'm already thinking about getting an X32 Rack for using live as either a self contained small PA or using it as a monitor-mixer stage box with our flagship X32, the same program runs on all the different incarnations of the X32 so you can take your show from system to system and you're ready with minimal tweaking.

    Lots of clubs out here in LA are replacing their old analog live consoles with the X32. That makes it easier for an artist doing a showcase to have a hope of a decent mix, you can bring your mix along on a memory stick and load it into the house X32.

    The X32 system has changed everything about the way we're working in our broadcast-recording studio. Thanks Behringer for making the X32 and thanks Sweetwater for making it affordable. Good luck and good music to all.

  • from Baltimore, MD November 3, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Engineer, Arranger, Synth Programmer

    Absolutely love it.

    I have been using the Behringer x32 (full) for about a year. setup was a little wonky, as the documentation at the time was scant. however, once I fully understood what was going on and had a picture of the signal flow in my head, as well as mastered the networking protocol (which is straightforward if you've done any basic home networking, as I have! but could be a challenge for someone that hasn't) I was in love. I had sold my Presonus 24.4 to get this (not because I was necessarily unhappy with the p, but because I needed 8 more channels and the 32 channel p was not on the market yet.) I was glad I made this purchase. Sound quality is fantastic - noticeable to clients and group members alike. the flexibility of the board is amazing at the price. lovely having 8 IEM mix buses, 8 Buses for mixing, 6 matrix mixes, 8 DCAs, reasonable built in effects, reasonable inboard inputs (though, no 1/4s on the main ins means lots of DIs in certain situations), the great AES50 S16 remote 16 XLR IN /8 OUT option --- a piece that reduces my setup time by 15-20 minutes, USB playback from front panel, easy updating, bug bright screen, dual talk backs, dedicated effects control section, the lovely OLEDs taking care of channel naming, programmable mic pres, and MOTORIZED FADERS! The sound quality recording via the built in FireWire card is excellent - better than many low-mid end standalone interfaces (it isn't an apogee, prism or lynx like I use in the studio, but, for quick, and easy, live recording, the results have surprised everyone I've played my live mixes for.). This is a groundbreaking piece for the price. I was worried about seeing "Behringer" on my main mixer - so worried, I bought two because I was scared because of bad experiences friends had with other products from the company - I haven't so taken the second unit out of the box. knock on wood - never a single issue - it's been rock solid (as opposed to the Presonus, which has fader issues with its non motorized parts after about a year of minimal use. their replacements were cheap, their customer service, not so happy I didnt want to return the board and have them service the faders, hence no help, and another reason I switched). SO, after a considered review of the landscape of boards in this price range, I can't see any better value. Maybe one has a specific feature you may need that is executed better than the Behringer, which is aiming to do it all, and may fall short for you in an area you need, but you won't find a better value for the money.

  • from United States October 19, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist, live sound engineer, student.

    Behringer x32

    This board replaced a Yamaha LS9 in the high school room at Valley Bible Fellowship in Bakersfield. Our room isn't the greatest to mix in. It's an old gym so you can imagine all the reflections. With this board I feel like I have more control over the room. I can finally focus on my mix rather than controlling the sound. The EQ and dynamics sections are phenomenal. I've never really been a fan of products made by Behringer, but this board completely exceeded all my expectations.

  • from Nashville, TN October 16, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Company, Weekend Warrior Guitar Player

    Much Easier to Use Than Expected! Fantastic Live!

    I'll try to keep it short....I read a hundred reviews before buying this console and was concerned about the claims by some that it was too complicated and had too many layers to navigate. I will tell you nothing could be further from the truth. This is the first digital console I've mixed on and I find it intuitive and farly simple to navigate. The view buttons on virtually every section of the board make things quick, the sends on fader button and motorized faders are fantastic live and the DCA groups, sub groups, mute groups are super simple to set up and use live. The effects sound really good and are fairly simple to set up and control as inserts and on bus mixes. The scribble strips are a great feature too. There are tons features I haven't even mentioned. Most importantly everything about this console sounds great. I don't know if the preamps are Midas, or Midas designed, but I do know they are the best sounding and controllable pre's I've personally ever used. The iPad control works extremely well. I recently had to set up on the side of a stage and I ran the entire show out front from my iPad with absolutley no problems. Bottom line, if you have reasonable experience as a sound engineer this thing will be a breeze for you to figure out and you will appreciate how flexible it is and how great it sounds.

  • from Corona, CA September 20, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Recording and Live Engineer

    Behringer SUPPORT

    Recently bought two Behringer X-32 mixers because I had concurrent shows going all summer. Mixer #1 has had no issues. Mixer #2 had a release spring break on channel 4 XLR Input, leaving the barrel of my snake stuck in channel 4. I unscrewed the connector and removed the snake cable, leaving the barrel stuck in channel 4. I used it the rest of the summer as-is because I needed it 3 times each week.

    Summer ended and I contacted Behringer and was given a repair order number and instructions to mail it back to Las Vegas. I sent it out Monday. (today is Friday of the same week) This morning at 11:00 am I received a BRAND NEW X-32 via Fed Ex at my door. All postage was paid, both there and back. 4 DAYS IN TOTAL!

    I've owned several Behringer products in the past and have had pretty good operational success, including an MX9000 analog mixer that I used live for over 5 years with ZERO issues. So when I got the X--32s I already felt good about my experience with Behringer. But shipping a product to the factory and GETTING A BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT BACK 4 DAYS LATER is so far above my expectations that I felt compelled to tell people about it.

    Behringer appears to be 100% committed to leaving a good impression about this product. They've truly made a believer out of me.

    As for the mixer itself, I consistently work with a couple of bands who were recent contestants on The Voice, and X-Factor and they are fairly picky about the sound. They continue to hire me and praise my audio. I find the mic pre's to be plenty hot and they sound very good to my ear.

    Someone said to me "those aren't really Midas Pre's" to which I said "well, they bought the company, and they themselves CLAIM they are Midas." Further it is very likely the same employees are using the same components as Midas used so call them what you will, I will call them Midas preamps and they sound awesome.

    Anyway I love the X-32 and if the need arises I would probably buy a 3rd one.


  • from Whittier, CA September 11, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer & Pro Musician

    Behringer X32

    Awesome mixer with an insane price for all the features this board has. I've been an analog guy for a long time and was afraid to make the move to digital. The Behringer X32 has made this transition much easier than I anticipated. The board is laid out very clearly and is very easy to transfer your knowledge of analog to the digital world. This is a quality board and I am very happy with my purchase, thank you Sweetwater for a "sweet deal" Great company to deal with.

  • from Sacramento, CA July 22, 2013Music Background:
    Recording and Live Sound Engineer, Performing Musician

    First gig with the X32

    A day in the life of a live sound engineer and his new Behringer X32 (conclusion at the bottom of the review)

    1. Wake up at 7AM to complete and repeat a couple of Behringer webinars to make sure I'm ready for the first show with my X32

    2. Use the headliner's input list of 25 defined inputs to pre-build my channels, rough routing, basic channel inserts based on the input types, create the digital scribble script, and save the scene.

    3. Arrive at the venue at 12:15 PM for integration into the house system (decided to run through the outboard EQs which were already set for the room), set up and test stage box and digital snake, test the integration between the X32 and the other gear (all monitors work and appropriately assigned, check FOH left and right are working correctly, verify house eq is good, and set up for 32-channel multi-track recording.

    4. Done with all pre-show setup and testing at 1:15 PM (easy thanks to the X32 and already installed sound system).

    5. Receive word that the headliner will not be arriving at 3PM as expected. ETA is 4PM.

    6. Band arrives at 5PM (2 hours late), and turn out to be a great bunch of guys.

    7. Band load in and setup, including tuning the Rhodes keyboard, finished at 6PM (one hour before doors open).

    8. Engineer receives help from friends to run mics and cables, finished at 6:30PM.

    9. Sound check commences with the following issues:

    a) Monitor power dies due to someone stepping on, tripping over, or otherwise accidentally disconnecting the power cable from the outlet during band setup - had to trace the power cable from the amp rack on stage right to the appropriate outlet back stage to verify/find/fix the issue.

    b) Band's input list is not current and so requires last minute routing and input configuration changes.

    c) There are two drummers sitting next to each other on a modified drum riser and they want their own separate monitor mixes. Re-routing of monitor cables and connections is required to accommodate. It's now after 7PM (doors are open).

    d) The cable going to one of the-now-two drum monitors found to have died, most likely due to cable damage sustained during the set up of the drums and monitor positioning. Replace cable.

    e) Found snare mic or cable is probably bad on the #2 snare drum. Decide to fix between the 1st and 2nd band due to pressure to get the show on the road.

    f) Thank friends for their help.

    10. Complete sound check and save scene for recall. It is now 7:45PM (downbeat was supposed to have been at 7:30PM).

    11. Add cables and mics to accommodate 4 vocalists and a 3-piece horn section.

    12. Line and monitor check completed at 8PM.

    13. The opener starts immediately at 8PM (no time for a full sound check... gotta dial them in on the fly, which takes about 1-1/2 songs).

    14. Enjoy the heck out of the opening band... a funky, soulful, talented, high-energy, dance-your-socks-off experience.

    15. Switch out the stage, fix the snare #2 issue (found to be a bad SM57), and re-load the opening band's scene.

    16. Take a 10 minute break at 9:40PM.

    17. Start mixing the headliner at 9:50PM.

    18. Enjoy the talent and stage presence of this versatile jam band, but have trouble getting the mud out of the mix due to high stage volume.

    19. Stage volume increases dramatically throughout the show, leading to intermittent feedback issues to be resolved. Eventually, the stage volume is so high that there is more bass guitar coming through the bass vocal mic than vocals. Near the end of the show, the drumming duo is (amazingly) in the back of the mix and the only inputs running to the FOH (main) speakers are vocals, drums, and one of the four keyboards.

    20. At 11:45PM, I give up on FOH mixing and let the band finish their set out with me essentially just monitoring for issues like feedback and monitor mix adjustment requests, as the stage volume issue has made it impossible to fix the mix any more than I have. Riding faders for solos is no longer an option and there is no longer any dynamic range adjustments I can do as an engineer to bring the mix close to in balance.

    21. At 12:20AM, the band plays its final note, and the promoter makes his last announcements from the stage.

    22. Exit music plays until 12:30AM, at which time break-down and load out begins.

    23. After packing up the X32, stage box, computer, microphones, and digital snake, I say "screw it" (with the promoter's approval) to dealing with the cables and re-integration of the house board until another day. It's 1:15AM, and since I don't have a radio in my truck, I stew over the issues I had tonight for the entire drive home.

    24. Return home and unload at 2:15AM.

    25. Have some food and a martini that's about 10 hours overdue at 3AM.

    26. After unwinding with a little low-brow comedy shows on TV, I go to bed at 5AM.

    After all of that, I am so happy I bought the Behringer X32, S16 stage boxes, and digital snake. Sure, the sound was a little compressed due to the D/A converters going to FOH. But that board saved my tush last night. Had I run the house board, which is a really nice 32-channel Allen & Heath, I would have been up the creek. There is no way I could have done all of the adjustments I needed to do to de-mudify the headliner with the house setup. I would have needed a full wall of rack compressors and other gear. And the ability to save the scene for the headliner was vital, as about half of the inputs between the opener and the headliner were shared with 30 inputs required (including the sharing) in order to accommodate both bands.

    My conclusion is that I made the right decision to trust Behringer on this mixer. The X32 exceeded my expections on this first live run. It did so even with all of the positive reviews I read during my extensive pre-purchase research. It is, in my opinion, the best "under $20,000" mixer I've had the pleasure of using.

  • from Orlando April 25, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound and Recording engineer. System design and Systems Tech,

    Great for the Price. I mean it. REALLY!

    I shouldn't say great for the price, implying that you get what you pay for. But you get SO much more for the price. Comparing it to any other brand in a 32 ch model this blows them away. Somewhere I saw a comparison chart comparing the Presonus, Yamaha and Allen and Health consoles. The X32 wins hands down. on features and latency.

    About the only thing I didn't like is that subgroups and Aux send are always paired (in either the pre or post sense). Meaning if you want mix 1 to be pre-fade you have to have mix 2 as well. You could'n't make mix 2 post fade. This will probably get updated in a future firmware update. Simply go to thier forum and ask. The more people ask I bet they will do it. But that's all I didn't like.
    When you set up your system just remember this and you'll be fine. For example if your band has only 7 mixes then skip 8 and move on to mix 9 to make it post fade.
    The sound is great. With Midas preamps it sound's like it's big stepbrother. And it is solid. No flimsy cheap plastic. This handles the road very well. We ship ours everywhere.
    The built in effects are amazing, Compared to the LS9 or M7.
    The iPad app is also a plus. You can have up to 10 iPads controling this thing! Give one to each musician and you never need to deal with tweaking monitors again during a show. Setting the iPad to work was 100 times easier than Yamahas stagemix! I can even have both of my laptops AND iPads controling it. At the same time. AMAZING!
    For this ins and outs, well it has a ton. It even comes with 2 sets of AES50 to go directly to stage boxes. No need to buy a card. Also has their "Ultranet personal mix" thing. I forgot the exact term. USB AND Firewire. You can use it as a 32x32 sound card to record your show. I can even hook it up to my iPad using Auria. (24ch limitation for now)
    They even have several rack mount versions of this thing. I can't wait to get ours back off the road so I can play with it some more.
    It seems this console was or is geared towards Houses Of Worship, because its so easy to use. It really is easy to set up and use. Even out of the box it's ready to go. I build a lot of mixes on my computer using XControl and simply upload it to the desk. Quick and easy. And even if I have a show I want to save. XControl can get it and save it on your computer.
    Well there is so much more. read the specs. All I can say is that you will be happier and have more fun with X32. And probably have more expandablilty for future for a lot cheaper than the other guys.

  • from Lancaster, Virginia April 16, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer for over 30 yrs.

    So Far So Good

    Ok let's start at the beginning. I was like many others..Behringer..are you kidding me?!!!! Boy was I wrong. I decided to try the X32 based on fellow sound engineers suggestions. I was looking for a backup for my LS9 but didn't want to spend the $$$$'s. I had purchased a Presonus Studio Live 24 but just didn't like. In any event the X32 came double boxed. Packaging was excellent. I set it up in my living room and fooled around with it for nearly a week before my first gig with this board. My first outing with this board was with an 8 pc band with 5 vocals, guitar, bass, congas, sax, trumpet, B3 w/leslie and 2 additional keys, 4 wedges and 2 iem's. After initial setup of the board, configuration for the show was easy. In a nutshell everything went well and I was surprised with the functionality. Everything sounded as I had hoped.
    Next gig was a mini-festival with 3 bands. Again no problems with the board.
    For those on a budget, I highly suggest taking a good look at this board.

  • from Dallas, Tx March 29, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound/Recording/Mix Engineer


    This is by far the best 32ch digital console that's out on the market today. I have used this console alot since its been out & I LUV IT... Great job Behringer for this creation... You guys Rock!!!

  • from Wisconsin, USA March 26, 2013Music Background:
    Berklee College of Music Student


    This console does so much. Its really amazing how much functionality Behringer can provide at this price point. The "remote" function is fantastic. I absolutely love this console.

  • from March 25, 2013Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Live Sound Engineer

    life saver console..........

    used it for live and recordings...and was blown way by the converters and the pre amp for the money paid!!!

  • from Castle Rock, CO March 22, 2013Music Background:
    Live sound engineer, pro musician

    Reluctantly Impressed

    I helped my daughter's small theater group by some audio gear for a space they're renovating. They wanted a digital board, but didn't have a lot of cash, so on my sales rep's recommendation, I went ahead and got this one.

    My history with Behringer has been a little on-again-off-again. Had some great gear and had some stuff I wasn't happy with. This board, however has definitely tipped the scales in their favor.

    My initial plan was to give it a 4 star simply because, while basic operation is a snap, the learning curve for some of the features is a little steep. It's a minor thing, but since I'm guessing a lot of non-techies will be attracted to this board because of the price, I think the complexity of getting to a few of the features is a downside.

    However, I went with a 5 because I realized that, for the price, this board has no business even having all the basic functionality it does (like motorized faders and customizable lcd screens for each fader), let alone all the extras that take a few minutes of learning to take advantage of.

    Really...I'm floored. Well done, Behringer.

  • from United States March 1, 2013Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    X32 - Game Changer

    We recently upgraded our church to the Behringer X32. My overall impression is Wow, this is a lot of board for $3000. We upgraded from an Allen & Heath Mixwizard3 16:2. As soon as we started patching instruments into the new board I could hear the difference in sound quality. The sound is much more crisp and clear running through the X32. This is probably due to the Midas designed pre-amps.

    Setup was a breeze. Just took out the old board, plugged all the I/O into the X32 and set the levels. This mixer is very easy to use the basics, but there is so much more you can do with it. It puts so much power at your fingertips with the dca's, subgroups, matrix mixes, 8 effects slots with many more effects options, and dynamics on each channel. I also love the scribble strips on the X32. Its so much easier to find my channels with the icon, name, and color code on each one. I can't imagine using a digital board without this after having this feature.

    We are also looking to expand our setup later using the S16 digital snake to run an additional 16 inputs and 8 outputs to the stage, using only 1 network cable. It couldn't be easier.

    One thing to note, upgrading the firmware can be tricky. I updated the firmware as soon as I received it, as I wanted to use the new version of XControl and it requires the newest firmware. I followed the instructions, put the update file on the root of a fat formatted usb stick, put it in the mixer and booted up. It did not update. I tried it with another stick... Same thing. I eventually browsed around on forums and found that for some reason you sometimes have to change the sample rate and reboot on the confirm. It then recognized the usb and updated.

    - Motorized faders
    - Effects
    - DCAs
    - Mute groups
    - Dynamics
    - Scribble strips
    - Great mic pres

    - firmware updates don't work like they're supposed to

    Now we just have to wait and see how this board holds up. I'm a little worried as I've heard many reports of behringer equipment not lasting long. But my initial impression is that this board is very well built. I will try to update my review further down the road to address reliability.

  • from Bakersfield, Ca January 4, 2013Music Background:
    Recording/ Live Audio Engineer for 14 years

    Truly Impressed

    Behringer, I just want to say Outstanding Job. Our church was in the market for a digital board looking to upgrade from our Soundcraft K2; We looked at the Presonus 24.4.2 studio live board, the Tascam Dm 4800, as well as many other's. When the review's for the Behringer X32 started coming in as well as recommendation's from other professional sound men, I was not at all uncomfortable when I was informed that we were going to be purchasing the board for our Church.

    Last night we were at the Church (seats 1,000) dialing the system in. Our system consists of 2 QSC KLA181's flown which have attached three QSC KLA12's on each sub. We also have two dual 15in subwoofers built into the stage. IT SOUNDS AMAZING. We are using all of the internal audio tools such as compression, gates, eq, and effects on the X32. our monitor mixes are using the internal Eq's for our 5 monitor mixes. We also have the board on a wi-fi network and were able to dial in the system with greater detail by being able to walk on the stage and around the sanctuary with a virtual X32 in our hands via our laptop and wi-fi connection, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

    I know all of you are wondering and to answer your question, YES you can definitely hear the quality of the Midas Designed pre-amps. Gain to noise ratio is low and our system sounds crystal clear.

    Once again, Behringer you have earned my trust and I cannot wait to see what comes out next. You did a great Job and to all of you sound engineers out there, I highly recommend the Behringer X32 to you. Congratulations Behringer!

  • from Athens, GA November 26, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Pro Musician, Cat Herder

    Nicely Done Music Group!

    I would be confident to say that I am not the only audio professional in the world that was skeptical, yet very curious when the announcements started regarding this console. I've been a long time user of the Yamaha desks (i.e. 5D, M7, LS9) along with some working time on the Avid desks (Profile, and SC48). I'm also an owner of a Presonus Studiolive 16.4.2 for personal/freelance work. The updates that have followed the Presonus have been impressive comparatively to when it was first released, but I have to say that the X32 is truly in a class of it's own in so many ways. In short, I have the DSP and open routing architecture of an M7 (and then a little more) along with the firewire I/O of a Studiolive (x2)....and it's prive tag comes in under the 24 ch. Presonus! Sound quality is extremely competitive in this market and is certainly subjective. I am certainly aware that while it does have MIDAS "designed," head amps, they certainly did not come straight out of an XL4....wouldn't really make sense if you think about it anyway...IMO digital gain structure is an entirely different animal comparatively (-18 = analog 0). The metering is familiar in that it follows the same DB scale of all the Yamaha desks, which is where I cut my digital teeth.

  • from Vermont September 27, 2012Music Background:
    Recording, live sound & broadcast engineer.

    Finally five stars for Behringer

    Behringer has finally emerged with a highly professional product that is superbly engineered, of solid build and excellent sound characteristics. Every detail is well thought out. It is by far the best small format fully programmable digital mixer in its class and at an unbeatable price/performance ratio. I'm not sure anyone could design one that was easier to use and customize. The internal mixing engine's capacity is astounding and the control and DSP CPU's are extremely fast and responsive.

    An example of the detailed control features are the individual brighness controls for LCD display backlight, LCD scribble strip brightness & contrast, LED indicator brightness and goosneck work light voltage dimmer.

    Another unique operating feature is the ability to view and control channel strip aux sends from two perspectives, what aux's are being fed by a channel strip or what channels strips are feeding a specific aux. It all plays out on the motorized faders.

    Even the talk back system with its A/B pushbuttons is fully programmable to include monitor dimming option to prevent feedback and also latching or momentary control.

    Like another reviewer I wondered why Behringer didn't offer the built in head end (mic pre-amps) as optional for those who were planning on only using their digital snake/stage boxes. It would have further reduced the weight of the unit which is now marginal for those of us with compromised backs. I guess I'll have to do my pilates.

    A software defined product of this complexity is bound to have some minor bugs that will be best uncovered through use. And user feedback will continue to provide a path for product enhancements basd upon user comments and wishes. Such is already the case. My unit shipped with firmware V 1.01. I upgraded to V1.08 which was posted on the Behringer website. Updating the unit proved to be quick, painless and glitch free! Well done!

    In V1.08 you no longer have to drill down several menu layers to get to the screen to edit the scribble strip LCD of a channel strip. Holding the select button of a channel strip and then pressing the Utility key at the main LCD display will immediatley land you on the editing page for it.

    So what's not to like about a digital mixer? Very little regarding this new product. But, that said, there are some potential gotya's compared to analog. First and foremost all of your eggs will be in one basket. Toss out your EFX racks and travel lighter, but if one major digital control segment decides to give up the ghost you may have lost everything. So serious live gigs should always have backup gear, maybe even a spare X32.

    If you prefer a separate monitor mixing or broadcast mix position then by all means bring two or three X32's to a gig as they can all share the same microphone feeds without resorting to splitter boxes. That will also give you a hot backup. And if you copy setups to thumb drives and use digital snakes it'll only take you a few seconds to replug and download the setups to the other boards.

    Ultimate reliability and good service and support remains to be seen. It does look like Behringer is attempting to re-invent itself and provide a higher caliber of products and support.

    The other "golden ear" issue is sample rate and audio bandwidth. The X32 max's out at 48k. You aren't going to get 32 channels of 96k or 192k out of it as that requires way too much horsepower. And that would substantially raise the cost of admission.

  • from Knoxville TN September 22, 2012


    To be honest when i had seen that Behringer was coming out with a digital console i was very skeptical. I did some reading though and finally realized their affiliation with midas. I LOVE midas consoles so that made me extremely hopeful. I was expecting two things to be weak on this console, build quality, and preamps. I was expecting the console to be somewhat un reliable. I have seen many Behringer products fail while being used and they have always been weak on the preamp end of things. I expected the console to sound very muddy. Last week I had the opportunity to use one of these bad bodys and it was a pleasure to mix with! Everything feels really solid and the preamps sounded very clean. Ive seen some test with the preamps and on paper they appear to preform very well. The sound lived up to those high expectations the test gave me.

    As far as reliability goes, It seems like a solid console and it should hold up great provided its treated properly. But thats really something we will see over the next few years. I would recommend it to just about anybody.

  • from Boston, MA September 20, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound, Studio Engineer

    WOW. Finally I'm comfortable going digital!

    What an amazing console. I remember hearing about it here and there for the past year or so. I remember thinking, yea right, looks great, but I'll stick with my trusty Allen and Heath. These finally were shipped to stores and I was able to test one out. I was absolutely blown away, so I purchased one on the spot.

    I've used it now on four productions, one of which was an all day event with nine different bands. It has been nothing but fun. If your used to analog gear like I am, you like to have all the knobs in front of you. Available in an instant. I can honestly say I don't feel hindered using the X32, as I have using almost ANY other digital mixer I've ever tried.

    The SL boards are cool pieces of gear. But I'm sorry guys, the X32 blows them away. Motorized faders, higher I/O count. There are so many little things. I never understood why the SL board uses one control for returning FX to both LR feed AND Aux sends. That's absurd! You have to compromise your FOH FX sound if the talent wants more or less? Wow.

    The display is great. Large, clear, intuitive. I could go on and on about the cool things in this board. But at the end of the day, it has to sound good. And this console delivers. All of my EQ's and Comps are currently being sold. Goodbye giant racks of gear and having to find a bad cable in the mess. No more!

    And the digital snake!? I'am salivating to get my hands on an S16. Goodbye giant multicore snake. Hello CAT5. That's a beautiful thing.

    Now, here's the real test. The mixer works great, sounds great. But how will it hold up? In my experience, Behringer does not have the greatest reliability. Only time will tell to see if X32's start popping up with issues. Bad faders, intermittent turn offs. From how it sounds, I think it's going to work out great, but we shall see.

    The ONLY thing that I would have loved, is if they made the console with no XLR/1"4 I/O at all, and bundled it with the S16. I know it sounds crazy, I know it does. But for ME it would make perfect sense. In almost any situation, weather studio or live, I never connect everything directly to the board. I only use snakes. Once I start using an S16 (or two I plan on using), I will never plug directly into the board. Again I know it's crazy and thats probably why Behringer didn't even consider it. But I would have liked it!!

  • from Louisville, KY (suburbs) September 20, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    The best budget-mixer for a digital workflow

    I am indeed "blown away" by the x32, for which I already had high expectations. While mic pre-amp and EFX comparisons are often subjective, rather than objective, it is unquestionably in the same league as similarly-priced mixers such as the StudioLive and 01V-series. In my subjective opinion, I feel its pres and EFX are superior to competitors, but I do not think the reverbs and delays are as good as Lexicon.

    Where the x32 blows away other models is its modern, digital workflow. DCAs on a $3000 mixer is truly game-changing. It is a breeze to mix on the x32, much like driving a $15k mixer.

    In addition, the x32's EQs are far superior to every other mixer in this class, giving you a variable HPF and 4-band PEQ on every channel, without any limitations on PEQ frequency (unlike the StudioLive) and without having to sacrifice a band for HPF (as you must do on Yamaha.) With 6-band PEQ on all buses, you will not want to carry around graphic equalizers, because they are simply unnecessary.

    Finally, the dynamics processing on the x32 are incredibly powerful. Not only do you have gate and compression on each channel (as on competing models) but you also have selectable side-chain source, key frequency, and key filter Q, making it easy to tame percussion sources. Combined with full control over attack/hold/release time on the dynamics, and you will find yourself able to produce a better mix than ever before on a budget mixer.

    If unmatched EQ, dynamics, and DCA capabilities don't peak your interest, then probably nothing will; but anyone buying a mixer in this price range would be foolish not to give the x32 a listen before making his decision. I am very satisfied with my investment in it. Thanks, Sweetwater!

  • from south haven,MI September 13, 2012Music Background:
    Production Co.

    Love It

    Been working with mixer like better than the presonus sounds better easyer to setup pre amp sound good,more channel,and you can do a digital snake and midas pre's
    FOR PRICE this great

  • from Decatur, IN April 14, 2016Music Background:
    Semi-Pro, HOW


    The X32 is my usual ride (my other ride is the beautiful analog gain powered XR18) and it has worked great for the past two years. The Midas designed pres spec very close to the PRO series -- and can sound just as good if you know what you're doing! I've done small shows, medium shows and events, and this thing does the job very well. One of the best features of this console is the analog modeling processors such as the Leisure compressor which is modeled after the legendary LA-2A optical compressor -- and it sounds very sweet! The only reason why I give it 4.5/5 is due to the preamp page not offering a gain swap function like the PRO series consoles for dialing up that sweet Midas analog gain independent from the digital trim... it can be done, but it's not as streamlined as it could be. Of course, since this is a very small firmware issue that could be addressed in a later version, this is probably not a significant concern.

    All in all, I am very happy with the X32!

  • from Dyer, IN November 23, 2015Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer, Musician, Songwriter,

    Best board for the money Guaranteed!

    I've been working on this board for a little over 2 years now, i'll be honest when I was thrown on to the board the first time I wasn't a fan, I had just made the transition to Digital from analog and I was still transitioning on a studio live. Once I actually got the hang of the x32 it became my favorite board. Since then I've worked on quite a few national shows and ive used M7's, Digico's, PRO 2's, PRO 3's, PRO 9's sc48s.. You name it, i've had my hands on it. They're all great for certain things, but for the price point nothing comes close to the x32 or m32 for that matter. If you can think it, this board can do it, and sound great in the process, Its very user friendly. My only downfall with the board is that it only has 32 xlrs. make a version with 48 and no board would be able to come close to this thing. The sound companies I work for own several versions of this thing and I love when I open up the doors to the van or truck and see this board sitting there. I know i'm gonna have a good night.

  • from Rhode Island September 19, 2015

    Behringer X32

    This board is really amazing! The routing possibilities blow me away! It is an incredible value for the money. My only ding is that it doesn't support post-fader metering. I really miss that feature from my Presonus mixer. Other than that I would have given it a 5 star rating.

  • from Syracuse, NY February 23, 2015Music Background:
    Church A/V technician

    Great digital option for churches!

    We recently purchased this board to replace an aging analog board. It was a little more than we were hoping to spend, but we'd already invested in the P16 in-ear monitoring system that pairs perfectly with this, and we needed the physical slider interface for our less-computer literate volunteers (so the rack-mounted X32 solutions were not an option). With a couple hours of tinkering, I was able to get this board setup to be very easy to run for all of our volunteers while offering so many more options for compression, EQ, effects, routing, recording, and much more, than any similarly priced analog setup could ever dream of. Remote controlling the board from the crowd using my smartphone is just icing on the cake. In the long run, to do what we want to do, I think this will save us money as we'll spend much less on outboard equipment - this board does everything internally! Thanks Sweetwater for the excellent service. We'll keep coming back.

  • from NY,NY August 30, 2014Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Great Board

    This is a behringer product I would back 100% was curious to see what the hype was about from other industry friends ordered it installed it at my church and am now selling my ls9 and using the x32 instead its crazy how much cleaner the sound is and from a functional standpoint is superior to the the ls9 and cost a about a third of the price and now see why its getting such great reviews check it out

  • from Upstate NY May 5, 2014Music Background:
    Live and recording engineer and bass player

    New Hub of my home studio!

    This mixer has replaced a mile of patch cords and 2 racks full of gear in my home studio. It has eliminated hours of maintenance, and a lot of work arounds to lower noise and ground problems. Reports of mediocre mic pres is bunk, as these pres are clear and accurate with plenty of gain. They do not take away from, or embellish the sound, only convey it to your choice of recorder just the way the mic hears it. Routing is very flexible and there are many ways to configure this board. This has been a huge improvement over my old VS-2480. The only thing I wish it had was a dedicated solo volume control. There are plenty of ways to balance the solo signal against the monitor signal, but it would be much quicker and easier if the were one knob. I use an Android Tablet with the Mix32 donate app to control it remotely, and it is awesome!

  • from December 7, 2012

    best console for pardying

    i was really amazed by this beauty. The gps screen at the top guiding me threw my mixing was essential to my pardyin.

  • from Charlotte, NC September 5, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer, recording hobbyist and live sound engineer

    More Impressed By The Day

    If a sub 3000 dollar mixer with this much I/O and recording capabilities, not to mention parametric EQ, Lexicon modeled verbs and Midas pre-amps does not impress you both in the sonic quality and work flow, you don't own one! The preamps are spectacular and the P16 persoanl monitors and S16 digital snake make this the most affordable and best value of any mixing device I have ever used including the Presonus board.

  • from Georgetown, KY November 22, 2016Music Background:
    Worship band


    I have to give this a 4 star rating, because the first one I ordered would not power up. Sweetwater was GREAT to get me a replacement within 2 days. This board is great!

  • from March 26, 2016


    This board is good but there is a few problems not with the board but just the snake when you try to hook up the snake to the board I hope you are a pro I stayed up to 1 am trying to get this snake to work and finally got it and eq can be a little hard but beside that great!

  • from CO November 8, 2014Music Background:
    Drummer/Pro sound


    So far so good, This X32 is a good upgrade from my other boards and I plan on using it for years to come.

  • from United States September 10, 2014Music Background:
    worship arts pastor


    It is a great board. Really easy to use and full of great features. I like that it has the midas built in and im interested to see its longevity.

  • from Seneca, SC August 28, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Producer, Pro Musician, Live Sound Engineer


    Nothing's perfect....including this mixer. However Behringer has FAR surpassed my expectations for this mixing machine. Word to the wise: download the beta PC editor (I'm running mine off Parallels on a mac) and it makes setup a million times quicker. The layers can be daunting but the "view" buttons on each control section make it much easier to handle for the first-time user and veteran alike. Sound quality gets high marks from me in every department: overall sound, effects quality/usability, eq musicality, etc. It's a solid mixer that I'd feel comfortable carting all over the country with my band....then taking into the basement to make our next record with. Kudos Behringer! Now get your distribution channels in line and everyone will be happy!

  • from Missouri - USA August 21, 2012Music Background:
    Singer songwriter and orchestrater.

    Very Cool But . . .

    I was excited to see Behringer finally release a pro level quality console. Thanks! I was equally pleased to see the many things this board can do through the introduction videos.

    I was however, dissappointed that this model X32 did not include a VGA output so that one could use the with a flat panel large screen. I am wondering if Behringer might consider this modification in the next release.

  • from MoTown February 2, 2017

    Great but...

    For what you pay, incredible. But you always get what you pay for and this unfortunately shines through in some areas.
    From traveling and encountering these as often as McDonald's, you start to see their true colors.
    I'm at about a 60-70% chance of finding an issue with every one I encounter.
    Fader randomly wiggling up/down on its own, knobs unresponsive until you turn multiple times, buttons sticking or not engaging at all, overall a cheap'ish feel to the console. I've come to learn from house engineers that there is different versions where components have changed to increase reliability which is promising, but the amount I've encountered with 1 or more issues is astounding.

    Going from a touchscreen console back to these is a step backwards and I can't figure out why they wouldn't have included this.

    The workflow seems very slow compared to many other consoles. It's nice to have options, but having to push multiple buttons to get to your high shelf is backwards. The corners cut in manufacturing costs impact the overall fluidity when working.

    Banks of 8 when routing is odd, and when using Multirack (Waves Native Soundgrid) you realize whoever programmed this console wasn't an audio engineer, they were a programmer, I won't get into it as that's a whole other story. But your gain knobs no longer control gain, it controls the digital trim which is basically useless.

    Console sounds decent, I just hope they take some major points from actual engineers and make a V2 that's a huge improvement.

  • from Georgia August 29, 2012Music Background:
    Studio, FOH, Install and Design.

    X32 verses SL24

    Well I did compare this console's mic pres to the SL24. It couldn't stand up to the competition. The PreSonus was bigger and richer. I love everything else in this thing but the fact is the mic pres makes it a no go for me. My eyes wanted it but my ears wouldn't let me. Don't get me wrong I think this will do well for some but the mic pre is an issue. Hands down the PreSonus wins.

  • from May 6, 2015Music Background:
    Sound engineer, drummer

    Not good

    Used this for one weekend and was only impressed by the functionality. For those that think these are Midas Pre's and Electronics. Y'all wrong they're modeled after them. Not true Midas pre's and electronics. I'd go with Allen & Heath Qu series over this any day.

  • from January 24, 2014Music Background:
    HOW Live Sound Engineer

    Behringer x32

    I've used the x32 in several productions, amongs others on a EP release. It is a cheap digital mixer, with a lot of nice features. I like the LCD-screens on each fader like the proffesional mixers, and a big surface, yet it is a compact mixer. It also have an excellent iPad-app.

    But it still have some big problems:

    1: Behringer promotes it with having MIDAS-preamplifiers. It might have, but the software controlling it doesnt do it acuratelly enough. In an analog mixer, the preamps means everything. In an didgital mixer, the unit controlling the preamp is just as important. No matter how much you try, the sound wil not be as good as you hope (I've tried it on a 100,000 $ PA)

    2. Its messy. The interface has no logic what so ever. I once used 3 hours patcing the faders strips. If you don't have an iPad, and don't have an extra day just for patcing, i promise you, it will drive you mad.

    3. It's not cheap anymore. It's actually expensive. The olny reason to buy a Behringer, is because its cheap. This one just isn't. For 1000$ less, you get a Allen&Heath Qu-16 or an SoundCraft Expression. These are both cheaper, easier to use, more practical and sounds better. And they're proffesional. The only thing they lack, and the behringer has, are the LCD-screens. X32 har 32 ch, while the Expression and the Qu-16 are both 16 ch, but you can get an 32 ch stagerack for the Expression and Qu-16 for the extra 1000 $ you pay for the x32. In conclusion, for the price of x32 alone, you'll get both Soundcraft Expression and Allen&Heath Qu-16 with an 32 ch stagerack.

  • from Birmingham, AL October 25, 2012Music Background:
    Live Sound Engineer

    Nice features but couldn't deal with the workflow

    This board definitely has a ton of bells and whistles. I really wanted to like it. It has a lot of features but I just can't see this working well in a live situation especially at a church where I'm mixing. We have multiple services and a few different engineers. There's too many pages and layers if you need to get to something quickly. Also, I thought the mic preamps sounded a little dull.

  • from March 27, 2017

    Repeated channel dropping!!!!

    Multiple times the board will drop channels to the front of house during performances. Last week it was lead vocals and guitar. Replace CAT 5 shielded cable with no improvement . Updated firmware, no improvement. Replace the X-32 board itself with a new board, same problems. Replaced the S-32 stage box with no improvements. Berhringer tech support has been horrifically uncooperative. Support from Sweetwater is the only saving grace in this crappy mess. I don't see any other way to fix this mess. I have lost hope in a solution.

  • from California December 9, 2016

    Hate it !!

    Okay, I've had this board for about a year now and I can't tell you how many times I've cursed it.
    On one hand, it's made well, and sounds great.
    A lot of the features are excellent.
    Here's the problem..
    This was created by some brilliant engineers, but what they didn't do is set it up for the User.
    Yeah, it looks good on paper, but try to program it. Once you program it you can save that configuration. Wonderful.
    But when you have a problem with assignment, no signal, etc. Look OUT! This thing is made for a scientist, Not a recording engineer. If you're at a gig, or studio session and something isn't set up correctly there is no way you can think through this. There is no common sense workflow. Start looking through the manual when you're under that kind of pressure? Seriously? Never happen.
    Every time I sit down to review settings, or try to set up a different function, I find issues.

    Before you go and think that I must not be very good at what I do, let me say that I've been a musician, Recording engineer, PBX technician and programmer for more than 25 years. I write instruction manuals and programs for many applications.

    I have analyzed this board and viewed videos and have written my own manual so that I could make sense of this. I frequently review it for accuracy and work flow and my conclusion is that this board is just insane.

    This was the only board of it's kind, at the time I purchased it. When I find something better, I'll be selling it and getting something new.

    If you like frustration and beating your head against the wall this is the Mixer for you. You've been warned!

    This board lacks continuity and workflow.

    On the next board, how about sitting someone down, outside of the company, and video taping them trying to figure out what to do. When you can actually have somebody set this up ( and even work out a problem ) you will have a great product. I would gladly volunteer for the job! I was SO disappointed.

  • from Fairfield, OH November 3, 2015

    Buyer Beware

    I found out the hard way (via a Sweetwater representative) that Behringer refuses to make service manuals, schematics, parts lists, etc. available to anyone other than their own "authorized" service operations. For those of us who are techs and often donate time and effort to assist church bands, etc. often with older gear, it means "if it breaks, throw it away" or just try your best to determine the fault without any help from the manufacturer.

    Too bad, Behringer.

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