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EVH Wolfgang Special HT - Black Cherry Burst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Seattle, WA March 20, 2014

    The perfect rock guitar!

    Honestly, I expected to like this guitar. But I didn't expect to be as blown away with it as I am!

    I'd played a MM Axis before, and I loved the tone and dimensions. I wasn't completely thrilled with the neck tho. I've always liked my strat's neck the best, and it has medium vintage frets. I read a lot online about the Axis necks vs. the Wolfgang, and while the Axis is right for some, I decided to take a chance on the Wolfgang. I've never been so happy with a guitar out of the box. It's set up perfectly, the tone is unbelievable and works perfectly in a band mix with both clean and dirty amps, and the feel is just absolutely perfect for me. I have many guitars - Les Paul, 339, strat, tele, PRS - and I love each for different reasons, but this is hands-down now my go-to axe. The only time I don't reach for it is when I need single coil sounds.

  • from Minneapolis, Mn USA February 19, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar & bass guitar, keyboard hobbyist only!

    Made in China!

    I'm personally not to impressed by the fact that this is manufactured/made in China, what a let down. But, for $3500.00 to $4000.00, you can get a American made one, which I was not aware of until after the fact! Also the D-Tuna system is so, so. I think the design could be better, I am an Quality Assurance/Quality Control Inspector for one of the biggest/largest Medical Device Manufacturers on the planet, so I know quality when I see it and this is an above average guitar for quality, but not for the money in my personal view. Go with a Music Man Axis Ernie Ball Tribute, I got 2 of them and love them, and they have basically the same playability as the EVH Wolfgang Special. I purchased the EVH Wolfgang Special (off the internet) with the D-Tuna and when the guitar arrived it was completely setup, but the D-Tuna has a sleeve that spins 360 degrees, that came loose during shipment/transit and would not even work when I received it, what a bummer! So I had to go onto YouTube to figure out how to correct the problem. The D-Tuna rotates 360 degrees and does not remain stationary and locked in place which I believe should be. The mechanism in my viewpoint is a design issue. I think EVH and Fender should go back to the drawing board and correct this issue. This about the only real reason I would not give this guitar a 5 star rating. Otherwise I purchased the Black Cherry Burst with the Floyd Rose D-Tuna for around $1300.00 and would say it closely compares to the Music Man Axis Tribute guitar. I own 2 Music Man Axis guitars and there playability is excellent. There is also a EVH Wolfgang Stealth, which has an arched top, so if you pay under $1300.00 I would say it was made in China (bootleg copy). Don't get me wrong, this guitar has very excellent sound, playability and stays in tune very well when using the Floyd Rose tremolo/whammy bar, for dives. It is not a floating bridge either. So if you are looking for a floating whammy, this is not the guitar for you. I personally don't care if it is floating or not, but if you want to go up in pitch it is not the guitar for you, maybe the USA made Wolfgang Special may have a floating system, but I do not know that for sure, as I have not investigated that. I am and was only interested in diving with my Floyd Rose Whammy. That is the same with the Music Man Axis Tribute guitars also, they are not a floating system. My 2 Music Man Axis Ernie Ball Tribute guitars are a little more pricey and I believe they are American made, which makes me feel better!
    I purchased my Guitars off the internet with no problems, packed very well and arrived quite quickly. I should have done my homework first and went out to my local musical dealership and checked these guitars out. The showroom models are normally hung up on a wall and in a platinum section, meaning to be able to play it you will need assistance to even be allowed to play one! These guitars come with a very well constructed road guitar case very solid, as do the Music Man Axis Ernie Ball Tribute guitars! That is a plus+ to protect your investment. I would also recommend purchasing a guitar in a dealership as they purchase in bulk and normally not just a single guitar at a time so they are probably packed better. You can actually try out the showroom floor model (if they have one) and if you are interested in purchasing one, you can ask for a new, untouched, still in the box guitar. I was so ticked off that mine came with the D-Tuna rotated 90 degrees off from where it should have been. It was shipped from Florida to Minnesota. I was told by the dealership the guitar was setup prior to delivery and sometimes these issues arise during shipment. It must have been a very long bumpy ride to vibrate loose and rotate 90 degrees. Again, I believe this is a design issue and should be addressed by Fender and EVH! Happy trails!

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