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DigiTech Whammy DT Drop Tuning Pedal Reviews

4.0 stars based on 14 customer reviews
Questions about the DigiTech Whammy DT Drop Tuning Pedal?

Questions about the DigiTech Whammy DT Drop Tuning Pedal?

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  • Josh
    from Upstate NY November 20, 2016Music Background:
    Guitarist of 2 deacdes

    The infamous Whammy, but with a awesome twist!!!

    As the title says, this is just like the classic Whammy pedal - with the dive, raise and lower pitch and harmonizing effects it's been known for. But the extra twist with this one is the addition of the drop and raise tune feature, incorporating 2 great DigiTech pedals into one, and then some!!! While the Drop pedal itself is good for down-tuning in half-step increments, the Whammy DT also has the ability to go up in the same amount of half-step increments as well. This feature alone allows any guitarist to only need a single guitar to play just about anything and everything without having to change tunings multiple times, string flop due to such low tunings on a certain gauge strings, neck adjustment as a result, and major tremolo readjustment if you have a Floyd Rose style tremolo. Equally as useful with 7-string & 8-string guitars as well for the increased ease of tuning capabilities without compromising set-up and playability of your guitar.

    For additional ease of use and more on-the-fly control during home/practice/live use, get the optional DigiTech FS3X footswitch to allow hands-free function changes. An almost must-have for the Whammy DT, especially if you tend to use either of or both functions of this pedal more frequently.

    Having graduated to this from the 4th Gen (red) Whammy, this is a major improvement on the original, and well worth every penny for it! Can't recommend it enough for its total functionality!!!

  • Roy Heinrich
    from Austin November 11, 2016Music Background:
    Honky tonk Singer-songwriter.guitar player

    My second one!

    When I read about this pedal 4 years ago, I couldn't believe it. I wanted something like this for decades. I ordered it knowing I could return it. Hooked it up and immediately my wife (also my piano player) and I went "WOW!"
    I usually only use the de-tuning side, as the little brother only tunes down and has no footswitch.
    I just ordered another as I have worn out most of the foot switches.
    I hope enough people buy them so production is continued, but I don't want our secret weapon in everyone's hands! LOL

  • Kevin Fowler
    from Hoffman Estates, Illinois December 2, 2015Music Background:
    I write and record original songs

    Wham Bam !!

    This pedal will open you up to some amazing ideas for recording original songs. I can't believe the range it offers. You can do a lot of Hendrix type stuff, dive bomb like Van Halen or if Black Crowe's slide guitar style is your preference....then this is your pedal. If you want to drop tune and play a little Korn...here you go!
    This is a quality pedal. Great control, responsive, no unwanted sounds. It's worth every penny!
    I read somewhere D.J. Ashba uses one. So I checked one out and bought it..you can't go wrong with anything that guy does!

  • Mike "IkIltNOOBS" Beckham
    from Fort Worth, Tx September 3, 2014Music Background:
    Guitar Hobbyist.


    If your guitar has a Floyd Rose on it, then this pedal is worth every penny it goes for. Now you NO longer have to retune your Floyd if you want to drop tune your guitar to play that favorite metal song that you have been wanting to play or practice but retuning your Floyd has stopped you from doing. In addition to not having to retune your guitar the old fashion way, you NO longer have to put up with loose sloppy strings that by nature goes along with drop tuning. So now your string tension is nice and tight and you still get that AWESOME dropped tuning sound! If your a Metal Head, grab this pedal as fast as they can ship it too you!! You will not be disappointed. I haven't even gone into the Whammy side of the pedal, combine both sides of the pedal together and watch your ears get fat 'cause that much ear candy coming from the pedal can't be healthy for ya!! Haha

  • Derek Gerhart
    from Leesport, PA US April 19, 2014Music Background:
    Local band member, hobbyist, student

    Pure Awesomeness

    This pedal is absolutely amazing. There are so many crazy sounds that you can make with it. Being able to switch octaves and change the harmony at the same time leads to some crazy solos and heavy rifts. A must have pedal for any guitar player.

  • Ryan
    from New Jersey, United States June 20, 2013

    my favorite pedal

    If you want to sound like Tom Morello, Jack White, or Trey Anastasio (and who wouldn't) then you need this pedal. The left side works like the original Whammy pedal, and gives you continuous pitch shifting over a 5-octave range without detuning your guitar. But my favorite setting is whole-step down, which allows for a more subtle whammy effect (it almost sounds you're playing with a slide). Occasionally I use the octave-up setting for chromatic swells. The addition of the drop-tune is helpful not just for "virtual capo" but even more so as an octave-shiftier. Having separate switches for these two functions is very convenient, so you don't have to change the dial-settings nearly as often and you can even use both in combination. As someone else mentioned you can't plug it into your standard power source with a bunch of other pedals, that is the main drawback but for me this pedal is more than worth it.

  • Art Stuckman
    from Fremont, Ohio May 1, 2013Music Background:


    I'm very happy with this pedal and I should've gotten this an long time ago!.

  • Customer
    from CA August 25, 2011Music Background:

    Very impressed!

    Just got this pedal after trying "the other droptune" pedal out there. After a day of use, I'm very impressed! The original Whammy feature is very cool, of course, but the quality of the dropped AND raised tuning is great. I always say, a 7 string guitar will always sound more realistic, but with what this pedal is capable of, it's well worth having if you feel like spending the money. Playing open chords dropped down 4, even 5 steps, I didn't hear any warbling. And up-tuning presented no artifacts. My only issue is the slight latency you feel/hear when drop-tuned, but the pros far outweigh the cons.
    Again, I've only had it for a day, but so far, I'm a fan!

  • Arnold Harner
    from Newport, PA March 14, 2014Music Background:
    17 Year Lead Guitarist

    Pretty Frickin Awsome

    I have read many reviews and seen many youtube clips of this pedal before purchased it. I must say its pretty sweet. I mainly bought it for the drop tune feature and I think it is pretty awesome. I Play in a band and we do original and covers and I have to play in many different tunings which means many guitars or trying to manipulate chords which is a pain in the but and almost always sounds like crap. I was really tired of lugging around so much equipment not to mention the upkeep. Don't get me wrong there is nothing that will ever replace a drop tuned guitar with proper setup and string guage but all in all this thing is a blessing. Nothing sounds worse than a standard tuning guitar dropped down 2 full steps so for this digitech I commend you. This thing tracks very well much better product than morpheous. Many people complain about the tone coloration and slight latency which I agree it is there and yes it does suck, but it really isn't that bad, I would never use it in while recording but this isn't what I bought it for. All in all I love it and would recommend it to anyone. Rage on baby

  • Bill
    from Aztec New Mexico November 26, 2012Music Background:


    I bout this because i wanted to try alternate tunings and this thing is great.

  • David
    from Logan, UT May 11, 2012

    A Mixed Bag

    What is great about this pedal is the original Whammy features. Nothing wrong there. Where things get cloudy is the new functionality from drop tuning/virtual capo'ing.

    I'd like to say that this feature works flawless and your clarity is retained. Things aren't muddy and it sounds wonderful. I've read reviews that state this is the case. But to me, to put it bluntly, it sounds decent. The thing I've found with not just this, but other octave/pitch pedals is that you lose all character, all articulation and tone. Things get muddy. No different here. Don't expect miracles. But for quick and dirty down or up tuning, it does the job.

    The major seller on this for me was the true bypass. If my signal is gonna be digitally processed, i'd rather it be done only when the pedal is on.

  • Robb Ward
    from LA June 21, 2016

    Not bad, but there's a learning curve...

    Okay, so you probably should read the manual...which I didn't...before you make your decision. It tracks really great if you know how to use the pedal. And that's the rub; there's a learning curve to this pedal, but once you've got a good feel for it...WOW. My sales engineer Justin Rix is the BEST and of course, so is Sweetwater; I won't buy from anyone else (even if it's cheaper)...

  • Customer
    from New Jersey February 12, 2014Music Background:
    Local musician

    Drop tuning with Digitech's Whammy DT

    This unit is built very solidly! I use it drop a semi tone on my bass. For that, it works flawlessly! I would consider using to go two semi tones down but any more and the tone gets a bit muddy. I was expecting to lose the tone of my bass since the signal is converted from a slog to digital and then back to analog. I noticed no loss of my true tone! After a year I experienced the unit distorting my tone after an hour of use. Currently the unit is @ Sweetwater for service.
    I've tried a few units like this one for drop tuning and this is the best out there. It has a few issues but when it works it works very well!

  • Sepp
    from NYC April 9, 2013Music Background:
    Part time musician

    Whammy DT: My critique

    Ok, first off, I'm using the Whammy DT on my bass, so here is my take. Well built and very stout device! Huge power draw so don't think you can plug it into your "Voodoo power" supply. This device needs its own A/C power supply! I'm primarily using this to drop a semi tone or two max. It works fine for that but try to drop it any further and the tone begins to warble, especially on the lower deeper notes. The chorus effect is pretty neat but it's an option I won't use very often. The effect is huge and takes up a large amount of space on your board.

Questions about the DigiTech Whammy DT Drop Tuning Pedal?

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