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On-Stage Stands WSR7500 Rack Cabinet - Rosewood Reviews

2.5 stars based on 12 customer reviews
Questions about the On-Stage Stands WSR7500 Rack Cabinet - Rosewood?

Questions about the On-Stage Stands WSR7500 Rack Cabinet - Rosewood?

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  • Gary
    from Michigan April 13, 2016Music Background:
    Aspiring Amatuer

    Nice Solution

    This stand is working out great. Seems to be very sturdy and well built. If the wheels were where larger, I could see someone even dragging this to a few gigs. This is being used at home and is moret than upto the task. This is obviously the role it was inended for and I like it some much, I will strongly consider buying the full workstation (desk) when funds allow.

  • Joseph Stettnisch
    from Lindenhurst, NY September 6, 2013Music Background:
    Engineer, Studio Owner.


    Before you put the top surface wood on, screw a piece of rack gear in, make marks on the underside of the wood where holes are, take your piece of rack gear out, then attach the wood with the screws. Fits perfect that way. The wheels are great too they have breaks on them!

  • Bad Fader Productions
    from Boise, ID September 17, 2011Music Background:
    Studio Engineer, songwriter, producer.

    Perfect, once youget it lined up.

    As was stated in a previous review, building this piece requires NOT following the instructions.Install a piece of gear near the top of the rack, then mark the holes on the underside of the top. Then, drill new holes.

    Beyond that, this is a great piece of furniture. A nice surprise was the included casters, instead of just having adjustable feet.

    It may not stand up to rigorous use, or a lot of movement, but for my studio, it was a great, inexpensive choice.

  • Markeyse J. Mundy
    from California April 13, 2010Music Background:
    Music Engineer, Producer

    Good rack addition to the WS7500. Extra setup effort required

    I had bought this rack to accommodate the WS7500 to replace my old rack setup. It really adds an extension to the desk. Although this is a nice addition, it isnít without flaws.

    The biggest issue is with the setup. I had to drill in new screws into the work surface, because the predrilled hole was not perfectly aligned. I would also suggest that you have some rack panels or gear handy, and screw it in before screwing in the work surface, because the rack alignment is not the best. The manual also had a typo in it, labeling the wrong screw that had to be installed in the step. This also wonít align perfectly with the WS7500 while perfectly flat. So expect some time aligning the desk. It does come with wheels, so you can install that instead of using the feet.

    Otherwise, this is a good desk that looks good with the WS7500. There is ample space. I do think however that there could have been two more rack space (2U) added, as it seems like there is enough space on the top and the bottom.

    Sweetwater is good as usual. Sales Engineer Trip Irish had called me and let me know that my order was complete, and that is was shipping. Good service.

  • rick Marcil
    from southwick, MA April 19, 2012Music Background:
    Recording Engineer, Pro Musician

    Lots of holes, but 4 missing.

    I am very pleased with the stability of the unit, and am glad it came with casters, but it was missing the four holes in the top, so we had to measure and tap them ourselves. Unfortunately we missed the first time, and had to redo them. I would have returned it but was behind schedule and needed it when I received it. I did mention it to my sales rep. Waiting for another back-ordered piece, the WSR7500 main unit. I hope all the holes are there.

  • Kyle Bennett
    from Teaneck, NJ April 28, 2016

    Cheap Design

    I have now had 2 of these, one I returned because the wheel castors bent so badly that they were unusable and it did not come with the proper screws and washers to mount the top to the sides. The holes for the top came with screws the size of a pencil and I was to mount them to a hole the size of a bolt. I had to find washers that were wide enough to fit. All together, my equipment weighs about 80 lbs and after 1 use, the wheels bent on the bottom because the piece of metal that the wheels screw into was so thin that it could not support the castors.
    After returning it, I was happy to see that issue with the top was resolved and this time came with bolts as well as a place to screw them into. However the issue with the castors is exactly the same, and this time I was able to move the unit at least once before the castors bent so much that they become inoperable.
    Very disappointed that Sweetwater would carry something of such poor quality.

  • Danny Showalter
    from Clinton November 20, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist, Musican

    update on my review

    We had to take the stand apart and fit the rack modules where I wanted the places on the rack. We then put the table top back on the rack. However, we were only able to get three screws to fit the table top. Not a great solution but it worked for the function of the rack mounts.

  • Danny Showater
    from Clinton Montana November 16, 2014Music Background:
    Hobbyist Musician

    Very Poor Engineering

    The top shelf holes were drilled to far apart to allow the top and the rack mount to be spaced correctly. The top of the rack mount was wider by a quarter of an inch visa vis the lower part of the rack mount. I could only use the lower half of the rack mount. We have put together many furniture items and this had to be one of the worst we have encountered.

  • Francis Ashley
    from South of Green Bay, WI October 3, 2014Music Background:
    Pro Musician

    Built in China

    If I would have known it was built in China I would have not bought it. The pictures are deceiving. The workmanship is of poor quality. The rack rails are welded right to the frame which is soft metal and bends easy. So if are when somthing breaks, the item becomes useless. I do believe a retailer should start revealing where the product is manufactured and assembled at.

  • Customer
    from May 1, 2012

    Test off time

    Feel apart way to quickly

  • Jeff
    from USA March 15, 2014Music Background:

    Returning - Brace for Frame Broket at Joint, Very Flimsy Material

    I have put many pieces of furniture and devices together for years - this ranks at the top of my list for most frustrating. I have aching to write a review on a piece of furniture I consider to be ineffective. This took the cake, IMO, and was my eventual impetus to get to writing about my experience. With all due respect and for the purpose of context, I am a huge fan of Sweetwater. The professionals are sensational and talented. I have purchased recording gear, software and guitars and instruments for years. I would be remiss, if I did not write this review. First, I opened the beat-up shipping box and noticed all the Styrofoam packing was broken into little pieces. Needless to say, they all came out of the box, attached to the cheap laminated particle board due to static electricity, leaving a mess all over the place - including my clothes. I will clean it up later when I am done with this review. Next, I put the (2) metal side panels together, as instructed, using the accompanying Allen wrench, the size of tweezers - way too small to work with for a sixty-year-old guy like me. Fine for my thirteen-year-old daughter's little fingers. I can't stand this tool, because it is difficult to grip in a man's fingers like mine, (i.e., short, stubby.) The opening on the Allen screw heads are also small, making it a challenge to get the wrench into the opening. Whenever I see product like this with these Allen wrench gizmos, I want to quit on the spot. For me, it spells cheap and the testing of my patience. I hung in there, though, and gave it my best shot. Then, I attached the (2) steel side panels to the support bar. They attach with Allen head bolts. Not an easy thing to do with an Allen wrench the size of tweezers. Thankfully, the Allen head bolts aligned with the holes in the frame and took about 12 minutes to complete (4) screws. Next, I properly attached the caster wheels to the bottom of the side panels frames - a no brainer. Several spins and the bolts are in, with a simple tightening with the el-cheapo flat wrench another throwaway item. Suddenly, I noticed everyone's nightmare - (2) barcode decals plastered on the steel fame, visible to everyone's eyes. They destroy the attempted aesthetic attribute of the gear stand/rack. I tried to pull them off, but they stuck on like glue. You guessed it - another ten minutes trying to peel the ugly things off. Of course, they left residual glue, marking up the bottom of my new stand. Good way to ruin the looks of your new piece of furniture - one of my worst pet peeves. Why were they there anyway? . I finally attempted to put the (2) laminated particle board side panels onto the side steel panel frames. I installed one side board panel with (4) accompanying Allen head screws. Difficult - it took several minutes, but I finally screwed them in with the Allen wrench. It took about 15-20" for just (4) screws due to misalignment engineering.The problem - inaccurately aligned screw frame holes that fail to match up with the wood side panels holes - another pet peeve. Also, one of the steel frame screw hole lips was bent outward, forcing the side board panel not to be flush with the unit. It appears to be a manufacturing defect and should have been inspected during quality control. It was overlooked. Last, my final attempt to put the other particle board side panel into the side steel panel frame was unsuccessful. The final screw refused to align with the steel frame hole (as mentioned above.) I was forced to remove the other (3) screws from the board panel and start over, switching the screws around. It was not as easy as it sounds, because the Allen wrench is ineffective, IMO. It would keep coming out of the shallow Allen screw heads. Also, I had to be a contortionist while screwing in the Allen screws with an Allen wrench the size of tweezers from around the side of the frame. The Allen wrench dropped from my finger countless times. You use your fingers with an Allen wrench, unlike using your hand with a screwdriver. (Oh! please. Take me back to when things worked and there was sensibility!) During this nightmare, I noticed the (2) steel side panels were leaning apart unparalleled because the top work surface was not attached yet. That is the last component to be installed. So, I continued working diligently toward screwing in screws to a misaligned board panel that refused to adjoin with the steel fame panel. As I held onto the steel side panel while attempting to screw in the screws, I heard a loud snap. Sure enough, the bottom support bar broke at the welded joint that screws into the steel side panel, rendering the support bar useless. I have considered trudging onward trying to install the top work surface board onto the unit, and then attaching my gear to the rack, hoping the stand/rack will be stable, but my heart isn't in it and I cannot sell out or settle. Yes, it's a hassle. Now I have to call my great salesperson, unscrew what I did, and try to put the stuff back in the original beat-up shipping box, re-tape it and make arrangements to ship it back to Sweetwater for a refund. I would NEVER buy this rack again. I have purchased quality pro mic stands and booms from On-Stage Stands. I am really surprised and disheartened with my experience of this product. Trying to assemble it wasted my entire Saturday morning. Thank you for reading my article. I do not wish this experience on any other Sweetwater customers. I wish you all a better experience!

  • Cory
    from August 8, 2013Music Background:
    recording engineer

    Do not buy

    This is a nice looking piece of gear but that is it! holes are not drilled anywhere near where they should be and the rack screws are too big for the holes. Useless basically. Also if you can manage to get a screw through the holes to mount a piece of rack gear, that is the only way to line the side panels up to fit basic gear. What a nightmare to put this together. I am sending it back for a full refund.

Questions about the On-Stage Stands WSR7500 Rack Cabinet - Rosewood?

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