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On-Stage Stands WS8700 Professional Workstation Reviews

3.5 stars based on 10 customer reviews
  • Arthur Stuckman
    from Fremont, Ohio August 8, 2011Music Background:
    pro musician and hobbyist

    I am very happy

    This is an great workstation because it's strong and sturdy, it is very attractive and looks like some kind of alien tech in my home studo. It wasn't hard to assemble and I am very happy with this purchase!.

  • Alec Shantzis
    from Just outside of Manhattan in New Joisey June 12, 2013Music Background:
    Pro Keyboardist, Writer, Producer, musical director.

    On Stage WS8700

    I am very happy with this stand. It did immediately organize my studio space and it looks great. I choose it specifically because of the sliding computer keyboard drawer under the keyboard stand. I am very happy with that so far.
    I have a computer monitor tied to one platform with electrical ties. Two small speakers on the two outer platforms and at the moment, the open one has my Emmy award on it. The computer shelf didnt have enough clearance for my computer, but my computer is huge, so it might fit yours. There is no shakiness to the keyboard stand.
    The instructions were a bit cryptic at times, but eventually we got it figured out.
    One possible design flaw is that I was unable to lower the keyboard stand to its lowest height. The bolts holding the crossbar prevented me from doing that. Perhaps it is my error (always a possibility)... but I wanted it done so I went with it. It sits a bit high for my taste because of that, so I am getting a higher chair.
    Overall, this was exactly what I needed and it looks great.

  • Kent Urbine
    from Phoenix, Arizona January 26, 2013Music Background:
    Guitarist, Keyboards, Recording Rat...Live 4 Making sound!

    Once it is complete it is AWESOME!!

    I must say 3 boxes of pieces of metal, bags of screws, YIKES! Sounds like a IKEA nightmare BUT once you get past that this really goes together Much easier than I thought it would! VERY Strong And stable! I have 2 24" vid monitors, 2 YAMAHA HS80M's 2 Keyboards and about 5 pieces of GTR rack gear in this and she doesn't BUDGE! I Highly recomend this unit! Measure out your space first tho...

  • Patrick L
    from Southern Ontario, Canada. July 22, 2009Music Background:
    Pro turned hobbyist.

    The Total Package

    This keyboard workstation Stand is the total package if you are looking for versatility, tweak ability or just plain ol' bad *** durability. For either studio or stage this stand does it all! Sweetwater rocks!

  • Fernando
    from Arlington, VA November 28, 2011

    Great Home Studio Desk (with a few caveats)

    Desk comes in three boxes. Assembly is relatively easy but you have to be somewhat inclined to assembly-type work as the instructions are occasionally vague ("the stickers should face the keyboard player") and the diagrams are just a touch better than if someone sketched them by hand on a napkin. I found it much easier to use the instructions as a general guide and find photos online of the assembled unit for reference. Even so, I put a couple of things on backwards before their purpose became clear.

    The desk has space for a couple of keyboards (the music kind) and a sliding tray for the computer keyboard/mouse. I have one MIDI controller keyboard which I placed on the lower of the two shelves. If you don't have a second keyboard you can always get a wooden shelf to place on that upper keyboard holder. Then you'll have a place to put a mixer or some other peripheral.

    The monitor (computer and speaker kind) stands are sturdy but some of them, no matter what you do, will probably be off-level. This is really my only complaint about the unit which has strong materials and generally seems solid. Looking at it from the side, one of my speakers leans backwards significantly - not enough to slide off but enough to look kind of low-rent. Some won't care. I like level.

    The computer shelf at the bottom will only hold a mid-tower so if you have a full tower, forget about using it.

    Everything has a place on this desk. There's 4 monitor stands. If you use one computer monitor then you'll have an extra for some equipment but otherwise, all space is accounted for. You'll need to create extra space with the shelf I mentioned above or you'll need a separate cabinet or table for other things.

    And there's nowhere you'd even consider putting a drink.

    It's a great desk and except for the slight reservations mentioned in this review, I'd definitely recommend it for the home studio.

  • Mark McDowell
    from Cedar Rapids, IA USA October 3, 2008Music Background:
    Hobbyist / Semi-professional

    Works well for me

    I replaced a plain table with this bad boy, and am I ever happy. Having my keyboard "right there" makes it so it's ready to roll when I am. Having my DAW, keyboard, and monitors right there in a flexible configuration is a great help.

  • Jim E
    from Raleigh, NC December 17, 2010Music Background:
    Weekend warrior

    Works well for keyboards

    I found this to be a great sturdy stand for keyboards, monitor speakers, mixer, etc. -- once I removed all the useless computer stand parts. The computer keyboard drawer leaves no room for your knees, the CPU stand is right where you can painfully hit your ankles and gets in the way of needed space for pedals. The only other complaint I have is that the stand doesn’t really adjust low enough -- at the lowest position it works if you play sitting on a bar stool like I do, but if you want your bottom keyboard at standard grand piano height you’ll need to take a hacksaw and remove a few inches off the bottom of the supports. Still, my studio area is so much neater since I got this stand, I have no regrets about buying it.

  • Michael "Blue" Erdmier
    from Morton, IL April 2, 2011Music Background:
    Indie Studio Owner, Producer, Electronic Musician

    I thought this was the "one"...

    Recently I joined the rest of you and moved most of my recording from the physical to the virtual. With this came virtual instruments and effects, and I was absolutely in love. However, this left me in an odd position concerning setup. I just couldn't find a way to put my PC/DAW and my keyboard workstations together...Then I found this.
    Well, the directions are abysmal, the "platter" supports for the audio and video monitors are very wobbly and don't ever stand up straight, the PC shelf and rack simply sit on the frame with a slot on their bottom, the PC keyboard drawer is really flimsy and there is far less adjustability in the 2nd tier keyboard stand than you'd expect.
    My search for an affordable integration solution apparently continues, this just isn't it...Not by a long shot.

  • Travis Smith
    from Harpers Ferry, WV February 10, 2016Music Background:
    Musician, Video Game Audio, Student, Production

    Beware of Purchase

    I purchased this stand about two years ago. The two outer platforms never were completely horizontal to the floor, although I managed with them being off kilter slightly as they still held my small pair of M-Audio AV 40 monitors. However, I recently purchased a pair of LSR308s and as I was setting them up, I noticed the welds on the aforementioned platform (where it attaches to the main desk) had cracked and were no longer stable. I'm going to have to do some modifications to this stand in order to make the platforms stable enough for use with larger speakers. On this note alone, I would definitely NOT recommend this desk as it was to me. I would hate to see someone's monitors come crashing to the ground unexpectedly and cause damage to not only the monitors but potentially other gear that's in the vicinity.

  • Brian Davenport
    from Everett, WA July 19, 2010Music Background:


    This stand has flaws for use as a computer workstation. The monitor platforms with shake with the slightest keyboard touch. You will find that all of the monitor and speaker stands can't be leveled because of small errors during construction. I stripped the unit down and am using it for an expensive two tier keyboard stand. It offers too little for too much money!

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