Moog Minimoog Voyager Select - Jade/Mahogany No Longer Available

Analog Synth with 896 Presets, MIDI and Control Panel Updates, Select Mahogany Cabinet - Jade Backlight
Item ID: VoyagerSJM

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Moog Minimoog Voyager Select - Jade/Mahogany image 1
Moog Minimoog Voyager Select - Jade/Mahogany image 1

Sorry, the Moog Minimoog Voyager Select - Jade/Mahogany is no longer available. We've left this page up for reference only. Check out the great alternatives on this page or call toll-free (800) 222-4700 to speak with a Sweetwater Sales Engineer about similar products.

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Moog Minimoog Voyager Select - Jade/Mahogany
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An Extra-special Minimoog Voyager with Great Features!

This special Minimoog Voyager Select synth is housed in a Sweetwater Exclusive mahogany cabinet and features a stunning Jade green backlit panel. This fantastic-looking package is only part of the appeal of the Minimoog Voyager, which includes V3.0 updates (including editor/librarian software) to bring it into the present day with equal parts style and functionality. The latest version has seven banks of 128 presets, for a total of 896. Of these, 704 come pre-loaded with patches from dozens of luminaries from the keyboard world. MIDI enhancements actually give the Minimoog Voyager the ability to work better with older MIDI equipment. Get an incredible synth experience with this Sweetwater exclusive Minimoog Voyager Select Mahogany model.

We install a new operating system and sounds
All of us here are very excited about the current and future possibilities offered by this the Voyager. To help get you started we have included Sweetwater's Voyager 3.5 CD-ROM with the updating software, bonus presets, updated manuals, and Demo versions of the Mac & PC Voyager Editor/Librarian.
The Sweetwater Service team has already updated your Moog Voyager to the latest 3.5 Operating System, which optimizes the user interface, adds new sounds, and programs, plus:

  • MIDI Panic Function - Allows the user to select whether or not to send a MIDI All Notes Off message when the MASTER switch is pressed.
  • Storage Mode - This sets the behavior after a preset is stored. The user is prompted: Go to stored Preset after Saving? If YES is chosen in this screen, then after a preset is stored to a new location the UI goes to the new location. If NO, then after a preset is stored the current location is maintained in the UI.
  • Glide Modes - There are now 8 glide modes. 1 of 8 is stored in a preset.
  • Mode 1: Normal Glide (glide is always on)
  • Mode 2: Legato Glide (glide is only on when you play legato)
  • Mode 3: Legato Glide to 2nd Only (glide is off when not legato, when the first note of a legato phrase is played, and when returning to the first held note of a legato phrase. Glide is on for the 2nd + notes of a legato phrase.)
  • Mode 4: Legato Glide back to First only (glide is off when not legato, when the first note of a legato phrase is played, and when subsequent notes are legato, glide is on when returning to the first held note of a legato phrase)
  • Mode 5: Legato 1st Note (Glide is on if not playing legato and is Off when playing legato)
  • Mode 6: Mode 4+5 combined (this is Glide mode 4 and 5 combined)
  • Mode 7: Legato back to first = glide off (Glide is On when not playing legato, and when playing legato but is turned off when returning to the first held note of a legato phrase)
  • Mode 8 : Legato Glide toggling (for legato playing, glide is on for two notes, then off for two notes)
  • Quick Save - If a preset has been edited, pressing the Master switch twice saves the preset to the present location.
  • Sound Category Browse - If Enter is pressed, the Preset advances to the next available sound in the bank or in the subsequent bank with the same sound category - this is useful for searching for all lead sounds, bass sounds, percussion sounds etc... pressing Enter AND Cursor goes backwards in the progression of the sounds in that category.
Minimoog Voyager Select Analog Synth Features:
  • Mahogany with Jade Lights
  • Monophonic analog performance synthesizer
  • MIDI data output reduction option from touch surface (enables Voyager to work better with older MIDI equipment)
  • MIDI enhancement allows 7 or 14-bit resolution from mod wheel
  • Editor/librarian software included
  • Seven banks of 128 presets, 704 pre-loaded with special patches
  • External mixer knob with dual function allows rapid preset changes
  • Exclusive mahogany cabinet
  • Jade backlit panel
This Minimoog Voyager Select Mahogany analog synth is a Sweetwater Exclusive!

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Manufacturer Part Number VY-MIN-014-JM

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