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EVH Wolfgang Special - Vintage White Reviews

5.0 stars based on 1 customer review
Questions about the EVH Wolfgang Special - Vintage White?

Questions about the EVH Wolfgang Special - Vintage White?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

  • from Ft. Lauderdale, FL October 11, 2015

    This Wolfgang Special is freaking Awesome!

    I researched a lot of guitars before deciding an EVH Wolfgang Special would be the next one for me to add to my collection.
    I'm a single-cutaway, double humbucker kinda guy, but I wanted my next guitar to be something a little different.
    My PRS, Gibson LP, and Epiphone LP all have Rosewood for the fingerboards so I wanted to try Maple. Also, I wanted to try something with a Floyd Rose.
    During my research I found I kept going back to the EVH brand. I liked what I read, liked what I saw, and hey ... Its Eddie Van Halen!! I had to give it a try!
    Still, before purchasing, I read all the reviews I could find on all the past models. All the pros and cons I could find between all the various versions made by the different companies as well as different countries.
    Was the MIM going to address the negatives I had read about on previous versions?
    I had read complaints about the finish, fretting, neck problems, etc. on earlier non MIM versions. Well, the Wolfgang Special intrigued me enough that I wanted to give it a try.
    Now the hard part. Finding one!
    The local GC's never have them in stock so I couldn't even try out one. Enter Sweetwater.
    Of course like any musician, I'm scanning all the usual suspects for deals all of the time.
    MF, SA, GC, AMS and of course Sweetwater!
    One day while looking at the Wolfgang Special on their site, I finally clicked the little box that says "Notify me when in stock".
    The next day I received a call from Sweetwater Sales Engineer Anthony Jenkins. We had an awesome conversation.
    Its nice to talk with an actual musician about gear that you are looking at purchasing. My first concern I asked about was on buying a guitar online. I've always purchased smaller items online (pedals, cables, strings, effects, etc.) but never a guitar. He assured me of the process and the quality control that Sweetwater instills on its gear. I felt very comfortable about buying this guitar site unseen after speaking with him.
    We spoke several more times over the next month as we both were waiting for the MIM shipment to arrive.
    When it finally did, he called to tell me that it is now being setup and going through their 55 point evaluation. I asked if he would go play it to see how it feels. He liked that because he had been wanting to try one out himself. He called back later that day to tell me how great it felt and he sent me some photos of it. So Awesome!!!
    Ok! I've been playing this guitar for about a month now.

    Now for my Official 2015 MIM EVH Wolfgang Special review:
    I love it!
    I chose the Vintage White since my other 3 guitars are all flame tops, and the finish is absolutely gorgeous!
    Finish is flawless through-out! So glad they switched to arched top also!
    The neck feels amazing and is so fast! No sharp frets like on older reviews of older models.
    And love the jumbo frets (especially since all my guitars have jumbos).
    The Floyd Rose and D-Tuna are wicked! I can't believe this thing stays in tune like it does with all the dive bombs and drop D tuning. Amazing!
    Tones are sweet too! I play through a Marshall tube amp with awesome cleans and great heavy gain tones!
    Electronics are well soldered, pups are awesome, but I am having to be careful on bumping the Vol knob (low friction so bumps easily).
    Tuning keys are great, very smooth.
    It has been my go to axe for the past month! I love my Paul but this thing really rocks and I just can't put it down.
    Some have complained about the pricing but I compare this $1000 Wolfgang closer to my $3000 Gibson LP, than to my $1000 PRS.
    Since we usually have to spend at least $1000 to get a really decent playing guitar, I think they got it right.
    At least they did with this one! Thanks Eddie! Rock On!
    Thank you Sweetwater for the spot on setup! Excellent job guys!!
    And thank you Anthony! I appreciate all that you did to make this such an amazing purchase!

Questions about the EVH Wolfgang Special - Vintage White?

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