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Behringer Xenyx X2442USB Mixer and USB Audio Interface with Effects Reviews

5.0 stars based on 8 customer reviews
Questions about the Behringer Xenyx X2442USB Mixer and USB Audio Interface with Effects?

Questions about the Behringer Xenyx X2442USB Mixer and USB Audio Interface with Effects?

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  • from Palm Beach, FL August 28, 2016Music Background:
    Professional musician and engineer

    Deal of the century

    I bought the very first version of this board back in '06 when I started my band. I literally used it to the hilt. We used the buil-in FX, as well as an outboard processor. I used two 4 channel compressor/limiters/gate units to add that functionality to channels 1-8. I use both additional sends as monitors, mixed everything to the subgroups which then got sent to the mains. Also used the cue out to feed a second mains for club speakers. Ran EQs on both separate outputs. I ran into a crossover to split the tops from subs, and also ran behringer feedback destroyers on the mic inserts for transparent feedback reduction. For a long time the only non behringer gear in the whole chain was the DBX driverack. Even my speakers were originally behringer. I put over 250 shows on this setup before graduating to a Studiolive mixer, and never had one piece of the chain fail me (including a full beer in the mixer on the debut night! - I disassembled and cleaned it myself). That's 250 4-hour shows in clubs ranging from smoky bars to outside on the beach. I kept my gear covered when not in use, and occasionally gave a good wipe down with rubbing alcohol but that's it. I have since had way more trouble with my presonus boards, and QSC amps than that setup ever gave me. FF to 106, 10 years later, I just pulled it all out of the rack to sell and every piece, including this board works flawlessly still. I know behringer has a bad rep for poor QC, but I have to think most of it is hearsay. I've never had a more reliable system. I am an advanced mix engineer, and I can think of dozens of times people came up to compliment the mix and were floored to see what we were using. Set up proper gain staging, keep your levels in check, learn how to use the gear properly and always use quality power protection (regulation is even better) and I can say that a professional system can be built for a good price that will serve you for as long as you need it to. I did purchase one feedback destroyer as-is on ebay, and replaced the PSU caps, and after that it provided 10 years of service, but aside from that everything was bought working and stayed working. Kudos to behringer for upping their game and delivering working class musicians gear they can lean on, on a working musician's salary. yes, you'll graduate to better gear, but there's no reason not to start here. I just sold this mixer, and deep down I kinda wish I hadn't! lol BTW, my version did not have the orange knobs or the built in compressors. Mine was literally the debut version of this board.

  • from Spokane WA February 20, 2014Music Background:
    Retired composer/engineer making music "I've never heard before.

    Sweet deal for the bucks

    This mixer has an amazing amount of sends and buses. That's just what I want but then you add the channel inserts and it just gets cooler. I've converted my studio into a life ve performance rig that works in both places: home and stage. The X2442USB does have a USB port but I can't think of what I'd use it for. I've got MIDI going everywhere already. I'm a happy guy. Oh, it only weighs 13 pounds! Finally, I can carry my little 10 space rack down the stairs with this on top.

  • from Upstate New York October 25, 2013Music Background:
    Ameteur Recording, Professional Musician

    Versatile and affordable

    This is a fantastic board. Very clean and rugged, and can run direct to your computer via usb for two track in and out. Comes bundled with Tracktion 4.0 which is an absolutely fantastic DAW. I get very clean recordings with this, and I now have it hooked to my FCA1616 via an ADAT XT for more tracks in and out. Manual can be printed via Behringer's website, but just one look at the board and it's pretty easy to figure out.

  • from s.c. November 8, 2012Music Background:
    Drummer,guitarist,song writer,singer

    Best bang for the buck

    Nice clean quality sound , lots of features,and compression!!!!!! I don't think you'll find a better board in this price range.

  • from Westminster, CA January 16, 2012Music Background:
    Keyboardist, arranger and composer

    Great routing capability, Smooth Sound!

    Very smooth sound quality, NOT brittle. I love the 4 stereo aux returns for all the effects I need! EQs have very nice smooth tone and clarity (tried maxing out the high knob and vocal still has that silky & crisp audio quality). Most cheaper mixers sound harsh at high EQ but not this one. Lows are very clean and defined. Such a Great Price for Professional Sound Quality!

  • from Bolton Landing NY April 3, 2017

    Nice Board!

    I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality of this board. Solid piece of gear. I've used it to record tracks to my old Fostex vf160 ex - excellent sound quality! For live events I have the board running thru Turbosound ip 2000's - very well matched. Only complaint is that it isn't easy to tweak parameters on effects - you are never sure what parameter you are tweaking! Otherwise the board works well and I expect to get many years out of it.

  • from Stoughton, MA January 19, 2016Music Background:
    playing for over 35 years

    Nice mixer for my drum kit

    I have used and own Behringer gear now for many years. Never had any problems with any Behringer equipment. I needed a mixer just for my drum kit for recording. I have 10 mics and wanted to control the shape and sound for all my drums and for my 3 overheads for rides, and crashes. Cymbals and stick work just seem to get lost in many recordings, with primary focus on the snare and bass drum. This does what I need it to do. The only suggestion I would make is to have 2 FX capability. It only has one FX, which you can dial in the amount (if any) you desire per channel.

  • from Rochester NY USA February 18, 2013Music Background:
    Multi-Instrument musician/recording engineer

    Behringer Xenyx X2442USB

    It works great as a rehearsal board . Easy to record rehearsals into laptop. Would probably work fine for small to medium clubs to.For the $$$ can't be beat Negatives would be Manual not so good. A little hard to adjust the effects.

Questions about the Behringer Xenyx X2442USB Mixer and USB Audio Interface with Effects?

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