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Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 - 40-watt 1x12" Modeling Guitar / Bass / Acoustic Combo Amp Reviews

4.5 stars based on 44 customer reviews
Questions about the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 - 40-watt 1x12" Modeling Guitar / Bass / Acoustic Combo Amp?

Questions about the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 - 40-watt 1x12" Modeling Guitar / Bass / Acoustic Combo Amp?

Or call us at (800) 222-4700

Sweetwater Advice

  • Trent Jones

    The Vypyr series is one of the best investments I've made. Its preamp processing and effects sound incredible, and the aux in function lets me plug up my cell phone to practice with tracks playing right through the speaker. The amp is also durable and capable for live production - especially with the Sanpera 2 footswitch controller, which gives me volume control and a wammy pedal.

  • from Paris, TN April 21, 2017Music Background:
    Guitar, Ukulele, piano, keyboards / country/folk/gospel

    Fantastic Amp

    I was thinking about purchasing the Fender 40 watt acoustic amp since a friend of mine had one and he really liked it and it does sound good. But then I ran across the Vypyr ViP 2 here at Sweetwater and for just $20 bucks more I could get several amps in one including a bass amp. I'm not dissapointed.

    This is a fantastic amp for the money. I'm not a great guitarist and will never use many of the electric amps that are on it but the bass amps and the acoustic amps alone are worth the money. And the fact that I can change the settings if I want to and save them is a big plus. I play Ukulele and a ubass more than I do guitar and this amp makes my baritones sound like a different instrument.

    I plan on getting the footswitch later in order to inhance it's use even further. There are several things on it that I will never use but if you are into using your MP3 player and heavy metal or other types of electric guitar as well as acoustic, this amp is for you. I highly recommend it.

  • from Liverpool, NY March 30, 2017Music Background:
    More than 45 years playing everyhing that would pay. main interest classic rock and British invasion bands

    vypyr 2 vip

    I recently purchased the Peavey VIP 2 and wow what an amp. I've been experimenting with all those amp models and effects for the past month. I think that I've only scratched the surface of what this thing can do. It does it all for me. Many thanks to Josh Sackett for his expert help and great service. This is my fourth purchase from Sweetwater and I wouldn't think of buying my guitars and accessories from anyone else.

  • from Ohio March 17, 2017Music Background:

    Peavey Vypyr VIP II

    I've had the VIP II now for a few weeks and I am still finding new combinations of sound every day with both my guitars and bass. A fantastic amp!

  • from Jonesboro, AR November 22, 2016Music Background:
    Minimal experience outside my private music room, but I'm a legend in my own mind.

    Great Amp

    I was speechless when I received this amp from Sweetwater. I have not yet wanted to make a sound with my guitar that this amp can't accommodate. Admittedly, my tastes for that are pretty basic, but if you want your guitar to sound great, sound loud, and sound professional, this amp won't let you down. When I was in high school many years ago, a friend told me that Peavey was known for lots of power for just a little money. That's exactly what you will get from this amp. Oh, and Bob Furlong is The Best Sales Engineer!

  • from October 5, 2016Music Background:


    I love this thing!!!! I do not have to have additional equipment to change the sound. Wawa pedal, sound boxes!!!! And the sound of my basses are great. If you are looking to upgrade from a practice amp this is it and for the price. I will save on not having to buy more equipment for my guitar

  • from August 11, 2016


    This is a great amp, it has great sounds and tones without having to use an expensive foot pedal

  • from Pennsylvania April 7, 2016

    Great modeling amp

    I have owned this amp for over two months, and have been very pleased. For the price it can not be beat, there are a tremendous amount of options and the sound produced can be manipulated to suit just about any tone you are looking for. I highly recommend coupling this with a Sanpera II foot controller for a great integrated setup.

  • from Victorville, CA March 22, 2016

    Great value

    Kind of confusing trying to program. Lots of bells and whistles. I'll still give five stars though. Can't find a decent set of instructions anywhere on the web. The DVD seems very incomplete. A piece of cake for an audio engineer. Good sounding, portable and really cranks up. Still, a great deal!!! I just need some coaching on it. Oh yeah I'm keeping it!!!

  • from Ann arbor February 3, 2016Music Background:
    Coffee house every wed. Open mic nights

    Bad buzz took back

    I gave a 5 because it is what it is fun, a lot of fun! endless sounds for 200 bucks mine sits next my bandit ( 95 ). Solid amp USA. I even have a jack Daniels acoustic by peavey. Get extra warr. Good investment. My les Paul gets great sounds so does my strat. Buy it for fun

  • from Turlock January 23, 2016

    Love It !!!!

    Before I bought my, Peavey: vypyr vip II I studied all models of modelling amps, than I came acoss the vypyr model, that wss it I found what I was looking for.!!!

  • from September 29, 2015

    Nice Amp

    This is a pretty great amp. Gets pretty loud and I've already tried it with all three options (acoustic, electric, bass). Sounds clean and I like the effect options on it too. Definitely recommend. Arrived in great time and was easy to just plug in and play. Will use in the future at small gigs.

  • from Payete, Idaho September 3, 2015

    Peavey Vypyr VIP 2

    Exceptional Amp, I have the Vypyr 1 and the Vypyr 2 and love them both.

  • from KS May 18, 2015Music Background:
    Classic Rock, Gospel,Bluegrass and Old Time Music.

    Great Amp

    I needed a good amp for small venues. Also, one that I could use for guitar and mandolin. After looking at the Peavey and all it could offer I decided to purchase it. I was not disappointed. While I am still exploring all that this amp can do it provides more than enough power and volume for my needs. I would definitely recommend this amp. Again my thanks to Kurt Cripe for his valuable assistance and follow up

  • from Ohio April 7, 2015Music Background:

    Good amp!

    I bought my first electric guitar last year and needed an amp. I do not know much about how to get thru right sound - or even what I am looking for. But there is variety in this amp. I am having fun just playing around to see how many different sounds I can get. And, I plug in my J600 hollow-body, set the amp to acoustic guitar, and what an amazing sound. The best part is the confidence I have in the team at Sweetwater. I know I get a great product, wonderful service, from people I have come to trust.

  • from Rochester MN. December 1, 2014Music Background:
    I am A life time Musician.

    Pesvey Vyper 2 combo amp.

    This is A great little amp with A big sound. the Effects are out of this world. I have never had an amp that offered so much for so little money or even A lot more money. Thank you Paul Bates and the SWEETWATER CREW. You are all great.

  • from Richmond, VA, USA September 30, 2014Music Background:
    lifelong hobby


    Its just amazing. i purchased it so i could use guitar and bass on the same amp, with the added bonus of some sound effects. the worst thing is that you get lost playing with the sounds and dont get practice in.

  • from Riverside, CA USA September 15, 2013Music Background:

    Cool Amp

    This is a cool amp. It even makes my $125 dollar Epiphone Les Paul sound good. If you are looking for an amp that has stompboxes, effects and 10 instrument models this is the one!

  • from Long Island August 18, 2013Music Background:
    Semi-pro for 40+ years


    Great little amp. Surprisingly loud and is very good at emulating classic amps. You might want either footswitch to facilitate changing tones on the fly. For the money, totally satisfied.

  • from Big Bear City April 11, 2017

    Great bedroom practice amp

    Its a great bedroom practice amp. It has a headphone out jack, which makes it great for practicing late at night.And it has variable instrument inputs, so I can use my bass, acoustic, and electric guitar through one amp. It it has ALOT of different amp models. Amps made by Peavey are pretty well covered and it has a British and Twin model. And it come loaded with stomp box effect already in the amp!
    Also....it doesn't really sound like a solid state amp! it sounds ALMOST valved....and on some amp models I cant tell....
    I've had it for about 2-3 week......and I'm still having fun tinkering around with all the different effects and tones
    If your a tone freak......this is a lot of "BANG" for your BUCK
    Thanks Sweetwater

  • from Wausau March 30, 2017

    Fantastic Amp!

    I love this amp! Since is has an onboard interface I can record direct into my laptop. Lots of amp modeling options. Lots of effects. Great value as well. I highly recommend this amp. I bought mine from Sweetwater and they were fantastic as well. I've had my Peavey Vypyr for over a year now and it's not going anywhere.

  • from Staten Island, NY July 27, 2015Music Background:
    Home recording studio, Drummer and Music video producter.

    Great amp for the price.

    Great amp, so many setting to choose from. I like the fact that I can connect the usb out from the amp and save the setting. That great.

  • from May 13, 2015

    Great Amp for the money

    The only down fall I find in this amp is that the documentation is weak on it that comes with it. Peavey relied way too heavy on the display panel being intuitive and the users having the mindset of the equipment designer going in before sitting down to use the amp. (bad approach in my way of thinking, never assume your audience is where you are; bring them to your sitting) BUT When you consider that this is a modeling amp that models various types of other amps (which it does very nicely), then fold in the fact that it also has the capability to model several instrument types on top of those amps as well, plus some looper functions I can't quite get the hang of because I'm not cool enough figure out... this rig has a lot going on for a little investment. It is well worth the money and give hour and hours of enjoyment just noodling around if nothing else but don't let you think that it is only for doing that. This thing means business. You got some serious punch in this lil box that you can put out some big sound with. It could have been improved on with better documentation but the box is about perfect for the price point.

  • from Indiana December 23, 2014Music Background:

    peavey Vypyr VIP 2

    Amp is great, Go from Floyd to Van Halen in a switch.
    This amp is limitless and with patience and a good ear you can play good covers of all your classic rock favorites.
    1/2 star deduction as acoustic volume is lower that electric volume.
    5 star rating for the service you get from Sweetwater.
    I use a Gibson es135 with this amp and the tone and sustain is excellent.

  • from Sheboygan Falls, WI USA December 1, 2014

    No Complaints

    A solid amp, sometimes experience some minor tech problems with a few of the effects, but nothing major, sound is good, and accoustic settings really blew me away, definitely worth the money.

  • from toledo May 23, 2014Music Background:

    good vypyr

    There are a couple things that no one has mentioned so I will... First off the bass response of the speaker in electric mode is not as good as the vypyr 75.. for a 12" speaker it is rather poor.. no matter how you dial it in it just doesn't sink low enough.. my second disappointment is that certain amp models are not very loud in the clean channel mode.. and my final complaint is that without a sanpera yo can only save 8 settings, and then 4 more acoustic and 4 bass. again th vyper 75 let you save 16 presets. I can only give it an 8/10 because of the mentioned shortcomings

  • from Stevensville, MI May 1, 2014Music Background:
    Home acoustic guitar enthusiast!!

    Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 1x12" 40-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

    Got to be the best buy on all modeling amps.... I love this amp and all the features.... Ease of use with led lights. Only draw back was.... it should come with a Pedal if you want use the LOOPER.
    Built very nice.... My acoustic guitars sound so good going through this amp.... Deserves a 5 but with no pedal and $119.00 to buy one.... 4.5 kid best I can rate this amp.

  • from Lexington, NC March 12, 2014Music Background:
    20 yrs, blues, hair metal, outlaw country......

    Sounds Fantastic!

    I've had several modeling amps over the years, Line 6, Vox, even the Blackstar ID series.... This one blows them all away!!! The blackstar is a great amp, however the VIP has more headroom, with a much livelier tone. The amp models are great, effects are very good. Instrument modeling are neat to experiment with. I play a Gibson Les Paul, and a Takamine thru it. Both sound fantastic, especially the acoustic amp models! Also the 40 watts is very loud, they must be doing something different these days..... Sweetwater is the best!!!!!! Kevin Porter at ext. 1680. Will take care of you!

  • from March 13, 2017

    Peavey combo amp

    good to go

  • from Anchorage, AK July 18, 2016Music Background:
    Amateur multi-instrumentalist.

    Great amp for the money!

    I didn't buy this from Sweetwater, but I have to say this is a versatile, tough little amp. As noted elsewhere, there should be clearer instructions on how to operate and get the best out of this amp. In truth, I DIDN'T like it for the first couple of weeks until I began to understand how to make presets and use them. The guitar effects and controls are good and responsive. Again, however, it takes some getting used to what-does-what. Peavey (or somebody) need to make a primer for this thing, especially for us bass players.

    What impressed me the WAS the bass channel. Punchy, you can put effects on it, much more than I expected for a Swiss Army Knife Amplifier. Now don't get me wrong: It's a fine little amp. This is for the garage band, beginning/intermediate players stretching their wings. You aren't going to find one of these in a studio, but I can easily see it at a small gig. (It's loud!)

    Sweetwater is great about customer service, and this is about the price in a music store, if you can find one.

  • from Columbus, Ohio April 28, 2016Music Background:
    Playing guitar since the 70s


    Great bang for the buck, the pedal is a must, unfortunately it cost more than the amp. Got some really good sound effects, great for practice, small gigs and recording. I'm going to get the Viper 1 for my son, he lives in a apartment and the auxiliary out is great to play music from your phone, and listen to everything through the headphones. I haven't plugged the bass in or my acoustic into it yet, I'm sure it's fine technology is a wonderful thing,,,

    Thanks Aaron.

  • from United States November 20, 2014Music Background:

    Still trying to figure it all out. LOL

    Has more options than what I am used to. I like to play with effects & that can use as acoustic & bass amps. & sounds great when I can get it set right. I do not like how the manual is on a disk that requires a computer to download the contents of the disk so the owners manual is to be printed out by the consumer instead of Peavey sending one with it or the disk being a video that shows how to operate it.

  • from Hampton, Va May 19, 2014Music Background:

    Very Useful little amp.

    This little amp provides almost limitless choices. For someone who is not a professional and just enjoys recording at home this amp is very useful. I use it in conjunction with my Marshall Valvestate or Fender Pro Junior to get some really cool sounds.My only complaints are the tuner is not very user friendly and there is no line out. That would be really handy.

  • from Scottsdale, Arizona April 24, 2014Music Background:
    Guitarist-bar bands

    Great value

    This amp is pretty cool, given that you can get so many sounds with all the switches and knobs & what-not. I mean, it's never going to sound as good as a tube amp through a cabinet, but it's 200 bucks, not TWO-THOUSAND!!! I bought this as a practice amp, mainly because it has a headphone jack for Wife Protection. It's really fun to mess around with all the settings with different guitars, if you have more than one. Can't beat this thing for the price!

  • from Virginia Beach, VA February 17, 2014Music Background:
    Intermediate guitar

    Most versatile amp I know of

    If you play electric, acoustic and bass, this is the amp made with circuitry for all three. I don't have a bass at the moment but the acoustic sound is frankly exceptional. The electric guitar capacities are competitive with anything in this price range from anyone else. The reason for the deduction of star is the low priority Peavey put on documentation. One manual fits three models and there are gross shortfalls in it. It's not intuitive. And there are addenda that can be found if you hunt around. There are software inclusions but I don't find they solve any problems by putting knobs on a screen. Support could be a lot better. But the amp is a great buy if you have an affinity for figuring out patterns in design of interfaces--real or virtual.

  • from United States December 16, 2013Music Background:
    Professional Musician, Composer and Engineer

    Great all-around amp

    I had been checking out modeling amps for some time, and when I read the ad for the new Vypyr VIP series I was very excited as it appeared to be what I was looking for - one amp for electric and acoustic guitars and bass, plus effects and recording features.

    Well I'm pretty impressed. I waited until I had done some recording and some live gigs, and this amp was very easy to get many great sounds from, as it can go from clean jazzy guitar tones to classic rock sounds to modern guitar sounds - AND acoustic guitar and classical guitars sounded wonderful on the acoustic amp models.

    Why not a 5:

    No speaker out
    Needs Sanpera pedal to be really useful live
    Software not ready for Mac users (yet...)
    Some of the instrument models are not so great, like the sitar.

    Other than that it sounded really good at low volumes, gig volumes, and really loud rock jam sessions. OK, if you are a bass player in a metal band you might want a bigger amp than any 40 watt bass amp, but for smaller places this is a good bass rig too.

    With the Sanpera pedal it becomes really functional live, with a loop and the ability to switch effects on and off and switch sound banks - plus the built-in wah is pretty darn good!

    OK, if you are tube junkie you may not be totally happy, but the tube amps models act very close to the real thing, and I find the variety of sounds makes it easy to get almost any tone out of this rig.

    Highly recommended!

  • from Sheridan, WY December 5, 2013Music Background:
    Hobbyist guitar player

    Versatile little amp

    It works good in the bass and acoustic modes. I have a VOX I use for electric guitar. Wish I would have known you needed a separate pedal to use the looper function. Overall a very good little amp.

  • from October 14, 2013Music Background:

    follow up

    also i recommend to take the back off of the cab, it sounds much more dynamic in range and breathes more air this way.

  • from Madison, WI October 14, 2013Music Background:

    Good Amp

    Great amp, it can get loud too. The tones it gets are very nice and extremely warm, something alot of solid state or digital amps can't achieve. When at louder volumes it still retains clearity. it's easy to use, almost all of the effects are good. This amp is also extremely dynamic, it picks up every little signal your guitar is getting, which i noticed my old amp didn't do so the tone is definetely there. Noise gate is also a good addition.

    Now the things not too good about this, no fx loop, no pa out (youll need to buy a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter from the phones to do this), only 1 input, usb recording doesn't sound too great, i'd reccomend just micing the amp and recording it that way. Also the pitch shifter is not too good, it produces an extremely apparent volume swell in the tone. Weird thing is though the 7string emulator gets the pitch shift tone perfect with no volume swell, i guess this has to do with it being in the PRE-section of the amps. Also with the pitch shifter, if you bought a sanpera pedal and have the pedal switched to control pitch, when you have the pitch effect off on the pedal it loses all it's treble in the tone. Also switching presets on the sanpera sometimesgives you a 1 second delay in switching, so be sure to time out when you want to switch.

    Overall, good amp and tone, biggest gripe is i bought the sanpera
    and there is sometimes a 1 second delay in switching presets, which is not convenient.

  • from Melbourne, Fl September 23, 2013Music Background:

    Lots of Fun

    The amp packs a lot of options and seems to handle anything you want to do, plenty of power for a home/garage practice Amp.

  • from Lufkin, TX February 13, 2016

    Above Average

    Let's begin with the pros of this amp: such amp models as the Butcher, Classic, 6534, and 6505, and such instrument models as the acoustic guitars, electric violin, and synth, all sound great. The tap tempo option for the delay is very cool, providing the option to tailor the delay to the needs of a specific song. Many of the effects also sound excellent, with nods in particular to the wah (even without a foot controller), the slapback echo, and the compressor. This is also a surprisingly powerful amp, even placed next to higher-wattage amps.

    For the cons, though, a) all instrument models that involve octave processing (12-string, 7-string, baritone, bass) have a severe problem with latency, b) the amp models that are based on valve amps do not recreate the sounds of the originals beyond about 75% accuracy, with the very obvious chime of solid state (not to say they don't sound good, but they just don't have the warmth of the originals), c) the reverse effect is just plain awful, and d) returning to the subject of the octave-based instrument models, the original signal pretty much always bleeds through, making it sound doubly unimpressive.

    To summarize, for the purposes of electric guitar amplification and acoustic emulation, this amp does an admirable job, especially in this price range. If you're getting it for instrument modeling (as I did, to make up for a deficit in equipment), it may be better to just save up and get the actual instruments you need. I haven't yet tested this thing with a bass, but I'm pretty sure I'm eventually going to get Classic and 6505 Mini heads and set the VIP 2 as the default bass amp so that I don't end up just reselling it at a loss. This technology is fairly new, but has a much longer way to go than anticipated.

  • from Cheyenne, WY December 19, 2013Music Background:
    ex-musician, now hobbyist.

    Great sounds, not user friendly

    "40W 1 x 12" Modeling Guitar/Bass/Acoustic Combo Amp with 36 Amp Models, 25 Effects, Instrument Models, Onboard Tuner and Looper, and USB Out"

    The so called 36 amp models are actually 12 with 3 levels of gain in seperate channels.

    25 Effects - 8 great, 3 ok, rest ehh can do without.
    Effects Tremolo, Phasers, Rotating speaker, Flangers, Chorus & Univibe sound great.
    TubeScreamer, Fuzz, Slap, sound ok
    Synth, Slice, Octaver, Reverse, Pitch Shift, MOG, Env. filter, RIng mod - stink, well usless, not sure if SEMPRA controller would make them more useful

    Reason for not so good rating, it make this a useful setup, you HAVE to have a controller. Looper only functions with controller. Took 1/2 a day just to get the firmware loaded, and the interface software still won't work.

    To have a fully functional amp you have to get a foot controller that costs more than the amp itself. Atleast include a basic switch that would increment the presets.

    Nice and light for gigging. Main reason I went from my other amp was that I was looking for a amp that will play at home and either sounded good at low vol or had a headphone jack. Luckily this does both.

    Used with '13 Gibson Traditional Pro II Les Paul modded with '59 Seymour Duncan bridge.

  • from germantown, MD July 18, 2016

    Sorry I bought it.

    I saw the other great reviews. I have some positive and negative things to say about this amp. For $199 this is a full featured amp and a good value but so is the Line 6 and Vox. I have to tell you that this amp is NOT user friendly at all. Why can't they make an amp where you can just dial in options without the button pushing and color blinking bull***? I bought it because you can use it with guitar, bass guitar and acoustic guitar. That is a nice feature that I would like to see on more amps.

  • from Franklin, KY February 14, 2016Music Background:
    Rock and Country

    Good sound but made cheaply

    Out of the box, this thing sounded great. After a week or so the LED lights started going out. Also when changing channels seemed to do weird things, such as not going to the appropriate channel. I would not recommend purchasing this due to cheap components. Was not a very good bass amp as it didn't seem to get deep enough.

  • from May 6, 2016

    Sorry I purchased

    First off, the amp does not have full functionality unless you purchase the Sanpera pedal at an additional cost of 120 dollars. That being said, the wah mode of the expression pedal is the worst I have ever used, If you use the expression pedal for volume swells and have delay on your guitar, when you shut the volume off(where you want the sound to stop) the amp still plays(repeating the delay etc.) I called Peavey and they said the expression pedal is automatically the last thing in the effects chain and no way to change it. Also had to adjust the 120 dollar pedal so you don't have to stomp on it to get it to switch between volume and wah. The effects also do not really work the way they should... seems like the effects go up n down(volume wise) in a set cycle as you are playing regardless of the settings.Wish I had waited and spent a little more money and had a little more advice

Questions about the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 - 40-watt 1x12" Modeling Guitar / Bass / Acoustic Combo Amp?

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