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Washburn WCG25SCE - Natural Reviews

5.0 stars based on 20 customer reviews
Questions about the Washburn WCG25SCE - Natural?

Questions about the Washburn WCG25SCE - Natural?

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  • from Lockwood ca April 14, 2017


    This guitar is a work of art, the sound is crystal clear and like a hug around you when you play it. String placement and intonation are perfect.

  • from Pikesville md. March 14, 2017Music Background:
    Blues ,classic rock,jazz


    So easy to play,looks amazing sounds really good lots of sustain plays chords easy than any guitar i ever played, and sits perfect on my leg,this should be a hidollar instrument when you hold it you be amazed.

    Thank you sweet water for the way you advertised this

  • from Spring City PA October 4, 2016Music Background:
    25 year huitar player

    This guitar is a home run

    This is a great playing and sounding guitar. The solid rosewood back and sides is what made me purchase it. The guitar is all solid wood.

    The guitar itself plays easy and the action was real nice out of the box.

    It sounds great plugged in,

    I changed the strings and oiled the fret board when I got the guitar. I used Elixir 11182 Nanoweb 80/20 Bronze HD Light Acoustic Guitar Strings. The guitar really came alive with the new strings.

    I have owned it for a bout a year now. There have no issues except for a finish crack in the head stock. You can barley see it and it is defiantly in the finish and not the wood.

    Overall this guitar has a high end feel and sound and I would buy it again or another in the series.

  • from Seattle September 25, 2016

    Incredible Value

    Just bought the WCG25SCE from Sweetwater. I have always respected Washburn over the years, but I had no idea that this model would come with such quality. It plays like guitars twice the price, but the tone and volume it generates is priceless.

    My son did an online search of guitars and persuaded me to purchase this instead of a more conventional acoustic. I am glad I did. The bevel gives relief to my elbow joint, and I find I can play all day long. Just wished it had inlay fret markers.

  • from Indiana June 22, 2016


    Although the washburn isn't made in the usa it's flawless and sounds great.

  • from Virninia April 22, 2016

    Outstanding instrument!

    Washburn has really raised the bar with this beauty!! Plays like a dream, great electronics! BEAUTIFUL!!

  • from Cincinnati.Oh April 17, 2016Music Background:
    30+ years

    My search is over

    I have been looking for this sound for a long time. My favorite guitar is a Taylor GS8,but it is out of my price range at this time. I played one of these at a local store and My Search was over. This guitar sounds as good or better than any top of the line guitar that I have owned or played. I bought one from Sweetwater hoping it would sound as good as the one I played locally and it does. Sweet Guitar...

  • from Atlanta, GA February 29, 2016

    Couldn't Ask for More

    I was looking for an acoustic with spruce top and rosewood back and sides, the classic formula, and was skeptical at the level of quality of this guitar, but when it arrived, I was really really impressed with the quality, tone, and playability of this guitar. The quality far exceeded my expectations knowing that the guitar was probably made in the Far East and quality can be hit or miss. The tone is classic rosewood and spruce, nice projection and note definition. Fret work is good, no ends sticking out, and after a little oil and a relief adjustment, she was a joy to play. Compared to other guitars from more popular lines, this guitar is greatly under-priced and easily puts to shame the $1000 line of other more mainstream guitar companies. I wise it came with a case or gig bag though.

  • from Chicago July 29, 2015Music Background:
    30 years playing guitar, piano and singing in various bands.

    Pleasantly surprised. Very happy.

    This guitar was one of a dozen or so I tried. Others were Martin, Larrivee, Taylor, Seagull, Epiphone and others. It was one of the last guitars I tried during my two week quest to find a cutaway acoustic electric. Afterwards I was in shock. The guitar has great details and workmanship. It's a beautiful instrument. The playability is on par with more expensive models and brands. The solid Sitka spruce top really makes it sound nice. The action was great and required very little set up. Plugged in it sounds fantastic. Mostly I have played I unplugged and love the sound. One thing that helped me decide to buy was asking the shop to put on some Elixir. That really changed the time and literally woke up the instrument. It was good with the factory strings. It is great now. Love it.

  • from chicago March 28, 2015Music Background:
    Many years of bass, some rythym work and some keyboards for a number of years

    washburn wcg25sce

    Bought one several months ago, best acoustic I ever played. Then I saw the Taylor T5Z acoustic electric so I decided I would like one of those as I used to own a t5 standard and had a great moment with it but sold it as I thought it wasn't all I needed at the time. I returned the T5z because my fat little fingers didn't work out well on it at the nut area as its thinner than the T5 standard there and ended up buying a telecaster thinline and having to replace the acoustic electric. Don't know why I didn't go right back after the Washburn again, but I think it was that search for the holy grail. I bought a Taylor 114 ce and that didn't work out because I didn't agree with the neck profile, let that one go and then got a PRS Angelus Custom and that didn't work out because I realized that the Washburn had more dynamics and projection and a much better feel all around, let alone the comfort bout. And I also was a bit annoyed with the SE indicator emblazoned on the headstock of the PRS Angelus. They could have just left the PRS logo on it without letting everyone know who is watching you perform that it's a low end model. All that aside, this Washburn acoustic electric guitar is the best value on the market, in my opinion, as someone who may struggle a little to play acoustic guitar although I am a very seasoned bass player and can keep up my end on electric guitar rythym playing . Bottom line is I bought another one and I am very happy with it.

  • from Venice, FL USA March 3, 2015Music Background:
    touring, recording musician

    Washburn WCG25SCE - Natural

    This guitar is absolutely perfect. I went into a music store ready to buy either a Martin or Taylor but none of them looked or sounded this good. The comfort factor was huge plus since I play live a lot. I was stunned at the low price and still can't believe they let them go so low. Do not hesitate if you are looking at these. Mine required no set up, perfect right out of the box!

  • from North Vancouver January 30, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician


    Before buying this guitar I had a cheap Yamaha (which was actually quite good for the money). So I was in the market for something a little higher end. I was thinking about $1000 would be my ceiling. I walked into a great little shop we have here in North Van called Blue Dog Guitars just expecting to look around and get some price info. This was possibly the cheapest guitar in the store so I picked it up and gave it a strum. Bought it on the spot. I found it played easier than any of the other acoustics I've ever tried, from Martins and Taylors to Larrivee. And the sound is wonderful too. Gorgeous guitar, couldn't be more happy. If you're thinking of getting a Martin or a Taylor, save some money and get this thing. You won't regret it.

  • from Denver, CO January 9, 2015Music Background:
    Pro Musician, Studio Musician, Guitar Teacher


    I've played acoustic guitar professionally 200 shows a year for 13 years straight and I'm a very harsh critic of most acoustics on the market. I had been playing a Taylor 714 and a Martin OMJM for the last few years and I needed a cheap backup. Many top notch musicians told me about this guitar so I tried it out myself and was BLOWN AWAY at the quality. The armrest makes this the most comfortable guitar i've ever played, I don't enjoy playing huge acoustics for 4 hours a night but this is just so easy to hold & play! Plus an armrest is a $1000-$1500 option on high-end guitars, so this is a crazy good price. The electronics are decent enough to get a good tone if you have a good preamp and know how to EQ. The neck plays great and the unfinished feel is very natural & fast. It definitely needs to be setup properly from the start, but that's the case with most guitars. The tuners have a really good feel and work very well. But I was most impressed with the tone & dynamics.. I expected this to be below average at best but it really sounds fantastic! Most spruce tops in guitars less than $2k usually sounds thin and has very little dynamics but this sounds full and warm while also retaining clarity. I'm sure it's a combination of good wood selection and not over-bracing the guitar, because a guitar doesn't sound this good by accident. Moral of the story; my $4k Martin has been sitting at home for over 7 months because the Washburn is now my main live guitar. If you're on the fence about a guitar then let me tell you this is easily worth $2000-$3000. It blows away high-end Taylors, kicks the pants off of those PRS acoustics, and is better than A LOT of Martins.

  • from El Paso, Tx September 9, 2014Music Background:

    Beautiful guitar

    Beautiful sounding guitar. I love the tone. The bevel strip of mahogany binding is very unique and attractive. I have only seen this feature on much more expensive custom guitars. You can't go wrong with this guitar

  • from Valdosta Ga March 5, 2014Music Background:
    Recording engineer, producer


    I looked at Taylors, Martins, Larivees and did research. I was very skeptical about buying this, but for the money I gave it a shot. It is gorgeous, the pictures do not do this guitar justice. It plays as good and sounds as good as the $2000.00 guitars I played at my local music store. The only negative thing I could find was that it did not come with a front strap button. The value of this guitar is almost unbelivable.

  • from Ossian, IN December 26, 2013Music Background:
    Worship Leader, Hobbyist, Light Gigging

    Fantastic Guitar

    Fantastic acoustic guitar. I was looking at a Taylor 214 and a PRS SE Angelus and was suggested this by my sales engineer Patrick. Turns out he was spot on. This guitar has been nothing but awesome since I've had it. It has nice sparkling highs and a great punchy low end. It's great for strumming and has good articulation when picking. The added benefit is the cutaway where your arm sits. You don't think much about the sharp angle of a normal acoustic guitar but once you play this you will experience true comfort while playing an acoustic.

  • from NC March 12, 2015Music Background:

    Follow up - after mods, a fine, fine guitar

    In my previous review I expressed my concerns with the frets and fret board. After dressing the frets and putting on Elixir HD strings this guitar transformed into a great playing and great sounding guitar. As far as the way it sounds, I'd put it up against any $2000-3000 out there (I own a Taylor 814 and have owned both 6 & 7 series Taylors in the past). I'm going to replace the bridge pins on my next string change. The stock ones leave a lot to be desired. This is my first Washburn and I'm very happy that I came across this guitar.

  • from Bay Area, Northern CA October 30, 2014Music Background:

    I really like playing this guitar

    Very nice guitar. The finish is VERY nice. All joints and seams are tight. Very comfortable neck. Fret ends could be finished off a little more, I'll have my guy look at it someday. I've just gotten used to them, so no big deal. I changed the strings after a month to Elixer medium light, same gauge that it comes with. Sounds great unplugged & plugged in. The comfort edge is really nice when you play for hours at a time. No creases in the arm anymore. It's dry where I am, so gave the neck & bridge an oiling when I changed strings. Setup is pretty good. I don't even play my dreadnought anymore.

  • from NC March 8, 2015Music Background:

    Great sound but a couple of dislikes

    Great sounding guitar......comparable to my Taylor 814, but a little brighter. The neck is a disappointment though. The edge of the frets are a little sharp. They could also use a little polishing. The fret board feels very dry and along with the frets, it's not a fast neck. A little fret work and some TLC on the neck will make this guitar a winner.

  • from December 18, 2014Music Background:



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