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EVH Wolfgang Special - Tobacco Burst Reviews

4.5 stars based on 7 customer reviews
  • from Provo, UT March 4, 2014Music Background:
    Mastering Engineer

    Love it

    Eddie's lifetime of experiences went into making this guitar and it shows. It's my new favorite. It can growl or purr and has the best tone I've heard so far. Not too bright , but not too warm - it fits into a mix right where a guitar should.

  • from Georgetown, IN USA November 13, 2013Music Background:
    Blues, classic rock, country

    EVH Wolfgang Special

    This guitar is amazing, i love the way it sounds. The neck feels like heaven ,the action is perfect so its super easy to fret. This guitar blew away my Les Paul in sound and feel. What more can a person want?

  • from Bainbridge, GA May 15, 2012Music Background:
    Teacher, Producer, gigging guitarist

    Best in Class

    I've had mine for five months now and it's put my strat and les paul in the closet! I did not have the opportunity to play it before buying, but based on reviews & specs it seemed to fit my needs the best. I also shy away from artists' instruments, but again, it had the best features. I have to say, this was an incredible purchase! The EVH has met and exceded my expectations more than ANY piece of equipment I've ever owned. The tone is unique to other guitars I've played, meaty but with excellent clarity and a snappy, singing quality. Cleans up great with the volume rolled back. I've used the D-tuna much more than I expected to, works great after a little set-up. The reverse pickup selector is fine (I wired my LP backwards a couple of years ago accidentally...so I'm already used to it). I thought I wouldn't, but I like the flat-set Floyd for its tuning stability on bends and string breakages...and with the stainless steel frets you'll want to do a lot of bends. No guitar is perfect (neck pickup could be throatier, no need for tone control IMO), but this one easily blows away anything in its price range! Personal note: I don't write reviews unless I love the product...just sayin'.

  • from January 26, 2011

    Best Guitar I've Ever Played

    Getting straight to the point... The neck on this guitar is absolutely phenomenal, asymmetrical contour, it's a fairly thin neck but it has meat to it, super fast fingerboard, the vintage stainless steel frets feel odd at first if you've never played on them before, but feel awesome after you get used to it (in a matter of 10 minutes for me lol), the edge of the frets and fingerboard feel rounded, I personally prefer the rounded feel, and fret access is better than i expected, it's quite good actually.

    Other attributes I like... The guitar is very well balanced. I thought I'd have trouble adjusting to the upside down toggle switch wiring, because I've been playing a Les Paul for so long, but I quite like it, and if you can walk and chew gum at the same time you'll have no issue either. Like my Les Paul the Wolfgang Special's low resistance knobs turn so smoothly. I really like the EVH pickups as well, custom shop designed Seymour Duncan's. The finish is quite nice as well.

    Considering that the USA Wolfgang is a Fender Custom Shop guitar, and the Japanese Special is a production model, having played the USA Wolfgang I really don't feel that much of a difference, when I played the USA model the fret and fingerboard edges felt more squared off, as stated above I prefer the rounded feel, but I like the way carved tops feel more than flat tops... That said, if I had 3 grand to spend on a USA Wolfgang, I'd buy a black and a vintage white Wolfgang Special, to go with my sunburst quilt topped one instead. I saw a review of this guitar on one of the guitar magazine websites, when I was thinking of buying one, and the reviewer said the guitar is good but not the best in it's class... It blows away my USA Charvel So Cal Pro Mod, I think you get more guitar in the EVH Wolfgang Special than you do in any of the signature series guitars ESP or Ibanez have and for less money... I can't think of a guitar in its class that I've played that's better.

    This guitar is a perfect median between my Les Paul and my Charvel, and it doesn't compromise the best attributes of either.

  • from Akron, OH October 28, 2010Music Background:
    Musician, singer, song-writer, producer, engineer...

    Wow...this guitar is absolutely awsome...

    Though I am a big fan of Eddie, I have not liked any of his signature guitars since the original Ernie Ball from the early 90's. The Peavey did not compare, and were ruined by the cheapo import versions that just did not match up in quality. The Charvel Art series looked great, but just never felt or sounded "right" to me. Even the first EVH carved top guitar I tried felt stiff and uncomfortable, but it was a pre-production version I played at NAMM.

    Now, along comes the Japanese version of the EVH Wolfgang. I was impressed that they actually had ALL of the same features as the USA version, except that it had a flat top instead of the carves top. So, I took the plunge and ordered it thinking that I could always return it if I did not like it. Well, someone will have to pry this thing from cold dead fingers to get me to part with it...it is simply AMAZING! Not just for EVH music either...it drips with tone, and the neck is the easiest thing to play that I have ever touched. I had to do some adjustments to the Floyd when I got it, as the low E side was not resting against the body, but it was a simple fix. This thing just rings acoustically...hit a chord with it unplugged and you can sit and listen to it just ring with resonance. I am stunned, and thankful! Eddie may seem to be a little crazy these days...but he and Fender put together a masterpiece here. If they can keep the quality up like this, they have a home-run product.

  • from Austin, TX September 23, 2010Music Background:
    semi pro Musician

    Better than I expected

    I usually try out the guitars I plan to buy. At first first I was in the market for the Axis until I saw that this was coming out. Last year I heard all about the new EVH but probably wouldn't ever be able to afford it. As soon as I heard about the Special I decided to bite the bullet and order it, hoping it would blow my mind. It did!! The neck feels awesome, very similar to my JP6 and the overall quality is great. It is definitely a quality guitar. The sunburst is just stellar. I'm looking forward to playing this one a lot!! I must Say Japan knows how to make a guitar!!

  • from Las Vegas,Nevada June 14, 2012Music Background:
    Playing since my brother became a Beatle nut in 1964.

    A thousand too much.

    It arrived and looked great, neck smooth, nice finish. It 's dry here in Las Vegas, after two days resting on a stand, the fret ends stuck out so far you could shave with them, razor sharp. Read some reviews and I'm not alone. Ed, Fender put a cloud over your head. I have a few 1/4 the $ PRS guitars that have 100 times better fret work. I have since invested $ in a few guitar fret files, after hearing the repair $ and did it myself. It now is a much better guitar. Ed, please rattle some cages at Fender.

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