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Peavey Vypyr 15 Modeling Combo Amp - 15 Watt - 1x8" Reviews

4.5 stars based on 15 customer reviews

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  • Zach Neels

    Of all the modeling amps you can find, I believe the Peavey Vypyr is hands-down the best. Having 22 different effects at your fingertips, as well as 12 amps with clean and dirty channels, this is the go to piece for budding guitarists and seasoned vets who want a do-all box. Match this with a foot controller, and you have a gigging amp for every style!

  • from Dallas, TX July 24, 2012Music Background:
    Guitar student

    Excellent amp!

    This little amp sounds great for its size. Awesome modeling and effects bring out the best in my guitar.

  • from Huntington IN March 20, 2012Music Background:


    Great amp for the money, a lot of fun to play with!

  • from Clinton, Iowa September 23, 2011Music Background:
    Hobbist & have played in small groups.

    Great little practice amp.

    Many options on this amp. pre-sets are very helpful. Pleanty of punch for small rooms and for practice. Can spend hours trying different sounds.

  • from Knoxville, TN August 12, 2011Music Background:
    Just beggining


    Dude, this amp is badness for just $100. BUY ONE or TWO!!!!

  • from Chicago, IL May 6, 2011Music Background:
    I play guitar at night

    What's not to like

    Think about what $100 bought 15 years ago and then check out this amp! Unreal for the money, simply unreal. Great clean and great dirty tones, great effects. I'm particularly impressed that even the tone controls are modeled from the original! Good thinking on that one Peavey!

  • from dallas November 19, 2010Music Background:

    1 C-note ticket to dreamland

    I'v been playing guit nearly every day for 38 years. Play whatever I'm feeling at the time. Been thru a lotta gear. This amp is simply the most fun you will ever have, especially for the price. There are many many sounds out of this box, sparking new paths of creativity. It's clear sounding, in your face, alive. Not muffled, not overprocessed, not squeezed, not distant. Like old players, I'm a guitar-cord-amp guy, using the amp's tube distortion. Been thru the floor effects boxes thang, fun but a mess of cords, batteries and noise. This amp allows to experiment with all those boxes, and a bunch of different amps, with a twist of a knob, quickly and no mess. Wish they had this kinda thing when I was starting off. Still, if you always have to depend on effects to play, that's a path that grows tiresome. Have had this puppy over 6 months now, and it has been reliable. Giv er a try, I say.

  • from Indiana February 2, 2010Music Background:
    Part time local musician

    Very Impressive

    I have been playing for a long time and I was looking for a small amp suitable for Practice. I went to Guitar Center (sorry) and they tried to sell me a Line 6 without even trying anything else, so I went to one of my other local Music Stores and tried the Vypyr 15. It is unbelievable! The Line 6 doesn't even come close. It is plenty loud for a 15 watt amp. I think I will sell my Crate that I use as a backup and buy a Vypyr 75. Peavey has really outdone itself.

  • from Pittsburgh, PA December 29, 2009Music Background:

    Well worth the money

    I was mad impressed by the sound of this amp. I'm more partial to acoustics (Love my Martin D-15) but I got one of them Chinese "Fender" electrics just to noodle around with. As expected it sounded like Sh*t, but then a buddy let me try his effects gizmo and the thing actually sounded kind of bearable then. I thought about getting one, but then I saw this amp going for around the same price and decided to check it out and man was I glad I did. The lows, mids, and highs are all crystal clear and the modeling controls are killer. Now I'm not gonna say my $100 Chinese guitar sounds like a strat thru it...but it sounded far better than I ever thought it could. I would definitely recommend it for someone who just plays at home or in the garage and dosen't want to invest a fortune in equipment.

  • from July 2, 2009


    I had quit playing my guitars after a short time with having Peavey 158 rage amp. Not that I didn't like playing but got tired of it not sounding like the music I was listening too. But with amp it is like a breath of fresh air. Has alot of different tube sounds that, making it feel like your playing with your favorite bands. For a beginner, this amp alone has inspired me to play more!!!

  • from Sylacauga, Alabama January 22, 2009Music Background:
    hobby,6 mo. relearner/beginner (started 20 years ago but gave it)


    I purchased the Vypyr 15 today and spent 2 hours with it. I have a Washburn tabu 300 (best)and a Dean Vendetta xmt guitar with a cheap 10 watt amp/ 6inch speaker. With my old amp I could get close to the tone I wanted but not dead on (AC/DC, Rush, etc). When I used the Vypyr I could not beleave how far off I was! With the hot plxi amp setting and the bypass effect it is dead on for AC/DC and Rush. I read the manual to find out how to turn down the default reverb and delay. I used many amp settings and could not believe the sounds and tone, from rock to heavey metal it seemed flawless. The 8 inch speaker is really great with table rattleing bass! It's so loud I can't get the volume past 5 in the house, sounds great with no speaker rattle/flub noises.

  • from South Texas, USA January 17, 2009Music Background:
    Hobbyist & Student

    Great Starter Amp

    As a beginning player, I really looked around for amps that 1) fit my budget, and 2) would help create the "sound" I wanted to play.

    After much debate, I decided on the Vypyr 15. Small so that it would fit my budget and practice room, it puts out a great sound and can easily fill a large room. It has a great many amp models and effects so that you can customize to pretty much fit into any playing style. In the short time I've had it, I find that many of the settings I don't really use. While initially I didn't think I would use them, I realize that I've come to depend on the SAVE buttons (a total of twelve settings can be saved) when I want to play a certain style. I don't spend time fine tuning in; I just push that button and shred (at least try to).

    The speaker gives a clean sound (relative to the output); it's spot on. I'm sure that there are many great tube amps out there, but for me and other beginners, I would recommend giving this one a look. The ease of use, the variety of sounds, and the price can't be beat for a beginner.

  • from Mass. November 4, 2008Music Background:
    many years playing and recording and teaching.

    Great amp for the money!!

    I got this for my daughter for her birthday. She loves it I researched it for a while I was leaning towards others til I found this watched the side by side demos on youtube.If you want to check out products there are many demos on there. They did a side by side with the line 6 and the vypyr was clearly better sounding. The crunch is crunchy. when you hit by pass you still get some delay I havent figured that out but it still sounds good. You want bang for the buck this is the amp.

  • from Spokane, WA, USA December 28, 2012Music Background:
    Sound engineer (Live/Studio), Guitarist for 28 years

    GREAT little practice amp

    First: For $100, this is an absolutely FABULOUS little amp. It will never be my classic 50, but it isn't supposed to be. The effects are more than suitable, the modelling is very good (considering the physical limitations of a single 8" speaker) and the tones are, at the very least, really nice. You will NOT beat it for even close to the price.

    PROBLEM: There are no 'pedal' effects available on the 15, despite what the info provided here says. The left-most fx knob doesn't exist on this model, so you only get the amp sim, the choice of one of eleven 'rack' effects, the delay, and the reverb. So, only three at a time, not 5.

    The only reason I went lower than the full 5 stars (for the money) is that it would have been cheap and easy for them to put in a simple preset advance pedal input, and they didn't. That, and my slight dissatisfaction that the web info here indicated an additional stack of 'pedal' effects that don't exist on this model, cost it half a star. Still - I'm NOT disappointed!

  • from Covington la November 6, 2012Music Background:

    Peavey vipyr 15w

    Very pleased with this amp. I had a front man 25 r before and this is superior for about the same price.

  • from great falls, mt. usa September 19, 2008Music Background:

    Poor sound

    I was looking for a nice little combo amp with some cool amp models and special effects for my kid. It has tons of tones and options AND LIGHTS. Hundreds of lights. Literally. The clean channels were ok sounding. The distorted and overdrive models, although fairly acurate, sounded muddy and noisy. The speaker, I fear, is the culprit. It's terrible sounding. If you wanted to invest a little more money for a better speaker, you might have a good little amp. I sent the amp back.

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