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DigiTech Whammy 4 Reviews

4.5 stars based on 2 customer reviews
  • from Auckland, New Zealand October 31, 2006Music Background:
    Part-Time Musician

    The Madness of the Whammy!

    Straight out of the box this pedal is awesome! The colour is Ferrarri Red, enough said. The Whammy can create classic harmomnies to your guitar lines ranging form an octave down to an octave up. The Harmonies are chosen via the rotary knob and the foot pedal can select between the preset harmony range (e.g. a 3rd up or a 4th up , a 4th down or a 5th down, or the more fun 1 octave down and one octave up and many things in between.) It's cool for guitar solo's or fattening up your riffs. It can keep up with quick guitar runs but of course it gets confused if you try and play chords.

    Then there is the Whammy part. Here your guitar signal is warped into space! In this Mode your original guitar signal drops out, meaning only the effect signal sounds form your amp. It can shift the pitch of your signal form 2 octaves down to 2 octaves up, and a gain the pedal lets you change this on the fly creating crazy sounds.

    It also has a detune mode, which to my ears sounds a lot like a big chorus effect on the guitar. It's ok, but the rest of the pedal is heaps more fun.

    The pedal is very solid. I wouldn't be at all worried about using it on stage. It's intuitive and easy to use and comes with a manual to explain the controls (the MIDI In is a nice touch and explained in the manual). This pedal rocks and will definately spice up your sound no matter what style you play. It's practical and a blast to play with.

    The service I got from Sweetwater was excellent. I don't live in the U.S. but everything was still quick and easy.

  • from Garrett,Indiana October 15, 2011Music Background:

    Fairly Ruling Guitar Pedal

    I had been looking at this pedal for years in music catalogues until i bought it back in february. I had thought up this weird bend riff thing in my head and bought it to make that sound come to life. It actually produced that sound which is cool. This pedal can bend your notes down between 1 to 2 octaves, or way lower with the dive bomb function. Or can also raise the pitch of your notes. My favorite settings are one octave down, and the one octave down-one octave up harmonizer thing,when played on a clean channel it emits this seriously schizophrenic vibe i find fascinating. The downsides are that you cant really change settings while in the middle of playing, as you have to physically bend down and switch it with the little knob thing. That and sometimes when holding a chord it will make this weird warbling sound that i don't like. I've come up with some settings recently using my line 6 dl4 delay, moog ring modulator, and digitech whammy on all at once that are otherworldly...so this pedal can definitely be put to good use if you're creative about it. Overall i would recommend it i suppose...

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