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Guild X-175B Manhattan with Guild Vibrato - Blonde Reviews

4.5 stars based on 6 customer reviews
  • from December 15, 2015Music Background:
    I have played for 20 years and am a amateur luthier (guitar technician)

    A strange one indeed

    I know I am going to ruffle a few feathers here but this guitar is a strange one indeed.
    I bought the X-175B Blonde with tremolo.

    Firstly, I found that "Acoustically" this guitar sounds almost terrible. I sounds line a plywood box that was very cheaply made. Harsh and thin. No real tonality.

    Secondly, when you plug it in, with the switch in the neck position (the treble position) the guitar is VERY treble-ly and overly bright. I had to roll off the treble pot just to get the guitar to sound right. This may be something some of you may find useful, but for me it is a disadvantage. The other setting which is the middle position is a little better, but not much and the last position Bridge (I may have the names reversed, but you know what I mean) is only slightly better than the middle. At no time can you get a deep bass from this guitar like you can with a Gretsch G5120 (which I also own).

    Thirdly, the guitar has a floating bridge that is NOT pinned down to the body of the guitar so when the tremolo is used for a deep dive you can really tell it is out of tune. This makes playing at gigs or recording almost impossible. However, the thumbscrew height adjustment is a nice touch for those who like high action or want to lower it too.

    The good bits:

    The look of the guitar is very nice, the blonde is attractive and it has that vintage look with the two P-90 style pickups. The neck is very nice and has a nice feel to it. The guitar body is not overly thick so it can be played my most people.

    The tremolo is very functional and heavy duty. As the spring gets broken in, the tremolo will smooth out and really be easy to make great sounds.


    This guitar is just not for me. too tinny and the bridge is dysfunctional. PLEASE take these things nto consideration BEFORE you buy one and if possible play one first.

  • from Michigan November 5, 2015Music Background:

    A favorite

    This is an addendum to my prior review... It simply keeps getting better. Through a Blues Jr. Tweed Custom, this guitar sings. It begs me to play it and calls me to practice. My hands and ears are very happy. Easy to play the entire neck. What fun.

  • from Michigan October 17, 2015Music Background:

    Found my tone

    My first arch top - 2nd Guild. Own several acoustics and semi-hollow bodies and prefer a Bigsby "style" tremolo. I play 50's/60's doowop/rock, surf, rockabilly, blues and country. I gig 2-5 nights a week. Months of research led me to this Blonde X-175B. It arrived well packed and with case. The tone was a knock out from the first note. The action was a bit high for my liking. A short 30 minute set up from my guitar tech (Elderly's - Lansing MI) resulted in a wonderful playing instrument. The bone nut needed a small bit of filing to seat a couple strings and the action was lowered. One of the pickups had a buzz that was quickly corrected. This guitar has a floating bridge - so I may decide to pin it later. The Guild bigsby is delightful (easy and smooth) and this guitar stays in tune exceptionally well. E shaped bar chords are a breeze up to the 12th fret with the 9.5" fretboard radius. Fit and finish is spot on. It is light weight, comfortable to hold while seated, and simply is a joy to play. I was prepared mentally to return this if it wasn't what I was looking for - but this guitar is not going anywhere. I play it daily and it has become my main gigging guitar. Straight into the mixer, pedal board or amplifier = stellar tone. Love it!

  • from Michigan March 27, 2015Music Background:
    Old School musician.

    Classic Guild Tone - Inspiring Sound

    Let me first say I didn't get a chance to play this guitar before I ordered it, WOW what a tone monster. I've owned a few Gretsch guitars (6120 & 5122) and this one is in a class by itself for sure. The pickups are very cool and you can get that Jazzy tone, Rockabilly tone, Blues growl, just an incredible amount of variation. Reminds me of days gone by with some of the classic guitars of the 50's and 60's only nicer. The fit and finish is beautiful, the case is very nice and the weight is exceptional... no problem playing this one all night. If your in doubt about this guitar as I was, don't be... Plays every bit as good as my 6120 did.
    Thanks again to my Sweetwater Engineer James Masterson for helping me out on this one, checking it out and personal inspection. Sweetwater has the best service anywhere.You guys are the BEST!! Rock On

  • from Mobile,Al. February 5, 2014Music Background:
    Giggin' Musican

    My Number One Giggin' Axe.....Sweet Thang X175 B

    I am a Gretsch player. I have Gretsch guitars. I was looking for something a little different. Tried several guitars...some just did not fit or their tone was not what I was seeking. Then some I did not like the quality of workmanship. Most of the guitars I tried were in the $1,800.00 or up bracket. Enough of that.

    I had seen pictures of this guitar on the Sweetwater site even saw one or two YouTube videos on the Guild X175 B. So I took a chance and bought the guitar from Sweetwater never seeing one in the flesh or playing one. Was not even sure what shape of neck the X175 B had. I was and am totally blown away with this guitar. The tones I can achieve with the pups are fantastic. I gig with this guitar. It is a working mans guitar. No flaws and a perfect set up. I did have to adjust the action a bit because I am heavy handed. I dialed the levels of pickups real quick when I received the guitar. Then it was off to a gig after being in my possession for less than two hours. This is a true hollow body guitar with a floating bridge. A bit of rosin and the way I position myself when playing puts me in control of any feedback or the bridge sliding around when I use the Bigsby.
    The case that comes with the guitar is great for totin' the guitar around from band practice, to gigs and automobile trips. It has four snaps.
    The other guitarist in our band plays a Gretsch G6120 DSW that is around $2,600.00 new and he too is amazed of quality of the Guild X175B.
    For just a tad over a grand you can not find a better jazz body 24.5" scale single coiled guitar any better than this one! You would be paying over $2,700.00 for one that could come close to this baby.
    Buying from Sweetwater is a breeze. I have purchased a couple of guitars from them. I am thinking of upgrading my amp and if I do I'll be buying from Sweetwater. Super quick delivery and they stand behind the products they sell.

  • from Staunton, VA December 23, 2013Music Background:
    Performing singer/songwriter/musician for over forty years.

    This guitar is a classic in the making:

    Let me start out by saying that I don't normally write reviews or answer surveys, but in this case I make an exception! A few months ago, I got new guitar fever and have spent this time surfing the sites looking for the box that would scratch that itch. With the help of my loving family, The Guild X-175B arrived yesterday just in time for Christmas and from the moment I took her out of the packing crates, it was love at first touch. The neck and action are amazing, the quality of the engineering shines through in the way it feels in the hands. The tones are rich and satisfying. The YouTube demo videos are true to what I'm experiencing in my home and using my Peavy and Randall amps. This guitar exceeds my expectations. If you've never owned a Guild and are looking for a sweet jazz/blues guitar, the X-175B may just be what you are looking for.

    I also want to add comments about the excellent customer service I received from the Sweetwatter staff. From the first phone call confirming my purchase, to the emails I received keeping me informed along the way up to the day of delivery, to the little bag of candies that were placed in the shipping box, I was very impressed with the attention to me and the guitar. They emailed me with pictures of my guitar after it was inspected prior to shipment and one picture was of the serial number on the headstock. Great job guys!

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